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Railroad: CSX (CSX)
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Chessie System CSX Heritage 3-Bay Open Hopper201220126-27489Hopper0
Chessie System CSX Heritage Ac6000 Diesel201120146-38405Diesel0
Chessie System CSX Heritage Ac6000 Diesel201120146-38406Diesel1
Clinchfield CSX Heritage 3-Bay Open Hopper201220126-27488Hopper0
Clinchfield CSX Heritage Ac6000 Diesel201120136-38409Diesel0
Clinchfield CSX Heritage Ac6000 Diesel201120146-38410Diesel2
CSX #181032 (Box Car Logo) 4-Door High Cube Box Car201920191926011Boxcar1
CSX #181053 (W/ Graffiti) 4-Door High Cube Box Car201920191926013Boxcar0
CSX #181056 (Box Car Logo) 4-Door High Cube Box Car201920191926012Boxcar1
CSX #3194202020202033630Diesel1
CSX #3194 Non-Pwered202020202033639Diesel0
CSX #3277 Et44Ac Diesel Engine W/ Lc+2.0201920191934021Diesel1
CSX #3291 Et44Ac Diesel Engine W/ Lc+2.0201920191934022Diesel0
CSX 100 Ton Hopper 2-pack A202120212126130Hopper0
CSX 100 Ton Hopper 2-pack B202120212126138Hopper0
Csx 100 Ton Hopper 2-pack C202120212126139Hopper0
CSX 100-Ton 4-Bay Hopper201720173-17220Hopper0
CSX 21 Theater Inspection Car Alabama201720176-84231Inspection Vehicle2
CSX 4-Bay Covered Hopper 256300201220126-27071Hopper2
CSX 4850Tm Trackmobile201020106-28448Track1
CSX 50' Modern Boxcar #129766201620163-16030BBoxcar0
CSX 50' Modern Boxcar #129802201620163-16030CBoxcar0
CSX 50' Modern Boxcar #129870201620163-16030DBoxcar0
CSX 50' Modern Boxcar #129953201620163-16030EBoxcar0
CSX 50' Modern Boxcar #129976201620163-16030FBoxcar0
CSX 52' Gondola 709190 With 3-Piece Covers201420146-81894Gondola1
CSX 60' Boxcar 19201120116-27850Boxcar1
CSX 65' Mill Gondola 491600201720176-83319Gondola3
CSX 65' Mill Gondola 491616201720176-84586Gondola0
CSX 65' Mill Gondola 491638201720176-84587Gondola0
CSX 89' Auto Carrier #604543201220126-29663Auto Carrier0
CSX 89' Auto Carrier #604560201220126-29664Auto Carrier0
CSX 89' Auto Carrier 604544201320136-29380Auto Carrier0
CSX 89' Auto Rack Car 604540201220136-27465Auto Carrier1
CSX Ac6000 Diesel200820086-28298Diesel1
CSX Ac6000 Diesel 609, Nonpowered200820086-28299Diesel1
CSX Ac6000 Diesel 610, Nonpowered, Railsounds200820086-28305Diesel0
CSX Ac6000 Diesel 618201020106-28331Diesel0
Csx Af Legacy U36C #7305202020201921212Diesel0
CSX Auto Carrier200420046-26095Carrier0
CSX Auto Carrier201620176-82081Auto Carrier0
CSX Auto Carrier 151161 (LOTS 1991)199119916-17890Auto Carrier1
CSX Auto Carrier 2-Pack201220126-19396Auto Carrier0
CSX Bathtub Gondola 2-Pack201520156-19380Gondola0
CSX Bathtub Gondola 2-Pack201120116-27841Gondola0
CSX Bay Window Caboose200120016-17632Caboose1
CSX Big Blue Boxcar 151296200320036-17285Boxcar2
CSX Boom Car, Railsounds201420166-81888Boom Car0
CSX Boxcar 141756199919996-17253Boxcar4
CSX Boxcar With End-Of-Train Device199019916-16622Boxcar1
CSX Central Soya PS-2 Hopper #118202120212126190Hopper0
CSX Chessie System Research Car 3440201120116-29897Research Car2
CSX Coal Dump Car201220126-37054Dump Car0
CSX Conventional SD60 #3329200520056-28220Diesel0
CSX Crane Car201420166-81883Crane Car2
CSX Cylindrical Covered Hopper #225370201820186-84922Hopper1
CSX Cylindrical Covered Hopper #225382201820186-84923Hopper1
CSX Dash 8-40C Diesel 7500199419946-18214Diesel6
CSX Dash 8-40C Diesel 7643199419946-18215Diesel2
CSX Dash 9-44CW Diesel 9020, Traditional200020006-18284Diesel1
CSX Dash-9 Diesel 9036201320136-39583Diesel0
CSX Dash-9 Diesel 9048, Cg201320136-39584Diesel1
CSX Dash-9 Diesel 9051, Nonpowered201320136-39585Diesel0
CSX Diesel Freight Set201120116-30153Freight Set1
CSX Diversity Legacy Ac6000 #5000201820186-84848Diesel0
CSX Diversity Legacy Ac6000 #5001201820186-84849Diesel0
CSX Es44Ac Diesel 937201420146-81160Diesel0
CSX Es44Ac Diesel 944201420146-81161Diesel0
CSX F4Oph Diesel 9998201620166-82460Diesel0
CSX F4Oph Diesel 9999201620166-82461Diesel0
CSX Flat Car W/ Container200520056-27506Flatcar0
Csx Flatcar #600427 W/ 2 Csx Containers202020201954270Flatcar0
CSX Flatcar 600513 With Backhoe200220026-29442Flatcar1
CSX Flatcar 600514 With Pipes200720086-26357Flatcar1
CSX Flatcar With Art In Celebration Trailer (Artrain 1996)199619966-19425Flatcar15
CSX Freight Set199019906-11717Freight Set0
CSX Genset Switcher 1303201120116-28354Switcher1
CSX Gondola With Coil Covers (COL 1992)199219926-16342Gondola7
CSX Gp30 Diesel 4249200620066-28862Diesel0
CSX Gp30 Diesel 4250, Nonpowered200620066-28863Diesel0
CSX GP35 Diesel 4355201320136-38996Diesel0
CSX GP35 Diesel 4363201320136-38997Diesel0
CSX GP35 Diesel 4390, Nonpowered201320136-38998Diesel0
CSX GP38 Diesel201120116-38505Diesel0
CSX GP38 Diesel Locomotive 2145201620176-82826Locomotive1
CSX Heritage 60' Boxcar 176740201220126-27092Boxcar0
CSX Heritage Ac6000 Diesel 607201120136-38413Diesel0
CSX Heritage Ac6000 Diesel 654201120136-38414Diesel0
CSX Heritage Chessie System Scale Caboose201220126-27652Caboose0
CSX Heritage Scale Bay Window Caboose 2510201220126-27650Caboose0
CSX Hi-Cube Boxcar201120126-15038Boxcar2
CSX Hopper201120116-26437Hopper2
CSX Hopper 295110 With Coal199419946-17120Hopper4
CSX Hopper 6-Pack201920191928130Hopper1
CSX Husky Stack #620352200520056-27507Stack Car0
CSX Husky Stack #620357200720086-27557Stack Car1
CSX Husky Stack #620358200720086-27558Stack Car0
CSX Husky Stack #620359200720086-27559Stack Car0
CSX Husky Stack #620360200720086-27560Stack Car1
CSX Husky Stack Car 2-Pack200520056-11870Stack Car0
CSX Husky Stack Car 2-Pack200620066-21875Stack Car1
CSX Husky Stack Car 2-Pack200720076-21894Stack Car0
CSX Husky Stack Car 620350200520056-17588Stack Car1
CSX Husky Stack W/Containers #620353200620066-27525Stack Car0
CSX Husky Stack W/Containers #620354200620066-27526Stack Car0
CSX Husky Stk.#620355200720076-27550Flatcar0
CSX Husky Stk.#620356200720076-27551Flatcar0
CSX I-Beam Flatcar With Load199319936-16381Flatcar10
CSX Illuminated Square Window Caboose201020116-36668Caboose0
CSX Intermodal Set, Lionchief201720176-83974Set0
CSX Legacy AC6000 #5014201820186-84847Diesel0
CSX Legacy Ac6000 #691201820186-84846Diesel0
Csx Legacy Es44Ac #3010202020202033530Diesel0
Csx Legacy Es44Ac First Responders #911202020202033610Diesel0
Csx Legacy Es44Ac Veterans #1776202020202033620Diesel0
CSX Legacy Genset Switcher #1300202120212133110Switcher0
CSX Legacy SD-40-2 #3329200720086-28273Locomotive1
Csx Legacy Sd38 #2461202020202033031Diesel2
Csx Legacy Sd38 #2463202020202033032Diesel1
Csx Legacy Sd40 #4617202020202033490Diesel3
CSX Legacy SD70ACe #4849201820186-85050Diesel0
Csx Lionchief Plus 2.0 Lionmaster Sd80Mac #4592202020202034071Diesel0
CSX Log Dump Car199019906-16627Dump Car2
CSX Maxi-Stack #85222201720176-85222Stack Car0
CSX Maxi-Stack Well Car201920191928530Well Car3
CSX Merger Freight 2-Pack #1201020116-11166Multi Car Pack2
CSX Merger Freight 2-Pack #2201020116-11167Multi Car Pack5
CSX Merger Freight 2-Pack #3201020116-11168Multi Car Pack4
CSX Metal Girder Bridge201620176-83233Bridge3
CSX Modern Boxcar 6-Pack, Lionscale201620163-16030Boxcar0
Csx Non-Pwd Es44Ac #3010202020202033539Diesel0
Csx Non-Pwd Es44Ac First Responders #911202020202033619Diesel0
Csx Non-Pwd Es44Ac Veterans #1776202020202033629Diesel0
CSX Nw2 Diesel Locomotive 9565201620166-83385Locomotive1
CSX Office Car Special 21 Diner Stationsounds201620176-83128Diner Car4
CSX Office Car Special 21 Passenger Car 2-Pack201620176-83125Passenger Car1
CSX Office Car Special 21 Passenger Car 4-Pack201620176-83120Passenger Car3
CSX Quad Hopper With Coal199019906-16406Hopper0
CSX Rail Bonder 92794, Traditional200520056-28406Bonder0
CSX Railroad Speeder201220146-37064Speeder2
CSX Reefer199119916-19520Reefer7
CSX Rotary Bathtub Gondola #379881200120016-17422Gondola0
CSX Rotary Bathtub Gondola #379882200120016-17423Gondola0
CSX Rotary Bathtub Gondola #379883200120016-17424Gondola1
CSX Rotary Bathtub Gondola #379887201120116-27865Gondola0
CSX Rotary Bathtub Gondola #379898201120116-27866Gondola1
CSX Rotary Bathtub Gondola 3-Pack200120016-17421Gondola1
CSX Rotary Bathtub Gondola Add-On Unit200220026-17427Gondola1
CSX Rotary Gondola #386220201520156-19381Gondola0
CSX Rotary Gondola #386228201520156-19382Gondola0
Csx Rotary Gondola 2 Pack202020202043250Gondola1
Csx Rotary Gondola 4 Pack A202020202043230Gondola0
Csx Rotary Gondola 4 Pack B202020202043240Gondola0
CSX Rotary Gondola 4-Pack201620176-84005Gondola1
CSX Scale Autorack # 973924201820186-84911Auto Carrier0
CSX Scale Autorack #156265201820186-84910Auto Carrier0
CSX SD-40 Diesel 4614201720176-84260Diesel3
CSX SD-40 Diesel 4621201720176-84261Diesel2
CSX SD-40-2 Diesel 8023, Nonpowered201220136-34778Diesel0
CSX SD-40-2 Diesel 8028201220136-34779Diesel0
CSX SD-40-2 Diesel 8033201220136-34780Diesel0
CSX SD-40-2 Diesel Husky Stack Car Set200720086-31760Freight Set1
CSX SD18 Diesel 8810199019906-18810Diesel1
CSX SD60 Diesel201120116-28356Diesel0
CSX SD60 Diesel201120116-28357Diesel1
CSX SD60 Diesel 8700199920006-18263Diesel0
CSX SD60 Diesel 8701199920006-18251Diesel2
CSX Sd6Om Diesel 8757, Lionchief201720176-84566Diesel0
CSX Sd6Om Diesel 8783201720176-84407Diesel0
CSX Sd6Om Diesel 8784201720176-84408Diesel0
CSX SD70ACe Diesel Locomotive 4837201620166-84100Locomotive0
CSX SD70ACe Diesel Locomotive 4843201620166-84101Locomotive0
CSX SD70MAC Diesel #722200620062-11558Diesel2
CSX SD70mac Diesel 778201420146-81153Diesel0
CSX SD70mac Diesel 781201420146-81144Diesel0
CSX SD70Mac Diesel Locomotive200620062-11557Diesel0
CSX SD8Omac Diesel200320036-28203Diesel0
CSX SD8Omac Diesel201220126-38582Diesel0
CSX SD8Omac Diesel 801200220036-18296Diesel2
CSX SD8Omac Diesel 804, Nonpowered201220126-38583Diesel0
CSX SD8Omac Diesel 809201220136-38581Diesel0
CSX Searchlight Car199019906-16626Searchlight Car2
CSX Single Dome Tank Car201120116-36161Tank Car1
CSX Switcher 8910199319936-18910Switcher1
CSX Tool Car201020116-37020Other Cars1
CSX Trackside Work Set (Loco #809)200920096-31789Set0
CSX U36B Diesel 1976, Traditional200520056-28852Diesel0
CSX Unibody Tank Car 993369200420046-17930Tank Car1
CSX Vision Caboose W/ Camera #903282201820186-85074Caboose1
CSX Waffle-Sided Boxcar200520056-15017Boxcar1
CSX Waffle-Sided Boxcar201120116-15042Boxcar0
CSX Water Tower200820086-16822Water Tower1
CSX Wide Vision Caboose 903180201720176-84132Caboose1
CSX Wood-Chip Hopper201720176-84338Hopper0
CSX Work Caboose, Lighted200520056-36525Caboose0
CSX/Clinchfield Scale Bay-Window Caboose201220126-27654Caboose1
Family Lines CSX Heritage Ac6000 Diesel 4825201120116-38411Diesel0
Family Lines CSX Heritage Ac6000 Diesel 4837201120116-38412Diesel0
Family Lines CSX Heritage Ca-4 Caboose201120116-27653Caboose2
Lighted CSX Caboose #16452199319936-16452Caboose0
Sears CSX Freight Set199019906-11779Freight Set0

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