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Lionel 2006 Volume 2 Catalog

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Page NumberItemCatalog PricePart NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Happy Holidays
7Holiday Express Freight Set$279.997-11000Freight Set 10
8North Pole Central Christmas Steam Train$219.996-30020Set 0
9North Pole Central Freight Expansion Pack$109.996-30040Multi Car Pack 0
9North Pole Central Passenger Expansion Pack$109.996-30039Passenger Car 3-Pack 2
11The Polar Express Add-On Figures$24.996-14273Figures 13
11The Polar Express O Gauge Set (Conv. 2-8-4 Berkshire #1225)$289.996-31960Passenger Set 27
11The Polar Express Baby Madison Baggage Car$59.996-25135Baggage Car 25
11The Polar Express Baby Madison Diner Car$59.996-25134Diner Car 23
11The Polar Express Baby Madison Hot Chocolate Car$59.996-25186Coach Car 8
11The Polar Express Elf Handcar$74.996-28425Hand Car 16
12Christmas Caboose$44.996-36551Caboose 0
12Holiday Boxcar$49.996-25008Boxcar 12
12Large Scale Christmas Boxcar 2006$59.998-87027Boxcar 6
122006 Holiday Boxcar$54.996-48363Boxcar 6
12Christmas Caboose$54.996-48739Caboose 2
13North Pole Central 4-4-0 Locomotive 25$109.996-18732Locomotive 0
13Christmas Rotary Snowplow$219.996-28417Snowplow 0
13Christmas Trolley$69.996-28418Trolley 2
13Santa's Speeder$69.996-28412Speeder 0
13North Pole Central Switcher 25$109.996-48059Switcher 0
14Angela Trotta Thomas "Santa's Break" Boxcar$49.996-25011Boxcar 10
14Gondola With Trees And Presents$59.996-26330Gondola 0
14Christmas Music Boxcar 2006$64.996-26858Boxcar 2
15Christmas Ice Breaker Car$54.996-16493Ice Breaker Car 5
15Candy Cane One Dome Tank Car$59.996-26196Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car 0
16Christmas Parade Boxcar$74.996-26859Boxcar 7
16Candy Cane Dump Car$79.996-36804Dump Car 2
16Candy Cane Dump Car$79.996-49028Dump Car 0
17Christmas Chase Gondola$64.996-26856Gondola 2
17Reindeer Jumping Boxcar$69.996-36805Boxcar 6
17Christmas Dump Car With Presents$79.996-26870Dump Car 0
17Santa Animated Caboose$79.996-36803Caboose 0
18North Pole Passenger Station$52.996-14258Station 0
18Nutcracker Operating Gateman$74.996-34164Gateman 0
19Christmas People Pack$20.996-14259Figures 3
19Christmas Tractor And Trailer$24.996-14260Tractor and Trailer 2
19Christmas Tree Lot$69.996-14261Accessory 0
Ready-to-Run Train Sets
21Pennsylvania Flyer Operating Freight Expansion Pack$109.996-30037Multi Car Pack 3
21Pennsylvania Flyer Passenger Expansion Pack$119.996-30004Passenger Car 0
21Pennsylvania Flyer Steam Freight Set$199.996-30018Freight Set 10
22New York Central Flyer Operating Freight Expansion Pack$109.996-30038Multi Car Pack 0
22New York Central Flyer Passenger Expansion Pack$109.996-30008Passenger Car 4
22New York Central Flyer Steam Freight Set$274.996-30016Freight Set 5
Thomas & Friends
24Percy The Tank Engine$104.996-18733Locomotive 0
24James The Tank Engine$109.996-18734Locomotive 0
25Sodor Freight Expansion Pack$109.996-30035Multi Car Pack 0
25Thomas & Friends Expansion Pack$109.996-30012Multi Car Pack 0
25Thomas The Tank Engine Set$169.996-31956Set 5
Ready-to-Run Train Sets
27Cascade Range Expansion Pack$109.996-30042Multi Car Pack 0
27Cascade Range Steam Logging Train$269.996-30021Set 0
28Southwest Diesel Freight Expansion Pack$109.996-30041Diesel 0
29Southwest Diesel Freight Set$294.996-30022Freight Set 0
30Union Pacific Fast Freight Steam Set$339.996-30024Freight Set 0
30Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe El Capitan Passenger Set$369.996-30001Passenger Set 3
32Chesapeake Super Freight Steam Set$474.996-30025Freight Set 0
32Canadian Pacific Diesel Freight Set$529.996-30026Freight Set 0
35New York Central Empire Builder Steam Freight Set$2799.996-30044Freight Set 0
36Nascar Diesel Freight Set$299.997-11004Freight Set 2
38Dale Earnhardt Jr. Diesel Freight Set$299.997-11005Freight Set 0
41Dale Earnhardt Jr. Expansion Pack$129.997-11008Multi Car Pack 0
41Dale Earnhardt Sr. Expansion Pack$129.997-11007Multi Car Pack 3
41Tony Stewart Expansion Pack$129.997-11009Multi Car Pack 0
43Jeff Gordon Expansion Pack$129.997-11011Multi Car Pack 0
43Jimmie Johnson Expansion Pack$129.997-11010Multi Car Pack 2
43Kasey Kahne Expansion Pack$129.997-11006Multi Car Pack 0
Premium Train Sets
44New York Central Hotbox Reefer Steam Freight Set$529.996-31750Freight Set 0
44Pennsylvania Electric Ballast Train$529.996-31747Set 3
46Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe U28CG Diesel Freight Set$769.996-31748Freight Set 3
49New York City Transit Authority R27 Subway Car 2-Pack$359.996-18378Multi Car Pack 2
49New York City Transit Authority R27 Subway Train$699.996-31751Set 0
50Prewar 269E Steam Freight Set$629.996-51009Freight Set 7
51Baltimore & Ohio F3 Diesel A Unit 2368, Nonpowered$199.996-34504Diesel 0
51Baltimore & Ohio Diesel Freight Set #2269W$739.996-31752Freight Set 5
52Virginian Diesel Freight Set #2519W$729.996-31740Freight Set 2
53Great Northern Diesel Freight Set #2551W$739.996-31753Freight Set 4
54Norfolk & Western Space Freight Set #2545WS$1159.996-31754Freight Set 0
Traditional Steam Locomotives
55Norfolk & Western J Class Tender, Air Whistle$69.996-29850Tender 0
56New York Central 4-4-2 Atlantic Locomotive 8637, Traditional$109.996-28694Locomotive 0
56Western Maryland 4-4-2 Atlantic Locomotive 103, Traditional$109.996-28677Locomotive 0
56Western Maryland Center Cupola Caboose 1863, Traditional$44.996-36559Caboose - Center Cupola Caboose 0
56New York Central Sp-Type Caboose, Traditional$47.996-36566Caboose 2
57Chesapeake & Ohio 0-6-0 Dockside Switcher 67$109.996-28674Switcher 0
57Halloween 0-6-0 Dockside Switcher X-131, Traditional$109.996-28695Switcher 4
57Southern Pacific 0-6-0 Dockside Switcher 675$109.996-28675Switcher 11
57U.S. Steel 0-6-0 Dockside Switcher 76$109.996-28676Switcher 3
57Chesapeake & Ohio Center Cupola Caboose 90876, Traditional$44.996-36560Caboose - Center Cupola Caboose 0
57Halloween Transfer Caboose, Traditional$44.996-36550Caboose - Transfer Caboose 3
57Southern Pacific Work Caboose, Traditional$44.996-36554Caboose - Work Caboose 0
57U.S. Steel Work Caboose$44.996-36552Caboose - Work Caboose 0
58Lionel Lines Bay Window Caboose 834$159.996-29834Caboose - Bay Window Caboose 0
58Reading 0-4-0 Locomotive 1152, Traditional$169.996-28680Locomotive 0
58Rio Grande 0-4-0 Locomotive 55$169.996-28678Locomotive 0
58Lionel Lines 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive 737$349.996-11101Locomotive 2
58Reading Work Caboose, Traditional$44.996-36563Caboose - Work Caboose 0
58Rio Grande Work Caboose, Traditional$44.996-36557Caboose - Work Caboose 0
59Baltimore & Ohio 2-8-2 Mikado Locomotive 1520$259.996-28683Locomotive 0
59Union Pacific 2-8-2 Mikado Locomotive 2498$259.996-28684Locomotive 0
61Southern Pacific Bay Window Caboose 4667$159.996-29835Caboose - Bay Window Caboose 0
61Southern Pacific Lionmaster Cab Forward Locomotive 4276, Railsounds$849.996-11107Locomotive 2
Standard O Steam Locomotives
63Chesapeake & Ohio 0-8-0 Locomotive 79$419.996-11109Locomotive 0
63New York Central 0-8-0 Locomotive 7805$419.996-11110Locomotive 2
64Southern PS-4 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 1403$999.996-11103Locomotive 0
65Southern Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack$264.996-15593Passenger Car 2-Pack 0
65Southern Heavyweight Diner, Stationsounds$294.996-15596Diner Car 0
65Southern Heavyweight Passenger Car 4-Pack$494.996-15588Passenger Car 4-Pack 0
66Chesapeake & Ohio F-19 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 494 "The George Washington"$1159.996-11108Locomotive 2
Joshua Lionel Cowen Series Allegheny
69Chesapeake & Ohio 2-6-6-6 Allegheny Locomotive 1650$1699.996-38081Locomotive 0
Joshua Lionel Cowen Series Big Boys
70AUnion Pacific Big Boy Locomotive 4014$1699.996-11104Locomotive 3
70AUnion Pacific Big Boy Locomotive 4023$1699.996-11123Locomotive 0
70AUnion Pacific Big Boy Locomotive 4024$1699.996-11122Locomotive 2
71Pacific Fruit Express 40' Wood-Sided Refrigerator Car 3-Pack$194.996-11657Multi Car Pack 0
71Pacific Fruit Express 40' Wood-Sided Refrigerator Car 97680$64.996-27361Refrigerator Car 5
71Union Pacific Ca-4 Caboose 25103$89.996-17691Caboose - Ca-4 Caboose 4
71Union Pacific Ca-4 Caboose 3826$89.996-17690Caboose - Ca-4 Caboose 4
Traditional Diesel Locomotives
72Great Northern GP9 Diesel 688, Traditional$209.996-28865Diesel 0
72Milwaukee Road Snowplow X903, Traditional$209.996-28413Snowplow 3
72Third Avenue Trolley 1651, Traditional$69.996-28415Trolley 2
73U.S. Army Missile Launch Car$189.996-26877Missile Car 0
73U.S. Army Missile Launcher Locomotive$299.996-28411Locomotive 0
Standard O Diesel Locomotives
74Norfolk & Western ALCO C420 Hi-Nose Switcher 416, Nonpowered$159.996-28250Switcher 0
74Rio Grande SD-40t-2 Diesel 5349, Nonpowered$159.996-28248Diesel 0
74Norfolk & Western ALCO C420 High-Nose Switcher 417$419.996-28244Switcher 0
75Chicago & North Western U30C Diesel 936, Nonpowered$159.996-28253Diesel 0
75Southern Pacific U33C Diesel 8774, Nonpowered$159.996-28252Diesel 0
75Chicago & North Western U30C Diesel 935$454.996-28241Diesel 0
75Southern Pacific U33C Diesel 8773$454.996-28242Diesel 0
76New York Central E7 Diesel Breakdown B Unit, Railsounds$269.996-24597Diesel 0
76Union Pacific E7 Diesel Breakdown B Unit, Railsounds$269.996-24596Diesel 0
76New York Central E7 Diesel AA Set$699.996-24579Diesel AA Set 0
76Union Pacific E7 Diesel AA Set$699.996-24574Diesel AA Set 2
77New York Central E7 Diesel B Unit 4105, Nonpowered$149.996-24582Diesel 0
77Union Pacific E7 Diesel B Unit 990, Nonpowered$149.996-24577Diesel 3
77New York Central E7 Diesel B Unit 4104, Powered$299.996-24583Diesel 0
77Union Pacific E7 Diesel B Unit 988, Powered$299.996-24578Diesel 0
78Pennsylvania F7 Diesel B Unit 9643B, Powered$299.996-24588Diesel 3
78Pennsylvania F7 Diesel ABA Set$899.996-24584Diesel ABA Set 0
79Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe F7 Diesel B Unit 332B, Powered$299.996-24593Diesel 0
79Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe F7 Diesel ABA Set$899.996-24589Diesel ABA Set 0
80Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe F7 Diesel Breakdown B Unit, Railsounds$269.996-24595Diesel 0
80New York Central E7 Diesel Breakdown B Unit, Railsounds$269.996-24597Diesel 0
80Pennsylvania Railroad F7 Diesel Breakdown B Unit, Railsounds$269.996-24594Diesel 0
80Union Pacific E7 Diesel Breakdown B Unit, Railsounds$269.996-24596Diesel 0
81Pennsylvania Railroad BB1 Electric Locomotive 3900$649.996-18364Locomotive 0
Electric Locomotives
82Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 Electric Locomotive 4866, Silver$899.996-18374Electric Locomotive 3
82Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 Electric Locomotive 4912, Tuscan, 5 Stripes$899.996-18371Electric Locomotive 2
82Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 Electric Locomotive 4925, Green, 1 Stripe$899.996-18372Electric Locomotive 0
83New York Central S2 Electric Locomotive 125$499.996-18373Locomotive 5
K-Line By Lionel
84K-Line By Lionel Pacific Locomotive #2006$259.996-38621Locomotive 0
84K-Line By Lionel Boxcar$39.996-15060Boxcar 4
84K-Line By Lionel Caboose$39.996-36607Caboose 4
85K-Line By Lionel MP-15 Diesel Locomotive #2006$139.996-18988Diesel 0
86Baltimore & Ohio Porter Locomotive 16, Traditional, K-Line$99.996-38620Locomotive 0
86Bethlehem Steel Plymouth Switcher, Traditional, K-Line$99.996-18989Switcher 2
87Baltimore & Ohio Rolling Stock Set, K-Line$99.996-31768Set 0
87Bethlehem Steel Rolling Stock Set, K-Line$99.996-31767Set 0
88Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 2037, Traditional, K-Line$259.996-38619Locomotive 0
88Pennsylvania Speeder Set, Traditional, K-Line$74.996-30064Set 0
89Operating Milk Car With Platform, K-Line$139.996-36839Milk Car 2
89Lionel Power Co. Voltmeter Car, K-Line$74.996-36838Voltmeter Car 0
89Operating Milk Loading Depot, K-Line$99.996-14291Accessory 0
Traditional Freight Cars
90Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Hi-Cube Boxcar$29.996-25009Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar 4
90Central Of New Jersey Hopper 60714$29.996-16491Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper 0
90Chicago & North Western Ore Car 114023$29.996-16492Ore Car 4
90Delaware & Hudson Waffle-Sided Boxcar 24052$29.996-15018Boxcar - Waffle-Side Boxcar 3
90Lionel Lines Work Caboose$29.996-36556Caboose - Work Caboose 0
90Northern Pacific Boxcar 48189$29.996-25010Boxcar 0
91Chessie Bulkhead Flatcar$29.996-26307Flatcar - Bulkhead Flatcar 7
91Denver & Rio Grande Western Gondola 56135 With Canisters$29.996-26306Gondola 3
91Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range One Dome Tank Car S15$29.996-26180Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car 2
91Great Northern Three Dome Tank Car$29.996-26179Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car 5

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