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Lionel 2023 Big Book Catalog

Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

Page NumberItemCatalog PricePart NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
146Chevy Billboard Pack$24.992330030Billboard 7
146Chevy Flagpole$44.992129340Flagpole 3
146Chevy Camaro Boxcar$84.992228440Boxcar 8
146Chevy Flatcar With Piggyback Trailers$94.992228450Flatcar 4
147Ford Billboard Pack$24.992330020Billboard 6
147Ford Flagpole$44.992129350Flagpole 5
147Ford Mustang Boxcar$84.992228460Boxcar 0
147Ford Flatcar With Piggyback Trailers$94.992228470Flatcar 3
148Coors Banquet Reefer$89.992028260Reefer 10
148Miller High Life Reefer$89.992028250Reefer 5
148Vintage Coors Reefer$89.992128140Reefer 11
148Vintage High Life Reefer$89.992128130Reefer 12
149American Flag Led Car$119.992228410Boxcar - Illuminated Boxcar 8
149Fourth Of July Illuminated Car With Sound$149.992228400Boxcar - Illuminated Boxcar 4
150Wings Of Angels - Ariella Boxcar$94.992338140Boxcar 2
150Wings Of Angels - Jen Boxcar$94.992338150Boxcar 6
151Wings Of Angels - Lisa$94.992238130Boxcar 8
151Wings Of Angels - Raquel$94.992238140Boxcar 9
151Wings Of Angels - Sarah$94.992238120Boxcar 6
151Wings Of Angels - Sarah #2 Boxcar$94.992338160Boxcar 6
152Berlin Wall MUSA Boxcar$94.992038080Boxcar 7
152WWII Generals Boxcar$94.992238100Boxcar 3
152Battle Of Midway Boxcar$94.992338080Boxcar 2
153Presidential Series: John Tyler Boxcar$89.992338040Boxcar 2
153Presidential Series: Millard Fillmore Boxcar$89.992338030Boxcar 2
153Presidential Series: Zachary Taylor Boxcar$89.992338050Boxcar 2
154Chessie System 50th Anniversary Boxcar$89.992338060Boxcar 4
154Burlington Northern Santa Fe Maxi Stack With Container Load$99.992328330Maxi Stack 0
154TTX Maxi Stack With Container Load$99.992328320Maxi Stack 0
155Shark Fin Car$109.992128020Fin Car 5
155First Ave Rapid Transit Trolley$119.992235020Trolley 5
155Trippy Trolley$139.992235030Trolley 0
155Gold Medal Milk Flatcar With Milk Container$69.992328060Flatcar - Milk Flatcar 2
155Lionelville Milk Flatcar With Milk Container$69.992328070Flatcar - Milk Flatcar 0
156Personalized Happy Birthday Caboose$89.992338170Caboose 0
156Personalized Merry Christmas Caboose$89.992338180Caboose 0
156Personalized 2023 Happy Anniversary Boxcar$99.992338130Boxcar 0
156Personalized 2023 Happy Birthday Boxcar$99.992338110Boxcar 0
156Personalized 2023 Merry Christmas Boxcar$99.992338120Boxcar 0
156Personalized Family Boxcar$99.992338100Boxcar 0
157Chevy Personalized Boxcar$99.992238220Boxcar 0
157First Responders Police Personalized Boxcar$99.996-84571Boxcar 0
157Ford Personalized Boxcar$99.992238230Boxcar 0
157Man's Best Friend Personalized Boxcar$99.996-84898Boxcar 0
157Personalized It's A Boy Boxcar$99.996-83950Boxcar 0
157Personalized It's A Girl Boxcar$99.996-83951Boxcar 0
157U.S. Army Personalized Boxcar$99.996-84575Boxcar 0
157U.S. Marine Corps Personalized Boxcar$99.996-84576Boxcar 0
157U.S. Navy Personalized Boxcar$99.996-84578Boxcar 0
160The Polar Express Freight Lionchief Set$399.992123070Freight Set 18
160The Polar Express Lionchief Set With Bluetooth 5.0 and Disappearing Hobo Car$479.992123130Set 23
162The Polar Express Budd LionChief Plus 2.0 Budd RDC Combo (#pe-1225, #pe-25)$599.992335110Budd Car 0
162The Polar Express Ice Track$74.992325010Track 0
163The Polar Express Hot Chocolate Thermos Car$199.992326590Thermos Car 0
163The Polar Express Flatcar With Hot Cocoa Container$74.992328290Flatcar 0
163The Polar Express Illuminated Covered Bridge$79.992329030Bridge 6
163The Polar Express Sleigh Bells Mint Car$89.992328280Mint Car 0
164The Polar Express Baggage Car$84.996-84605Baggage Car 5
164The Polar Express Combination Car$84.996-84600Combination Car 9
164The Polar Express Disappearing Hobo Car$89.996-84602Hobo Car 7
165The Polar Express Trolley$119.992235010Trolley 7
165The Polar Express TMCC Speeder$164.992135050Speeder 6
165The Polar Express Hot Chocolate Car$84.996-84603Hot Chocolate Car 10
165The Polar Express Letters To Santa Mail Car$84.996-84601Mail Car 8
165The Polar Express Diner$94.996-84604Diner Car 8
166The Polar Express Aquarium Car$119.992228080Aquarium Car 6
166The Polar Express Elf Handcar$119.996-28425Hand Car 28
166The Polar Express Illuminated Boxcar$119.992228090Boxcar - Illuminated Boxcar 9
166The Polar Express Caboose$89.992228300Caboose 8
166The Polar Express Elf Bobbing Car$89.992028110Stock Car 5
167The Polar Express Boxcar$84.992128280Boxcar 6
167The Polar Express Girder Bridge Flatcar$94.992128210Flatcar 8
167The Polar Express Operating Present Car$99.992128240Boxcar 5
167The Polar Express Present Mint Car$99.992028470Mint Car 4
168Plug-Expand-Play The Polar Express Conductor Gateman$129.996-82735Gateman 14
168Plug-Expand-Play The Polar Express Hero Boy's House$129.996-85410Building 10
168The Polar Express Passenger Station$139.992029050Station 7
168The Polar Express Hot Chocolate Industrial Tower$89.992229280Tower 5
169The Polar Express Elevated Oil Tank$109.992129190Oil Tank 8
169The Polar Express Present Chute Station$199.992129070Station 4
169Plug-Expand-Play The Polar Express Illuminated Flagpole$44.996-85271Accessory 7
169The Polar Express Illuminated Station Platform$54.991929060Station 9
170The Polar Express Barrel Shed$24.992030150Building 7
170The Polar Express Billboard Pack$24.992130100Billboard 7
170The Polar Express Original Figures, 4 Pieces$29.996-24203Figures 15
170The Polar Express Snowman & Children People Pack$29.991830010Figures 11
171The Polar Express Add-On Figures$29.996-14273Figures 17
171The Polar Express Caribou Animal Pack$29.996-24251Figures 9
171The Polar Express Wolves and Rabbit Animal Pack$29.996-24252Figures 10
171The Polar Express Elves Figure Set$32.996-83185Figures 6
171The Polar Express Elf Warming Shacks$59.992030140Building 9
172North Pole Central Legacy E8 AA$1199.992333320Diesel AA Set 0
172North Pole Central 21" Stationsounds Diner$399.992327360Diner Car 0
172North Pole Central 21" Passenger Car 2-pack$449.992327350Passenger Car 2-Pack 0
172North Pole Central 21" Passenger Car 4-pack$949.992327340Passenger Car 4-Pack 0
173Christmas Bobber Caboose$109.992326660Caboose - Bobber Caboose 0
173Christmas Hot Chocolate Thermos Car$199.992326580Thermos Car 0
173Christmas Olde Tyme Rolling Stock 3 Pack$219.992328460Multi Car Pack 0
173Fezziwig Railroad Legacy Camelback 4-6-0 #1225$699.992331540Locomotive 0
LionChief Sets
174Disney Christmas Steam Freight Lionchief Set$399.991923140Freight Set 11
174Disney Christmas Station Platform$54.992329190Station 0
174Mickey & Friends Christmas Present Car$99.992128350Present Car 7
175Mickey & Friends Christmas Searchlight Car$84.992228230Searchlight Car 7
175Mickey & Friends Christmas Caboose$89.992228220Caboose 9
175Mickey & Friends Christmas Flatcar With Girders$94.992128340Flatcar 6
176Christmas Parade Aquarium Car$119.992228120Aquarium Car 8
176Christmas Celebration Lionchief Set$399.992223020Freight Set 9
177Christmas Chasing Gondola$89.992228130Gondola 5
178Santa's Workshop With Sounds$129.992329160Building 0
178Christmas Light Express Lionchief Set With Bluetooth 5.0$499.992123100Set 18
178Christmas Water Tower$59.992129290Water Tower 7
179Christmas Light Express Boxcar$99.992028300Boxcar - Express Boxcar 4
180Winter Wonderland Barrel Shed$24.992030160Building 0
180Merry Christmas Fastrack Girder Bridge$34.992025050Bridge 0
180Winter Wonderland Lionchief Bluetooth 5.0 Set$399.992323100Freight Set 0
181Winter Wonderland Illuminated Station Platform$54.991929070Station 3
182Lionel Junction Christmas Set With Illuminated Track$329.992023070Set 6
183Lighted Oval Pack 40" x 50"$164.992025080Track 9
183Lighted Track Power Pack$43.992025070Track 5
183Lighted Fastrack 10" Straight 4-Pack$65.992025010Track 8
183Lighted Fastrack O36 Curve 4-Pack$65.992025020Track 12
184North Pole Central Trolley$119.992135140Trolley 4
184North Pole Central TMCC Rail Bonder$149.992335050Bonder 0
184North Pole Central LionChief FT #1225$299.992334120Diesel 0
184North Pole Central Lionchief Plus 2.0 Doodlebug$399.992235090Diesel 0
184North Pole Central Lionchief Plus 2.0 Pacific #1224$649.992232140Locomotive 5
185Angela Trotta Thomas Christmas Aquarium Car$119.992228170Aquarium Car 6
185Angela Trotta Thomas Trolley$119.992335060Trolley 0
185Angela Trotta Thomas Christmas Billboards$24.992230150Accessory 4
Rolling Stock
186Christmas Music Car #23$149.992328250Boxcar 0
186Santa's Choice Milk Carton Flatcar$69.992328260Flatcar 0
1862023 Christmas Boxcar$84.992328240Boxcar 0
187Christmas Graffiti Maxi-stack With Container Load$99.992328350Maxi Stack 0
187Christmas Tree Flatcar$99.992328270Flatcar 0
188Night Before Christmas Illuminated Boxcar$119.992228140Boxcar - Illuminated Boxcar 8
188Present Dump Car$89.992128070Dump Car 12
188Christmas Tree Flatcar$99.992128060Flatcar 7
189North Pole Central Illuminated Hopper$99.992228310Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper 6
189Sled-ex Present Unloading Car$99.992128250Boxcar 7
190St. Nicks Nog Shoppe Drive-in Diner$399.992329080Building 0
190Dashers Buy & Fly Quonset Hut$44.992330140Building 0
191Christmas Roadside Diner$159.992329020Building 5
191Hot Cocoa NE Caboose With Deck$199.992329170Caboose - NE-5 Caboose 0
192Christmas Coal Works Lighted Coaling Station$129.992229320Building 7
192Christmas Barn$199.992229120Building 10
192Deer Dash Transfer Station$299.992229210Building 6
192Up On The Rooftop Christmas House$99.992229290Building 5
193Window Shopper Figures$29.992130120Figures 8
193Christmas Joy Flagpole$44.992129220Flagpole 7
193Christmas Signs 5-Pack$8.992030260Accessory 4
193Christmas Red 12" Half-Covered Bridge With X-Mas Lights$84.991929090Bridge 12
193Illuminated 24" Winter's Covered Bridge$99.996-83305Bridge 15
196Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary Theatre$129.992329350Building 0
196Warner Bros Classic Movie Pack$24.992330080Billboard 0
196Warner Bros. 100th Anniversary Water Tower$89.992329240Accessory 0
197Welcome Home Troops Townhouse$109.992229140Building 2
197Military Surplus Store$159.992229130Building 6
197Quonset Hut$44.992230030Building 5
197Missile Range$79.992229020Missile Launch 8
Plug-Expand Play
198Lionel Theatre$129.992329340Building 0
198Billups Crossing Gate$199.992329050Accessory 0
198Prankster Flagpole$44.992329270Accessory 0
199Roadside Diner$149.992329010Building 8
199Amtrak Passenger Station$169.992329060Station 4
199Cowen's Family Creamery Northeast Caboose With Deck$199.992329130Building 0
200Grandpa's Workshop With Sounds$129.992329140Building 0
200She Shed With Sounds$129.992329150Building 0
200Carnival Treats Stand$159.992329070Building 0
201Bail Bonds Building$109.992229170Building 6
201Donuts & Coffee Shop$109.992229180Building 7
201Transfer Station$299.992229200Building 5
202Private Investigation Building$159.992229160Building 4
202Tough Guy Gym & Fitness$159.992229060Building 5
202Barn$179.992229070Building 7
203Townhouse$109.992229100Building 4
203Coaling Station$129.992229310Building 4
203Thistle Stop Flower Shop$159.992229110Building 4
204Plug-Expand-Play Oil Pump$119.996-82016Accessory 6
204Illuminated Lionel Flagpole With Flag$44.996-84307Accessory 2
204Plug-Expand-Play Yard Tower$64.996-83751Tower 4
204Single Floodlight Tower$79.996-82012Tower 5
204Plug-Expand-Play Double Floodlight Tower$89.996-82013Tower 8
2053' Power Cable Extension (3 Pin M/F)$13.996-82918Accessory 10
20536" Power Tap Cable$17.996-82046Accessory 12
205Plug-N-Play Power 6' Cable Extension (3-pin)$17.996-82043Accessory 20
205Plug-N-Play 6' Control Cable Extension (6-pin)$21.996-82045Accessory 21
205Fastrack Power Lockon$24.996-81313Track 33
205Fastrack Accessory Activator Track Pack$26.996-81317Track 20
205Fastrack Power Block Lockon$43.996-81314Track 13
206Lionel Girder Bridge$20.996-12730Bridge 34
20610" Girder Bridge Track$24.996-81248Track 10
206Gray 10" Girder Bridge$24.996-84388Bridge 7
206Arch Under Bridge$29.996-12770Bridge 25
206Extended Truss Bridge$329.996-82110Bridge 0
206Thru Truss Bridge Kit$69.992130130Bridge 6
206Illuminated Covered Bridge$99.996-24117Bridge 22
207Steel Coil Load Kit$19.991930010Accessory 2
207Lumber Shed Kit$34.996-81629Kits 7
207Branchline Water Tank Kit$39.996-84315Kits 5

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