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Category: Boxcar
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Vermont Northern Boxcar (NETCA 1981)198119816-9445Boxcar15
Vermont Railway Boxcar198919896-19211Boxcar0
Vermont Railway Operating Boxcar 177200920096-22525Boxcar0
Vernors' Boxcar197719786-7809Boxcar8
Veterans Day Boxcar200020006-26724Boxcar3
Vietnam War Made In USA Boxcar201820206-84671Boxcar1
Vilianova University Boxcar200820086-39303Boxcar0
Virginia Train Collectors Boxcar (VTCA 1979)197919796-7679Boxcar0
Virginia Train Collectors Boxcar (VTCA 1985)198519856-7685Boxcar0
Virginian Boxcar200020006-17299Boxcar2
Virginian Boxcar201620186-82084Boxcar2
Virginian Boxcar197619776-9777Boxcar13
Visitor Center 15Th Anniversary Lighted Boxcar (LRRC 2006)200620066-36841Boxcar3
Voltamp Boxcar (TCA 1984)198419846-7784Boxcar6
Wabash Boxcar198819916-16201Boxcar2
Wabash Boxcar #7609200020006-27200Boxcar1
Wabash Boxcar 6439201020116-25087Boxcar0
Walmart O Gauge Boxcar200920097-11179Boxcar0
Walt Disney Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse Boxcar200620066-36822Boxcar0
Wanamaker Boxcar (TCA 1982)198219826-9466Boxcar1
Ward Kimball Boxcar (Cal-Stewart 2005)200520056-52385Boxcar3
Warner Bros. Pepe Lepew and Penelope Boxcar 3370199619966-16738Boxcar9
Warner Bros. Sylvester and Tweety "All Abirrrd" Boxcar 9700199619966-19286Boxcar15
Warren G. Harding Presidential Boxcar201420206-81489Boxcar13
Washington Nationals Boxcar201420146-81939Boxcar0
Washington Senators Cooperstown Boxcar201520156-82686Boxcar4
Wawa Boxcar (TCA 2017)201720176-84594Boxcar0
Wawa Hoagiefest Boxcar (TCA 2017)201720176-83868Boxcar0
Wegmans 2012 Love Your Veggies Box Car201220126-36184Boxcar0
Wegmans Box Car201320136-25975Boxcar0
Wegmans Super Pasta Boxcar201120116-25907Boxcar0
Wellspring Capital Management Lighted Boxcar200220026-36761Boxcar4
Western Maryland 9464 Boxcar 29140200120016-17269Boxcar2
Western Maryland Boxcar198919896-19214Boxcar15
Western Of Alabama Hobo Boxcar #18252202220222326260Boxcar0
Western Pacific 9700 Series Boxcar200820086-25056Boxcar0
Western Pacific Boxcar201020106-27284Boxcar0
Western Pacific Boxcar199619966-17222Boxcar28
Western Pacific Boxcar200820086-39300Boxcar3
Western Pacific Boxcar198219836-9452Boxcar17
Western Pacific Boxcar197419746-9723Boxcar16
Western Pacific Boxcar199119918-87009Boxcar0
Western Pacific Boxcar (TCA 2003)200320036-52275Boxcar2
Western Pacific Boxcar 1952 (LOTS 1992)199219926-19960Boxcar6
Western Pacific Boxcar 6464199319936-19248Boxcar3
Western Pacific Boxcar 6464 (TTOS 1995)199519956-52057Boxcar18
Western Pacific Boxcar 6464-100, Boys Set Add-On200320036-39257Boxcar4
Western Pacific Boxcar 6464-250200120016-39236Boxcar8
Western Pacific Boxcar 6464100199419946-19259Boxcar10
Western Pacific Boxcar 6464100199419946-19260Boxcar11
Western Pacific Boxcar 9464199819986-17233Boxcar22
Western Pacific Boxcar, Orange With Silver Feather200520056-25003Boxcar7
Western Pacific Feather Boxcar, Red (TCA 2003)200320036-52282Boxcar0
Western Pacific Feather Boxcar-Gold200720076-21248Boxcar0
Western Pacific Feather Boxcar-Red200720076-21250Boxcar0
Western Pacific Feather Boxcar-Tuscan200720076-21249Boxcar0
Western Pacific Feather Boxcar-White200720076-21247Boxcar0
Western Pacific Heritage Led Flag Boxcar #1983201820186-85407Boxcar2
Western Pacific Union Pacific Heritage Boxcar (CLRC 2007)200720076-52475Boxcar0
Western Pacific Vision Boxcar #220086202120212126420Boxcar0
Westinghouse Air Brake 150Th Anniversary Box Car (Made In U.S.A.)201920191938060Boxcar1
Westinghouse Box Car200420046-36290Boxcar1
Wheaties Boxcar199919996-26257Boxcar13
Where The Wild Things Are Boxcar201320156-29793Boxcar4
Whirlpool Boxcar200020006-36203Boxcar0
Whiskas Boxcar199719976-16296Boxcar0
White Owl Boxcar197719786-7707Boxcar14
White Rock Products Boxcar (RMLI 2021)202120212101100Boxcar0
Wicked Witch Halloween Boxcar199919996-16794Boxcar5
William Henry Harrison Presidential MUSA Boxcar202020202038060Boxcar5
William Howard Taft Presidential Boxcar201720206-83948Boxcar5
William Mckinley U.S. Presidential Series Boxcar (Made In U.S.A.)201920191938200Boxcar3
Wings Of Angels - Ariella Boxcar202320232338140Boxcar0
Wings Of Angels - Ashten Goodenough MUSA Boxcar202020202038210Boxcar2
Wings Of Angels - Blonde Box Car (Made In U.S.A.)201920191938260Boxcar3
Wings Of Angels - Brunette Box Car (Made In U.S.A.)201920191938280Boxcar5
Wings Of Angels - Jen Boxcar202320232338150Boxcar0
Wings Of Angels - Jessamyne Rose MUSA Boxcar202020202038200Boxcar5
Wings Of Angels - Jessie202120222138190Boxcar2
Wings Of Angels - Jessie Ray Boxcar MUSA Boxcar202020202038220Boxcar4
Wings Of Angels - Kacie202120222138110Boxcar3
Wings Of Angels - Lisa202220232238130Boxcar8
Wings Of Angels - Raquel202220232238140Boxcar9
Wings Of Angels - Redhead Box Car (Made In U.S.A.)201920191938270Boxcar3
Wings Of Angels - Sarah202220232238120Boxcar5
Wings Of Angels - Sarah #2 Boxcar202320232338160Boxcar3
Wings Of Angels - Victoria202120222138120Boxcar4
Winnie The Pooh Boxcar201620176-82913Boxcar2
Winston Boxcar197719786-7708Boxcar14
Wisconsin & Southern God Bless America Boxcar200920096-22315Boxcar0
Wisconsin Central Boxcar #215836-25000Boxcar122
Wisconsin Central Boxcar #21585200620066-25039Boxcar1
Wisk Boxcar199719976-16282Boxcar1
Witches Operating Brew Car200820086-29882Boxcar1
Wizard Of Oz Anniversary Boxcar201320156-29791Boxcar5
Wizard Of Oz Boxcar #1200920126-25083Boxcar3
Wizard Of Oz Boxcar #1200920106-39317Boxcar3
Wizard Of Oz Boxcar #2200920126-25084Boxcar3
Wizard Of Oz Boxcar #2200920106-39318Boxcar3
Wonder Woman Boxcar201620166-82948Boxcar2
Wonder Woman Boxcar201820186-84616Boxcar0
Wonka Bar Golden Ticket Boxcar202320232328490Boxcar0
Woodrow Wilson Presidential Boxcar201720206-83947Boxcar5
Woodstock Brewing Boxcar (LOTS 2018)2018201848-1801050Boxcar1
Woody Woodpecker Boxcar199919996-26244Boxcar15
World's Fair Crew Car (RMLI 2015)201520156-58227Boxcar1
World's Greatest Cat Personalized Boxcar201820226-84899Boxcar0
WWII Africa Campaign MUSA Boxcar202120212138130Boxcar3
WWII Aircraft Carriers Boxcar202220222238110Boxcar2
WWII Fletcher Class Destroyer MUSA Boxcar202120212138140Boxcar1
WWII Generals Boxcar202220232238100Boxcar3
WWII Liberty Ships Box Car (Made In U.S.A.)201920191938240Boxcar4
Wwii Sherman Tank Box Car (Made In U.S.A.)201920191938220Boxcar3
Yellow / Gray Led Flag Boxcar #1862201820186-85401Boxcar1
York Fall Meeting Boxcar 2022202220222201570Boxcar0
York Meet Boxcar (TCA 2019)201920191901700Boxcar0
York Meet MUSA Boxcar (TCA 2021)202120212101600Boxcar0
Yuengling Boxcar (TCA 2019)201920191901410Boxcar0
Zenith Boxcar199619966-16278Boxcar1
Zenith Nationwide Boxcar199619966-16277Boxcar1
Zep Manufacturing Boxcar199619966-52141Boxcar4

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