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Railroad: Monon (MON)
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Monon #1423 50' Double Door Box Car201920191926461Boxcar1
Monon #1426 50' Double Door Box Car201920191926462Boxcar1
Monon ALCO C-420 Diesel 509201220136-34745Diesel0
Monon ALCO C-420 Diesel 512201220136-34746Diesel0
Monon ALCO C-420 Diesel 514, Nonpowered201220136-34747Diesel0
Monon ALCO C420 Switcher 505200020016-28505Switcher1
Monon ALCO C420 Switcher 506, Traditional200020016-28506Switcher0
Monon Boxcar197119726-9230Boxcar11
Monon Boxcar 6464-550200220026-39224Boxcar1
Monon Boxcar 911200020006-17266Boxcar5
Monon Boxcar Indianapolis Convention Train Ride (LCCA 2014)201420146-59013Boxcar0
Monon Brakeman Car199019906-19811Brakeman Car10
Monon F-3 A-Unit Diesel Engine W/ Horn200820086-34542Diesel0
Monon F-3 Non=Powered B-Unit W/ Smoke Unit200820086-34543Diesel0
Monon Hoosier Line Boxcar 6464199719976-19289Boxcar12
Monon Legacy C-420 Diesel Locomtive #502201920191933682Diesel0
Monon Legacy C-420 Low Hood Diesel Locomotive #503201920191933710Diesel0
Monon Legacy Sd70ace #1847202120212133371Diesel0
Monon Legacy Sd70ace #1971202120212133372Locomotive0
Monon Legacy USRA Light 2-8-2 #554202120212131350Locomotive1
Monon Legacy USRA Pacific Steam Locomotive #444202120212131690Locomotive0
Monon Offset Hopper #41574200820096-27038Hopper0
Monon Offset Hopper #41575200820096-27039Hopper0
Monon Offset Hopper #41576200820096-27040Hopper1
Monon Offset Hopper 3-Pack200820096-27030Hopper0
Monon Operating Boxcar200620076-29856Boxcar2
Monon Operating Boxcar198119816-9218Boxcar9
Monon Operating Boxcar (LCCA 2014)201420146-58576Boxcar0
Monon PS-1 Box Car201820183-18110Boxcar0
Monon PS-2 Hopper #30648202120212126200Hopper0
Monon Roof-hatch Boxcar #10249202120212126091Boxcar0
Monon Roof-Hatch Boxcar #10421202120212126092Boxcar0
Monon Scale PS-1 Boxcar 916201220126-27499Boxcar0
Monon Standard O NE-5 Caboose #81526202120212043300Caboose0
Monon Tractor And Trailer199119916-12783Tractor and Trailer6
Monon U36B Diesel198119826-8155Diesel3
Monon U36B Diesel Dummy Unit198119826-8156Diesel1

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