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Lionel 1992 Book Two Catalog

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Page NumberItemCatalog PricePart NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
'O' and O27 GAUGE
Complete Train Sets
5Coastal Limited Set6-11727Set 2
6High Plains Runner Set6-11728Set 8
10Texas & Pacific 4-4-2 Locomotive 86236-18623Locomotive 2
10Texas & Pacific Square Window Caboose6-16531Caboose - Square Window Caboose 0
10Delaware & Hudson 2-6-2 Locomotive 86266-18626Locomotive 3
10Delaware & Hudson Square Window Caboose6-16534Caboose - Square Window Caboose 6
12Chicago & North Western Bay Window Caboose6-16533Caboose - Bay Window Caboose 7
12Chicago & North Western GP38-2 Diesel 46006-18816Diesel 2
12Bugs Bunny And Daffy Duck Handcar6-18416Hand Car 10
12Pennsylvania Railroad 44-Ton Switcher 93126-18905Switcher 8
Rolling Stock, Passenger Cars and Operating Cars
14Allis Chalmers Condenser Car6-16349Condenser Car 12
14Burlington Northern Auto Carrier6-16217Auto Carrier 3
14Erie Liquefied Petroleum Car6-16348Tank Car 17
14I Love Texas Boxcar6-19915Boxcar 4
14Missouri-Kansas-Texas Three Dome Tank Car6-16115Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car 4
14New York Central Depressed Center Flatcar With Transformer6-16341Flatcar - Depressed Center Flatcar 4
14Southern Pacific TTUX Car Set6-16345Flatcar - TTUX Flatcar 12
14U.S. Military Flatcar With Cruise Missile6-16352Flatcar 9
14Union Pacific Auto Carrier with screens6-16228Auto Carrier 10
14Ontario Northland Bulkhead Flatcar With Pulp Load6-16347Flatcar - Bulkhead Flatcar 7
16Amtrak Diner6-16048Diner Car 0
16Burlington Gondola With Coil Covers6-16343Gondola 13
16CSX Gondola With Coil Covers (COL 1992)6-16342Gondola 11
16Illinois Central Diner6-16049Diner Car 0
16New York Central Tool Car6-16703Other Cars 4
16Northern Pacific Diner6-16024Diner Car 3
16Union Pacific Covered Quad Hopper6-19319Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper 6
17Chicago & Illinois Midland Boxcar6-19237Boxcar 15
17Great Northern Double-Door Boxcar6-19240Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar 11
17Kansas City Southern Boxcar6-19238Boxcar 11
17Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Double-Door Boxcar6-19239Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar 12
19A.C. Gilbert Reefer6-19529Reefer 15
19Joshua L. Cowen Reefer (TCA 1992)6-19528Reefer 18
19Flatcar With U.S. Navy Submarine6-16351Flatcar 8
19New York Central Pacemaker Boxcar, Diesel Railsounds6-16650Boxcar 0
19Operating Circus Clown Car6-16651Other Cars 21
19Radar Car6-16652Radar Car 10
19Railway Express Agency Boxcar6-16649Boxcar 4
Die-Cast Trucks
20Alka Seltzer Tractor And Trailer6-12811Tractor and Trailer 30
20Intermodal Containers, Set Of 36-12805Container 3
20Lionel Lumber Company Tractor And Trailer6-12806Tractor and Trailer 3
20Mobil Tractor And Tanker6-12808Tractor and Tanker 10
20Inland Steel Flatbed Truck and Stakes6-12819Tractor and Trailer 6
20Little Caesars Tractor And Trailer6-12807Tractor and Trailer 13
Building Kits
21Barrel Loader Building Kit6-12706Kits 6
21Barrel Shed Kit6-12718Kits 2
21Log Loading Station Kit6-12774Kits 7
21Lumber Shed Kit6-12705Kits 6
21Rico Station Kit6-62709Kits 9
21Water Tower Kit6-12711Kits 4
Operating Accessories and Videotapes
22Die-Cast Illuminated Bumpers 2606-62283Bumpers 5
22Rotary Radar Antenna6-12749Accessory 3
22Street Lamps, Set Of 36-12708Accessory 11
22Chat & Chew Roadside Diner, Smoke And Lights6-12802Building 6
22Highway Lights, Set Of 46-12804Accessory 28
23Truss Bridge with Flasher and Piers 3186-12772Bridge 23
23Animated Billboard6-12809Billboard 10
25Dwarf Signal6-12704Signal 6
25Floodlight Tower 1956-12759Tower 0
25Fork Lift Loader Station6-12798Station 10
25Goose Neck Street Lamps 58, Set Of 26-12742Accessory 10
25History Of Lionel Trains Videotape6-12752Video 0
25Illuminated Bumpers 261, Set Of 26-12715Bumpers 3
25Illuminated Passenger Platform 1576-12748Passenger Car 9
25Operating Semaphore 1596-12727Semaphore 12
25Searchlight Tower6-12716Tower 5
25The Making Of The Scale Hudson Videotape6-12756Video 0
25Whistling Freight Shed 1186-12737Building 7
25Lionel Catalog Video6-12821Video 0
Trackside Accessories
26Arch Under Bridge6-12770Bridge 41
26Barrel Pack, Set Of 66-12745Accessory 17
26Billboards, Set Of 36-12707Accessory 10
26Cable Reels, Pair6-12795Accessory 2
26Coal Bag6-12732Accessory 19
26Elevated Trestle Set, 10 Pieces6-12755Accessory 8
26Genuine Wood Logs, Set Of 36-12740Accessory 3
26Graduated Trestle Set, 22 Pieces6-12754Accessory 28
26Lionel Girder Bridge6-12730Bridge 33
26Non Illuminated Bumpers, Set Of 36-12717Accessory 2
26Rock Piers, Set Of 26-12744Accessory 21
26Station Platform6-12731Station 17
Track, Transformer & Maintenance
281/2 Curve Track Section6-65014Track 12
281/2 Curve Track Section6-65504Track 8
28Extra Long Track Section 6-65024Track 9
28Half Straight Track6-65019Track 0
28Remote Control Track6-65530Track 25
28RS-1 50-Watt Transformer6-12780Transformer 3
2942" Diameter Curved Track6-65049Track 0
2942" Remote Switch Left Hand6-65168Switch 9
2942" Remote Switch Right Hand6-65167Switch 10
2945-Degree Crossover6-65023Crossover 12
2945-Degree Crossover6-65545Crossover 2
2954" Diameter Curved Track6-65113Track 0
2954" Wide-Radius Curved Track6-65554Track 0
2972" Remote-Control Switch left hand6-65166Switch 0
2972" Remote-Control Switch Right Hand6-65165Switch 4
2972" Wide-Radius Curved Track6-65572Track 9
29Extra-Long Track Section 6-65523Track 6
29Fibre Pins (0 Gauge), Dozen6-65543Accessory 5
29Insulator Pins, Dozen6-65041Accessory 16
29Lockon6-62900Lock-On 7
29Lockon With Wires6-62905Lock-On 2
29O Gauge Track Clips6-12743Track 20
29O-27 Gauge Track Clips, 12 Pieces6-62901Track 10
29Railsounds Trigger Button6-15906Accessory 0
29Remote Switch Left Hand6-65121Switch 14
29Remote Switch Right Hand6-65122Switch 21
29Remote-Control Track with UCS Controller6-12746Track 14
29Smoke Fluid6-62909Smoke Fluid 0
29Steel Pins, Dozen6-65042Accessory 12
29Steel Pins, Dozen6-65551Accessory 15
29The Lionel Train Book6-62985Book 27
29Uncoupling Straight Track6-65149Track 0
'O' and O27 GAUGE
30Pennsylvania Railroad 6-8-6 Steam Turbine Locomotive 62006-18010Locomotive 14
30Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 Electric Locomotive 48666-18308Locomotive 6
30Pennsylvania Railroad N-8 Caboose 4780396-51702Caboose - N-8 Caboose 9
30Western Maryland Shay Locomotive 66-18023Locomotive 3
32Denver & Rio Grande Western ALCO PA1 Diesel ABA Set6-18107Diesel ABA Set 10
32Pennsylvania Railroad Multiple Unit Commuter Car Set6-18306Multiple Unit Cars 5
Collector Sets
34Norfolk Southern Dash 8-40C Unit Train Set6-11718Set 3
Madison Passenger Cars and Rolling Stock
37Bessemer & Lake Erie Ore Car With Load6-19321Ore Car 12
37Pennsylvania Railroad Ore Car With Load6-19320Ore Car 5
Standard 'O' Rolling Stock and Semi-Scale Freight Cars
38Archer Daniels Midland Unibody Tank Car6-17905Tank Car - Uni-body Tank Car 7
38Chesapeake & Ohio Semi-Scale Stock Car 952506-51402Stock Car 9
38Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Semi-Scale Reefer 70006-51301Reefer 2
38Texaco Unibody Tank Car6-17904Tank Car - Uni-body Tank Car 6
38Lehigh Valley Three-Bay Hopper With Coal6-17113Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper 6
38Peabody Three-Bay Hopper With Coal6-17114Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper 4
41Steam Clean And Wheel Grind Shop6-12767Building 18
42Animated Freight Station6-12818Station 11
42Lift Bridge6-12782Bridge 4
Engines, Handcars, Track and Maintenance
444 Curved Tracks8-82003Track 7
44Brass Straight Tracks8-82002Track 0
44Burlington Northern GP-20 Non-Powered Engine 20048-85005Diesel 0
44Extra Long Straight Track Section8-82006Track 0
44Large Scale Brass Straight Track8-82000Track 0
44Large Scale Curved Track8-82001Track 0
44Large Scale Manual Uncoupler8-82108Accessory 10
44Large Scale Wide Radius Curved Track8-82004Track 3
45AC to DC Converter Box8-82116Accessory 0
45Burlington Northern GP-20 Diesel Locomotive #20038-85003Diesel 0
45Large Scale Brass Rail Joiners8-82102Accessory 3
45Large Scale Left-Hand Remote Switch8-82008Switch 3
45Large Scale Remote Switch (Right-Hand)8-82007Switch 8
45Lockon With Wires8-82101Lock-On 0
45One Dozen Brass Pins8-82109Parts 11
45Operating Wile E. Coyote And Roadrunner Handcar8-87208Handcar 3
45Railroad Figure Assortment8-82112Figures 3
45Railsounds Sound Activator Button8-82115Accessory 0
Feather River Special Set
46Feather River Set6-11733Set 10
Rolling Stock
48Bangor & Aroostook State Of Maine Boxcar 83136-48313Boxcar 2
48Domino Sugar Covered Hopper6-49608Hopper - Covered Hopper 10
48Missouri Pacific Boxcar 83126-48312Boxcar 9
48Penn Salt Single-Dome Tank Car6-48402Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car 3

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