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Category: Hallmark
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
1-400E Blue Comet Locomotive20012001N/AHallmark0
1130T Tender20132013N/AHallmark27
1924 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998N/AHallmark12
1926 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998N/AHallmark14
1929 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998N/AHallmark25
1935 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998N/AHallmark9
1939 Hiawatha Steam Locomotive20042004N/AHallmark7
1950 Santa Fe F3 Diesel Locomotive19971997N/AHallmark49
1950 Santa Fe F3 Diesel Locomotive19991999N/AHallmark0
1952 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998N/AHallmark17
1954 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998N/AHallmark10
2037 Steam Locomotive20132013N/AHallmark0
2037 Steam Locomotive Pink20132013N/AHallmark0
2148Ws Deluxe Pullman Set20152015N/AHallmark9
2245C Texas Special "B" Unit20182018N/AHallmark27
2245P Texas Special Locomotive20182018N/AHallmark4
2245P Texas Special Locomotive Gold20182018N/AHallmark0
2426W Tender20162016N/AHallmark16
2436 "Summit" Observation Car20182018N/AHallmark2
2533W Great Northern Freight Set20162016N/AHallmark23
2627 Madison Passenger Car20162016N/AHallmark0
265W Tender20142014N/AHallmark38
2671W Tender20172017N/AHallmark11
3356 Horse Car19991999N/AHallmark19
3472 Automatic Refrigerated Milk Car20172017N/AHallmark11
4449 Daylight Steam Locomotive20032003N/AHallmark9
4449 Daylight Steam Locomotive20122012N/AHallmark1
4501 Southern Mikado Steam Locomotive20002000N/AHallmark4
601 Observation Car20142014N/AHallmark6
6017 Caboose20132013N/AHallmark47
671 S-2 Turbine Steam Locomotive20172017N/AHallmark6
671 S-2 Turbine Steam Locomotive Gold20172017N/AHallmark0
700E Hudson Steam Locomotive19961996N/AHallmark38
700E J-1E Hudson Steam Locomotive20002000N/AHallmark14
726 Berkshire Steam Locomotive20112011N/AHallmark6
726 Berkshire Steam Locomotive 20Th Century Series19981998N/AHallmark9
746 Norfolk & Western Steam Locomotive19991999N/AHallmark9
746 Norfolk & Western Tender19991999N/AHallmark53
773 Hudson Steam Locomotive20162016N/AHallmark2
Blue Comet 400E Steam Locomotive20022002N/AHallmark7
Blue Comet 400T Oil Tender20022002N/AHallmark21
Blue Comet Passenger Car20022002N/AHallmark0
Blue Comet Steam Locomotive Tender Miniature20032003N/AHallmark0
Car Carrier And Caboose Norfolk And Western20012001N/AHallmark17
Chessie Steam Special Locomotive20012001N/AHallmark2
Chessie Steam Special Locomotive20092009N/AHallmark1
Chessie Steam Special Tender20012001N/AHallmark23
Chessie System Locomotive20152015N/AHallmark1
Chessie Wm Caboose20152015N/AHallmark21
Crown Express Stocking Hanger20082008N/AHallmark0
Daylight Observation Car20032003N/AHallmark5
Daylight Oil Tender20032003N/AHallmark131
Freedom Locomotive20072007N/AHallmark3
Freedom Train Observation Car20072007N/AHallmark2
Freedom Train Sleeper20072007N/AHallmark52
General Steam Locomotive20002000N/AHallmark2
General Steam Locomotive & Tender20022002N/AHallmark2
General Steam Locomotive The Tender20002000N/AHallmark135
Hiawatha Observation Car20042004N/AHallmark2
Hiawatha Tender20042004N/AHallmark100
Holiday Boxcar20092009N/AHallmark39
Holiday Railroad20082008N/AHallmark33
Holiday Red Mikado Locomotive20092009N/AHallmark0
Holiday Red Mikado Tender20092009N/AHallmark41
Holiday Special20032003N/AHallmark10
Horse Car And Milk Car Norfolk And Western20002000N/AHallmark51
Kansas City Southern Locomotive20102010N/AHallmark0
Lionelville Magic Legendary Trains20042004N/AHallmark10
Minneapolis & St. Louis Work Train20132013N/AHallmark37
New Haven Diesel Locomotive20082008N/AHallmark0
New York Central Locomotive20082008N/AHallmark3490
New York Central Observation Car20082008N/AHallmark340
New York Central Passenger Car20082008N/AHallmark104
No. 714 Boxcar20052005N/AHallmark102
No. 717 Caboose20052005N/AHallmark107
North Pole Central Train20072007N/AHallmark18
North Pole Express20142014N/AHallmark0
Nutcracker Route Baggage Coach20122012N/AHallmark49
Nutcracker Route Christmas Train Locomotive20122012N/AHallmark2
Nutcracker Route Tender20122012N/AHallmark76
Pennsylvania B6 Steam Locomotive20052005N/AHallmark14
Pennsylvania B6 Tender20052005N/AHallmark89
Pennsylvania GG-1 Locomotive20112011N/AHallmark4
Pennsylvania GG-1 Locomotive19981998N/AHallmark26
Pennsylvania Torpedo Locomotive20142014N/AHallmark3
Pennsylvania Torpedo Locomotive Gold20142014N/AHallmark0
Santa Fe "Super Chief"20112011N/AHallmark14
Santa Fe F3A Diesel Locomotive20062006N/AHallmark0
Santa Fe Windspinner201620169-42041Hallmark0
Scout Set20102010N/AHallmark42
Seaboard Box Car20152015N/AHallmark11
Steam Locomotive & Tender Southern Pacific Daylight20042004N/AHallmark3
The Polar Express20182018N/AHallmark0
The Red Comet Set20092009N/AHallmark14
Toymaker Santa Express20172017N/AHallmark4
Union Pacific Streamliner Buffet Coach20102010N/AHallmark82
Union Pacific Streamliner Locomotive20102010N/AHallmark5
Union Pacific Streamliner Long Coach20102010N/AHallmark21
Union Pacific Veranda Stockcar20062006N/AHallmark21
Union Pacific Veranda Tender20062006N/AHallmark39
Union Pacific Veranda Turbine Locomotive20062006N/AHallmark5
Whistle Tender20112011N/AHallmark14

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