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Railroad: Erie-Lackawanna (EL)
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Erie Lackawanna "Flat Spot" Freightsounds Boxcar #74210202020202026140Boxcar0
Erie Lackawanna 21" Passenger 2 Pack202120212127470Passenger Set0
Erie Lackawanna 21" Passenger 4 Pack202120212127460Passenger Set0
Erie Lackawanna 21" Stationsounds Diner202120212127480Diner Car0
Erie Lackawanna Legacy Pa Aa Set #862/863202120212133380Diesel0
Erie Lackawanna Legacy S-4 #513202020202033080Diesel0
Erie Lackawanna Walking Brakeman Boxcar (LCCA Convention Car2021)202120212101520Boxcar0
Erie-Lackawanna "Phoebe Snow" Aluminum Streamlined Coach200120016-39165Coach Car0
Erie-Lackawanna 2-Bay Aluminum Hopper 21353200820086-22155Hopper0
Erie-Lackawanna 3-Bay ACF Hopper199219926-17112Hopper2
Erie-Lackawanna ALCO PA1 Diesel M Set199319936-18116Diesel7
Erie-Lackawanna Aluminum Coach/Baggage Car 203199919996-29123Baggage Car0
Erie-Lackawanna Aluminum Coach/Diner 770199919996-29124Diner Car0
Erie-Lackawanna Aluminum Passenger Car 2-Pack200120016-39163Passenger Car1
Erie-Lackawanna Auto Carrier199119916-16229Auto Carrier3
Erie-Lackawanna Bay Window Caboose199119916-16535Caboose0
Erie-Lackawanna Bay Window Caboose198319846-6425Caboose3
Erie-Lackawanna Bay Window Caboose C359200620066-17677Caboose2
Erie-Lackawanna Boxcar198619906-7925Boxcar3
Erie-Lackawanna Boxcar197319756-9043Boxcar10
Erie-Lackawanna Boxcar198419846-9474Boxcar2
Erie-Lackawanna Boxcar197819786-9726Boxcar19
Erie-Lackawanna Boxcar 73113200220026-36242Boxcar4
Erie-Lackawanna Coal Dump Car198719876-16602Dump Car2
Erie-Lackawanna Conventional F3 Powered #7091199919996-18195Locomotive0
Erie-Lackawanna Crane Car199319936-16658Crane Car1
Erie-Lackawanna Cylindrical Covered Hopper #20021202220222226110Hopper0
Erie-Lackawanna Eleanor Lord Aluminum Coach199919996-29125Coach Car0
Erie-Lackawanna Extended Vision Caboose198419846-6906Caboose0
Erie-Lackawanna F3 AB Set199919996-18194Diesel AB Set0
Erie-Lackawanna F3 Diesel A Unit 7094200220026-14563Diesel1
Erie-Lackawanna F3 Diesel AB Passenger Set199919996-29122Diesel2
Erie-Lackawanna F3 Diesel ABA Set200520056-24534Diesel ABA Set0
Erie-Lackawanna F3 Diesel B Unit 8042, Powered200520056-24538Diesel1
Erie-Lackawanna F3A Diesel Locomotive Non Powered200520056-24537Diesel1
Erie-Lackawanna Flatcar With Stakes199319936-16373Flatcar2
Erie-Lackawanna Fm Trainmaster (METCA 2020)202020202001400Locomotive0
Erie-Lackawanna Freight Set199119916-11726Freight Set0
Erie-Lackawanna Gondola With Canisters201120116-26649Gondola0
Erie-Lackawanna Gondola With Canisters198419846-6210Gondola6
Erie-Lackawanna GP20 Diesel198319856-8369Diesel1
Erie-Lackawanna GP9 Diesel197719796-8759Diesel6
Erie-Lackawanna GP9 Diesel Dummy Unit197719796-8760Diesel3
Erie-Lackawanna Limited Set198419846-1451Set3
Erie-Lackawanna Mint Car (METCA 2014)201420146-58569Mint Car1
Erie-Lackawanna Mint Car (METCA 2015)201520156-58248Mint Car0
Erie-Lackawanna Non-Powered F3 B Unit199919996-18196Locomotive2
Erie-Lackawanna Operating Boxcar198819886-19809Boxcar4
Erie-Lackawanna PS-1 Boxcar 84433200620066-27216Boxcar0
Erie-Lackawanna Pullman Coach Car Tunkhannock200220026-39465Coach Car0
Erie-Lackawanna Pullman Combination Car # 626200120016-39164Combination Car0
Erie-Lackawanna Reefer198619866-6230Reefer6
Erie-Lackawanna RS3 Diesel 8906199119916-18906Diesel0
Erie-Lackawanna RS3 Diesel 933200820096-22280Diesel0
Erie-Lackawanna Scale TMCC F3 Non-Powered B-Unit #8032200520056-24536Locomotive0
Erie-Lackawanna Scale TMCC F3 Powered A-Unit #8031200520056-24535Locomotive0
Erie-Lackawanna SD-40 Diesel198419846-8458Diesel3
Erie-Lackawanna SD-40 Diesel Unit 8459, Dummy198919896-18202Diesel3
Erie-Lackawanna Tavern Lounge Aluminum Observation Car 789199919996-29126Observation Car0
Erie-Lackawanna Transfer Caboose200720076-22174Caboose0
Erie-Lackawanna Transfer Caboose198519866-6491Caboose3
Erie-Lackawanna U33C Diesel 3304200220026-28207Diesel0
Minneapolis & St. Louis Flatcar And Erie-Lackawanna Gondola 2-Pack201120156-30157Flatcar4

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