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Released: 1970
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
1086 The Mountaineer197019706-1086Set0
27 Diameter Curved Track197019786-5013Track1
27 Diameter Curved Track Card Of 4197019966-5012Track14
27 Manual Switch Left Hand197019986-5021Switch27
27 Manual Switch Right Hand197019986-5022Switch21
27 Remote Switch Left Hand197019986-5121Switch52
27 Remote Switch Right Hand197019986-5122Switch43
45-Degree Crossover197019986-5023Crossover16
90-Degree Crossover197019986-5020Crossover51
Alamo Junction Set197019716-2793Set3
Automatic Banjo Signal197019846-2140Signal5
Automatic Crossing Gate197019846-2152Crossing Gate10
Automatic Crossing Gate And Signal 262197020056-2162Crossing Gate9
Automatic Highway Flasher197019876-2154Accessory9
Baltimore & Ohio Quad Hopper197019706-9130Hopper8
Block Target Signal197019786-2163Signal0
Burlington Gondola With Canisters197019896-9140Gondola37
Burlington Northern Gondola With Canisters197019746-9141Gondola15
Canadian Pacific F-3 A Diesel197019876-8365Diesel3
Canadian Pacific F-3 A Diesel Dummy Unit197019876-8366Diesel2
Cross Country Set197019716-2791Set0
Elevated Trestle Set, 10 Pieces197019886-2111Set1
Floodlight Tower197019716-2195Tower1
General Mills Wheaties Boxcar197019726-9040Boxcar10
Girder Bridge197019876-2214Bridge12
Gondola, Black197019706-6142Gondola0
Graduated Trestle Set, 22 Pieces197019886-2110Set24
Grand Trunk Western 2-4-2 Locomotive197019736-8042Locomotive11
Grand Trunk Western Freight Set197019706-1084Freight Set1
Grand Trunk Western Sp-Type Caboose197019736-9063Caboose6
Great Northern Boxcar197019716-9206Boxcar7
Great Northern Hopper197019716-9010Hopper14
Great Northern Hopper197019836-9011Hopper25
Gulf One Dome Tank Car197019716-9150Tank Car4
Half Curved Track197019986-5014Track2
Half Straight Track197019986-5019Track1
Hershey's Boxcar197019766-9041Boxcar1
Illinois Central Boxcar197019716-9200Boxcar10
Illinois Central GP9 Diesel197019726-8030Diesel10
Illinois Central GP9 Diesel Dummy Unit197019706-8031Diesel0
Illinois Central N5C Caboose197019726-9160Caboose2
Illuminated Bumper197019736-2260Bumpers0
Illuminated Station Platform197019716-2156Station0
Insulator Pins, Dozen197019986-5041Accessory12
Insulator Pins, Dozen197019986-5543Accessory4
Lehigh Valley Hopper197019706-6076Hopper4
Lionel 1970 Catalog19701970Catalog51
Magnetic Conversion Coupler197019716-2980Accessory2
Maintenance Kit197019986-2927Kits1
New York Central 2-4-2 Locomotive197019706-8041Locomotive2
Nickel Plate Road 2-4-2 Locomotive197019726-8040Locomotive0
Nickel Plate Road 2-4-2 Locomotive197019706-8043Locomotive0
Nickel Plate Road Sp-Type Caboose197019726-9060Caboose21
Norfolk & Western Boxcar197019706-9205Boxcar7
Norfolk & Western Covered Quad Hopper197019756-9135Hopper12
Northern Pacific Boxcar197019706-9204Boxcar7
Northern Pacific Flatcar With Trailers197019746-9120Flatcar1
Pacemaker Set197019706-1083Set0
Penn Central Boxcar197019706-9201Boxcar6
Penn Central Log Dump Car197019776-9300Dump Car21
Penn Central Sp-Type Caboose197019766-9062Caboose21
Power Master Transformer197019846-4090Transformer8
Remote Uncoupling Section197019986-5149Track11
Safety Transformer197019716-4045Transformer6
Santa Fe ALCO Diesel A Unit197019766-8020Diesel6
Santa Fe ALCO Diesel A Unit, Dummy197019706-8020Diesel0
Santa Fe Boxcar197019706-9202Boxcar7
Santa Fe Bulkhead Flatcar197019796-9022Flatcar6
Santa Fe Express Diesel Freight Set197019706-1085Freight Set3
Santa Fe Nw2 Switcher197019716-8010Switcher6
Santa Fe Sp-Type Caboose197019766-9061Caboose22
Santa Fe Work Caboose197019756-9021Caboose5
Sears Grand Trunk Western Steam Freight Set197019706-1092Freight Set1
Sears Special Steam Freight Set197019706-1091Freight Set0
Smoke Fluid197019986-2909Smoke Fluid3
Smoke Pellets197019736-2911Accessory1
Steel Pins, Dozen197019986-5042Accessory6
Steel Pins, Dozen197019986-5551Accessory3
Straight Track197019786-5018Track4
Straight Track, Card Of 4197019966-5017Track8
Street Lamps, Set Of 3197019876-2170Set13
Sunoco One Dome Tank Car197019716-9050Tank Car10
Track Layout Book197019866-2951Track0
Train And Accessory Manual197019746-2952Manual5
Transformer, 45-Watt197019716-4044Transformer0
Union Pacific Boxcar197019706-9203Boxcar6
Union Pacific Flatcar197019786-9020Flatcar16
Wabash Cannonball Set197019726-1081Set4
Waterpoxy Three Dome Tank Car197019716-9250Tank Car14
Whistle Stop Set197019716-2792Set2
Yard Boss Set197019706-1082Set0

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