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Lionel 2010 Ready-To-Run Catalog

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Page NumberItemCatalog PricePart NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Ready-to-Run O-Gauge Sets
4Scout Freight Expansion 3-Pack$109.996-30135Multi Car Pack 3
4The Scout Ready-To-Run Freight Set$199.996-30127Freight Set 7
6Eastern Freight Expansion Pack$137.996-30112Multi Car Pack 2
6Pullman Passenger Expansion Pack$137.996-30111Passenger Car 3-Pack 6
6Pennsylvania Flyer Steam Freight Set$229.996-30126Freight Set 3
8Western Freight Expansion Pack$137.996-30128Multi Car Pack 4
8Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Flyer Steam Freight Set$269.996-30139Freight Set 0
9Eastern Freight Expansion Pack$137.996-30112Multi Car Pack 2
9New York Central 0-8-0 Steam Freight Set$299.996-30103Freight Set 2
10Thomas & Friends Sodor Tank And Wagon Expansion Pack$137.996-30141Multi Car Pack 0
10Thomas & Friends Passenger Train$199.996-30069Passenger Set 0
11James The Tank Engine$119.996-18734Locomotive 2
11Percy The Tank Engine$119.996-18733Locomotive 0
11Thomas & Friends Expansion Pack$137.996-30012Multi Car Pack 0
12The Polar Express Diorama$17.996-16853Diorama 0
12The Polar Express Girder Bridge$20.996-24286Bridge 3
12The Polar Express O Gauge Set (Conv. 2-8-4 Berkshire #1225)$329.996-31960Passenger Set 35
14The Polar Express Steam TrainSounds Tender$129.996-36847Tender 0
14The Polar Express Coach with Conductor Announcement$131.996-36875Coach Car 4
14The Polar Express Caribou Animal Pack$26.996-24251Figures 4
14The Polar Express Wolves and Rabbit Animal Pack$26.996-24252Figures 13
14The Polar Express Add-On Figures$29.996-14273Figures 14
14The Polar Express Original Figures, 4 Pieces$29.996-24203Figures 13
14The Polar Express Baby Madison Baggage Car$69.996-25135Baggage Car 25
14The Polar Express Baby Madison Diner Car$69.996-25134Diner Car 31
14The Polar Express Baby Madison Hot Chocolate Car$69.996-25186Coach Car 12
14The Polar Express Disappearing Hobo Car$74.996-35130Hobo Car 5
14The Polar Express Elf Handcar$97.996-28425Hand Car 27
16A Christmas Story Steam Freight Set$329.996-30118Freight Set 0
18Halloween Steam Freight Set$219.996-30056Freight Set 4
19Halloween Girder Bridge$20.996-24284Bridge 0
19Halloween People Pack$22.996-24264Figures 0
19Trick Or Treat People Pack$22.996-24265Figures 2
19Grave's Blood Bank Tank Car$49.996-36151Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car 3
19Blood Transfusion Bunk Car$59.996-19589Bunk Car 3
19Vampire Transport Mint Car$69.996-29636Mint Car 0
21Hogwart's Express Passenger Car Add-On 2Pack$119.997-11142Passenger Car 2-Pack 0
21Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Steam Passenger Set$329.997-11020Passenger Set 14
22Boy Scouts Billboard Set$12.996-37904Billboard 0
22Boy Scouts Of America Steam Freight Set$299.996-30123Freight Set 3
24Lone Ranger Wild West Freight Set (4-4-0 General 1887)$399.996-30116Freight Set 0
26Chessie Merger Freight Car Add-On 2-Pack$119.996-30138Freight 2-Pack 0
26Chessie Merger Diesel Freight Set$299.996-30131Freight Set 0
27Thunder Valley Quarry Freight Car Add-On 2-Pack$109.996-30136Multi Car Pack 5
27Thunder Valley Quarry Steam Freight Set$299.996-30124Freight Set 0
28Strasburg Rail Road Steam Passenger Set$329.996-30133Passenger Set 0
28Strasburg Freight Add-On 2-Pack$99.996-11169Multi Car Pack 2
28Strasburg Passenger Car Add-On 2-Pack$99.996-35211Passenger Car 2-Pack 0
29Denver & Rio Grande Western Blinking Light Water Tower$29.996-37911Water Tower 3
29Rio Grande Ski Train$339.996-30125Set 0
29Denver & Rio Grande Western "Pikes Peak" Add-On Coach$69.996-35205Coach Car 0
30American Fire And Rescue GP20 Freight Set$399.996-30108Freight Set 0
30American Fire And Rescue Water Tank Car$54.996-26600Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car 0
32Three Rivers Fast Freight Set$399.996-11170Freight Set 3
34Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 0-4-0 Switcher 1387$189.996-38679Switcher 2
34Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Baby Madison Car 3-Pack$189.996-30121Passenger Car 3-Pack 0
34Western & Atlantic 0-4-0 Locomotive 1897$189.996-38687Locomotive 0
34Western & Atlantic Caboose$47.996-36657Caboose 0
34Western & Atlantic Wood-Sided Reefer$52.996-15029Reefer - Wood-Sided Reefer 2
34Western & Atlantic Cannonball Flatcar$54.996-39490Flatcar 2
34Wild West Handcar$74.996-38202Hand Car 0
36Pennsylvania Power & Light 0-6-0 Docksider Switcher$109.996-38684Switcher 0
36Pennsylvania Power & Light Work Caboose$44.996-36649Caboose - Work Caboose 0
36Pennsylvania Power & Light Searchlight Car$45.996-37010Searchlight Car 0
Freight Cars
37Baltimore & Ohio Depressed Center Flatcar With Generator$39.996-26617Flatcar - Depressed Center Flatcar 2
37Cities Service One Dome Tank Car 11800$39.996-36146Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car 0
37Philadelphia Quartz Three Dome Tank Car 606$39.996-36145Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car 3
37SOO Line Ore Car$39.996-26423Ore Car 0
37Southern Waffle-Sided Boxcar 539889$39.996-15028Boxcar - Waffle-Side Boxcar 0
37Union Pacific Bulkhead Flatcar With Pipes$39.996-26616Flatcar - Bulkhead Flatcar 2
37Wabash Boxcar 6439$39.996-25087Boxcar 0
38Lionel Art Boxcar 2-Pack$115.996-29965Multi Car Pack 7
38Meet The Beatles Boxcar 2-Pack$129.996-29961Multi Car Pack 3
38Hershey's Chocolate Wood-Sided Reefer$54.996-19587Reefer - Wood-Sided Reefer 2
38Twizzlers Quad Hopper$54.996-19361Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper 3
38Reese's Vat Car$59.996-39488Vat Car 0
40Classic Billboard Set$10.996-24205Billboard 6
40City And Western Two-sided Diorama$14.996-16843Diorama 0
40Civil Servants People Pack$22.996-24194Figures 6
40Coal Bag$5.996-12732Accessory 18
40Barrel Pack, Set Of 6$6.996-12745Accessory 16
40Construction Zone Signs, Set Of 6$8.996-32902Accessory 18
40Highway Barrels, Set Of 6$8.996-32922Accessory 10
42Tunnel Portals, Pair$14.996-12896Tunnel 13
42Manual Crossing Gate$15.996-24248Crossing Gate 10
42Lionel Girder Bridge$17.996-12730Bridge 29
42Flagpole With Lights$24.996-16896Accessory 0
42Barrel Shed$29.996-16881Building 0
42Freight Platform$29.996-16880Platform 0
42Half Covered Bridge$37.996-16882Bridge 2
42Big Moe Crane$69.996-16842Crane 0
FasTrack Track System
44FasTrack Siding Track Add-on Track Pack$105.996-12044Track 13
44FasTrack Outer Passing Loop Add-on Track Pack$114.996-12031Track 14
44FasTrack Figure 8 Add-On Track Pack$66.996-12030Track 13
44FasTrack Inner Passing Loop Add-on Track Pack$99.996-12028Track 19
45FasTrack Accessory Activator Pack$13.796-12029Track 33
45FasTrack 10" Straight Track 4-Pack$20.996-12032Track 34
45FasTrack O36 Curved Track 4-Pack$20.996-12033Track 65
45FasTrack 90-Degree Crossover$22.996-12019Track 30
45FasTrack Lighted Bumper$29.996-12035Track 30
45FasTrack 5" Straight Track$4.596-12024Track 26
45FasTrack Operating Track$42.996-12054Track 40
45FasTrack O36 Manual Switch - Left Hand$44.996-12017Switch 35
45FasTrack O36 Manual Switch - Right Hand$44.996-12018Switch 28
45FasTrack O36 Remote Switch - Left Hand$91.996-12045Switch 9
45FasTrack O36 Remote Switch - Right Hand$91.996-12046Switch 15
Finishing Touches
46The Lionel FasTrack Book$34.996-24200Book 33
4636 Watt 1.8 Amp Accessory Transformer$45.996-32923Transformer 13
46Smoke Fluid$8.596-62909Smoke Fluid 2
Ready-to-Run G-Gauge Sets
49G-Gauge Add-On Track Pack - Straight$11.997-11039Track 8
49The Polar Express G-Gauge Set (1225)$139.997-11022Set 84
49G-Gauge Add-On Track Pack - Curved$17.997-11040Track 14
49The Polar Express G-Gauge Diorama$17.997-11138Diorama 0
50Pennsylvania Railroad Flyer G Gauge Set$139.997-11140Set 6
50Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Freight G-Gauge Set$139.997-11193Set 4
50G Gauge 2009 Holiday Boxcar$39.998-87032Boxcar 2
51G Gauge Diorama$17.997-11141Diorama 0
51G Gauge People Pack$24.997-11145Figures 0
Lionel Little Lines
53Lionel Little Lines Oil Station$19.997-11280Building 0
53Lionel Little Lines Sawmill$19.997-11279Building 0
53Lionel Little Lines Train Playset$59.997-11163Set 6
55Lionel Little Lines Polar Express Deluxe Playset$89.997-11164Set 0
LIONELVILLE: Destination: Adventure! DVD
56Lionelville Destination: Adventure! Dvd$14.996-35526DVD 62

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