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Lionel - American Flyer Listed By Category

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Category: Boxcar
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
1953 Catalog Art Boxcar200920096-48381Boxcar4
1955 Catalog Art Boxcar201120116-48390Boxcar2
1956 Catalog Art Boxcar201220126-48826Boxcar3
1959 Catalog Art Boxcar201020106-48385Boxcar5
2001 Christmas Boxcar200120016-48342Boxcar12
2003 Christmas Boxcar200320046-48353Boxcar8
2004 Christmas Boxcar200420046-48355Boxcar11
2005 American Flyer Holiday Boxcar200520056-48359Boxcar4
2006 Holiday Boxcar200620066-48363Boxcar9
2007 American Flyer Holiday Boxcar200720076-48368Boxcar6
2008 Holiday Boxcar200820086-48374Boxcar4
2009 Holiday Boxcar200920096-48376Boxcar12
2010 Holiday Boxcar201020106-48384Boxcar4
2011 Holiday Boxcar201120116-48394Boxcar3
2016 Christmas Boxcar201620176-47974Boxcar0
2019 Christmas Box Car201920191919320Boxcar0
2023 American Flyer Christmas Boxcar202320232319260Boxcar4
50Th Anniversary Boxcar -1946199619966-48324Boxcar20
75th Anniversary Boxcar202120212119010Boxcar2
A.C. Gilbert Boxcar 8318199319936-48318Boxcar10
A.C. Gilbert Society Boys At The Gate Boxcar199319936-48484Boxcar10
A.C. Gilbert Society Boys Club Boxcar199319936-48483Boxcar10
Airco Boxcar201020106-48387Boxcar5
American Flyer 1951 Catalog Art Boxcar201320146-48832Boxcar3
American Flyer 2012 Holiday Boxcar201220136-48825Boxcar1
American Flyer 2013 S Gauge Christmas Boxcar201320136-48833Boxcar0
American Flyer 2014 Christmas Boxcar201420146-48874Boxcar2
American Flyer 2022 Christmas Boxcar202220222219340Boxcar5
Angela Trotta Thomas "Circus Comes To Town" Boxcar201220136-48831Boxcar2
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Boxcar197919794-9700Boxcar5
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Boxcar198619864-9710Boxcar5
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Boxcar (TCA 1997)199719976-48200Boxcar4
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Boxcar 272197200520056-48358Boxcar2
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Boxcar 900199719976-48329Boxcar9
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Grand Canyon Line Boxcar201320176-48852Boxcar3
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Walking Brakeman Boxcar200420056-49016Boxcar6
Atlantic Coast Line Boxcar #20921201720186-44070Boxcar5
Atlantic Coast Line Boxcar #21003201720186-44071Boxcar6
Baltimore & Ohio Boxcar198619864-9709Boxcar4
Baltimore & Ohio Boxcar (TCA 1996)199619966-48326Boxcar8
Baltimore & Ohio Sentinel Boxcar198119834-9702Boxcar12
Bangor & Aroostook Boxcar199819986-48333Boxcar3
Bangor & Aroostook FreightSounds Boxcar201920222019010Boxcar2
Bangor & Aroostook State Of Maine Boxcar 8313199219926-48313Boxcar4
Boston & Maine Baked Beans Boxcar (NETCA)201020106-22678Boxcar0
Boston & Maine Boxcar198319834-9703Boxcar4
Boy Scouts Of America Cub Scout Boxcar201320146-48835Boxcar4
Boy Scouts Of America Eagle Scout Boxcar201320146-48836Boxcar0
Buffalo Creek Boxcar #2366201920202019061Boxcar1
Buffalo Creek Boxcar #2380201920202019062Boxcar1
Burlington Boxcar200620066-48362Boxcar3
Burlington Boxcar 792 (NASG 1992)199219926-48478Boxcar3
Burlington Northern Boxcar198719876-48304Boxcar4
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Boxcar (NASG 2015)201520156-41021Boxcar1
Canadian National Boxcar200820086-48372Boxcar3
Canadian Pacific Boxcar198719876-48302Boxcar8
Cape Cod Potato Chip Boxcar (NETCA)200720076-48263Boxcar0
Central Of Georgia Boxcar #5778202120222219101Boxcar6
Central Of Georgia Boxcar #5870202120222219102Boxcar0
Central Of Georgia Boxcar (TCA 1990)199019906-48473Boxcar4
Charleston & West Carolina Boxcar (TTOS 2011)201120116-48293Boxcar1
Chesapeake & Ohio Boxcar 2701200220026-48347Boxcar0
Chessie Boxcar198719876-48303Boxcar7
Christmas Boxcar (LRRC 2010)201020106-48853Boxcar0
Christmas Boxcar 1990 American Flyer199019906-48309Boxcar3
Christmas Boxcar 1994199419946-48321Boxcar9
Christmas Boxcar 1995199519956-48323Boxcar21
Christmas Boxcar 2002200220026-48346Boxcar11
Christmas Boxcar 2015201520156-48882Boxcar1
Christmas Boxcar 2017201720176-48423Boxcar0
Christmas Boxcar 2018201820186-44129Boxcar5
Christmas Boxcar 2020202020202019550Boxcar0
Christmas Boxcar 2021202120212119020Boxcar5
Christmas Boxcar 8311199119916-48311Boxcar7
Christmas Boxcar 8314199219926-48314Boxcar11
Christmas Boxcar 8319199319936-48319Boxcar17
Christmas Boxcar 900199719976-48327Boxcar7
Christmas Car 1999199919996-48341Boxcar1
Christmas Car 2000200020006-48340Boxcar4
Christmas Music Boxcar202120212119250Boxcar2
Coca-Cola Christmas Boxcar201120146-48396Boxcar3
Conrail Boxcar198419844-9708Boxcar2
Conrail Boxcar #215377202120222219111Boxcar2
Conrail Boxcar #215387202120222219112Boxcar2
Cotton Belt Boxcar (TTOS 1998)199819986-48209Boxcar1
Delaware & Hudson I Love New York Boxcar (TCA 2015)201520156-41019Boxcar1
Delaware Lackawanna & Western Boxcar #47974201720186-44075Boxcar1
Delaware Lackawanna & Western Boxcar #47987201720186-44074Boxcar1
Denver & Rio Grande Western Boxcar198719876-48301Boxcar3
Denver & Rio Grande Western Boxcar (TCA 1997)199719976-48204Boxcar5
Donald Duck Boxcar200320056-48351Boxcar8
Erie Steam RailSounds Boxcar201420186-48871Boxcar0
Fisk Tire Boxcar (NETCA)200520056-48242Boxcar0
Flyer Fantasy S Gauge Boxcar201020106-48389Boxcar9
Forest Service/Smokey Bear Boxcar (TTOS 2008)200820086-48256Boxcar1
Frisco FreightSounds Boxcar201920232019040Boxcar4
G. Fox & Co. Boxcar (NETCA 2015)201520156-41023Boxcar0
Goofy Boxcar200320036-48349Boxcar9
Great Northern Boxcar200120016-48343Boxcar6
Great Northern Boxcar #27705201920202019071Boxcar1
Great Northern Boxcar #27710201920202019072Boxcar1
Great Northern Boxcar (SMSG 2010)201020106-48281Boxcar0
Great Northern Boxcar 3993 (TCA 1993)199319936-48482Boxcar6
Great Northern Boxcar 900199719976-48328Boxcar3
Great Northern Steam RailSounds Boxcar201420186-48870Boxcar0
Green Bay & Western Boxcar #686201920202019081Boxcar2
Green Bay & Western Boxcar #777201920202019082Boxcar2
Halloween Boxcar S Gauge201120136-48397Boxcar4
Hobo And Bull Boxcar Set202120222219040Boxcar7
Holiday Boxcar199619966-48325Boxcar16
Illinois Central Boxcar200920096-48378Boxcar7
Illinois Central Gulf Boxcar198619864-9712Boxcar5
Indian Motocycle Boxcar (NETCA 2006)200620066-48248Boxcar1
Jersey Central Boxcar200720076-48366Boxcar7
Jersey Central Boxcar (NASG 1988)198819886-48470Boxcar1
Keystone Camera Boxcar201120116-48393Boxcar2
Lancaster & Chester Boxcar #611201920202019091Boxcar3
Lancaster & Chester Boxcar #912201920202019092Boxcar2
Las Vegas & Tonopah Boxcar (TTOS 2005)200520056-48241Boxcar4
Linde Boxcar (TTOS 2003)200320036-48231Boxcar8
Louisville & Nashville Boxcar (TCA 1999)199919996-48213Boxcar4
Maine Central Boxcar 8308199019906-48308Boxcar5
Marathon Motors Boxcar (NASG 2012)201220126-41001Boxcar0
Maryland & Pennsylvania Yorkrail Boxcar 1994 (TCA 1994)199419946-48487Boxcar8
Milwaukee Road Boxcar #2151201720186-44072Boxcar0
Milwaukee Road Boxcar #2156201720186-44073Boxcar0
Milwaukee Road Boxcar (NASG 2014)201420146-41009Boxcar0
Minneapolis & St. Louis Boxcar201220136-48827Boxcar2
Missouri Pacific Boxcar 8312199219926-48312Boxcar11
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Boxcar (LRRC 2010)201020106-48837Boxcar0
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Boxcar 8310199119916-48310Boxcar10
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Boxcar 937199819986-48332Boxcar12
N.A.S.G. Boxcar (NASG 1981)198119814-0700Boxcar15
Nashville, Chattanooga & St Louis FreightSounds Boxcar201920232019030Boxcar4
National Dairy Despatch Insulated Boxcar 8805199019906-48805Boxcar5
New Haven Boxcar199519956-48322Boxcar5
New Haven Diesel RailSounds Boxcar201320186-49064Boxcar0
New York Central Boxcar200720076-48371Boxcar2
New York Central Boxcar198619864-9713Boxcar7
New York Central Boxcar201620176-47961Boxcar4
New York Central Operating Boxcar200920096-49048Boxcar3
New York Central Pacemaker Boxcar198419844-9706Boxcar3
New York, New Haven & Hartford Boxcar 1194 (NASG 1994)199419946-48486Boxcar2
Nickel Plate Road Boxcar199419976-48320Boxcar4
Norfolk & Western Boxcar #43626202120222219121Boxcar3
Norfolk & Western Boxcar #43759202120222219122Boxcar4

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