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Lionel 2000 Classic Trains Volume 1 Catalog

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Page NumberItemCatalog PricePart NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Centennial Set
4Centennial Steam Freight Starter Set$179.956-21976Set 2
Thomas the Tank Engine Island of Sodor Train Set
5Thomas The Tank Engine Island Of Sodor Train Set$159.956-21925Set 0
Southern Pacific Diesel Freight Set and Pennsylvania Flyer Set
6Pennsylvania Flyer Steam Set$149.956-21971Set 0
7Southern Pacific RS3 Diesel Freight Set, Horn$129.956-21970Freight Set 9
New York Central Flyer Set & Frisco Freight Set
8Frisco GP7 Diesel Freight Set, Horn$199.956-21972Set 4
9New York Central Freight Flyer Set, Air Whistle$169.956-21948Set 0
9New York Central Flyer Freight Set, Railsounds$219.956-21990Freight Set 7
Santa Fe Freight Set & Santa Fe Diesel Passenger Set
10Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Special Steam Freight Set$269.956-11900Freight Set 14
11Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Passenger Set, Signalsounds$299.956-21974Passenger Set 0
11Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Passenger Set, Railsounds$349.956-21973Passenger Set 2
Burlington Steam Freight Set & Village Trolley Set
12Burlington Steam Freight Set, Signalsounds$299.956-21975Freight Set 0
12Burlington Steam Freight Set, Railsounds$349.956-21989Freight Set 2
13Lionel Village Trolley Set$99.956-21969Set 0
New York Central Freight Set
14New York Central Freight Set$399.956-21956Freight Set 0
14New York Central Freight Set, Railsounds$449.956-21988Freight Set 4
Christmas - O-Gauge, Large Scale & Trolley Sets
16Lionel Holiday Special Train Set$199.958-81019Set 2
16Celebrate A Lionel Christmas Steam Set$199.956-21944Set 0
17Christmas Trolley Set$99.956-21945Set 2
Gold-plated 700E Hudson
18100Th Anniversary Gold 700E Hudson$1399.956-28062Locomotive 6
Norfolk & Western Class A Articulated Steam Locomotive
20Norfolk & Western 2-6-6-4 Class A Locomotive 1218$1399.956-28052Locomotive 10
B&O EM-1 Articulated Steam Locomotive
22Baltimore & Ohio 2-8-8-4 EM-1 Articulated Locomotive 7617$1499.956-28051Locomotive 9
Union Pacific & Southern Pacific 2-8-0 Consolidations
24Southern Pacific Conventional 2-8-0 Harriman Consolidation Locomotive 2686, Traditional$499.956-28037Locomotive 0
24Union Pacific Conventional 2-8-0 Harriman Consolidation Locomotive 326, Traditional$499.956-28039Locomotive 0
24Southern Pacific TMCC 2-8-0 Harriman Consolidation Locomotive 2685$599.956-28036Locomotive 8
24Union Pacific TMCC 2-8-0 Harriman Consolidation Locomotive 324$599.956-28038Locomotive 2
Union Pacific & Baltimore & Ohio 4-6-2 Pacific Steam Locomotives
26Baltimore & Ohio 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive, Traditional$399.956-28033Locomotive 0
26Union Pacific 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive, Traditional$399.956-28035Locomotive 2
26Baltimore & Ohio 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive$499.956-28032Locomotive 0
26Union Pacific 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive$499.956-28034Locomotive 0
Atlantic Steam Locomotives - Pennsylvania, Santa Fe, B&O
28Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 4-4-2 E6 Atlantic Locomotive, Traditional$449.956-28006Locomotive 0
28Baltimore & Ohio 4-4-2 E6 Atlantic Locomotive, Traditional$449.956-28004Locomotive 3
28Pennsylvania Railroad 4-4-2 E6 Atlantic Locomotive, Traditional$449.956-28005Locomotive 0
28Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 4-4-2 E6 Atlantic Locomotive$549.956-18096Locomotive 0
28Baltimore & Ohio 4-4-2 E6 Atlantic Locomotive$549.956-18094Locomotive 3
28Pennsylvania Railroad 4-4-2 E6 Atlantic Locomotive$549.956-18095Locomotive 7
SD90 Diesel Locomotives - Centennial, CP, UP
30Canadian Pacific SD90mac Diesel$299.956-18272Diesel 0
30Union Pacific SD90mac Diesel$299.956-18270Diesel 0
30Canadian Pacific SD9Omac Diesel Command 9129$399.956-18271Diesel 0
30Lionel Centennial SD9Omac Diesel$399.956-18268Diesel 0
30Union Pacific SD9Omac Diesel, Command$399.956-18269Diesel 0
Dash 9-44CW Diesel Locomotives - BNSF, CSX
32Burlington Northern Santa Fe Dash 9-44CW Diesel 789, Traditional$299.956-18282Diesel 0
32CSX Dash 9-44CW Diesel 9020, Traditional$299.956-18284Diesel 0
32Burlington Northern Santa Fe Dash 9-44CW Diesel 788$399.956-18281Diesel 0
32CSX Dash 9-44CW Diesel 9019$399.956-18283Diesel 3
FT A-A Sets & B units - NYC, Santa Fe, B&O
34Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe FT Diesel B Unit$149.956-38114Diesel 0
34Baltimore & Ohio FT Diesel B Unit$149.956-38116Diesel 2
34New York Central FT Diesel B Unit 2403, Nonpowered$149.956-38115Diesel 0
34Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe FT Diesel AA Set$349.956-18157Diesel AA Set 2
34Baltimore & Ohio FT Diesel AA Set, Traditional$349.956-18169Diesel AA Set 0
34New York Central FT Diesel AA Set, 1600, 2400$349.956-18163Diesel AA Set 2
34Baltimore & Ohio FT Diesel AA Set$449.956-18166Diesel AA Set 0
34Deluxe Santa Fe FT Diesel AA Set$449.956-18154Diesel AA Set 0
34New York Central Deluxe FT Diesel AA Set, 1602, 1603$449.956-18160Diesel AA Set 2
Alco C420 Diesel Locomotives - Monon, NH, D&H, NPR, LV
37Delaware & Hudson ALCO C420 Switcher 411, Traditional$249.956-18591Switcher 0
37Lehigh Valley ALCO C420 Switcher 410, Traditional$249.956-18592Switcher 0
37Nickel Plate Road ALCO C420 Switcher 578, Traditional$249.956-18590Switcher 0
37Monon ALCO C420 Switcher 506, Traditional$249.956-28506Switcher 0
37New Haven Alco C420 Switcher 2557, Traditional$249.956-28508Switcher 0
37Delaware & Hudson ALCO C420 Switcher 412$349.956-18588Switcher 4
37Lehigh Valley ALCO C420 Switcher 409$349.956-18589Switcher 2
37Nickel Plate Road ALCO C420 Switcher 577$349.956-18587Switcher 0
37Monon ALCO C420 Switcher 505$349.956-28505Switcher 14
37New Haven ALCO C420 Switcher 2556$349.956-28507Switcher 4
SD60 & SD70 Diesel Locomotives - Conrail, CSX, BNSF, BN, SP
38Burlington Northern Santa Fe SD70MAC Diesel 9869$399.956-18262Diesel 0
38Burlington Northern SD60 Diesel 9412$399.956-18261Diesel 0
38Conrail SD70MAC Diesel 4144$399.956-18260Diesel 0
38CSX SD60 Diesel 8700$399.956-18263Diesel 0
38Southern Pacific SD70MAC Diesel 8238$399.956-18264Diesel 0
38Burlington Northern Santa Fe SD70MAC Diesel 9870$499.956-18250Diesel 2
38Burlington Northern SD60 Diesel 9413$499.956-18241Diesel 3
38Conrail SD70MAC Diesel 4145$499.956-18238Diesel 2
38CSX SD60 Diesel 8701$499.956-18251Diesel 5
38Southern Pacific SD70MAC Diesel 9803$499.956-18265Diesel 2
RS-11 Diesel Locomotives - NYC, D&H
39Delaware & Hudson RS-11 5002 Traditional$249.956-18595Diesel 0
39New York Central RS-11 8011 Traditional$249.956-18597Diesel 0
39Delaware & Hudson RS-11 5001 Command$349.956-18596Switcher 2
39New York Central RS-11 8010 Command$349.956-18598Switcher 2
C&O F3s, ACL GP-7s, B&O GP-9, Erie Alco PB-1
40Baltimore & Ohio GP9 Diesel 6590$129.956-28514Diesel 0
40Chesapeake & Ohio F3 Diesel M Set 7019 7021$699.956-38144Set 6
41Atlantic Coast Line GP7 Diesel, Traditional$249.956-28504Diesel 0
41Erie ALCO PB-1 Diesel 850B$334.956-18249Diesel 4
41Atlantic Coast Line GP7 Diesel$349.956-28503Diesel 3
Service Station Special Set, Santa Fe & NYC Steam Locomotives
42Service Station Boxcar Set6-26296Boxcar 0
422000 Service Station Special Set$399.956-21952Freight Set 7
42Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 4-4-2 Columbia Locomotive 524, Traditional$99.956-18682Locomotive 2
43New York Central 4-6-4 Hudson Locomotive 5413$179.956-28027Locomotive 4
Postwar Celebration Congressional Passenger Set
44Pennsylvania Railroad Congressional Set$1299.956-21782Set 7
Postwar Celebration Southern F3s & Passenger Cars, Canadian Pacific Passenger Cars
46Southern Aluminum Passenger Car 4-Pack$499.956-39119Passenger Car 7
46Southern F3 Diesel ABA Set$799.956-38188Diesel ABA Set 6
47Canadian Pacific Aluminum Passenger Car 2-Pack$249.956-39106Passenger Car 8
Maersk Maxi-Stack Set
48Maersk SD70 Diesel Maxi-Stack Set$499.956-21950Set 3
World War II Troop Train Set
50World War II Troop Train$399.956-21951Set 7
Archive Collection Intro, Southern Pacific F3s & SP Bay Window Caboose
52Southern Pacific F3 Diesel ABA Set$799.956-38197Diesel ABA Set 4
53Southern Pacific Bay Window Caboose 6517$79.956-19785Caboose - Bay Window Caboose 4
Archive Collection SF Passenger Cars, Executive Inspection Vehicle & Nuclear Reactor
54Nuclear Reactor$269.956-14065Accessory 8
55Executive Inspection Vehicle, Blue$129.956-18454Inspection Vehicle 7
55Lionel Lines Heavyweight Passenger Car 3-Pack$224.956-39028Passenger Car 3-Pack 3
Lionel Birthday Boxcar, Lionel Centennial Boxcar, Veterans Day Boxcar & Halloween Boxcar
56Veterans Day Boxcar$44.956-26724Boxcar 4
56Bobbing Ghost Halloween Boxcar$49.956-26719Boxcar 3
57Lionel Centennial Boxcar$44.956-39202Boxcar 27
57Lionel Birthday Boxcar$59.956-26736Boxcar 14
Lion/Trainer Gondola, AEC Glow Tank Car, Mint Car & Operating Welding Car
58Atomic Energy Commission Glow-In-Dark One Dome Tank Car$44.956-26102Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car 3
58New York Federal Reserve Bullion Car 6445$54.956-19670Mint Car 5
59Lion Chasing Trainer Gondola 3444$59.956-26723Gondola 2
59Lionel Steel Operating Welding Flatcar 1108$79.956-26707Flatcar 0
Constellation Boxcar, San Francisco City Lights Car & Lion Railsounds Stock Car
60Lion RailSounds Stock Car #3376C$249.956-19850Stock Car 0
60Orion Constellation Boxcar$59.956-26717Boxcar 7
61San Francisco City Lights Boxcar$59.956-26727Boxcar 0
Beetle Flatcar, Lionel Lines Log Dump Car, Lionel Lines Coal Dump Car & Milk Car
62Lionel Lines Coal Dump Car 3379$44.956-26721Dump Car 12
62VW Beetle Flatcar$79.956-19483Flatcar 7
63Borden's Milk Car 521$44.956-19479Milk Car 5
63Lionel Lines Log Dump Car 3351$46.956-26722Dump Car 2
NYC, C&O Double Door Boxcars & Monon, US Army Boxcars
64Chesapeake & Ohio Boxcar 6054$64.956-17264Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar 4
64New York Central Boxcar 45725$64.956-17263Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar 8
65Monon Hoosier Line Boxcar 911$59.956-17266Boxcar 4
65U.S. Army Boxcar$59.956-17265Boxcar 6
Rutland Reefer, SF Stock Car & CN, Ontario Northland Ore Cars
66Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Stock Car$44.956-19553Stock Car 5
66Rutland Reefer 395$44.956-19552Reefer 9
67Canadian National Ore Car 345165$34.956-17801Ore Car 2
67Ontario Northland Ore Car 6126$34.956-17800Ore Car 0
Tank Cars - Allied Chemical, Tank Train, LENOIL
68Allied Chemical One Dome Tank Car 2-Pack$249.956-36913Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car 2
68Allied Chemical One Dome Tank Car 2-Pack$249.956-36916Multi Car Pack 2
69GATX Tank Train One Dome Tank Car 44588$44.956-26103Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car 0
69Lenoil One Dome Tank Car 6015$44.956-26101Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car 9
Starter Set Rolling Stock
71Chesapeake & Ohio Boxcar 23296$24.956-26276Boxcar 5
71Conrail Gondola 604768$24.956-36063Gondola 0
71Great Northern 2-Bay Hopper 172364$24.956-16443Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper 6
71New York Central 6462 Gondola$24.956-36062Gondola 3
71Norfolk & Western Boxcar (TCA 2000)$24.956-26241Boxcar 16
71Railbox Starter Boxcar$24.956-26240Boxcar 19
71Union Pacific One Dome Tank Car 6035$24.956-16199Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car 0
71Central Of New Jersey 2-Bay Hopper 643$24.956-16444Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper 2
71Pennsylvania Railroad One Dome Tank Car$24.956-26100Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car 2
71Union Pacific Boxcar 491050$24.956-26277Boxcar 5
Heavyweight Passenger Car Sets - Pennsylvania, B&O
72Baltimore & Ohio Heavyweight Passenger Car 4-Pack$399.956-39013Passenger Car 4-Pack 0
72Pennsylvania Railroad Heavyweight Passenger Car 4-Pack$399.956-39008Passenger Car 4-Pack 4
O-27 Streamliner Passenger Car Sets - NYC, SF, Alaska, B&O
74Alaska Streamliner Car 4-Pack$199.956-29041Passenger Car 4-Pack 0
74Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Streamliner Car 4-Pack$199.956-29051Passenger Car 4-Pack 0
74Baltimore & Ohio Streamliner Car 4-Pack$199.956-29046Passenger Car 4-Pack 0
74New York Central Streamliner Car 4-Pack$199.956-29056Passenger Car 4-Pack 0
Baby Madison Passenger Car Sets - SF, NYC, Southern
76Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Baby Madison Car 4-Pack$209.956-29081Passenger Car 4-Pack 0
76New York Central Baby Madison Car 4-Pack$209.956-29071Passenger Car 4-Pack 0

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