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Lionel 2015 Christmas Catalog

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Page NumberItemCatalog PricePart NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
2015 Holiday Gift Guide
2Well Stock Shelves Welcome Mat Insert$19.999-42031Misc 0
2Well Stocked Shelves House Flag$19.999-42029Building 0
2Welcome Mat Tray$34.999-33038Misc 0
2Well-Stocked Shelves Wall Hanging$34.999-42030Misc 0
2Well Stocked Shelves Garden Flag$9.999-42028Accessory 0
3Pewter Lionel Bookmark$14.999-41039Book 0
3Vintage Lionel L Marquee Light$179.999-42024Misc 0
3Pewter Lionel Money Clip$29.999-41040Misc 0
3Lionel Neon Sign$349.999-41021Accessory 0
3Lionel L Pewter Cuff Links In Wood Box$39.999-41042Misc 2
3Lionel Railroad Clock$39.999-33044Clock 0
3Lionel Pewter Mechanical Pocket Watch$99.999-41038Accessory 0
Holiday LionChief Sets
4Santa's Helper Steam Freight Set$339.996-82545Freight Set 0
4Santa's Helper Crane$84.996-82693Crane 0
6Frosty The Snowman LionChief Remote Christmas Set (loco 321)$319.996-81284Freight Set 0
6Frosty The Snowman Boxcar$54.996-81428Boxcar 0
6Frosty The Snowman Animated Gondola$64.996-81426Gondola 0
6Frosty The Snowman Passenger Station$64.996-81425Station 0
6Frosty The Snowman Aquarium Car$74.996-81427Aquarium Car 0
8Thomas & Friends Christmas Set$199.956-30162Set 0
9Thomas & Friends Sodor Tank And Wagon Expansion Pack$149.956-30141Multi Car Pack 0
9Thomas & Friends Diorama$17.956-16857Diorama 4
9Thomas & Friends Sodor Train Shed$59.956-37989Building 0
10Silver Bells Christmas 2-4-2 Remote Set$269.996-30205Freight Set 0
10Silver Bell Casting Co. Hopper$69.996-82748Hopper 0
12Thomas Kinkade Christmas Passenger Set, Lionchief$399.996-81395Passenger Set 3
12Thomas Kinkade Holiday Covered Bridge$69.996-81290Bridge 0
The Polar Express
14The Polar Express O Gauge Set with LionChief Remote and RailSounds RC$429.996-30218Passenger Set 7
16The Polar Express Mail Car$69.996-82498Mail Car 3
16The Polar Express Disappearing Hobo Car$74.996-35130Hobo Car 17
17The Polar Express Baby Madison Baggage Car$69.996-25135Baggage Car 27
17The Polar Express Baby Madison Diner Car$69.996-25134Diner Car 32
17The Polar Express Baby Madison Hot Chocolate Car$69.996-25186Coach Car 18
18The Polar Express Aquarium Car$84.996-82510Aquarium Car 3
18The Polar Express Work Caboose With Presents$84.996-82512Caboose - Work Caboose 0
18The Polar Express Hero Boy's Home$89.996-82100Building 0
19Thomas Kinkade Polar Express Boxcar$84.996-82877Boxcar 2
20The Polar Express Caribou Animal Pack$26.996-24251Figures 6
20The Polar Express Wolves and Rabbit Animal Pack$26.996-24252Figures 14
20The Polar Express Add-On Figures$29.996-14273Figures 19
20The Polar Express Original Figures, 4 Pieces$29.996-24203Figures 14
20The Polar Express 10Th Anniversary Pewter Snowman and Children Figure Pack$36.996-37183Figures 0
20The Polar Express Covered Bridge$69.996-82500Bridge 0
20The Polar Express Straight Tunnel$79.996-37837Tunnel 0
22The Polar Express Coach with Conductor Announcement$131.996-36875Coach Car 7
22The Polar Express Streamliner Passenger Car Add-On 2-Pack$149.996-35290Passenger Car 2-Pack 2
22The Polar Express 10Th Anniversary Streamliner Passenger Set$499.996-30220Passenger Set 0
22The Polar Express Elf Handcar$99.996-28425Hand Car 25
Holiday Transformer Sets
24Peanuts Christmas Ready-to-Run Set (Conv. 0-8-0 Steam Loco)$389.996-30193Set 0
24Peanuts Psychiatric Booth$39.996-37169Building 0
25Gingerbread Junction Docksider Train Set$319.996-30219Set 0
25Christmas Gingerbread Shanty$39.996-82708Building 3
Holiday Rolling Stock
26Pennsylvania Railroad Silver & Gold Ore Car 2-Pack$129.996-82709Multi Car Pack 0
26Candy Mountain Christmas Quad Hopper$64.996-82742Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper 12
26Pennsylvania Railroad Ice Breaker Tunnel Car$64.996-82710Ice Breaker Car 0
26Christmas Tinsel Vat Car$69.996-82741Vat Car 4
26Santa's Favorites Transparent Gift Car$84.996-82711Car 0
28Candy Cane Flatcar With Bulkheads$59.996-81373Flatcar - Bulkhead Flatcar 0
28Santa's Reserve Cocoa Tank Cars$59.996-81372Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car 0
28Angela Trotta Thomas Lionelville Christmas Boxcar$74.996-82699Boxcar 2
28Christmas Boxcar 2015$74.996-82691Boxcar 3
28Coca-Cola Polar Bear Boxcar$84.996-39361Boxcar 0
28Coca-Cola Santa Boxcar$84.996-82737Boxcar 0
30Santa Claus Bobbing Head Boxcar$69.996-81992Boxcar 0
30Christmas Music Boxcar 2015$79.996-82713Boxcar 2
30Personalized Christmas Message Boxcar$84.996-81316Boxcar 6
30Winter Wonderland Aquarium Car$94.996-82740Aquarium Car 4
321955 Christmas Inspection Truck$179.996-81122Inspection Vehicle 0
32Escaping Snowmen Handcar$89.996-82701Hand Car 0
33Santa's Sleigh Rocket Fuel Tank Car$64.996-81494Tank Car - Two Dome Tank Car 0
33Postwar 1887 Christmas Flatcar With Reindeer$69.996-81984Flatcar 0
33North Pole Central Boxcar$79.996-82739Boxcar 0
O-Scale The Polar Express
34The Polar Express Scale Heavyweight Diner$209.996-25630Diner Car 0
34The Polar Express Scale Observation Car$209.996-25576Observation Car 0
34The Polar Express 10Th Anniversary Scale Gold Edition Observation Car$214.996-25796Observation Car 0
34The Polar Express Reindeer Stock Car$89.996-82514Stock Car 0
34The Polar Express N5B Caboose$94.996-81811Caboose - N5B Caboose 0
Holiday Accessories
36North Pole Central Icing Station$149.996-82051Station 4
36Santa's Work Shoppe Sawmill$239.996-82050Building 4
36Santa's Work Shoppe Log Dump Car$64.996-82049Dump Car 0
36Christmas Floodlight Tower$74.996-82746Tower 5
36North Pole Central Icing Car$74.996-82053Boxcar 0
36Santa Claus Automatic Gateman$99.996-82744Gateman 0
38Christmas Cocoa Barrel Shed$49.996-82745Building 0
38Santa's Reindeer Station Platform$49.996-82743Platform 5
40Christmas Girder Bridge Track$24.996-81249Track 0
40Christmas Crossing Shanty$29.996-37814Building 3
40North Pole Central Girder Bridge$29.996-37197Bridge 0
40Christmas Red Arch Under Bridge$29.996-82747Bridge 0
40North Pole Central Water Tower$39.996-82736Water Tower 0
40Christmas Hopper Shed$44.996-81627Building 0
42Christmas Billboard Set$12.996-35295Billboard 2
42Christmas Wreath Clock Tower$42.996-82005Tower 0
42Old St. Nick Operating Billboard$59.996-82002Billboard 0
42Christmas Railroad Signs$9.996-37185Accessory 0
Christmas Tree Layouts
45The Polar Express Locomotive Golden Ticket Commemorative$11.999-22042Accessory 0
45North Pole Stocking$14.999-33079Accessory 0
45North Pole Tree Stocking Holder$29.999-33059Accessory 0
45The Polar Express 'North Pole Tree' Tree Skirt$34.999-33077Misc 0
47Angela Trotta Thomas Santa's Finishing Touch Stocking$14.999-33058Accessory 0
47Lionel Lantern Ornament$14.999-22039Ornament 0
47Lionel Train Crossing Ornament$14.999-22040Ornament 0
47New York Central Blown Glass Locomotive Ornament$14.999-22035Ornament 0
47New York Central Blown Glass Passenger Car Ornament$14.999-22037Ornament 0
47New York Central Blown Glass Tender Ornament$14.999-22036Ornament 0
472015 Locomotive Commemorative Ornament$29.999-22038Ornament 0
47Santa's Finishing Touch Tree Skirt$34.999-33053Misc 0
American Flyer S-Gauge
The Polar Express
48The Polar Express Girder Bridge$21.996-49882Bridge 0
Holiday Rolling Stock
48The Polar Express FlyerChief Ready-to-Run Set$399.996-49632Passenger Set 0
48The Polar Express Abandoned Toy Car$69.996-49972Toy Car 5
48The Polar Express Baggage Car$69.996-49973Baggage Car 0
48The Polar Express Elf Handcar$99.996-49078Hand Car 0
50North Pole Gondola With Cocoa Containers$59.996-48875Gondola 0
50Christmas Boxcar 2015$64.996-48882Boxcar 0
50Christmas S-Scale Cylindrical Hopper$79.996-48664Hopper 0
Christmas Tree Layouts
53The Polar Express 'santa In Sleigh' Stocking$14.999-33080Accessory 0
53The Polar Express North Pole Tree Water Globe$24.999-33063Misc 0
53The Gift Stocking Holder$29.999-33060Accessory 0
53Santa In Sleigh Tree Skirt$34.999-33075Accessory 0
The Polar Express
54The Polar Express G-Gauge Set (1225)$149.957-11022Set 110
54The Polar Express G-Gauge Diorama$19.997-11138Diorama 0
54The Polar Express People Pack$19.997-11484Figures 0
54The Polar Express 10th Anniversary G-Gauge Boxcar$39.997-11541Boxcar 0
Holiday G-Gauge Sets
56Frosty The Snowman G-Gauge Set$149.957-11498Set 5
56Frosty The Snowman Figure Pack$29.997-11528Figures 0
58Coca-Cola Holiday G-Gauge Set$164.957-11488Set 0

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