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Lionel 2000 Classic Trains Volume 1 Catalog

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Page NumberItemCatalog PricePart NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
76Southern Baby Madison Car 4-Pack$209.956-29076Passenger Car 4-Pack 0
Madison Passenger Car Sets - Pennsylvania, CNJ
78Central Of New Jersey Madison Passenger Car 4-Pack$299.956-29066Passenger Car 4-Pack 0
78Pennsylvania Railroad Madison Passenger Car 4-Pack$299.956-29061Passenger Car 4-Pack 0
Operating Accessories
80Postwar 362 Barrel Loader$149.956-32996Loader 6
80Operating Belt Lumber Loader$99.956-14001Loader 6
81Operating Forklift Platform$249.956-14000Platform 5
81Flatcar 6264 With Timber$39.956-19484Flatcar 0
82Operating Coal Loader$179.956-14004Loader 7
82Norfolk & Western Operating Hopper Car$39.956-19885Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper 10
83Operating Coal Ramp$199.956-14005Accessory 9
84Postwar 192 Railroad Control Tower$49.956-32988Tower 3
85Linex Oil Derrick$69.956-32990Derrick Car 7
85Postwar 464 Sawmill$99.956-32989Building 3
86Hobby Shop$399.956-32998Building 0
87Aluminum Rico Station$399.956-32997Station 5
Mainline Accessories
88Mainline Block Target Signal$49.956-22945Signal 11
88Mainline Die-cast Auto Crossing Gate$49.956-22947Crossing Gate 4
88Mainline Mast Signal$49.956-22940Signal 11
88Mainline Cantilever Signal$59.956-22931Signal 15
89Mainline Classic Lionel Billboard Set, Set Of 3$24.956-22952Billboard 4
89Mainline Classic Street Lamps, Set Of 3$29.956-22950Accessory 2
89Mainline Dwarf Signal$29.956-22951Signal 0
89Mainline Gooseneck Lamps, Set Of 2$39.956-22948Accessory 4
Crossing Gates, Signals & Bridges
90Dwarf Signal 148$19.956-12883Signal 17
90Auto Crossing Gate 252$34.956-12714Crossing Gate 51
90Banjo Signal 140$44.956-12709Signal 15
90Automatic Crossing Gate And Signal 262$49.956-62162Crossing Gate 23
90Single Signal Bridge 452$49.956-12894Bridge 8
90Double-Track Signal Bridge 450$59.956-12895Track 6
90Railroad Crossing Flasher 154$59.956-12888Accessory 25
91Arch Under Bridge$19.956-12770Bridge 25
91Elevated Trestle Set, 10 Pieces$19.956-12755Accessory 20
91Graduated Trestle Set, 22 Pieces$19.956-12754Accessory 43
91Die-Cast Girder Bridge$34.956-22907Bridge 2
91Truss Bridge with Flasher and Piers 318$44.956-12772Bridge 27
91Lionel Girder Bridge$9.956-12730Bridge 34
91Rock Piers, Set Of 2$9.956-12744Accessory 24
91Tunnel Portals, Pair$9.956-12896Tunnel 15
Lights & Layout Supplies
92Yard Light 65, Set Of 3$14.956-12927Accessory 23
92Floodlight Tower 195$34.956-12759Tower 15
92Rotary Aircraft Beacon$49.956-12966Accessory 7
93Classic Street Lamps 71, Set Of 3$14.956-12874Set 3
93Globe Street Lamps 64, Set Of 3$14.956-12926Accessory 36
93Blinking Light Billboard$19.956-12974Billboard 5
93Die-Cast Illuminated Bumpers 260$19.956-62283Bumpers 5
93Goose Neck Street Lamps 58, Set Of 2$19.956-12742Accessory 12
93Accessories Box$29.956-22942Accessory 6
93Coal Bag$3.956-12732Accessory 23
93Barrel Pack, Set Of 6$4.956-12745Accessory 15
93Non Illuminated Bumpers, Set Of 3$4.956-12717Accessory 2
93Vehicle Grade Crossings, Set Of 2$4.956-12839Accessory 5
93Illuminated Bumpers 261, Set Of 2$8.956-12715Bumpers 6
Buildings, Structures & Construction
94Illuminated Freight Station 133$49.956-12812Station 15
94Automatic Gateman 145$59.956-12713Gateman 25
95Station Platform$12.956-12731Station 18
95Construction Zone Signs, Set Of 6$19.956-32902Accessory 14
95Illuminated Station Platform$29.956-12943Station 7
95Highway Barrels, Set Of 6$6.956-32922Accessory 6
TrainMaster Command Control
97Powerhouse Lockon$29.956-22914Lock-On 4
97Trainmaster Command Control 135 Powermaster Power Distribution Center$64.956-12867Power Supply 22
97Trainmaster Command Control Command Base$64.956-12911Controller 8
97Trainmaster Command Control Powermaster Power Adapter Cable$7.956-12893Cable 5
97Trainmaster Command Control SC-2 Switch Controller$79.956-22980Controller 23
97Trainmaster Command Control Command Set$99.956-12969Accessory 27
99ZW Ampnolt Meter For new ZWs$124.956-14002Power Supply 0
99ZW Annpnolt Meter or old ZWs$124.956-14077Power Supply 0
99Powerstation Controller And Powerhouse -135 Watt Power Supply$199.956-12938Station 11
9936 Watt 1.8 Amp Accessory Transformer$29.956-32923Transformer 14
9940-Watt Control System$49.956-12885Transformer 26
99Trainmaster Command Control 135-Watt Powerhouse Power Supply$69.956-12866Power Supply 22
99180-Watt Powerhouse Power Supply$89.956-22983Power Supply 16
99Big Red Control Button$89.956-12890Controller 3
9980-Watt Transformer/Controller$99.956-14003Transformer 8
Track & Switches
101Track Pack #1 Figure 8 O-27 Gauge Add-On Track Pack$12.956-22966Track 2
101Track Pack #2 Double-Loop O-27 Gauge Add-On Track Pack$49.956-22967Track 5
101Track Pack #3 Double Loop Track Pack$69.956-22968Track 2
101Track Pack #4 Deluxe Complete O Gauge Track Pack$99.956-22969Track 0
1021/2 Curve Track Section$0.956-65014Track 15
102Half Straight Track$0.956-65019Track 3
1021/2 Curve Track Section$1.456-65504Track 11
10242" Diameter Curved Track$1.956-65049Track 0
102Fibre Pins (0 Gauge), Dozen$1.956-65543Accessory 4
102Insulator Pins, Dozen$1.956-65041Accessory 16
102Steel Pins, Dozen$1.956-65042Accessory 10
102Steel Pins, Dozen$1.956-65551Accessory 14
10245-Degree Crossover$12.956-65545Crossover 5
102Remote-Control Track with UCS Controller$19.956-12746Track 23
10254" Diameter Curved Track$2.256-65113Track 2
10242" Diameter Curved Track Section$2.956-12925Track 2
102Remote Control Track$29.956-65530Track 38
10254" Wide-Radius Curved Track$3.456-65554Track 5
102Extra Long Track Section $3.956-65024Track 13
102Insulated Straight Track$3.956-12841Track 15
102Remote Switch Left Hand$34.956-65121Switch 23
102Remote Switch Right Hand$34.956-65122Switch 22
10272" Wide-Radius Curved Track$4.256-65572Track 17
10242" Remote Switch Left Hand$49.956-65168Switch 12
10242" Remote Switch Right Hand$49.956-65167Switch 13
10231" Path Remote Switch Left Hand$49.956-14062Switch 14
10231" Path Remote Switch Right Hand$49.956-14063Switch 8
102Extra-Long Track Section $5.956-65523Track 9
102Insulated Straight Track$5.956-12840Track 12
10245-Degree Crossover$8.456-65023Crossover 10
102Uncoupling Straight Track$9.456-65149Track 7
10272" Remote-Control Switch left hand$99.956-65166Switch 2
10272" Remote-Control Switch Right Hand$99.956-65165Switch 0
Maintenance Supplies
104Die-Cast Metal Sprung Trucks (Set of 2)$12.956-14078Accessory 16
104The Lionel Train Book$14.956-62985Book 22
104Lockon$2.456-62900Lock-On 5
104Electrocouplers Kit For Dash 9 Diesel$29.956-22958Electrocouplers Kit 15
104Electrocouplers Kit For F3 Diesel$29.956-22957Electrocouplers Kit 0
104Electrocouplers Kit For GP9 Diesel$29.956-22919Electrocouplers Kit 0
104Electrocouplers Kit For J Class And Boston & Albany Tenders$29.956-22955Electrocouplers Kit 3
104Electrocoupler Kit For Command Upgradeable GP9s$29.956-14018Kits 0
104Lockon With Wires$4.956-62905Lock-On 0
104Smoke Fluid$5.456-62909Smoke Fluid 3
104Standard GP9 Diesel B Unit Upgrade Kit$59.956-22961Upgrade Kit 4
104Die-Cast Intermodal Trailer Frame$7.956-12852Accessory 2
104O Gauge Track Clips$7.956-12743Track 24
104O-27 Gauge Track Clips, 12 Pieces$7.956-62901Track 12
104Deluxe GP9 Diesel B Unit Upgrade Kit, Black Trucks$99.956-22962Upgrade Kit 7
104Deluxe GP9 Diesel B Unit Upgrade Kit, Silver Trucks$99.956-22979Diesel 2
Video Selections
105A Century Of Lionel 1900-1969$19.956-14075Video 0
105A Century Of Lionel 1970-2000$19.956-14076Video 0
105History Of Lionel, The First 90 Years Video$19.956-14073Video 0
105Trainmaster Command Basic Upgrade Kit$39.956-22960Accessory 0
105Railsounds Upgrade Kit, Diesel Railsounds$79.956-22964Accessory 0
105Railsounds Upgrade Kit, Steam Railsounds$79.956-22963Accessory 0
Little Lionel Play Set & Accessories
106Lionel Learning System Play Set$19.957-75000Little Lionel Learning System 0
107Caboose Little Lionel$3.957-72003Little Lionel Learning System Specialty Car 0
107Curve Track$3.957-74001Little Lionel Learning System Track 0
107Straight Track$3.957-74000Little Lionel Learning System Track 0
107Switch Track$3.957-74002Little Lionel Learning System Track 0
107People Pack$4.957-75001Little Lionel Learning System Accessories 0
107Sign Pack$4.957-75002Little Lionel Learning System Accessories 0
107Boxcars Little Lionel$5.957-73005Little Lionel Learning System Specialty Car 0
107Gondolas Little Lionel$5.957-73006Little Lionel Learning System Specialty Car 0
107Tank Cars Little Lionel$5.957-73007Little Lionel Learning System Specialty Car 0
107Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe F-3 Diesel Train Set$6.957-71006Little Lionel Learning System Train Set 0
107New York Central Diesel Train Set$6.957-71005Little Lionel Learning System Train Set 0

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