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Railroad: Alaska (ARR)
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Alaska #2000 Legacy Diesel GP30202320232433111Diesel0
Alaska #2504 Legacy Diesel GP30202320232433112Diesel0
Alaska 0-4-0 Steam Switcher 107201220136-11425Switcher0
Alaska 0-6-0 Docksider Locomotive With Whistle #71200720096-38622Locomotive0
Alaska 1955 Truck201520156-81127Vehicles0
Alaska 2-Bay Hopper200520056-16487Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper9
Alaska 2-Bay Hopper 7100199819996-16440Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper0
Alaska 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #14733201620163-16101Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper0
Alaska 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #14751201620163-16102Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper0
Alaska 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #14783201620163-16103Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper0
Alaska 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #14800201620163-16104Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper0
Alaska 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #14805201620163-16105Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper0
Alaska 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #14809201620163-16106Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper0
Alaska 4-4-2 Locomotive 64200120016-18699Locomotive1
Alaska 43112 Caboose 1001200620066-17695Caboose - I-12 Caboose3
Alaska 57' Mechanical Refrigerator Car #11503200820096-27385Refrigerator Car - Mechanical Refrigerator Car1
Alaska 57' Mechanical Refrigerator Car #11505200820096-27384Refrigerator Car - Mechanical Refrigerator Car1
Alaska 57' Mechanical Refrigerator Car #11511200820096-27386Refrigerator Car - Mechanical Refrigerator Car0
Alaska 57' Mechanical Refrigerator Car 3-Pack200820096-27374Refrigerator Car - Mechanical Refrigerator Car3
Alaska 6464-825 Reverse Color Boxcar (METCA 2021)202120212101380Boxcar0
Alaska 6464-825 Yellow Roof/Ends (METCA 2021)202120212101381Boxcar0
Alaska ALCO AA Diesel Set201020116-38224Diesel AA Set1
Alaska ALCO C-420 Diesel201220126-34754Diesel0
Alaska ALCO C-420 Diesel201220126-34755Diesel0
Alaska ALCO C-420 Diesel201220126-34756Diesel0
Alaska ALCO RS-11 Diesel 3602201220126-38464Diesel0
Alaska ALCO RS-11 Diesel 3604201220126-38465Diesel0
Alaska ALCO RS-11 Diesel 3607, Nonpowered201220126-38467Diesel0
Alaska Bay Window Caboose198219836-6441Caboose - Bay Window Caboose6
Alaska Boxcar197619776-9758Boxcar19
Alaska Boxcar 10806199819996-26204Boxcar0
Alaska Boxcar 6464-825200120016-39205Boxcar2
Alaska Boxcar, Diesel Trainsounds200520056-26817Boxcar1
Alaska Budd Lionchief Plus 2.0 Rdc Unit #711202320232335120Budd Car0
Alaska Budd LionChief Plus 2.0 RDC Unit Combo (#702 Pwd, #712 Non-pwd)202320232335070Budd Car0
Alaska Budd RDC Coach201120116-38428Coach Car2
Alaska Budd RDC Coach 712, Nonpowered201120116-35499Coach Car1
Alaska Budd RDC Combination Car 702, Nonpowered201120116-35490Combination Car2
Alaska Bulkhead Flatcar199419946-16396Flatcar - Bulkhead Flatcar6
Alaska Bunk Car200720086-29623Bunk Car0
Alaska Caboose200520056-36544Caboose5
Alaska Caboose 1080200720076-36612Caboose - Center Cupola Caboose2
Alaska Coal Dump Car 401200320036-36765Dump Car8
Alaska Covered Quad Hopper197419766-9117Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper10
Alaska Crane Car With 2-Axle Trucks200720096-36840Crane Car3
Alaska Cylindrical Covered Hopper #14500202120222226090Hopper - 3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper5
Alaska Depressed Center Flatcar With Cable Reels200620066-26309Flatcar - Depressed Center Flatcar0
Alaska Extended Vision Caboose 989200320036-17654Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose6
Alaska Extension Searchlight Car200120016-26793Searchlight Car0
Alaska F3 Diesel AA Set200320046-24520Diesel AA Set2
Alaska F3 Diesel B Unit 1517, Powered200320046-24522Diesel2
Alaska F3 Diesel B Unit, Nonpowered200320046-24521Diesel2
Alaska Flatcar 6424 With Airplane199919996-36021Flatcar2
Alaska Flatcar With Bulkheads200520056-26086Flatcar - Bulkhead Flatcar3
Alaska Flatcar With Handcar200720086-26371Flatcar1
Alaska Freight Lionchief Set202020212023150Freight Set10
Alaska Gold Mine 0-4-0 Steam Freight Set, Lionchief201720176-83701Freight Set0
Alaska Gold Mint Car201720176-83633Mint Car1
Alaska Gondola 13801200220026-26019Gondola2
Alaska Gondola With Canisters200720086-26370Gondola1
Alaska Gondola With Canisters198119816-9385Gondola3
Alaska GP 30 Diesel 2000200420046-28839Diesel6
Alaska GP35 Diesel 2501201320136-38978Diesel0
Alaska GP35 Diesel 2502, Nonpowered201320136-38980Diesel0
Alaska GP35 Diesel 2503201320136-38979Diesel0
Alaska GP38-2 Diesel 2001200620066-28555Diesel0
Alaska GP38-2 Diesel 2002, Nonpowered200620066-28556Diesel1
Alaska GP7 Diesel 1802199819996-11865Diesel1
Alaska GP7 Diesel 1803199919996-18878Diesel1
Alaska GP7 Diesel Set199819996-11972Set3
Alaska GP9 Diesel200520056-28857Diesel4
Alaska Husky Transport Car201020116-19586Transport Car0
Alaska Illuminated Work Caboose200720096-36608Caboose - Work Caboose1
Alaska Jet Snow Blower200720076-29868Snowplow0
Alaska Klondike Mining Mint Car200220026-19682Mint Car3
Alaska Legacy DD35 #5000202120222233141Diesel0
Alaska Legacy DD35 #5001202120222233142Diesel0
Alaska Legacy Veranda Turbine #4501202120212133510Diesel0
Alaska LionChief Plus 4-6-2 Pacific201420176-81311Locomotive0
Alaska Log Dump Car199019906-16621Dump Car9
Alaska Log Dump Car200120016-26749Dump Car2
Alaska Madison Passenger Car 4-Pack200820086-35136Passenger Car 4-Pack0
Alaska Mikado 2-8-2 Locomotive 701200820096-38643Locomotive1
Alaska Mp15 Diesel 1552, Horn200720076-22137Diesel0
Alaska O27 Flat Car With Wheel & Crate Load200720096-26369Flatcar3
Alaska Oil Barrel Ramp Car201020116-39499Ramp Car1
Alaska Oil Two Dome Tank Car201020116-29646Tank Car - Two Dome Tank Car1
Alaska One Dome Tank Car199019916-16111Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car14
Alaska One Dome Tank Car199419946-16128Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car10
Alaska One Dome Tank Car199319956-16129Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car5
Alaska One Dome Tank Car200520056-26171Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car5
Alaska One Dome Tank Car198219836-6308Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car8
Alaska One Dome Tank Car 6171199819996-16171Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car1
Alaska Operating Coal Dump Car With Vehicle200720086-22144Dump Car1
Alaska Operating Log Dump Car With Vehicle200920096-21665Dump Car1
Alaska Ore Car 16474200420046-16474Ore Car0
Alaska Ore Car With Gold 3703201720176-83703Ore Car0
Alaska Quad Hopper 20756201220126-19369Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper0
Alaska Railroad ALCO FA Diesel A-Unit Non-Powered #1202201020116-38226Diesel0
Alaska Railroad Conventonal ALCO FA Diesel A-Powered #1200201020116-38225Diesel0
Alaska Railroad Cupolacam Extended Vision Caboose201920191926890Caboose - Cupolacam Caboose1
Alaska Railroad Lionchief Plus 2.0 0-6-0T #1202220232332020Locomotive0
Alaska Railroad Motorized Unit Switcher198319836-8368Switcher3
Alaska Railroad VistaVision Camera Dome Car #501201920202027160Vista Dome Car0
Alaska Road Tank Car198919898-87600Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car2
Alaska Rotary Snowplow200620076-28423Snowplow0
Alaska RR 21" Passenger Car 2-Pack201920202027130Passenger Car 2-Pack1
Alaska RR 21" Passenger Car 4-Pack201920202027120Passenger Car 4-Pack0
Alaska RR 21" Stationsounds Diner #400201920202027140Diner Car0
Alaska RR 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper 6-Pack, Lionscale201620163-16100Hopper 6-Pack0
Alaska RR F7 AA Set201920202033240Diesel AA Set0
Alaska RR F7B #1503201920202033248Diesel1
Alaska RR Gondola With Canisters201720196-84312Gondola0
Alaska RR Superbass F7B #1517201920202033249Diesel1
Alaska RS3 Diesel200720076-28882Diesel0
Alaska Scale Round-Roof Boxcar 27781201120116-17740Boxcar - Round-Roof Boxcar0
Alaska SD70MAC Diesel #4002200620062-11555Diesel0
Alaska SD70MAC Diesel #4002200620062-11553Diesel0
Alaska Sd70mac Diesel 4002201420146-81151Diesel0
Alaska Sd70mac Diesel 4005201420146-81152Diesel0
Alaska SD70MAC Diesel 4005200120026-18294Diesel1
Alaska SD70MAC Diesel Locomotive200620062-11554Diesel0
Alaska SD9 Diesel 8811199119916-18811Diesel1
Alaska Searchlight Car200520056-26826Searchlight Car3
Alaska Searchlight Car With Vehicle200720086-22151Searchlight Car0
Alaska Square Window Caboose199119916-16523Caboose - Square Window Caboose1
Alaska Square Window Caboose 1081199819996-26508Caboose - Square Window Caboose0
Alaska Square Window Caboose 1084200120016-26544Caboose - Square Window Caboose1
Alaska State Quarter Boxcar Bank200920096-22457Boxcar0
Alaska Steam Work Train200720096-30045Set1
Alaska Steel-Sided Reefer #6672200820086-19576Reefer - Steel-Sided Reefer2
Alaska Steel-Sided Refrigerator Car201420146-81081Refrigerator Car0
Alaska Streamliner Baggage Car 6310199920006-29042Baggage Car0
Alaska Streamliner Car 2-Pack200120016-39053Passenger Car 2-Pack0
Alaska Streamliner Car 4-Pack200320046-15395Streamliner Car2
Alaska Streamliner Car 4-Pack199920006-29041Passenger Car 4-Pack1
Alaska Streamliner Coach #5403200120016-39054Coach Car0
Alaska Streamliner Coach 5408199920006-29043Coach Car0
Alaska Streamliner Diner #4806200120016-39055Diner Car0
Alaska Streamliner Observation #5420199920006-29045Observation Car1
Alaska Streamliner Vista Dome Car 7014199920006-29044Vista Dome Car0
Alaska Superliner Coach #600200320046-15390Coach Car0
Alaska Superliner Coach #601200320046-15391Coach Car0
Alaska Superliner Coach #602200320046-15392Coach Car0
Alaska Superliner Coach #603200320046-15393Coach Car0
Alaska Superliner Diner, Stationsounds200420046-29172Diner Car2
Alaska Superliner Lounge #605200420046-29171Lounge Car0
Alaska Superliner Passenger Car 2-Pack200420046-29169Passenger Car 2-Pack1
Alaska Superliner Sleeper #604200420046-29170Sleeper Car0
Alaska SW-1 Switcher198119826-8154Switcher8
Alaska Three Dome Tank Car 26150200320036-26150Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car2
Alaska Three-Dome Tank Car200720096-36109Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car3
Alaska TMCC F3 Non-Powered A-Unit #1518200320046-24524Diesel0
Alaska TMCC F3 Powered A-Unit #1516200320046-24523Diesel0
Alaska Tool Car201720176-83704Tool Car0
Alaska Trainsounds Baggage Sound Car200820086-35137Baggage Car0
Alaska Wood-Sided Reefer201220126-15086Reefer - Wood-Sided Reefer1
Alaska Work Caboose201720176-83705Caboose - Work Caboose0
Alaska Work Train Expansion Pack200720086-30046Multi Car Pack0
I Love Alaska Boxcar200520066-29935Boxcar5
No. 2814 Alaska Boxcar2016201611-70116Boxcar0
Postwar 6636 Alaska Quad Hopper200320036-19350Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper5

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