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Lionel 2001 Volume 2 Catalog

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Page NumberItemCatalog PricePart NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
2001 Products
Christmas Rolling Stock and Christmas Train Sets
2Christmas Boxcar 2001$44.956-19998Boxcar 40
2Christmas Handcar$49.956-18459Hand Car 0
2Large Scale 2001 Christmas Boxcar$54.958-87022Boxcar 4
3Vapor Records Christmas Boxcar$44.956-36207Boxcar 11
3Christmas Vat Car$49.956-19491Vat Car 2
32001 Christmas Boxcar$54.956-48342Boxcar 9
4Christmas Operating Dump Car$44.956-26753Dump Car 0
4Christmas Chase Gondola$59.956-36095Gondola 3
4Christmas Music Boxcar 2001$59.956-19888Boxcar 4
5Christmas Reindeer Car$44.956-26743Transport Car 0
5Christmas Aquarium Car$54.956-26752Aquarium Car 9
6Lionel Holiday Special Train Set$199.958-81019Set 2
Thomas the Tank Engine Large Scale Set
7Celebrate A Lionel Christmas Steam Set$199.956-21944Set 0
7Thomas The Tank Engine Lionel Large Scale Train Set$199.998-81027Set 0
Train Sets
9Southern Pacific RS3 Diesel Freight Set, Horn$139.956-21970Freight Set 12
9Pennsylvania Railroad Flyer Steam Freight Set$169.956-31913Freight Set 14
9Chessie GP38 Diesel Freight Set$199.956-31915Freight Set 3
9New York Central Flyer Steam Freight Set, Railsounds$229.956-31914Freight Set 7
11Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Passenger Set, Signalsounds$299.956-21974Passenger Set 2
11Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Steam Freight Set$319.956-31916Freight Set 0
11Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Passenger Set, Railsounds$349.956-21973Passenger Set 0
11Chesapeake & Ohio Steam Freight Set, Signalsounds$349.956-31918Freight Set 0
11Chesapeake & Ohio Steam Freight Set, Railsounds$399.956-31904Freight Set 0
11Texas & Pacific Steam Passenger Set, Railsounds$399.956-31919Passenger Set 0
13Pennsylvania Railroad K4 Freight Set$649.956-31902Freight Set 0
13New Haven Diesel Freight Set$749.956-31905Freight Set 2
14Blue Comet Steam Passenger Set$1399.956-21787Passenger Set 0
15Hiawatha Standard Gauge Passenger Set (Loco #101)$2199.956-13004Passenger Car 4
Steam Locomotives
16Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 4-6-4 Locomotive 3465$199.956-18697Locomotive 0
16Atlantic Coast Line 4-6-4 Locomotive 1800$199.956-18696Locomotive 0
17Clinchfield Auxiliary Water Tender$249.956-38039Tender 0
17Denver & Rio Grande Western Auxiliary Water Tender$249.956-38038Tender 0
18Lehigh Valley 4-6-0 Camelback Locomotive$599.956-38040Locomotive 0
19Long Island 2-8-0 Consolidation Locomotive$649.956-38036Locomotive 0
19Pennsylvania Railroad H9 Consolidation Locomotive 1111$649.956-28086Locomotive 0
19Pennsylvania Railroad Reading Seashore 2-8-0 Consolidation Locomotive 6072$649.956-38037Locomotive 0
20Long Island 4-6-0 10-Wheel Locomotive 138$649.956-38005Locomotive 0
20New York Central 4-6-0 10-Wheel Locomotive 1916$649.956-28098Locomotive 0
20Virginian 4-6-0 10-Wheel Locomotive 203$649.956-38004Locomotive 0
22New York Central Dreyfuss Hudson 4-6-4 Locomotive 5452$1049.956-28084Locomotive 0
23Chesapeake & Ohio 2-10-4 Class T Locomotive 3004$1199.956-28079Locomotive 4
23Pennsylvania Railroad 2-10-4 Jla Locomotive 6465$1199.956-28078Locomotive 3
23Union Pacific 4-6-6-4 Challenger Locomotive 3983$799.956-28077Locomotive 2
Union Pacific Veranda Turbine
24Union Pacific Veranda Gas Turbine Locomotive 73$1249.956-18149Locomotive 4
Diesel Engines
26Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Fairbanks-Morse H16-44 Diesel 3003$399.956-28811Diesel 3
26Burlington U30C Diesel 891$399.956-18274Diesel 5
26Jersey Central Fairbanks-Morse H16-44 Diesel 1516$399.956-28806Diesel 2
26Milwaukee Road Fairbanks-Morse H16-44 Diesel 406$399.956-28813Diesel 0
26Seaboard U30C Diesel 7274$399.956-18276Diesel 2
26Union Pacific U30C Diesel 2938$399.956-18278Diesel 3
27Canadian National Dash 9-44CW Diesel 2529$429.956-18287Diesel 0
27Chessie SD-40-2 Diesel 7616$429.956-28524Diesel 0
27SOO SD-40-2 Diesel 6622$429.956-28523Diesel 2
27Union Pacific Dash 9-44CW Diesel 9659$429.956-18285Diesel 0
27Union Pacific Dash 9-44CW Diesel 9717$429.956-18286Diesel 0
28Denver & Rio Grande Western F3 Diesel AA Set$699.956-14559Diesel AA Set 0
29Missouri Pacific ALCO RS-11 Switcher 4611$399.956-28522Switcher 2
29Southern Pacific ALCO RS-11 Switcher 5725$399.956-28521Switcher 0
30Atlantic Coast Line E6 Diesel AA Set$649.956-14524Diesel AA Set 3
30Rock Island E6 Diesel M Set$649.956-14521Set 3
Passenger Cars
31Atlantic Coast Line Aluminum Passenger Car 4-Pack$399.956-39169Passenger Car 4-Pack 0
31Rock Island Aluminum Passenger Car 4-Pack$399.956-39141Passenger Car 4-Pack 0
32Alaska Streamliner Car 2-Pack$109.956-39053Passenger Car 2-Pack 0
32Baltimore & Ohio Streamliner Car 2-Pack$109.956-39062Passenger Car 2-Pack 0
32New York Central Streamliner Car 2-Pack$109.956-39056Passenger Car 2-Pack 0
32Pennsylvania Railroad Streamliner Car 2-Pack$109.956-39092Multi Car Pack 0
33Canadian Pacific Aluminum Passenger Car 2-Pack$199.956-39151Passenger Car 2-Pack 2
33Erie-Lackawanna Aluminum Passenger Car 2-Pack$199.956-39163Passenger Car 2-Pack 0
33Kansas City Southern Aluminum Passenger Car 2-Pack$199.956-39160Passenger Car 2-Pack 0
33Southern Aluminum Passenger Car 2-Pack$199.956-39157Passenger Car 2-Pack 2
33Texas Special Aluminum Passenger Car 2-Pack$199.996-39166Passenger Car 2-Pack 2
Rolling Stock
34Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Extended Vision Caboose$79.956-17629Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose 0
34Burlington Northern Santa Fe Extended Vision Caboose$79.956-17628Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose 0
34Chesapeake & Ohio Extended Vision Caboose$79.956-17627Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose 2
34Union Pacific Extended Vision Caboose$79.956-17630Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose 2
35CSX Bay Window Caboose$79.956-17632Caboose - Bay Window Caboose 0
35Delaware & Hudson Bay Window Caboose$79.956-17634Caboose - Bay Window Caboose 2
35New York Central Bay Window Caboose$79.956-17633Caboose - Bay Window Caboose 0
35Virginian Bay Window Caboose$79.956-17631Caboose - Bay Window Caboose 3
36Koppers Unibody Tank Car$54.956-17919Tank Car - Uni-body Tank Car 5
36Southern Unibody Tank Car$54.956-17918Tank Car - Uni-body Tank Car 0
36Baltimore & Ohio Time-Saver 9464 Boxcar 467439$59.956-17270Boxcar 7
36Chesapeake & Ohio 9464 Boxcar 12700$59.956-17268Boxcar 2
36Western Maryland 9464 Boxcar 29140$59.956-17269Boxcar 0
37Western Maryland Skeleton Log Car 3-Pack$124.956-19492Log Car 3-Pack 0
37Westside Lumber Skeleton Log Car 3-Pack$124.956-19496Log Car 3-Pack 0
37Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Double-Door Boxcar 26852$64.956-17273Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar 3
37SOO Line Double-Door Boxcar 177587$64.956-17274Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar 2
38Burlington Northern Rotary Bathtub Gondola 3-Pack$149.956-17417Gondola 3-Pack 0
38CSX Rotary Bathtub Gondola 3-Pack$149.956-17421Gondola 3-Pack 4
38Chesapeake & Ohio Coal 3-Bay Hopper 6-Pack #2$249.956-21792Hopper 6-Pack 2
38Virginian Coal 3-Bay Hopper 6-Pack #2$249.956-21793Hopper 6-Pack 2
38Pacific Fruit Express Reefer 6-Pack$279.956-17319Reefer 6-Pack 0
40Postwar 6475 Libby's Vat Car$49.956-19490Vat Car 4
40Halloween Bats Aquarium Car$54.956-26747Aquarium Car 0
40Atomic Energy Commission Security Caboose$59.956-36718Caboose 5
40Atomic Energy Commission Security Caboose 3535$59.956-26761Caboose 2
40Postwar 3370 Sheriff And Outlaw Car$59.956-26765Operating Car 2
40Priority Mail Operating Boxcar$64.956-26766Boxcar 6
41Alaska Extension Searchlight Car$59.956-26793Searchlight Car 0
41Bethlehem Steel Operating Welding Car$79.956-26764Flatcar 2
41Monday Night Football 2-Pack$84.956-21783Flatcar 8
41Wabash Brakeman Car 3424$89.956-26770Brakeman Car 0
Operating Accessories
42497 Coaling Station$129.956-14107Station 4
42Lighted Lockon$9.956-14112Lock-On 2
4223796 Sawmill$99.956-49806Accessory 0
43Red Baron Pylon$129.956-14101Accessory 0
43Lionel Lighthouse$159.956-14087Building 0
43Lionel 419R Heliport$99.956-14084Accessory 8
44350 Engine Transfer Table$199.956-14113Accessory 12
44Haunted House$199.956-14072Building 0
44350-50 Engine Transfer Table Extension$49.956-14114Accessory 6
45Lionel Aquarium$279.956-14105Aquarium Car 8
45Rocket Launcher$299.956-14102Accessory 0
46Burlington Northern Rotary Bathtub Gondola 3-Pack$149.956-17417Gondola 3-Pack 0
46CSX Rotary Bathtub Gondola 3-Pack$149.956-17421Gondola 3-Pack 4
46Coal Loader$179.956-14157Loader 6
46Rotary Coal Tipple With Bathtub Gondola$449.956-32910Accessory 3
2002 Products
Train Sets
48Postwar 6448 Exploding Boxcar$49.956-26763Boxcar 2
49Postwar Girls Freight Set$499.956-31700Freight Set 0
49Postwar 3665 Minuteman Car$59.956-26762Minuteman Car 2
Steam Locomotives
50Chesapeake & Ohio 0-8-0 Locomotive 75$649.956-28081Locomotive 3
50New York Central 0-8-0 Locomotive 7745$649.956-28080Locomotive 3
50Southern 0-8-0 Yard Goat Locomotive 6536$649.956-38016Locomotive 4
51Pennsylvania Railroad 6-8-6 S2 Steam Turbine Locomotive$1299.956-38028Locomotive 0
Diesel Engines
52Chesapeake & Ohio F3 Diesel B Unit, Railsounds$299.956-14541Diesel 0
52Denver & Rio Grande Western F3 Diesel B Unit, Railsounds$299.956-14540Diesel 2
52Kansas City Southern F3 Diesel B Unit 2388C, Railsounds$299.956-14542Diesel 0
52Southern Pacific F3 Diesel B Unit, Railsounds$299.956-14543Diesel 2
53Alaska SD70MAC Diesel 4005$429.956-18294Diesel 0
53Norfolk Southern SD60 Diesel 6552$429.956-18266Diesel 0

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