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Railroad: Soo Line (SOO)
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
#3494-625 SOO Line Operating Boxcar200820086-29988Boxcar0
Menards SOO Line Freight Set201020106-30146Freight Set0
Postwar 3494-625 SOO Lines Operating Boxcar200820086-29888Boxcar6
SOO Auto Carrier #576412201320166-29347Carrier0
SOO Auto Carrier #576417201320166-29348Carrier0
SOO Line "Bandit" #6301 SD-40-2 Diesel Engine W/ Legacy201920191933121Diesel0
SOO Line "Bandit" #6345 SD-40-2 Diesel Engine W/ Legacy201920191933122Diesel0
SOO Line "Bandit" #6362 SD-40-2 Non-Powered Diesel Engine201920191933123Diesel0
SOO Line 2-Bay ACF Hopper199319936-17006Hopper5
SOO Line 89' Auto Carrier201320166-19391Auto Carrier0
SOO Line 89' Auto Carrier 2-Pack201320166-29346Set1
SOO Line Boxcar198919896-19210Boxcar13
SOO Line Boxcar200320046-39243Boxcar1
SOO Line Boxcar197119716-9207Boxcar5
SOO Line Boxcar198119816-9376Boxcar0
SOO Line Boxcar197219736-9702Boxcar9
SOO Line Center Cupola Caboose200120016-26564Caboose0
Soo Line Cupolacam Caboose #1202220222226190Caboose0
SOO Line Diesel Freight Set200120016-31910Freight Set0
SOO Line Double-Door Boxcar 177587200120016-17274Boxcar0
SOO Line Extended Vision Caboose199319936-19720Caboose1
SOO Line Extended Vision Caboose 2200220026-17641Caboose1
SOO Line Flatcar With Dump Bin199519956-16928Flatcar5
Soo Line Flatcar With Logs199019908-87505Flatcar1
SOO Line Flatcar With Trailer200120016-26017Flatcar0
SOO Line Flatcar With Trailer200120016-26018Flatcar0
SOO Line Flatcar With Trucks200120016-26016Flatcar0
SOO Line Gondola With Cable Reels199319936-16384Gondola0
SOO Line GP38-2 Diesel 4000199319936-18825Diesel4
SOO Line GP9 Diesel, Traditional200120016-28830Diesel0
Soo Line Legacy 4-6-0 #2645202120212131100Locomotive0
SOO Line Legacy GP30 #700202120212133491Diesel0
SOO Line Legacy GP30 #703202120212133492Diesel0
SOO Line Log Dump Car198919896-16612Dump Car2
SOO Line Nw2 Switcher199319936-18917Switcher1
SOO Line Nw2 Switcher197519776-8569Switcher2
SOO Line Operating Boxcar198219846-9217Boxcar7
SOO Line Ore Car199319936-16385Ore Car0
SOO Line Ore Car201020106-26423Ore Car0
SOO Line Ore Car198419846-6116Ore Car4
SOO Line PS-1 Boxcar 45025201520156-82146Boxcar0
SOO Line PS-2CD 4427 Hopper 70207200420046-27103Hopper1
SOO Line Ps2 Covered Hopper 70702201120116-27456Hopper0
SOO Line Reefer198419846-5721Reefer5
SOO Line RS3 Diesel198819886-18804Diesel3
SOO Line SD60 Diesel201120116-28358Diesel0
SOO Line SD60 Diesel201120116-28359Diesel0
SOO Line SD60 Diesel 5500199719976-18232Diesel3
SOO Line Sd6Om Diesel 6058201720176-84403Diesel0
SOO Line Sd6Om Diesel 6060, Lionchief201720176-84564Diesel0
SOO Line Sd6Om Diesel 6061201720176-84404Diesel0
SOO Line Searchlight Car199319936-16669Searchlight Car0
SOO Line Set199319936-11738Set8
SOO Line U-18 B Diesel197619765-5520HO Diesel1
SOO Line Usra Light Mountain Steam Locomotive W/ Legacy201920191931110Locomotive1
SOO Line Work Caboose199319936-16549Caboose0
SOO Line Work Caboose197519766-9027Caboose0
SOO SD-40-2 Diesel 6622200120016-28523Diesel1
SOO Tt Auto Carrier 906760200020006-36093Auto Carrier0

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