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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Category: Track
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
1 3/4 Straight Fastrack20162016Track30
1 3/8 Straight Fastrack20162016Track40
10 Straight Track20072011Track02
36 Straight Track20072011Track00
4 1/2 Straight Fastrack20162016Track30
54 Curved Track20072011Track00
Fastrack 10 Grade Crossing20142014Track00
Fastrack 10 Straight Track20122016Track51
Fastrack 10 Terminal Track20122016Track60
Fastrack 30 Straight Track20132016Track61
Fastrack 5 Half Straight Track20132016Track20
Fastrack Activator Rail20142016Track60
Fastrack Earthen Bumper, 2 Pieces20142016Track50
Fastrack Figure-8 Add-On Track Pack20142016Track30
Fastrack Inner Passing Loop Add-On Track Pack20142016Track00
Fastrack Outer Passing Loop Add-On Track Pack20142016Track10
Fastrack R20 Command/Remote Switch, Left-Hand20152016Track42
Fastrack R20 Command/Remote Switch, Right-Hand20152016Track32
Fastrack R20 Curved Track20122016Track41
Fastrack R20 Half Curve20132016Track30
Fastrack R20 Manual Switch, Left Hand20132016Track60
Fastrack R20 Manual Switch, Left Hand20132014Track00
Fastrack R20 Manual Switch, Right Hand20132016Track80
Fastrack R20 Manual Switch, Right Hand20132014Track00
Fastrack R20 Switch, Left Hand20122014Track01
Fastrack R20 Switch, Right Hand20122014Track00
Fastrack R27 Half Curve20142016Track21
Fastrack R27 Manual Switch, Left-Hand20152016Track40
Fastrack R27 Manual Switch, Right-Hand20152016Track40
Fastrack R27 Remote Switch, Left-Hand20152016Track40
Fastrack R27 Remote Switch, Right-Hand20152016Track40
Fastrack R27 Wide-Radius Curved Track20132016Track30
Fastrack Siding Track Add-On Track Pack20142016Track40
Fastrack Straight Track With Illuminated Bumper20132016Track80
Fastrack Transition Track20122016Track40
Fastrack Uncoupling Section20142016Track70
Flyerchief Terminal Track20152016Track20

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