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National Association of S Gaugers (NASG)
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Jersey Central Boxcar (NASG 1988)198819886-48470Boxcar1
Missouri-Kansas-Texas One Dome Tank Car 120089 (NASG 1989)198919896-48471Tank Car5
Pennzoil Three Dome Tank Car 390 (NASG 1990)199019906-48472Tank Car3
Boraxo Covered Hopper 591 (NASG 1991)199119916-48475Hopper4
New York Central Mechanical Reefer (NASG 1991)199119916-48436Reefer4
New York Central Reefer 491 (NASG 1991)199119916-48476Reefer0
Northern Pacific Boxcar 1094 (NASG 1994)199419946-48485Boxcar6
Lehigh Valley Covered Grain Hopper 1295 (NASG 1995)199519956-48494Hopper4
Southern Pacific TTUX Flatcar Set With Trailers (NASG 1995)199519956-48493Set2
Ann Arbor Covered Grain Hopper 1496 (NASG 1996)199619966-52094Hopper5
Mobil One Dome Tank Car 1596 (NASG 1996)199619966-52095Tank Car1
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer (NASG 1997)199719976-48205Reefer3
Magnolia Tank Car (NASG 1998)199819986-48211Tank Car1
Great Northern Caboose (NASG 1999)199919996-48214Caboose0
Deep Rock Tank Car (NASG 2000)200020006-48220Tank Car3
Gulf Tank Car (NASG 2001)200120016-48224Tank Car0
Cook Paint Tank Car (NASG 2002)200220026-48228Tank Car3
Union Pacific One Dome Tanker (NASG 2003)200320036-48233Tank Car2
General Electric Cable Reel Car (NASG 2004)200420046-48238Reel Car2
General Electric Twin Searchlight Car (NASG 2005)200520056-48243Searchlight Car0
General Electric Crane Car (NASG 2006)200620066-48250Crane Car2
General Electric Boom Car (NASG 2007)200720076-48264Boom Car1
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Gondola With Coil Covers (NASG 2009)200920096-48284Gondola0
Jenney Three Dome Tank Car (NASG 2010)201020106-48291Tank Car1
Dixie Honey One Dome Tank Car (NASG 2011)201120116-48294Tank Car0
Marathon Motors Boxcar (NASG 2012)201220126-41001Boxcar0
Milwaukee Road Boxcar (NASG 2014)201420146-41009Boxcar0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Boxcar (NASG 2015)201520156-41021Boxcar1
Plibrico Flat With Load (NASG 2016)201620166-41031Flatcar0
Gulf Commemorative Tank Car (NASG 2018)201820186-44011Tank Car1

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