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Category: Tank Car
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
4010 Tank Car2011201111-30092Tank Car0
4010 Tank Car2011201111-30098Tank Car0
ACFX #4556 3-Dome Tank Car201920191919301Tank Car1
ACFX #4558 3-Dome Tank Car201920191919302Tank Car0
AE Staley #704 Single Dome Tank Car201920191919111Tank Car0
AE Staley #708 Single Dome Tank Car201920191919112Tank Car0
Air Service One Dome Tank Car201320176-48442Tank Car5
Alaska Three-Dome Tank Car200220026-48412Tank Car1
Allied Chemical #8923 3-Dome Tank Car201920191919271Tank Car0
Allied Chemical #8925 3-Dome Tank Car201920191919272Tank Car0
Bakelite Plastics Tank Car201020106-48432Tank Car0
Baker's Chocolate #31057 Single Dome Tank Car201920191919121Tank Car0
Baker's Chocolate #31060 Single Dome Tank Car201920191919122Tank Car0
Baltimore & Ohio 1 -D Tank Car198119834-9102Tank Car0
Boston & Maine Three Dome Tank Car198319834-9104Tank Car0
British Columbia Railway Tank Car 8403199319936-48403Tank Car4
Butter Rum Lifesavers Tank Car (Cal-Stewart 2010)201020106-48290Tank Car0
Campbell's Soup Single-Dome Tank Car200420046-48416Tank Car5
Candy Cane Tank Car200820086-48424Tank Car0
Celanese Chemicals Tank Car199619966-48406Tank Car0
Cities Service Three Dome Tank Car, 43447201520156-48438Tank Car1
Coca-Cola One Dome Tank Car201020116-48433Tank Car0
Comet One Dome Tank Car200920096-48430Tank Car0
Commemorative Three Dome Tank Car200820096-48427Tank Car0
Cook Paint Tank Car (NASG 2002)200220026-48228Tank Car1
Deep Rock Tank Car (NASG 2000)200020006-48220Tank Car0
Denver & Rio Grande Western Tank Car (TTOS 2003)200320036-48229Tank Car0
Desoto Chemical #3448 3-Dome Tank Car201920191919281Tank Car0
Desoto Chemical #3449 3-Dome Tank Car201920191919282Tank Car0
Diamond Chemicals Single-Dome Tank Car200320036-48413Tank Car0
Dixie Honey One Dome Tank Car (NASG 2011)201120116-48294Tank Car0
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range One Dome Tank Car 817200920096-48428Tank Car0
Elevated Gilbert Oil Tank201320166-49877Tank Car0
Five Flavor Lifesavers Tank Car (Cal-Stewart 2007)200720076-48265Tank Car0
Forest Service/Smokey Bear Tank Car (TTOS 2004)200420046-48235Tank Car0
Gibson Wine #66717 Single Dome Tank Car201920191919131Tank Car0
Gibson Wine #66719 Single Dome Tank Car201920191919132Tank Car0
Gilbert Chemicals Tank Car199619966-48407Tank Car0
Gilbert Chemicals Three Dome Tank Car201120116-48437Tank Car0
Gilbert's Milk Tank Car (TTOS 2005)200520056-48239Tank Car0
Gulf Commemorative Tank Car (NASG 2018)201820186-44011Tank Car0
Gulf One Dome Tank Car197919796-9100Tank Car0
Gulf Tank Car (NASG 2001)200120016-48224Tank Car0
Hershey's One Dome Tank Car201120116-48435Tank Car0
Hooker Chemicals Three-Dome Tank Car200420046-48415Tank Car0
Jack Frost Single-Dome Tank Car200620066-48419Tank Car1
Jenney Three Dome Tank Car (NASG 2010)201020106-48291Tank Car0
Lifesavers Candy Cane Peppermint Tank Car (Cal-Stewart 2014)201420146-41018Tank Car0
Magnolia Tank Car (NASG 1998)199819986-48211Tank Car0
Missouri-Kansas-Texas One Dome Tank Car 120089 (NASG 1989)198919896-48471Tank Car0
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Three Dome Tank Car 117018 (TCA 1995)199519956-48497Tank Car0
Mobil One Dome Tank Car 1596 (NASG 1996)199619966-52095Tank Car0
Monsanto Chemical Tank Car (AFSGSLA 2015)201520156-41025Tank Car0
Monsanto One Dome Tank Car, Orange (AFSGSLA 1995)199519956-48496Tank Car0
Monsanto One Dome Tank Car, White (AFSGSLA 1995)199519956-48495Tank Car1
National Distributing #833 3-Dome Tank Car201920191919291Tank Car0
National Distributing #837 3-Dome Tank Car201920191919292Tank Car0
NATX Three Dome Tank Car201620166-47966Tank Car2
Nestle Nesquik Single-Dome Tank Car200420046-48414Tank Car1
New York Central Three Dome Tank Car198619864-9106Tank Car2
New York Central Three-Dome Tank Car200820086-48425Tank Car2
Oilzum Tank Car 1958200820086-48258Tank Car0
Oilzum Tank Car 2008200820086-48259Tank Car0
Penn Salt Single-Dome Tank Car199219926-48402Tank Car0
Pennzoil Three Dome Tank Car 390 (NASG 1990)199019906-48472Tank Car0
Pep-O-Mint Lifesavers Tank Car (Cal-Stewart 2009)200920096-48288Tank Car0
Philadelpia Quartz Single-Dome Tank Car200720076-48421Tank Car0
Pillsbury Single-Dome Tank Car200520056-48417Tank Car0
Protex Three-Dome Tank Car200520056-48418Tank Car0
Rolling Stock Tank Car200220026-48411Tank Car1
Sacramento Canning Tank Car (TCA 2011)201120116-48292Tank Car0
Shell Tank Car199519956-48405Tank Car5
Shell Tank Car201620166-47959Tank Car0
Simonin's Three-Dome Tank Car200720076-48422Tank Car0
Smoke Fluid One Dome Tank Car201220136-48434Tank Car0
Southern Pacific 3 Dome Tank Car198719876-48400Tank Car1
Southern Pacific Single-Dome Tank Car #5347201320146-49442Tank Car0
Southern Pacific Tank Car (TTOS 1999)199919996-48212Tank Car0
Southern Three Dome Tank Car198419844-9105Tank Car1
Sunoco One Dome Tank Car200920106-48431Tank Car0
Sunoco Single Dome Tank Car199719976-48408Tank Car1
Texgas #9922 Single Dome Tank Car201920191919141Tank Car0
Texgas #9925 Single Dome Tank Car201920191919142Tank Car0
The Polar Express #122518 Single Dome Tank Car201920191919161Tank Car1
Tidewater #1367 Single Dome Tank Car201920191919151Tank Car1
Tidewater #1369 Single Dome Tank Car201920191919152Tank Car1
Toy Train Museum One Dome Tank Car (TCA 2001)200120016-48223Tank Car0
Track Cleaning Fluid Three Dome Tank Car201320176-48440Tank Car3
Union 76 One Dome Tank Car198019804-9101Tank Car2
Union Pacific One Dome Tanker (NASG 2003)200320036-48233Tank Car0
Union Pacific Three-Dome Tank Car200620066-48420Tank Car0
Union Starch One Dome Tank Car201520166-48443Tank Car0
Union Tank Car (TTOS 2007)200720076-48262Tank Car1
US Army Tank Car199419946-48404Tank Car2
West Chemical #70487 3-Dome Tank Car201920191919311Tank Car1
West Chemical #70491 3-Dome Tank Car201920191919312Tank Car0
Wild Cherry Lifesavers Tank Car (Cal-Stewart 2008)200820086-48275Tank Car0
Winter Green Lifesavers Tank Car (Cal-Stewart 2011)201120116-48296Tank Car0

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