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Lionel 1985 Traditional Series Electric Trains Catalog

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Page NumberItemCatalog PricePart NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Traditional Sets
2Midland Freight Set6-1501Freight Set 3
3Illinois Central "Memphis" Observation Car6-7225Observation Car 0
4Redwood Valley Express Set6-1403Freight Set 8
5Southern Streak Set6-1353Freight Set 0
6Chessie Set6-1402Freight Set 2
7Northern Freight Flyer Set6-1354Freight Set 2
8Yard Chief Set6-1502Freight Set 6
10Erie-Lackawanna GP20 Diesel6-8369Diesel 2
10Reading 4-4-2 Steam Engine & Tender6-8402Locomotive 11
11United States Marine Corps SW-1 Switcher6-8485Switcher 0
Rolling Stock
12Chessie Boxcar6-7910Boxcar 3
12Delaware & Hudson Flatcar With Trailers6-9226Flatcar 7
12Gulf Two Dome Tank Car6-6317Tank Car - Two Dome Tank Car 5
12Miller Lite Vat Carrier6-9106Vat Car 4
12Reading Bay Window Caboose6-6439Caboose - Bay Window Caboose 17
12United States Marine Corps Bunk Car6-5727Bunk Car 9
12Express Mail Flatcar With Trailers6-6531Flatcar 16
12Illinois Terminal Covered Quad Hopper6-6131Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper 19
12Pennsylvania Railroad Log Dump Car6-9241Dump Car 3
12Southern Stock Car6-7309Stock Car 7
Operating Cars
13Reading Searchlight Car6-9345Searchlight Car 10
13Searchlight Car6-6526Searchlight Car 3
13Express Mail Operating Boxcar6-9229Boxcar 17
13Illinois Central Derrick Car6-9245Derrick Car 0
13New York Central Coal Dump Car6-6251Dump Car 9
13Turtle Back Zoo Giraffe Car6-7913Giraffe Car 2
Operating Accessories
14Automatic Highway Flasher6-2154Accessory 17
14Diesel Horn Shed6-2127Diesel 11
14Illuminated Freight Station6-2129Station 10
14Operating Switchman6-2128Switch 8
14Whistling Freight Shed6-2126Building 8
15Automatic Crossing Gate And Signal 2626-2162Crossing Gate 10
15Billboard Light6-2307Billboard 5
15Block Target Signal6-2117Signal 4
15Die-Cast Illuminated Bumpers 2606-2283Bumpers 22
15Dwarf Signal6-2115Signal 7
15Floodlight Tower6-2313Tower 15
15Illuminated Bumpers, Pair6-2290Bumpers 128
15Street Lamps, Set Of 36-2170Set 7
Non-Operating Accessories and Building Kits
16Elevated Trestle Set, 10 Pieces6-2111Set 6
16Extension Bridge, Rock Piers6-2122Bridge 10
16Flag Pole Kit6-2320Kits 5
16Girder Bridge6-2214Bridge 30
16Station Platform6-2292Station 4
17Freight Platform Kit6-2784Kits 0
17Graduated Trestle Set, 22 Pieces6-2110Set 42
17Rico Station Kit6-2709Station 13
17Tunnel Portals, Pair6-2113Tunnel 4
17Watchman's Shanty Kit6-2719Kits 13
17Water Tower Kit6-2729Kits 0
Layout Expansion
1827" Diameter Curved Track Card Of 46-5012Track 14
1854" Diameter Curved Track6-5113Track 0
18Half Curved Track6-5014Track 0
18Half Straight Track6-5019Track 0
18Lionel Track Layout Book6-2951Book 39
18O27 Diameter Curved Track6-5033Track 3
18Straight Track6-5038Track 0
18Straight Track, Card Of 46-5017Track 12
18Train And Accessory Manual6-2953Manual 0
19072 Diameter Curved Track6-5572Track 0
1910" Straight Track6-5500Track 0
1931 Remote Switch Left Hand6-5133Switch 34
1931" Diameter Curved Track6-5501Track 0
1945-Degree Crossover6-5023Crossover 24
1945-Degree Crossover6-5545Crossover 10
1990-Degree Crossover6-5540Crossover 24
19Half Curved Track6-5504Track 2
19Half Straight Track6-5505Track 0
19Insulator Pins, Dozen6-5041Accessory 7
19Insulator Pins, Dozen6-5543Accessory 8
19Lockon And Wire6-2905Lock-On 3
19Lockon Bulk6-2900Lock-On 5
19Maintenance Kit6-2927Kits 7
19Manual Switch Left Hand6-5021Switch 47
19Manual Switch Right Hand6-5022Switch 35
19O27 Manual Switches 3 Pair6-5090Switch 0
19Power Master Transformer6-4060Transformer 15
19Remote Control Operating Track6-5149Track 20
19Remote Switch Left Hand6-5121Switch 100
19Remote Switch Right Hand6-5122Switch 105
19Remote Uncoupling Section6-5530Track 22
19Smoke Fluid6-2909Smoke Fluid 3
19Steel Pins, Dozen6-5042Accessory 2
19Steel Pins, Dozen6-5551Accessory 4
19Track Clips, Dozen6-2901Track 24

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