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Lionel 1999 Preview Catalog

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Page NumberItemCatalog PricePart NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Postwar Celebration Series
7Central Of New Jersey Train Master Diesel 2341$599.956-18321Diesel 2
8Texas Special F3 Diesel AB Set$599.956-38100Diesel AB Set 3
9Postwar 58 Great Northern Rotary Snowplow$199.956-18446Snowplow 4
9Western Pacific F3 Diesel B Unit 2355C$199.956-18197Diesel 0
9Western Pacific F3 Diesel B Unit 2345C Command Control$334.956-18198Diesel 0
10Barrel Ramp Car 6343$44.956-19450Ramp Car 10
10Liquified Gas Tank Car 6469$44.956-19449Tank Car 10
10Wheel Car 6262$44.956-19451Flatcar 3
11Triple Action Magnetic Crane$179.956-22998Crane 0
11Operating Poultry Dispatch Car 3434$64.956-19867Poultry Car 10
Steam and Diesel Engines
13Pennsylvania Railroad ALCO PB-1 Diesel 5750B$499.956-18248Diesel 2
13Pennsylvania Railroad ALCO PA1 Diesel AA Set$999.956-18245Diesel AA Set 0
14Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 3448$399.956-18087Locomotive 0
14New Haven 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 1334$399.956-18085Locomotive 2
14New York Central 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 4929$399.956-18086Locomotive 4
14Southern Pacific 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 1407$399.956-18088Locomotive 0
15Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 4-6-4 Hudson Locomotive 3462$399.956-18084Locomotive 3
15Chesapeake & Ohio 4-6-4 Hudson Locomotive 305$399.956-18083Locomotive 0
15New York Central 4-6-4 Hudson Locomotive 5405$399.956-18082Locomotive 2
17Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe H-12-44 Switcher 602$599.956-18847Switcher 2
17Chicago & North Western H-12-44 Switcher 1053$599.956-18876Switcher 0
17Pennsylvania Railroad H-12-44 Switcher 9087$599.956-18848Switcher 0
18Centennial SD-40 Diesel$599.956-18585Diesel 0
19One Dome Tank Car Set, 4-Pack$179.956-21769Multi Car Pack 0
19Southern 44-Ton Switcher 1955$209.956-18975Switcher 3
19Centennial Porthole Caboose$69.956-19755Caboose - Porthole Caboose 0
20Union Pacific GP9 Diesel$199.956-18877Diesel 0
20Baltimore & Ohio GP9 Diesel 5616$349.956-18879Diesel 5
21Alaska GP7 Diesel 1803$129.956-18878Diesel 0
21Milwaukee Road GP9 Diesel 2384, Nonpowered$199.956-18579Diesel 0
22Custom GP9 Diesel 5616$399.956-18881Diesel 2
22Phantom II$399.956-18859Locomotive 0
Rolling Stock
23New York Central Firecar 18445 And Instruction Car 19857$249.956-11988Multi Car Pack 6
23Texas Special Passenger Car 4-Pack$499.956-29129Passenger Car 3
23Western Pacific Zepher 4 Pack$499.956-29134Passenger Car 4-Pack 2
25Civil War Confederate Train Set$399.956-21901Set 0
25Civil War Union Train Set$399.956-21900Set 2
26Aircraft Boxcar$44.956-26236Boxcar 4
26D.A.R.E. Boxcar$44.956-26242Boxcar 2
27Ford Trailer Train Flatcar$39.956-17533Flatcar 2
27Linex Three Dome Tank Car 6425$39.956-16187Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car 6
27Kodak 36526 Tank Car 6515$49.956-16188Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car 3
28Alaska Flatcar 6424 With Airplane$49.956-36021Flatcar 0
28Borden Milk Tank Car 520$49.956-19445Tank Car 0
28Diamond-T Flatcar With Corgi Die-Cast Mack Trucks$69.956-17534Flatcar 11
29Lionelville Operating Searchlight Car 19854$59.956-19858Searchlight Car 3
29Bucyrus 6-Wheel Crane Car 2460$89.956-19837Crane Car 6
29Depressed Center Flatcar With Backshop Load$99.956-36900Flatcar - Depressed Center Flatcar 10
30Burlington Northern Boxcar 6464$44.956-29251Boxcar 10
30Canadian Pacific Boxcar 6464$44.956-29252Boxcar 23
30Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Phoebe Snow Boxcar 6464$44.956-29250Boxcar 13
31Florida East Coast Boxcar 5027$44.956-26223Boxcar 11
31Penn Central Boxcar 125962$44.956-26222Boxcar 5
31Northern Pacific Bicentennial Boxcar 9464$59.956-29259Boxcar 7
31Reading Boxcar 9464$59.956-29258Boxcar 6
31Southern Boxcar 9464$59.956-29257Boxcar 10
32Denver & Rio Grande Western Stock Car Set, 4-Pack$399.956-21771Stock Car 0
32New York Central Reefer Set, 4-Pack$399.956-21770Reefer 2
33Cotton Belt 4-Bay Hopper 2-Pack$109.956-19338Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper 0
33Atlantic Coast Line Passenger Car 2-Pack$249.956-21766Passenger Car 2-Pack 0
33Flatcar Tt-6424 With Auto Frames$39.956-36020Flatcar 3
33Flatcar With J.B. Hunt Trailers 2-Pack$99.956-36026Multi Car Pack 3
34Westside Lumber Log Dump Car 3351$46.956-16783Dump Car 0
34Bethlehem Ore Dump Car 3479$49.956-16782Dump Car 5
34Pratt's Hollow Seed Dump Car 3479$59.956-16784Dump Car 6
35Valentine Boxcar$44.956-26235Boxcar 0
35Easter Gondola 6462 With Candy$49.956-19448Gondola 3
35Easter Operating Boxcar$49.956-16789Boxcar 2
35Valentine Gondola 6462 With Candy$74.956-19459Gondola 0
36Custom Series Consist I, 3-Pack$209.956-21774Multi Car Pack 0
36Martin Guitar Lumber Boxcar 9823$54.956-26232Boxcar 8
37Glow-in-the-Dark 2 Atomic Energy Commission Boxcar$44.956-26230Boxcar 4
37Pittsburgh Paints Vat Car$49.956-19446Vat Car 4
37New York Central Graffiti 2-Bay Covered Hopper 7000$54.956-17013Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper 7
37Pratt's Hollow Bunk Car 5717$54.956-19663Bunk Car 6
38Delaware & Hudson Boxcar$29.956-26224Boxcar 4
38Flatcar With 1936 Ford Milk Truck$69.956-17529Flatcar 8
38New York Central Flatcar With Castrol Tow Truck$69.956-17538Flatcar 7
39New York Central Boxcar$29.956-26234Boxcar 6
39New York Central Emergency Caboose 26505$64.956-26513Caboose 0
39Lionelville Ladder Fire Car$69.956-26991Other Cars 2
RailSounds Cars
40Conrail Boxcar 169671, Diesel Railsounds$199.956-19860Boxcar 0
40Railway Express Agency Boxcar 6267, Steam Railsounds$199.956-19859Boxcar 0
41Route 66 Sinclair Dino Cafe$199.956-22993Building 9
42Oil Drum Loader$159.956-22997Loader 5
42Sound Dispatching Station$99.956-22999Station 5
43Highway Barrels, Set Of 6$14.956-32922Accessory 10
43Electric Coaling Station$159.956-32921Station 12
43Construction Zone Signs, Set Of 6$19.956-32902Accessory 19
43Die-Cast Billboard$35.956-32900Billboard 0
Power Supply
44180-Watt Powerhouse Power Supply$89.956-22983Power Supply 11

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