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Category: Track
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
1 3/4 Straight Fastrack201620166-47987Track3
1 3/8 Straight Fastrack201620166-47988Track4
10 Straight Track200720116-49828Track0
36 Straight Track200720116-49829Track0
4 1/2 Straight Fastrack201620166-47986Track2
54 Curved Track200720116-49827Track0
Fastrack 10 Grade Crossing201420146-49891Track0
Fastrack 10 Straight Track201220166-49852Track5
Fastrack 10 Terminal Track201220166-49854Track2
Fastrack 30 Straight Track201320166-49862Track4
Fastrack 5 Half Straight Track201320166-49867Track2
Fastrack Activator Rail201420166-49085Track6
Fastrack Earthen Bumper, 2 Pieces201420166-49893Track4
Fastrack Figure-8 Add-On Track Pack201420166-49889Track3
Fastrack Inner Passing Loop Add-On Track Pack201420166-49890Track0
Fastrack Outer Passing Loop Add-On Track Pack201420166-49990Track1
Fastrack R20 Command/Remote Switch, Left-Hand201520166-47941Track3
Fastrack R20 Command/Remote Switch, Right-Hand201520166-47940Track2
Fastrack R20 Curved Track201220166-49853Track3
Fastrack R20 Half Curve201320166-49878Track3
Fastrack R20 Manual Switch, Left Hand201320166-49868Track3
Fastrack R20 Manual Switch, Left Hand201320146-49870Track0
Fastrack R20 Manual Switch, Right Hand201320166-49869Track4
Fastrack R20 Manual Switch, Right Hand201320146-49871Track0
Fastrack R20 Switch, Left Hand201220146-49857Track0
Fastrack R20 Switch, Right Hand201220146-49856Track0
Fastrack R27 Half Curve201420166-49892Track2
Fastrack R27 Manual Switch, Left-Hand201520166-49883Track3
Fastrack R27 Manual Switch, Right-Hand201520166-49884Track3
Fastrack R27 Remote Switch, Left-Hand201520166-49885Track3
Fastrack R27 Remote Switch, Right-Hand201520166-49886Track3
Fastrack R27 Wide-Radius Curved Track201320166-49859Track3
Fastrack Siding Track Add-On Track Pack201420166-49991Track3
Fastrack Straight Track With Illuminated Bumper201320166-49866Track7
Fastrack Transition Track201220166-49858Track5
Fastrack Uncoupling Section201420166-49895Track5
Flyerchief Terminal Track201520166-49896Track1

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