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Category: Boxcar
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
1951 Catalog Art Boxcar20132014Boxcar00
1953 Catalog Art Boxcar20092009Boxcar00
1955 Catalog Art Boxcar20112011Boxcar00
1956 Catalog Art Boxcar20122012Boxcar00
1959 Catalog Art Boxcar20102010Boxcar00
2001 Christmas Boxcar20012001Boxcar10
2003 Christmas Boxcar20032004Boxcar10
2005 Christmas Boxcar20052005Boxcar10
2005 Holiday Boxcar20052005Boxcar00
2006 Holiday Boxcar20062006Boxcar12
2007 Holiday Boxcar20072007Boxcar00
2008 Holiday Boxcar20082008Boxcar10
2009 Holiday Boxcar20092009Boxcar40
2010 Holiday Boxcar20102010Boxcar10
2011 Holiday Boxcar20112011Boxcar31
2016 Christmas Boxcar20162016Boxcar11
2019 Christmas Box Car20192019Boxcar511
4017 Sand Car20112011Boxcar00
4017 Sand Car20112011Boxcar01
50Th Anniversary Boxcar -194619961996Boxcar31
A.C. Gilbert Boxcar 831819931993Boxcar20
A.C. Gilbert Society Boys At The Gate Boxcar19931993Boxcar11
A.C. Gilbert Society Boys Club Boxcar19931993Boxcar21
Airco Boxcar20102010Boxcar10
Angela Trotta Thomas Circus Comes To Town Boxcar20122013Boxcar00
AT&SF Grand Canyon Line Boxcar20142016Boxcar20
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Boxcar (TCA)19971997Boxcar00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Boxcar 90019971997Boxcar10
Atlantic Coast Line Boxcar #2092120172017Boxcar30
Atlantic Coast Line Boxcar #2100320172017Boxcar30
Baltimore & Ohio Boxcar19861986Boxcar02
Baltimore & Ohio Boxcar (TCA)19961996Boxcar10
Baltimore & Ohio Sentinel Boxcar19811983Boxcar01
Bangor & Aroostook Boxcar19981998Boxcar02
Bangor & Aroostook Freightsounds Boxcar20202020Boxcar00
Bangor & Aroostook State Of Maine Boxcar 831319921992Boxcar02
Boston & Maine Baked Beans Boxcar (NETCA)20102010Boxcar00
Boston & Maine Boxcar19831983Boxcar00
Boxcar Illinois Central20092009Boxcar00
Boy Scouts Of America Cub Scout Boxcar20132014Boxcar50
Boy Scouts Of America Eagle Scout Boxcar20132014Boxcar10
Buffalo Creek Boxcar #236620202020Boxcar00
Buffalo Creek Boxcar #238020202020Boxcar00
Burlington Boxcar20062006Boxcar00
Burlington Boxcar 792 (NASG)19921992Boxcar10
Burlington Northern Boxcar19871987Boxcar11
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Boxcar (NASG)20152015Boxcar10
Canadian National Boxcar20082008Boxcar00
Canadian Pacific Boxcar19871987Boxcar10
Cape Cod Potato Chip Boxcar (NETCA)20072007Boxcar00
Central Of Georgia Boxcar (TCA)19901990Boxcar00
Charleston & West Carolina Boxcar (TTOS)20112011Boxcar00
Chesapeake & Ohio Boxcar 270120022002Boxcar01
Chessie System Boxcar19871987Boxcar01
Chicago & North Western Waffle-Sided Boxcar20142016Boxcar00
Christmas Boxcar 199419941994Boxcar10
Christmas Boxcar 199519951995Boxcar31
Christmas Boxcar 200220022002Boxcar10
Christmas Boxcar 201220122012Boxcar00
Christmas Boxcar 201320132013Boxcar21
Christmas Boxcar 201420142014Boxcar00
Christmas Boxcar 201520152015Boxcar00
Christmas Boxcar 201720172017Boxcar10
Christmas Boxcar 201820182018Boxcar70
Christmas Boxcar 202020192019Boxcar00
Christmas Boxcar 830919901990Boxcar11
Christmas Boxcar 831119911991Boxcar10
Christmas Boxcar 831419921992Boxcar30
Christmas Boxcar 831919931993Boxcar61
Christmas Boxcar 90019971997Boxcar30
Christmas Car 199919991999Boxcar00
Christmas Car 200020002000Boxcar10
Coca-Cola Christmas Boxcar20142014Boxcar10
Conrail Boxcar19841984Boxcar00
Cotton Belt Boxcar #3636520132014Boxcar00
Cotton Belt Boxcar (TTOS)19981998Boxcar00
CSX Waffle-Sided Boxcar 13615620162017Boxcar50
Delaware Lackawanna & Western Boxcar #4797420172017Boxcar20
Delaware Lackawanna & Western Boxcar #4798720172017Boxcar30
Denver & Rio Grande Western Boxcar19871987Boxcar00
Denver & Rio Grande Western Boxcar (ICA)19971997Boxcar00
Donald Duck Boxcar20042005Boxcar20
Erie Boxcar, Steam Railsounds20142016Boxcar00
Fisk Tire Boxcar (NETCA)20052005Boxcar00
Flyer Fantasy S Gauge Boxcar20102010Boxcar30
Forest Service/Smokey Bear Boxcar (TTOS)20082008Boxcar00
Frisco Freightsounds Boxcar20202020Boxcar00
G. Fox & Co. Boxcar (NETCA)20152015Boxcar00
Goofy Boxcar20032003Boxcar40
Great Northern Boxcar20012001Boxcar00
Great Northern Boxcar #2770520202020Boxcar00
Great Northern Boxcar #2771020202020Boxcar00
Great Northern Boxcar (Southeastern Michigan S Gaugers)20102010Boxcar10
Great Northern Boxcar 3993 (TCA)19931993Boxcar01
Great Northern Boxcar 90019971997Boxcar04
Great Northern Boxcar, Steam Railsounds20142016Boxcar00
Green Bay & Western Boxcar #68620202020Boxcar00
Green Bay & Western Boxcar #77720202020Boxcar00
Halloween Boxcar S Gauge20132013Boxcar01
Holiday Boxcar19961996Boxcar40
Holiday Boxcar20122013Boxcar10
Illinois Central Gulf Boxcar19861986Boxcar01
Indian Motocycle Boxcar (NETCA)20062006Boxcar00
Jersey Central Boxcar20072007Boxcar10
Jersey Central Boxcar (NASG)19881988Boxcar00
Keystone Camera Boxcar20112011Boxcar00
Lancaster & Chester Boxcar #61120202020Boxcar00
Lancaster & Chester Boxcar #91220202020Boxcar00
Las Vegas & Tonopah Boxcar (TTOS)20052005Boxcar00
Linde Boxcar (TTOS)20032003Boxcar00
Louisville & Nashville Boxcar (TCA)19991999Boxcar00
LRRC Christmas Boxcar20102010Boxcar00
LRRC Missouri-Kansas-Texas Boxcar20102010Boxcar00
Maine Central #29213 Waffle Sided Boxcar20182018Boxcar40
Maine Central #29225 Waffle Sided Boxcar20182018Boxcar21
Maine Central Boxcar 830819901990Boxcar22
Marathon Motors Boxcar (NASG)20122012Boxcar00
Milwaukee Road Boxcar #215120172017Boxcar10
Milwaukee Road Boxcar #215620172017Boxcar20
Milwaukee Road Boxcar (NASG)20142014Boxcar00
Minneapolis & St. Louis Boxcar20122013Boxcar01
Missouri Pacific Boxcar 831219921992Boxcar21
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Boxcar 831019911991Boxcar40
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Boxcar 93719981998Boxcar22
Nashville Chattanooga & St Louis Freightsounds Boxcar20202020Boxcar00
National Dairy Despatch Insulated Boxcar 880519901990Boxcar01
New Haven Boxcar19951995Boxcar21
New Haven Boxcar, Diesel Railsounds20132016Boxcar00

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