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Category: Mint Car
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
50Th Anniversary Mint Car (TTOS 2016)201620166-58257Mint Car0
50th Anniversary Mint Car (TTOS 2016)201620166-41072Mint Car0
6445 50Th Anniversary Fort Knox Mint Car (LRRC 2012)201220126-39352Mint Car3
A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Mint Car201320136-25977Mint Car1
Alamo Mint Car (LCCA 2011)201120116-72511Mint Car1
Alaska Gold Mint Car201720176-83633Mint Car0
Alaska Klondike Mining Mint Car200220026-19682Mint Car5
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Mint Car With Gold (LCCA 2009)200920096-52514Mint Car3
Atlantic City Casino Mint Car201120116-29645Mint Car5
Baltimore & Ohio Capitol Dome Mint Car (METCA 2011)201120116-52583Mint Car7
Blue Comet Mint Car (METCA 2013)201320136-58523Mint Car3
Boston Federal Reserve Mint Car201320136-29654Mint Car3
California Gold Mint Car (TCA 2003)200320036-52276Mint Car9
Carson City Mint Car (IETCA 1984)198419846-7518Mint Car44
Case Closed Mint Car With Shredded Documents200820086-29626Mint Car28
Celebrate America Mint Car (TCA 2009)200920096-52508Mint Car4
Charlotte Mint Car199319936-19419Mint Car42
Chicago Federal Reserve Mint Car 6445200320046-19686Mint Car4
Christmas Ornament Lighted Mint Car201020106-29633Mint Car3
Cleveland Federal Reserve Mint Car201120116-29650Mint Car1
Dahlonega Mint Car198619866-7530Mint Car31
Denver & Rio Grande Western Uranium Transport Mint Car (LCCA 2010)201020106-52562Mint Car1
Denver Mint Car198119816-7515Mint Car36
Denver Mint Car (TCA 2007)200720076-52517Mint Car0
Erie-Lackawanna Mint Car (METCA 2014)201420146-58569Mint Car3
Erie-Lackawanna Mint Car (METCA 2015)201520156-58248Mint Car0
Federal Reserve Bailout Mint Car201020106-29634Mint Car2
Federal Reserve Mint Car201120116-75511Mint Car0
Fort Knox 50Th Anniversary Mint Car (METCA 2011)201120116-52574Mint Car4
Fort Knox Mint Car201020106-29638Mint Car2
Fort Knox Mint Car197919796-9320Mint Car16
Fort Knox Mint Car 6445200020006-19677Mint Car8
Fort Knox Mint Car, Lilac, Archive Collection200720076-29622Mint Car3
George H. W. Bush Mint Car202020202028010Mint Car5
Gingerbread Man Mint Car201120116-29647Mint Car2
Hershey's Mint Car201420146-29694Mint Car4
Jersey Central Mint Car (METCA 2013)201320136-58534Mint Car2
Jersey Central Mint Car (METCA 2015 Banquet Car)201520156-58247Mint Car0
Kansas City Federal Reserve Mint Car201020106-29648Mint Car2
Lackawanna Reserve Mint Car#93326201420156-81056Mint Car1
Lady Luck Las Vegas Mint Car (LCCA 2003)200320036-52299Mint Car17
Las Vegas Mint Car, Traditional200520056-29607Mint Car8
Lionel 50Th Anniversary Mint Car (TCA 2004)200420046-52338Mint Car14
Lionel Lines Platinum Car200020006-19674Mint Car9
Lionel Mines Mint Car200020006-19672Mint Car0
Lionel Southern Pacific Smoke Pellets Mint Car201220136-29649Mint Car7
Lionelville Bank and Trust Mint Car199819986-19660Mint Car11
Long Island Railroad Mint Car (METCA 2012)201220126-52596Mint Car5
Los Alamos Mint Car (TCA 2016)201620166-58222Mint Car0
Manhattan Project Trinity Site Mint Car (TCA 2019)201920196-58067Mint Car1
Mint Car201320136-29652Mint Car0
Monopoly Go To Jail Mint Car201020106-29635Mint Car9
Monopoly Mint Car M-0539199819986-52158Mint Car14
Monopoly Mint Car With Money200820086-29624Mint Car3
More Precious Than Gold Mint Car (LOTS 2002)200220026-52280Mint Car3
National Toy Train Museum 25Th Anniversary Bullion Car (TCA 2000)200020006-52289Mint Car5
New Orleans Mint Car198419846-7522Mint Car0
New Orleans Mint Car With Coin (TCA 1986)198619866-7522Mint Car45
New York Central Lightning Stripe Mint Car (METCA 2010)201020106-52488Mint Car3
New York Central Mint Car With Copper Load (METCA 2008)200820086-52485Mint Car4
North Fork Bank Mint Car (RMLI 2008)200820086-52453Mint Car4
NY Federal Reserve Bullion Car 6445200020006-19670Mint Car5
Pennsylvania Mint Car, Green (METCA 2009)200920096-52486Mint Car6
Pennsylvania Mint Car, Tuscan (METCA 2009)200920096-52487Mint Car5
Pez Mint Car201920191928330Mint Car5
Philadelphia Mint Car200120016-19676Mint Car8
Philadelphia Mint Car198219826-7517Mint Car47
Poinsettia Mint Car200920096-29628Mint Car5
Polar Express Bells Mint Car201620176-83239Mint Car0
Pony Express Mint Car200220026-19683Mint Car4
Pony Express Mint Car200320036-19694Mint Car3
Postwar 6445 Fort Knox Mint Car200220036-19688Mint Car4
Reading Philadelphia Mint Car (TCA 2014)201420146-58572Mint Car0
Registration Union Pacific Mint Car (LCCA 2020)202020202001100Mint Car0
Richmond Federal Reserve Mint Car201220126-29651Mint Car5
Sam Houston Mint Car (HTOS 2000)200020006-8900Mint Car7
San Francisco Federal Reserve Mint Car200420046-19698Mint Car4
San Francisco Mint Car198019806-9349Mint Car51
Santa Fe War Bonnet Mint Car (LOTS 2011)201120116-52590Mint Car4
Scrooge Mcduck Mint Car200520056-19649Mint Car4
Scrooge Mcduck Mint Car201720176-82925Mint Car5
Silver And Gold Christmas Mint Car201320146-29699Mint Car3
Silver Jubilee Mint Car (TCA 1979)197919796-9319Mint Car29
Smoke Pellet Mint Car #2201320156-29671Mint Car7
Southern Pacific Daylight Mint Car201220126-58512Mint Car3
Southern Pacific Mint Car (LCCA 2019)201920191901430Mint Car0
St. Louis Federal Reserve Mint Car200220026-19679Mint Car5
Texas Special Diamonds Mint Car (LCCA 2012)201220126-58549Mint Car3
Texas Special Mint Car (TCA 2011)201120116-52585Mint Car5
Texas Special Mint Car With Silver Bars (TCA 2012)201220126-58552Mint Car5
The Lone Ranger Wild West Set "Black River City Bank" Strongbox Vault Car200920106-29631Mint Car1
The Polar Express Present Mint Car202020202028470Mint Car5
U.S. Bureau Of Engraving And Printing Mint Car 19697200420046-19697Mint Car5
U.S. Savings Bond Mint Car200220026-19696Mint Car7
Vampire Transport Mint Car201020116-29636Mint Car2
Virginia & Truckee Carson City Mint Car (LOTS 2013)201320136-58566Mint Car2
Wellspring Capital Management Mint Car199919996-19673Mint Car0
Wellspring Gold Bullion Car199919996-19667Mint Car15
West Point Mint Car199119916-19406Mint Car20

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