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Lionel 2021 Big Book Catalog

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Page NumberItemCatalog PricePart NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
86Hogwarts Express Lionchief Set With Bluetooth 5.0 and Dementors Coach$424.992123140Passenger Set 19
86Hogwarts Add-On Coach$74.996-85264Coach Car 12
87Dementors Coach$84.996-84767Coach Car 7
88Halloween Flagpole$39.992129230Flagpole 8
88Halloween Sound Car$79.992128170Sound Car 5
89Halloween Girder Bridge$29.992125010Bridge 11
89Hallow's Eve Limited Lionchief Set$374.992123060Locomotive Set 8
89Halloween Water Tower$39.992129280Water Tower 5
89Halloween Lighted Half Covered Bridge$79.992129330Bridge 6
90Halloween TMCC Speeder$149.992135060Speeder 3
90Halloween Lionchief General$249.992132060Locomotive 2
90Halloween Elevated Oil Tank$89.992129380Oil Tank 4
91Halloween Lawn Figures$24.991930080Figures 6
91Halloween Haunted House, Plug-Expand-Play$249.991929170Building 10
91Trick Or Treaters Figures$29.991930070Figures 4
91Halloween Operating Billboard$79.996-82064Billboard 3
91Jack O'Lantern Flat Car$79.992028160Flatcar 0
91Halloween Rotary Beacon$79.992129130Beacon 5
91ELX Trolley$99.992035010Trolley 2
92Space Launch Lionchief Freight Set$399.992123080Freight Set 19
93Space Launch Allis-Chalmers Car With Capsules$74.992128360Other Car 4
94Area 51 Groom Lake Water Tower$39.992129300Water Tower 0
94Area 51 Lionchief Set With Bluetooth 5.0$459.992123160Freight Set 0
94Area 51 Elevated Oil Tank$89.992129210Oil Tank 5
95Area 51 Souvenir Stand$124.992029280Accessory 0
95Area 51 Search Tower$99.992029200Tower 0
96Star Trek Lionchief Set With Bluetooth 5.0$479.992123120Set 0
96Chasing Gondola - Riker, Picard And Q$84.992128100Gondola 3
97Star Trek TMCC Speeder$149.992135070Speeder 0
97Dilithium Crystals Hopper With Illumination$89.992128090Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper 0
98Star Trek Deep Space Nine Captain Sisko Boxcar$74.992128330Boxcar 0
98Star Trek Voyager Captain Janeway Boxcar$74.992128320Boxcar 0
99Star Trek Captain Kirk Boxcar$74.992028540Boxcar 0
99Star Trek The Next Generation Captain Picard Boxcar$74.992028550Boxcar 0
99Romulan Ale Tank Car$79.992028520Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car 0
99Tribble Transport Car$79.992028530Transport Car 0
100Anheuser Busch Covered Bridge$59.992130090Bridge 3
100Anheuser-Busch Cold Storage Car$89.992028240Storage Car 0
101Anheuser-Busch Billboard 3-Pack$24.991930150Building 0
101Budweiser Delivery Lionchief ET44 Set$369.992023030Freight Set 0
102Anheuser-Busch Brewing Reefer$79.992028220Reefer 5
102Anheuser-Busch Malt Tonics Wood-Sided Reefer$79.991928210Reefer - Wood-Sided Reefer 7
102Enjoy Budweiser Reefer$79.992028230Reefer 10
102This Buds For You Reefer$79.992128110Reefer 6
102Those Who Know Bud Reefer$79.992128120Reefer 5
103Anheuser-Busch Barrel Shed$24.992030170Building 0
103Anheuser-Busch Unibody Tank Car$74.991928240Tank Car - Uni-body Tank Car 2
103Anheuser-Busch Barrel Ramp Flat Car$79.991928250Flatcar 0
104Chesapeake & Ohio Steam Lionchief Set$399.992123010Freight Set 5
104Kansas City Southern ET44 Lionchief Set$424.992123030Set 4
104Chesapeake & Ohio Walking Brakeman Car$99.992128010Brakeman Car 8
106Lionel Lines Flatcar With Handcar$124.992128080Flatcar 5
106Lionel Lines Lionchief Set$299.992023120Freight Set 5
107Station Platform$39.996-83496Station 5
107Classic Automatic Gateman$94.996-81063Gateman 7
108Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Super Chief Lionchief Set$429.996-84719Passenger Set 18
108Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Add-On Vista Dome Car$94.996-84725Vista Dome Car 8
109Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Add-On Baggage Car$89.996-84724Baggage Car 10
110Union Pacific Flyer Lionchief Steam Freight Set With Bluetooth$299.991923040Freight Set 7
110Jersey Central Blue Comet 4-4-2 Steam Passenger Lionchief Set$369.91923070Passenger Set 2
111Union Pacific Barrel Ramp Flat Car$74.991928510Ramp Car 3
112Pennsylvania Railroad Keystone Special Steam Freight Set, Lionchief$299.996-83072Freight Set 7
112United States Steam Freight Lionchief Set With Bluetooth$399.991923100Freight Set 9
112Pennsylvania Railroad Girder Bridge Flatcar$84.992128200Flatcar 8
114GE Tier 4 LionChief Set$399.992023100Freight Set 3
114Norfolk Southern Tier 4 Diesel Freight Lionchief Set$399.991923050Freight Set 0
116Lehigh Valley U36B Diesel Freight Lionchief Set With Bluetooth$329.991923090Freight Set 5
116Alaska Freight Lionchief Set$399.992023150Freight Set 6
LionChief Steam
118Pennsylvania Railroad Lionchief General$249.992132070Locomotive 0
118Western & Atlantic Lionchief General$249.992132080Locomotive 0
119Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 0-8-0 #729$219.992032200Locomotive 0
119Great Northern 0-8-0 #831$219.992032210Locomotive 0
119Reading 0-8-0 #1493$219.992032220Locomotive 0
119Southern Lionchief 0-8-0 #1849$219.992032230Locomotive 0
LionChief Diesel
120Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Lionchief U36B$219.992134050Diesel 0
120CSX Lionchief U36B$219.992134080Diesel 0
120Seaboard System Lionchief U36B$219.992134070Diesel 2
120Union Pacific Lionchief U36B$219.992134060Diesel 0
121Burlington Northern Lionchief GP38 #2085$219.992034190Diesel 0
121Chessie Lionchief GP38 #3847$219.992034200Diesel 0
121Conrail Lionchief GP38 #7670$219.992034180Diesel 0
Rolling Stock
122Foghorn Leghorn Crockett-Doodle Do Boxcar$89.992038150Boxcar 2
122Picnic With Porky Boxcar$89.992038160Boxcar 3
122Robin Hood Daffy Boxcar$89.992038170Boxcar 4
122Road Runner Aquarium Car$99.992128230Aquarium Car 7
123Looney Tunes "Scent-Imental Over You" Chasing Gondola$79.991928630Gondola 0
123Scooby-Doo Aquarium Car$99.991928360Aquarium Car 0
124Batman Classic Gotham City Villains Hi-Cube Boxcar$79.991928600Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar 0
124Batman Hi-Cube Boxcar$79.992028290Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar 2
124Batman Rotary Beacon$89.992129100Beacon 3
125Batman Shark Repellent Uni-Body Tank Car$74.992028280Tank Car - Uni-body Tank Car 0
125Batman Vs The Joker Duel Car$84.992028270Duel Car 2
125Batman - Jokers Laughing Gas Missile Car$89.991928580Missile Car 2
125Batman Aquarium Car$99.992128220Aquarium Car 2
126Ford Service Station$149.992129360Building 4
126Ford Water Tower$49.992129260Water Tower 0
126Ford Vintage Boxcar$74.992128150Boxcar 0
127Chevy Service Station$149.992129370Building 2
127Chevy Water Tower$49.992129270Water Tower 2
127Chevy Vintage Boxcar$74.992128160Boxcar 7
128Angela Trotta Thomas Hudson Boxcar$74.992128310Boxcar 3
128Angela Trotta Thomas Santa Fe Boxcar$74.992128300Boxcar 9
128Amtrak 50th Anniversary Boxcar$84.992138040Boxcar 2
128Erie 170th Anniversary Boxcar$84.992138050Boxcar 4
129WWII Africa Campaign MUSA Boxcar$84.992138130Boxcar 5
129WWII Fletcher Class Destroyer MUSA Boxcar$84.992138140Boxcar 2
129Berlin Wall MUSA Boxcar$89.992038080Boxcar 4
130Wings Of Angels - Jessie$89.992138190Boxcar 0
130Wings Of Angels - Kacie$89.992138110Boxcar 0
130Wings Of Angels - Victoria$89.992138120Boxcar 2
131Coors Banquet Reefer$79.992028260Reefer 6
131Coors Golden Beer Wood-Sided Reefer$79.991928270Reefer - Wood-Sided Reefer 0
131Hamm's Beer Wood-Sided Reefer$79.991928280Reefer - Wood-Sided Reefer 0
131Miller High Life Beer Wood-Sided Reefer$79.991928260Reefer - Wood-Sided Reefer 0
131Miller High Life Reefer$79.992028250Reefer 5
131Vintage Coors Reefer$79.992128140Reefer 8
131Vintage High Life Reefer$79.992128130Reefer 9
132President Lyndon B Johnson$79.992138060Boxcar 0
133President Chester A Arthur$79.992138070Boxcar 0
133President Franklin Pierce$79.992138080Boxcar 0
134Pennsylvania Power & Light Hopper 6-Pack$149.91928140Hopper 6-Pack 0
134Union Pacific Hopper 6-Pack$149.96-84773Hopper 6-Pack 0
134Burlington Northern Hopper 6-Pack$149.991928110Hopper 6-Pack 0
134Chicago & North Western Hopper 6-Pack$149.991928120Hopper 6-Pack 0
134CSX Hopper 6-Pack$149.991928130Hopper 6-Pack 0
134Norfolk & Western Hopper 6-Pack$149.996-84772Hopper 6-Pack 0
134Norfolk Southern Hopper 6-Pack$149.996-84774Hopper 6-Pack 0
134Peabody Hopper 6-Pack$149.996-84770Hopper 6-Pack 3
134Reading Hopper 6-Pack$149.991928150Hopper 6-Pack 0
135Canadian National Ore Car 6-Pack$149.991928170Ore Car 6-Pack 0
135Erie Mining Company Ore Car 6-Pack$149.991928180Ore Car 6-Pack 0
135Great Northern Ore Car 6-Pack$149.996-84777Ore Car 6-Pack 0
135Union Pacific Ore Car 6-Pack$149.991928200Ore Car 6-Pack 0
136Lionel Ale Uni-Body Tank Car$74.992028500Tank Car - Uni-body Tank Car 2
136Shark Research & Rescue Aquarium Car$99.992028020Aquarium Car 4
136Shark Fin Car$99.992128020Fin Car 5
137Nickel Plate Road TOFC Flatcar Add-On$69.991928550Flatcar - TOFC Flatcar 0
137Burlington Northern Santa Fe Maxi-Stack Well Car$79.991928520Well Car 0
137CSX Maxi-Stack Well Car$79.991928530Well Car 0
137TTX Maxi-Stack Well Car$79.991928540Well Car 0
137Fort Collins Trolley$99.992035020Trolley 0
138Personalized Birthday Caboose$89.991938340Caboose 0
138Personalized Christmas Caboose$89.991938320Caboose 0
138Personalized 2021 Happy Anniversary Boxcar$89.992138170Boxcar 0
138Personalized 2021 Happy Birthday Boxcar$89.992138150Boxcar 0
138Personalized 2021 Merry Christmas Boxcar$89.992138160Boxcar 0
139Blue From The Home Front Personalized Boxcar$89.996-84580Boxcar 0
139Green From The Home Front Personalized Boxcar$89.996-84581Boxcar 0
139Man's Best Friend Personalized Boxcar$89.996-84898Boxcar 0
139Personalized It's A Boy Boxcar$89.996-83950Boxcar 0
139Personalized It's A Girl Boxcar$89.996-83951Boxcar 0
139U.S. Army Personalized Boxcar$89.996-84575Boxcar 0
139U.S. Coast Guard Personalized Boxcar$89.996-84579Boxcar 0
139U.S. Marine Corps Personalized Boxcar$89.996-84576Boxcar 0
139U.S. Navy Personalized Boxcar$89.996-84578Boxcar 0
139United States Air Force Personalized Boxcar$89.996-84577Boxcar 0
139World's Greatest Cat Personalized Boxcar$89.996-84899Boxcar 0
139First Responders EMT Personalized Boxcar$94.996-84570Boxcar 0
139First Responders Fire Fighter Personalized Boxcar$94.996-84572Boxcar 0
139First Responders Police Personalized Boxcar$94.996-84571Boxcar 0
142The Polar Express 40' Flatcar With Bell$99.992126680Flatcar - 40' Flatcar 0
142The Polar Express High Speed Train Expansion Pack$999.992127140Passenger Set 0
143The Polar Express Sleeping Car "Believe" - Black Roof$209.992127341Sleeping Car 5
143The Polar Express Sleeping Car "Believe" - White Roof$209.992127351Sleeping Car 0
143The Polar Express Sleeping Car "North Pole" - Black Roof$209.992127342Sleeping Car 0
143The Polar Express Sleeping Car "North Pole" - White Roof$209.992127352Sleeping Car 0
143The Polar Express Legacy High Speed Train Set$2499.992122190Passenger Set 0
144The Polar Express Freight Lionchief Set$374.992123070Freight Set 17
144The Polar Express Lionchief Set With Bluetooth 5.0 and Disappearing Hobo Car$424.992123130Set 19
146The Polar Express TMCC Speeder$149.992135050Speeder 7
146The Polar Express Billboard Pack$19.992130100Billboard 7
146The Polar Express Girder Bridge Flatcar$84.992128210Flatcar 7
146The Polar Express Elevated Oil Tank$99.992129190Oil Tank 7
147The Polar Express Present Chute Station$169.992129070Station 0
147The Polar Express Boxcar$74.992128280Boxcar 5
147The Polar Express Operating Present Car$89.992128240Boxcar 7
148The Polar Express Baggage Car$74.996-84605Baggage Car 6
148The Polar Express Combination Car$74.996-84600Combination Car 7
148The Polar Express Letters To Santa Mail Car$74.996-84601Mail Car 6
148The Polar Express Disappearing Hobo Car$79.996-84602Hobo Car 10
149The Polar Express Diner$74.996-84604Diner Car 8
149The Polar Express Hot Chocolate Car$74.996-84603Hot Chocolate Car 8
149The Polar Express Skiing Hobo Observation - Black Roof$84.992027800Observation Car 0
149The Polar Express Skiiing Hobo Observation Car (LCCA 2018)$89.996-85400Observation Car 7
150The Polar Express Hot Cocoa Car$179.992028120Boxcar 2
150The Polar Express Elf Bobbing Car$84.992028110Stock Car 4
150The Polar Express Present Mint Car$89.992028470Mint Car 5
151The Polar Express Operating Searchlight Car$69.991928420Searchlight Car 0
151The Polar Express Elf Handcar$99.996-28425Hand Car 23
151The Polar Express Hero Boy Walking Brakeman Box Car$99.991928400Boxcar 5
152Plug-Expand-Play The Polar Express Conductor Gateman$119.996-82735Gateman 12
152The Polar Express Illuminated Station Platform$54.991929060Station 6
152Plug-Expand-Play The Polar Express Hero Boy's House$89.996-85410Building 12
153The Polar Express Passenger Station$109.992029050Station 7
153The Polar Express Barrel Shed$24.992030150Building 5
153Plug-Expand-Play The Polar Express Illuminated Flagpole$59.996-85271Accessory 8
154The Polar Express Add-On Figures$29.996-14273Figures 16
154The Polar Express Original Figures, 4 Pieces$29.996-24203Figures 14
154The Polar Express Snowman & Children People Pack$29.991830010Figures 13
154The Polar Express Elves Figure Set$32.996-83185Figures 9
155The Polar Express Caribou Animal Pack$26.996-24251Figures 3
155The Polar Express Wolves and Rabbit Animal Pack$26.996-24252Figures 12
155The Polar Express Elf Warming Shacks$59.992030140Building 6
LionChief Sets
156Disney Christmas Steam Freight Lionchief Set$349.991923140Freight Set 16
156Mickey & Friends Christmas Flatcar With Girders$84.992128340Flatcar 7
157Mickey & Friends Christmas Tank Car$69.992028360Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car 0
157Mickey & Friends Christmas Present Car$89.992128350Present Car 5
158Christmas Water Tower$39.992129290Water Tower 6
158Christmas Light Express Lionchief Set With Bluetooth 5.0$459.992123100Set 16
159Christmas Light Express Boxcar$89.992028300Boxcar - Express Boxcar 0
160Winter Wonderland Barrel Shed$24.992030160Building 0
160Merry Christmas Fastrack Girder Bridge$29.992025050Bridge 8
160Winter Wonderland Steam Freight Lionchief Set$299.991923150Freight Set 17
161Winter Wonderland Illuminated Station Platform$49.991929070Station 2
161Wintery Mix Tank Car$79.992028460Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car 0
162Lionel Junction North Pole Central Lionchief Set With Bluetooth 5.0$324.992123090Set 0
163Lighted Oval Pack 40" x 50"$149.992025080Track 15
163Lighted Track Power Pack$39.992025070Track 8
163Lighted Fastrack 10" Straight 4-Pack$59.992025010Track 13
163Lighted Fastrack O36 Curve 4-Pack$59.992025020Track 13
164North Pole Central #1224 Lionchief GP38$219.992034210Diesel 0
164Christmas Lionchief General$249.992132050Locomotive 0
164North Pole Central Trolley$99.992135140Trolley 6
165A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Boxcar$74.992028440Boxcar 2
165National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 30Th Anniversary Lighted Boxcar$89.992028410Boxcar 0
166Angela Trotta Thomas Christmastime Hobby Store$279.992129090Building 11
166Angela Trotta Thomas Christmas Passenger 3-Pack$299.996-84765Passenger Car 3-Pack 0
167Angela Trotta Thomas Christmas Hopper$64.992028450Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper 2
167Angela Trotta Thomas Christmas Boxcar$74.992028350Boxcar 0
167Angela Trotta Thomas Gondola With Presents And Trees$79.992028340Gondola 0
167Angela Trotta Thomas Christmas Caboose$79.992128290Caboose 0
168Christmas Boxcar 2021$64.992128190Boxcar 21
168Candy Cane Flat Car$74.992128050Flatcar 3
168Christmas Music Car 21$79.992128180Other Car 7
169North Pole Central Flatcar With Handcar$109.992128260Flatcar 3
169Present Dump Car$79.992128070Dump Car 6
169Christmas Tree Flatcar$84.992128060Flatcar 6
170Sled-ex Present Chute Station$159.992129080Station 3
170Window Shopper Figures$24.992130120Figures 8
170Sled-ex Present Unloading Car$89.992128250Boxcar 8
171Roasted Chestnuts Retreat$124.992029220Building 0

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