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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

Category: Switch
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
27 Manual Switch Left Hand19701998Switch2811
27 Manual Switch Left Hand19992016Switch304
27 Manual Switch Right Hand19701998Switch207
27 Manual Switch Right Hand19992016Switch3010
27 Manual Switches 3 Pair19781984Switch00
27 Manual Switches Pair19741984Switch34
27 Path Remote Switch Left Hand19992014Switch75
27 Path Remote Switch Right Hand19992014Switch2213
27 Remote Switch Left Hand19701998Switch3848
27 Remote Switch Right Hand19701998Switch5428
27 Remote Switches 3 Pair19781983Switch00
27 Remote Switches Pair19711983Switch33
31 Path Remote Switch Left Hand20012014Switch188
31 Path Remote Switch Right Hand20012014Switch1720
31 Remote Switch Left Hand19951999Switch2011
31 Remote Switch Left Hand19801994Switch1510
31 Remote Switch Right Hand19951999Switch116
31 Remote Switch Right Hand19801994Switch6122
36 Command Control Switch, Left Hand20092014Switch52
36 Command Control Switch, Right Hand (Fastrack)20092014Switch02
42 Path Remote Switch Left Hand20072012Switch12
42 Path Remote Switch Right Hand20072012Switch41
42 Remote Switch Left Hand19881998Switch01
42 Remote Switch Left Hand19992014Switch510
42 Remote Switch Right Hand19881998Switch20
42 Remote Switch Right Hand19992014Switch1212
48 Command Control Switch, Left Hand20092014Switch81
48 Command Control Switch, Right Hand20092014Switch61
60 Command Control Switch, Left Hand (Fastrack)20092014Switch12
60 Command Control Switch, Right Hand (Fastrack)20092014Switch73
60 Remote Switch, Left Hand20052014Switch12
72 Command Control Switch, Left Hand20092014Switch01
72 Command Control Switch, Right Hand20092014Switch01
72 Remote Switch Left Hand19871998Switch1016
72 Remote Switch Right Hand19871998Switch2222
Animated Switch Tower19961998Switch53
Burning Switch Tower19901993Switch124
Burning Switch Tower20002000Switch84
Burning Switch Tower20052005Switch11
Burning Switch Tower20082008Switch31
Burning Switch Tower20112013Switch12
Burning Switch Tower20152017Switch61
G Gauge Lh Manual Switch20142015Switch51
Imagineering Rh / Lh Switch Pack20162016Switch60
Large Scale Left-Hand Remote Switch20032003Switch40
Large Scale Lh Manual SwitchSwitch00
Large Scale Remote Switch (Right-Hand)20032003Switch31
Large Scale Rh Manual SwitchSwitch00
Lcs Accessory Switch Controller #220142016Switch61
Lcs Custom Switch Machine 2 (Csm2)20182018Switch30
Lcs Switch Throw Monitor (Stm2)20162017Switch70
Mg Switch Tower20112013Switch01
Momemtary Accessory SwitchSwitch02
Momemtary Accessory SwitchSwitch20
No. 437 Switch Signal Tower20122012Switch00
No. 437 Switch Signal Tower20122012Switch00
No. 437 Switch Tower20092009Switch00
No. 437 Switch Tower20122012Switch00
O-72 Remote-Control Switch left hand19992014Switch195
O-72 Remote-Control Switch right hand19992014Switch2210
Operating Switch Tower19841987Switch149
Operating Switchman19831986Switch102
Right Hand Manual Switch20142014Switch00
Sc-1 Switch And Accessory Controller19951998Switch109
Supersnap 31 Remote Switch Left Hand20082009Switch01
Supersnap 31 Remote Switch Right Hand20082009Switch00
Supersnap 72 Remote Switch Left Hand20082009Switch10
Supersnap 72 Remote Switch Right Hand20082009Switch10
Thomas Left Hand Manual SwitchSwitch30
Trainmaster Command Control Accessory Switch Controller20022013Switch35
Trainmaster Command Control Sc-2 Switch Controller19992016Switch1311

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