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Category: Switch
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
27 Manual Switch Left Hand197019986-5021Switch26
27 Manual Switch Left Hand199920166-65021Switch22
27 Manual Switch Right Hand197019986-5022Switch13
27 Manual Switch Right Hand199920166-65022Switch13
27 Manual Switches 3 Pair197819846-5090Switch0
27 Manual Switches Pair197419846-5027Switch1
27 Path Remote Switch Left Hand199920146-65121Switch6
27 Path Remote Switch Right Hand199920146-65122Switch13
27 Remote Switch Left Hand197019986-5121Switch50
27 Remote Switch Right Hand197019986-5122Switch54
27 Remote Switches 3 Pair197819836-5193Switch0
27 Remote Switches Pair197119836-5125Switch2
31 Path Remote Switch Left Hand200120146-14062Switch19
31 Path Remote Switch Right Hand200120146-14063Switch11
31 Remote Switch Left Hand199519996-23010Switch23
31 Remote Switch Left Hand198019946-5133Switch10
31 Remote Switch Right Hand199519996-23011Switch7
31 Remote Switch Right Hand198019946-5132Switch57
36 Command Control Switch, Left Hand200920146-16824Switch0
36 Command Control Switch, Right Hand (Fastrack)200920146-16825Switch0
42 Path Remote Switch Left Hand200720126-12081Switch0
42 Path Remote Switch Right Hand200720126-12080Switch4
42 Remote Switch Left Hand198819986-5168Switch0
42 Remote Switch Left Hand199920146-65168Switch7
42 Remote Switch Right Hand198819986-5167Switch0
42 Remote Switch Right Hand199920146-65167Switch10
48 Command Control Switch, Left Hand200920146-16830Switch8
48 Command Control Switch, Right Hand200920146-16831Switch5
60 Command Control Switch, Left Hand (Fastrack)200920146-16828Switch0
60 Command Control Switch, Right Hand (Fastrack)200920146-16829Switch2
60 Remote Switch, Left Hand200520146-12057Switch9
72 Command Control Switch, Left Hand200920146-16826Switch1
72 Command Control Switch, Right Hand200920146-16827Switch2
72 Remote Switch Left Hand198719986-5166Switch7
72 Remote Switch Right Hand198719986-5165Switch13
Animated Switch Tower199619986-12917Switch1
Burning Switch Tower199019936-12768Switch11
Burning Switch Tower200020006-14104Switch4
Burning Switch Tower200520056-14201Switch3
Burning Switch Tower200820086-24232Switch0
Burning Switch Tower201120136-37960Switch1
Burning Switch Tower201520176-82020Switch3
G Gauge Lh Manual Switch201420157-11111Switch18
Imagineering Rh / Lh Switch Pack201620167-11627Switch7
Large Scale Left-Hand Remote Switch200320038-82008Switch2
Large Scale Lh Manual Switch8-82016Switch0
Large Scale Remote Switch (Right-Hand)200320038-82007Switch5
Large Scale Rh Manual Switch8-82015Switch0
Lcs Accessory Switch Controller #2201420166-81639Switch3
Lcs Custom Switch Machine 2 (Csm2)201820186-85295Switch4
Lcs Switch Throw Monitor (Stm2)201620176-82728Switch5
Mg Switch Tower201120136-37933Switch1
Momemtary Accessory Switch6-5902XSwitch0
Momemtary Accessory Switch6-5902Switch0
No. 437 Switch Signal Tower2012201211-90117Switch0
No. 437 Switch Signal Tower2012201211-90118Switch0
No. 437 Switch Tower2009200911-90006Switch0
No. 437 Switch Tower2012201211-90122Switch0
O-72 Remote-Control Switch left hand199920146-65166Switch4
O-72 Remote-Control Switch right hand199920146-65165Switch5
Operating Switch Tower198419876-2324Switch13
Operating Switchman198319866-2128Switch11
Right Hand Manual Switch201420147-11110Switch0
Sc-1 Switch And Accessory Controller199519986-12914Switch11
Supersnap 31 Remote Switch Left Hand200820096-21397Switch1
Supersnap 31 Remote Switch Right Hand200820096-21398Switch0
Supersnap 72 Remote Switch Left Hand200820096-21399Switch0
Supersnap 72 Remote Switch Right Hand200820096-21400Switch0
Thomas Left Hand Manual Switch8-82011Switch3
Trainmaster Command Control Accessory Switch Controller200220136-14182Switch1
Trainmaster Command Control Sc-2 Switch Controller199920166-22980Switch13

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