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Category: Freight Set
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
Jeff Gordon #24 Nascar Train Set20142014Freight Set00
2185W New York Central F3 Diesel Freight Set20092009Freight Set41
2219W Lackawanna Train Master Freight Set20082008Freight Set01
50Th Anniversary Golden Express Freight Set20042004Freight Set40
A Christmas Story Steam Freight Set20092012Freight Set23
AGFA Film Steam Freight Set19981998Freight Set00
Alaska Gold Mine 0-4-0 Steam Freight Set, Lionchief20172017Freight Set14
Alien Spaceship Recovery Freight Set20082009Freight Set22
American Fire And Rescue GP20 Freight Set20092010Freight Set12
Area 51 Fa Diesel Freight Set20022002Freight Set23
Area 51 RS3 Diesel Freight Set20132013Freight Set00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Steam Freight Set20082009Freight Set30
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Train Master Diesel Freight Set19991999Freight Set00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Train Master Diesel Freight Set19992000Freight Set00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Warhorse Hudson Freight Set19971997Freight Set11
Baltimore & Ohio Diesel Freight Set20062007Freight Set62
Baltimore & Ohio Freight Set19861986Freight Set32
Black River Freight Set19761978Freight Set185
Black River Freight Set19791981Freight Set00
Blue Streak Freight Set19731974Freight Set10
Boston & Maine Paul Revere GP9 Diesel Freight Set20142015Freight Set22
Boy Scouts Of America Steam Freight Set20102010Freight Set41
Boy Scouts Steam Freight Set20112013Freight Set20
Boys Freight Set20132013Freight Set00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Diesel Freight Set20112011Freight Set00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Ice Cold Express Diesel Freight Set20102010Freight Set11
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Maxi Stack Diesel Freight Set20132013Freight Set00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe RS-3 Diesel Scout Freight Set, Lionchief20172017Freight Set10
Burlington Steam Freight Set, Railsounds20002000Freight Set31
Burlington Steam Freight Set, Signalsounds20002000Freight Set00
Canadian Pacific Diesel Freight Set20062006Freight Set10
Canadian Pacific Rail Freight Set19891989Freight Set71
Canadian Pacific Rail Grain Set Diesel Freight Set20132013Freight Set00
Cannonball Freight Set19821982Freight Set32
Case Cutlery Freight Set19991999Freight Set11
Case Farmall Freight Set20012001Freight Set00
Chesapeake & Ohio Diesel Freight Set20032003Freight Set00
Chesapeake & Ohio Freight Set19941994Freight Set30
Chesapeake & Ohio Steam Freight Set, Railsounds20012001Freight Set20
Chesapeake & Ohio Steam Freight Set, Signalsounds20012001Freight Set00
Chesapeake Super Freight Steam Set20062007Freight Set12
Chessie Diesel Freight Set, Lionchief20152015Freight Set30
Chessie Flyer Freight Set 1931S19971999Freight Set23
Chessie GP38 Diesel Freight Set20012002Freight Set11
Chessie System Merger Diesel Freight Set20102010Freight Set00
Chicago & North Western Windy City GP38 Diesel Freight Set20142015Freight Set20
Christmas Express Steam Freight Set, Lionchief20172017Freight Set81
Christmas Steam Freight Set20022002Freight Set00
Christmas Tinplate Freight Set20082008Freight Set00
Coastal Freight Set19911991Freight Set121
Conrail Big Blue High-Cube Boxcar Diesel Freight Set20142014Freight Set40
Conrail Lionmaster Diesel Freight Set20082009Freight Set00
CSX Diesel Freight Set20112011Freight Set10
CSX Freight Set19901990Freight Set00
CSX SD-40-2 Diesel Husky Stack Car Set20072008Freight Set00
Dale Earnhardt #3 Nascar Train Set20142014Freight Set00
Dale Earnhardt Jr. #88 Nascar Train Set20142014Freight Set00
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Diesel Freight Set20062007Freight Set73
Delaware & Hudson 4-4-2 Steam Freight Set19981998Freight Set00
Denver & Rio Grande Western Fast Freight Set20082009Freight Set32
Dinosaur Diesel Freight Set, Lionchief20142016Freight Set116
Dixie Special Ft Diesel Freight Set20112011Freight Set00
Dodge Motorsports Freight Set19961996Freight Set20
Elvis He Dared To Rock Steam Freight Set20042004Freight Set20
Erie-Lackawanna Freight Set19911991Freight Set00
Fast Freight Flyer Set19851985Freight Set20
Fire Rescue Steam Freight Set20022002Freight Set12
Freight Flyer Set19871990Freight Set20
Frosty The Snowman Steam Freight Set, Lionchief20142016Freight Set20
Gingerbread Junction Steam Freight Set20132014Freight Set40
Girls Freight Set20122012Freight Set00
Grand Trunk Western Freight Set19701970Freight Set00
Great Northern Diesel Freight Set20062008Freight Set10
Great Northern Glacier Route Diesel Freight Set20032004Freight Set00
Great Northern Mountain Mover Steam Freight Set20122013Freight Set10
Great Train Robbery Steam Freight Set20032003Freight Set11
Halloween Steam Freight Set20072010Freight Set01
Hawthorne Freight Flyer Set19871988Freight Set20
Hiawatha Distance Control Freight Set20102010Freight Set00
Holiday Express Freight Set20082008Freight Set275
Holiday Tradition Steam Freight Set20042005Freight Set60
Illinois Central Freight Set19761977Freight Set5620
Iron Horse Freight Set19881991Freight Set20
JC Penney Iron Horse Freight Set19881988Freight Set00
JC Penney Midland Freight Set19851985Freight Set14
JC Penney Overland Freight Set19821982Freight Set00
JC Penney Thunderball Freight Set19811981Freight Set10
Jimmy Johnson #48 Nascar Train Set20142014Freight Set00
John Deere RS-3 Diesel Freight Set, Lionchief20142016Freight Set43
John Deere Steam Freight Set20162017Freight Set221
Kansas City Southern Southern Belle Diesel Freight Train Set20122013Freight Set20
Kay Bee Toys Freight Flyer Set19861986Freight Set00
Keebler Elf Express Steam Freight Set19991999Freight Set11
Kraft Holiday Union Pacific RS3 Diesel Freight Set20022002Freight Set00
L.L. Bean Freight Set20012001Freight Set00
Lionel 20Th Century Express Steam Freight Set20002000Freight Set50
Lionel Junction Little Steam Freight Set20142015Freight Set63
Lionel Junction Pennsylvania Railroad Diesel Freight Set20162017Freight Set142
Lionel Junction Santa Fe Steam Freight Set20162016Freight Set40
Lionel Junction Union Pacific Steam Freight Set20142015Freight Set41
Lionel Lines 4-4-2 Steam Freight Set19981998Freight Set50
Lionel Lines 4-4-2 Steam Freight Set20072007Freight Set20
Lionel Lines Freight Set19971997Freight Set51
Lionel Lines Freight Set19991999Freight Set10
Lone Ranger Wild West Freight Set20092013Freight Set05
Macy's Freight Flyer Set19891989Freight Set00
Maple Leaf Diesel Freight Set20102011Freight Set00
Marquette GP38 Diesel Freight Set20142015Freight Set61
Menards SOO Line Freight Set20102010Freight Set00
Merry Christmas Charlie Brown Complete Ready-To-Run Train Set20122015Freight Set33
Mickey & Friends B337Express Steam Freight Set, Lionchief20172017Freight Set171
Mickey Mouse Christmas Express Steam Freight Set, Lionchief20172017Freight Set1312
Mickey's Holiday Express Freight Set19991999Freight Set01
Mickey's Holiday To Remember Freight Set20162016Freight Set175
Midland Freight Set19851986Freight Set20
Minneapolis & St. Louis Diesel Freight Set20112012Freight Set21
Monopoly 4-4-2 Steam Freight Set20002000Freight Set23
Motor City Express Diesel Freight Train Set20122013Freight Set30
Nascar Diesel Freight Set20062007Freight Set80
Neil Young's Greendale Diesel Freight Set20042004Freight Set22
New Haven Diesel Freight Set20072007Freight Set00
New Haven Diesel Freight Set20012001Freight Set00
New Haven Freight Set19991999Freight Set20
New York Central 0-8-0 Steam Freight Set20092010Freight Set62
New York Central Early Bird Special Steam Freight Set20162017Freight Set51
New York Central Empire Builder Steam Freight Set20062006Freight Set00
New York Central Flyer Freight Set19971997Freight Set63
New York Central Flyer Freight Set20112011Freight Set54
New York Central Flyer Freight Set 1735Ws19931999Freight Set167
New York Central Flyer Freight Set, Railsounds20002000Freight Set00
New York Central Flyer Steam Freight Set20062008Freight Set23
New York Central Flyer Steam Freight Set20052005Freight Set42
New York Central Flyer Steam Freight Set, Railsounds20012002Freight Set22
New York Central Flyer Steam Freight Set, Railsounds20032003Freight Set11
New York Central Flyer Steam Freight Set, Railsounds20042004Freight Set22
New York Central Freight Set19992000Freight Set01
New York Central Freight Set, Railsounds20002000Freight Set21
New York Central GP9 Diesel Freight Set19971997Freight Set30
New York Central Hotbox Reefer Steam Freight Set20062007Freight Set00
New York Central Lionmaster Diesel Freight Set20102010Freight Set00
New York Central Pacemaker Lionel Junction Diesel Freight Set20172017Freight Set50
New York Central Passenger/Freight Set19941994Freight Set52
New York Central RS-3 Diesel Freight Set20162017Freight Set125
New York Central Train Master Steam Freight Set19992000Freight Set00
New York Central Water Level Steam Freight Set20122013Freight Set00
New York Centrel Ready-to-play Set20202020Freight Set00
Nickel Plate Road Super Freight Set, Railsounds20042004Freight Set00
NJ Medical Steam Freight Set20012001Freight Set11
No. 263E Steam Baltimore & Ohio Freight Set20092009Freight Set00
No. 263E Steam Christmas Freight Set20092009Freight Set00
No. 269E Christmas Distant Control Freight Set20132013Freight Set00
No. 269E Distant Control Freight Set20112011Freight Set01
No. 269E Distant Control Freight Set20142014Freight Set00
No. 275W Distant Control Freight Set20092009Freight Set00
No. 284E Distant Control Freight Set20122012Freight Set00
No. 299 Freight Set20112011Freight Set00
No. 318E Christmas Freight Set (Std)20132013Freight Set00
No. 340E Coal Freight Set (Std)20112011Freight Set00
No. 384 Locomotive Christmas Freight Set (Std)20092009Freight Set00
No. 384 Locomotive New York Central Freight Set20092009Freight Set00
No. 386 Christmas Freight Set (Std)20122012Freight Set00
No. 386 Freight Set (Std)20112011Freight Set00
Norfolk & Western 4-4-2 Steam Freight Set19981998Freight Set11
Norfolk & Western Freight Set19991999Freight Set11
Norfolk Southern Black Diamond Diesel Freight Set20052005Freight Set01
Norfolk Southern Diesel Freight Set20132013Freight Set10
Norfolk Southern First Responders Diesel Freight Set, Lionchief20172017Freight Set202
Norfolk Southern GP38 Diesel Freight Train Set20112011Freight Set10
North Pole Central Christmas Freight Set20082008Freight Set51
North Pole Express Steam Freight Set20122013Freight Set00
Northeast Norfolk Southern Heritage Diesel Freight Set20132013Freight Set20
Northern Freight Flyer Set19831985Freight Set10
Northwest Special Diesel Freight Set20072008Freight Set00
Operation Eagle Justice Diesel Freight Set20102011Freight Set03
Pace Iron Horse Freight Set19891989Freight Set00
Pace Iron Horse Freight Set19901990Freight Set00
Patriot U36B Diesel Freight Set, Lionchief20152017Freight Set103
Peanuts Halloween Steam Freight Set20132016Freight Set80
Pennsylvania Diesel Coal Train20062006Freight Set40
Pennsylvania Flyer 0-8-0 Steam Freight Set, Lionchief20172017Freight Set216
Pennsylvania Flyer Freight Set20082010Freight Set64
Pennsylvania Flyer Freight Set20112013Freight Set100
Pennsylvania Flyer Remote Steam Freight Set20132017Freight Set213
Pennsylvania Flyer Steam Freight Set20062007Freight Set77
Pennsylvania Flyer Steam Freight Set20102010Freight Set40
Pennsylvania Flyer Steam Freight Set20032005Freight Set52
Pennsylvania Keystone GP38 Diesel Freight Set, Lionchief20152015Freight Set82
Pennsylvania Keystone Special Steam Freight Set20092009Freight Set40
Pennsylvania Railroad Allegheny Hauler Steam Freight Set20162017Freight Set31
Pennsylvania Railroad Atlantic Freight Set20012001Freight Set20
Pennsylvania Railroad Flyer Freight Set20012001Freight Set10
Pennsylvania Railroad Flyer Steam Freight Set20012001Freight Set71
Pennsylvania Railroad K4 Freight Set20012002Freight Set12
Pennsylvania Railroad Keystone Special Steam Freight Set20162017Freight Set10
Pennsylvania Railroad Keystone Special Steam Freight Set, Lionchief20172017Freight Set2525
Pennsylvania Railroad Keystone Super Freight Steam Train20052005Freight Set12
Pennsylvania Super Freight Set20082008Freight Set10
Pet Shop Diesel Freight Set20142016Freight Set93
Pioneer Seed GP7 Diesel Freight Set20012001Freight Set10
Polar Express Steam Freight Set20132013Freight Set20
Postwar 11268 Chesapeake & Ohio Diesel Freight Set20082008Freight Set00
Postwar 11288 Orbitor Diesel Freight Set20102010Freight Set02
Postwar 12885-500 Chesapeake & Ohio GP7 Freight Set20112012Freight Set10
Postwar 13138 Majestic Electric Freight Set, Railsounds20042004Freight Set22
Postwar 13150 Hudson Steam Freight Set, Super 020052005Freight Set12
Postwar 1563W Wabash Diesel Freight Set, Railsounds20032003Freight Set103
Postwar 1587S Girl's Steam Freight Set20102010Freight Set00
Postwar 1619W Santa Fe Freight Set20102011Freight Set11
Postwar 1623W Northern Pacific GP9 Diesel Freight Set20102010Freight Set01
Postwar 2129Ws Berkshire Freight Set #72620122012Freight Set00
Postwar 2239 Illinois Central F3 Freight Set20122014Freight Set20
Postwar 2289Ws Berkshire Freight Set20072007Freight Set00
Postwar 2291W Rio Grande Diesel Freight Set, Railsounds20042004Freight Set01
Postwar 2505W Virginian Rectifier Freight Set20102010Freight Set02
Postwar 2507W New Haven F3 Diesel Freight Set20102010Freight Set20
Postwar 2519W Virginian Diesel Freight Set20052007Freight Set11
Postwar 2545Ws Norfolk & Western Space Freight Set20062007Freight Set32
Postwar Boys Freight Set20022002Freight Set01
Postwar Girls Freight Set20012001Freight Set01
Postwar Missile Launch Freight Set20022003Freight Set12
Postwar X-628 Promotional U.S. Navy Diesel Freight Set20122014Freight Set00
Prewar 269E Steam Freight Set20062006Freight Set50
Reading Hobo Express Freight Set20012001Freight Set23
Ringling Bros. Diesel Freight Set20082010Freight Set10
Ringling Bros. Freight Set20082010Freight Set01
Rio Grande 0-4-0 Switcher Freight Set20162017Freight Set10
Rocky Mountain Freight Set19831984Freight Set00
S2 Electric Scale Tinplate Freight Set20172017Freight Set50
Santa Fe 4-4-2 Steam Freight Set20132013Freight Set00
Santa Fe Express Diesel Freight Set19701970Freight Set32
Santa Fe Flyer Freight Set20112012Freight Set00
Santa Fe Flyer Steam Freight Set20102010Freight Set00
Santa Fe Flyer Steam Freight Set, Railsounds20042004Freight Set01
Santa Fe Freight Set19731975Freight Set32
Santa Fe RS3 Diesel Freight Set20132013Freight Set01
Santa Fe Shell Tank Car Freight Set20012001Freight Set30
Santa Fe Steam Fast Freight Set20052005Freight Set30
Santa Fe Steam Freight Set20012001Freight Set00
Santa Fe Steam Freight Set, Railsounds20022002Freight Set00
Santa Fe Steam Super Freight Set, Railsounds20032003Freight Set10
Santa Fe U28Cg Diesel Freight Set20062007Freight Set10
Santa's Flyer Steam Freight Set20112013Freight Set10
Santa's Helper Steam Freight Set20162017Freight Set142
Scout Remote Steam Freight Set20132015Freight Set21

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