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Railroad: Amtrak (AMTK)
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Amtrak "Danbury" Passenger Car199519976-15100Passenger Car7
Amtrak "High Dome" Vista Dome Car199519976-16099Vista Dome Car5
Amtrak "Lake Worth" Observation Car199519966-16097Observation Car1
Amtrak "New Smyrna" Combination Car 16095199519966-16095Combination Car0
Amtrak "Phase IV" Superliner Coach "34120"200320046-15388Coach Car0
Amtrak "Praire View" Vista Dome Car199619966-15107Full Vista Dome Car0
Amtrak "Silver Dome" Vista Dome Car199519966-16096Vista Dome Car0
Amtrak "Silver Tureen" Phase III Stationsounds Diner #8501202220222227280Diner Car1
Amtrak "Temple" Passenger Car199519976-16098Passenger Car4
Amtrak 21 Diner Stationsounds201620166-82889Diner Car0
Amtrak 21" Passenger Car 2-Pack201620166-82595Passenger Car 2-Pack0
Amtrak 21" Passenger Car 4-Pack201620166-82590Passenger Car 4-Pack0
Amtrak 50th Anniversary Boxcar202120212138040Boxcar3
Amtrak 57' Mechanical Refrigerator Car #74113201020116-27455Refrigerator Car - Mechanical Refrigerator Car0
Amtrak Acela Bistro Car #3310 (4-Door)200620066-15585Bistro Car0
Amtrak Acela Bistro/Cafe Car201220126-25667Dining Car0
Amtrak Acela Business Class Car201220126-25666Business Car0
Amtrak Acela Business Class Car #3538201220126-25671Business Car0
Amtrak Acela Business Coach #3403 (2-Door)200420056-15533Business Car0
Amtrak Acela Business Coach #3512 (4-Door)200620066-15586Business Car0
Amtrak Acela Business Coach #3523 (4-Door)200420056-15532Business Car0
Amtrak Acela Business End Coach #3405 (2-Door)200620066-15587Business Car0
Amtrak Acela Concept High Speed Train Expansion Pack202120212127400Passenger Set0
Amtrak Acela Concept Legacy High Speed Train Set202120212122100Passenger Set1
Amtrak Acela Diesel Passenger Set, Railsounds200420056-31714Passenger Set5
Amtrak Acela First Class Car #3209201220126-25670Passenger Car0
Amtrak Acela First Class Coach #3203 (2-Door)200420056-15531Coach Car0
Amtrak Acela High Speed Train Expansion Pack202120212127390Passenger Set0
Amtrak Acela Legacy High Speed Train Set202120212122090Passenger Set1
Amtrak Acela Non Powered Unit #2029200420056-18358Locomotive0
Amtrak Acela Non-Powered Locomotive #2006201220126-25669Locomotive0
Amtrak Acela Passenger Car 2-Pack201220126-25665Passenger Car 2-Pack0
Amtrak Acela Passenger Car 3-Pack200620066-15584Passenger Car 3-Pack5
Amtrak Acela Passenger Set (Legacy Loco #2037)201220126-31743Passenger Set0
Amtrak Acela Powered Locomotive #2037201220126-25668Locomotive0
Amtrak Add-On Baggage Car201420166-81625Baggage Car0
Amtrak Alco A Diesel197519765-5507HO Diesel1
Amtrak ALCO Diesel A Unit197619776-8664Diesel3
Amtrak ALCO Diesel A Unit 8936199519966-18936Diesel0
Amtrak ALCO Diesel B Unit197619776-8667Diesel3
Amtrak ALCO Diesel Passenger Set199519966-11748Passenger Set1
Amtrak ALCO Fa-2 Dummy Diesel Locomotive #8904198819896-18904Diesel0
Amtrak Amfleet Coach Car #1201020106-35434Coach Car0
Amtrak Amfleet Coach Car #2201020106-35435Coach Car0
Amtrak Amfleet End Car W/ Led's #82588200920096-35432Coach Car0
Amtrak Amfleet Passenger Car #82568200920096-35430Coach Car0
Amtrak Amfleet Passenger Car #82740200920096-35431Coach Car0
Amtrak Amfleet Phase III Coach 2-pack202220222227290Passenger Car 2-Pack5
Amtrak Amfleet Phase III Coach/Cab Car 2-pack202220222227320Passenger Car 2-Pack2
Amtrak Amfleet Phase IVB 2-Pack201020106-35433Multi Car Pack0
Amtrak Amfleet Phase V Coach 2-pack202220222227300Passenger Car 2-Pack5
Amtrak Amfleet Phase V Coach 2-pack202220222227330Passenger Car 2-Pack3
Amtrak Amfleet Phase VI Coach 2-pack202220222227310Passenger Car 2-Pack5
Amtrak Amfleet Phase VI Coach/Cab Car 2-pack202220222227340Passenger Car 2-Pack2
Amtrak Baggage Boxcar (LCCA 1998)199819986-52151Boxcar1
Amtrak Baggage Car199019906-16033Baggage Car3
Amtrak Baggage Car 9100198919896-19100Baggage Car5
Amtrak Budd RDC-1 Passenger Dummy Unit197819806-8869Passenger Car6
Amtrak Budd RDC-1 Passenger Dummy Unit197819806-8870Passenger Car3
Amtrak Budd RDC-4 Baggage Dummy Unit197819806-8871Baggage Car3
Amtrak Budd RDC-4 Baggage/Mail Car197819806-8868Baggage Car11
Amtrak Bunk Car199119926-16702Bunk Car10
Amtrak Bunk Car198919896-19654Bunk Car22
Amtrak Cabbage #90218 Ph Iii201620166-82457Diesel0
Amtrak Cabbage #90219 Ph Iii201620166-82458Diesel0
Amtrak Cascades Train Set200020017-71008Little Lionel Learning System Train Set0
Amtrak Coal Dump Car199619966-16643Dump Car0
Amtrak Coast Limited Pass. Rtr Train Set200520056-30029Set0
Amtrak Combination Car198819896-16013Combination Car1
Amtrak Combination Car 9101198919896-19101Combination Car4
Amtrak Command Control Tie-Jector201420186-81448Tie-Jector6
Amtrak Crane Car199119926-16644Crane Car5
Amtrak Dash 8 Diesel 505200420046-28230Diesel1
Amtrak Dash 8 Diesel 509200220026-18290Diesel0
Amtrak Dash 9 Diesel199919996-18252Diesel3
Amtrak Dash 9 Diesel 519201020106-28343Diesel0
Amtrak Dash 9 Diesel, Traditional199919996-18256Diesel2
Amtrak Dash-9 Diesel201020116-28368Diesel1
Amtrak Diner199119926-16048Diner Car0
Amtrak Diner 9104198919896-19104Diner Car2
Amtrak ExpressTrak Baggage Car200920106-27395Baggage Car6
Amtrak F3 Diesel A Unit197419766-8466Diesel6
Amtrak F3 Diesel A Unit, Dummy197419766-8467Diesel4
Amtrak F3 Diesel B Unit197419746-8475Diesel1
Amtrak F4Oph Diesel Phase 11 200201620166-82453Diesel0
Amtrak F4Oph Diesel Phase Ii 207201620166-82454Diesel0
Amtrak F4Oph Diesel Phase Iii 364201620166-82455Diesel0
Amtrak F4Oph Diesel Phase Iii 388201620166-82456Diesel0
Amtrak FA2 ALCO Diesel, Nonpowered 8937199519976-18937Diesel9
Amtrak Flatcar199119916-16340Flatcar0
Amtrak Flatcar With Rail Load199119926-16370Flatcar3
Amtrak Flatcar With Wheel Load199119926-16369Flatcar3
Amtrak FT A Unit #136201420156-81365Diesel0
Amtrak Full Vista Dome Car 9105198919896-19105Vista Dome Car15
Amtrak General Electric Dash 8 Diesel 516200220026-28213Diesel0
Amtrak Genesis Lionchief Plus 2.0 Set202220222222060Passenger Set4
Amtrak GG1 Electric 926201120116-38522Electric Locomotive0
Amtrak GG1 Electric 926201620166-82755Electric Locomotive0
Amtrak GG1 Electric Locomotive 8303198919896-18303Locomotive21
Amtrak Gondola6-13145Gondola0
Amtrak Gondola6-13155Gondola0
Amtrak Gondola6-13267Gondola0
Amtrak HHP-8 Amfleet Passenger Set200920096-31779Passenger Set1
Amtrak HHP-8 Electric Locomotive, Railsounds201020106-38402Locomotive1
Amtrak Hi-Cube Boxcar201120126-15052Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar3
Amtrak Industrial Switcher 8912199319936-18912Switcher4
Amtrak Lake Shore Limited Set197619776-1663Passenger Set8
Amtrak Legacy Cabbage #90208 Veterans202220222233800Diesel4
Amtrak Legacy Cabbage #90214 Phase IV Downeaster202220222233770Diesel2
Amtrak Legacy Cabbage #90229 Phase IV202220222233780Diesel3
Amtrak Legacy Cabbage #90413 Phase V202220222233790Diesel3
Amtrak Legacy E8 AA Set202020202033340Diesel AA Set0
Amtrak Legacy F40PH Phase III202220222233711Diesel3
Amtrak Legacy F40PH Phase III202220222233712Diesel2
Amtrak Legacy F40PH Phase IV202220222233721Diesel2
Amtrak Legacy F40PH Phase IV202220222233722Diesel1
Amtrak Legacy F40PH Phase V202220222233730Diesel2
Amtrak Legacy F40PH Veterans202220222233740Diesel3
Amtrak Lionchief 44 Tonner # 1100202220232234130Diesel4
Amtrak Lionchief Plus 2.0 Dash 8 Phase II 50th Anniversary #160202220222234030Diesel7
Amtrak Lionchief Plus 2.0 Genesis NEC Phase IV #111202120222234060Diesel9
Amtrak Lionchief Plus 2.0 Genesis Phase III #40202120222234070Diesel4
Amtrak Lionchief Plus 2.0 Genesis Phase V #150202120222234050Diesel5
Amtrak Lionchief Plus 2.0 Genesis Phase V 50th Anniversary #46202120222234080Diesel8
Amtrak Lionchief Plus 2.0 Midnight Blue 50th Anniversary #100202220222234010Diesel7
Amtrak Lionchief Plus 2.0 Phase I 50th Anniversary #161202220222234040Diesel6
Amtrak Lionchief Plus 2.0 Phase VI 50th Anniversary #108202220222234020Diesel8
Amtrak LionChief Ready-to-Run FT Passenger Set (FT diesel #136)201420156-81266Passenger Set0
Amtrak Metal Girder Bridge201620206-83230Bridge4
Amtrak Mopar Express198819896-18903Locomotive0
Amtrak Observation Car199719976-15125Observation Car0
Amtrak Observation Car198819896-16015Observation Car0
Amtrak Observation Car197619776-6406Observation Car2
Amtrak Observation Car 9106198919896-19106Observation Car1
Amtrak Operation Lifesaver 50th Anniversary Lionchief Plus 2.0202220222234220Diesel3
Amtrak Ore Car With Load199119916-19315Ore Car19
Amtrak Passenger Coach198919896-16023Passenger Coach6
Amtrak Passenger Coach197619776-6404Passenger Coach2
Amtrak Passenger Coach197619776-6405Passenger Coach4
Amtrak Passenger Coach197619776-6410Passenger Coach5
Amtrak Passenger Coach197619776-6411Passenger Coach25
Amtrak Passenger Coach 9102198919896-19102Passenger Coach3
Amtrak Phase III 21" Passenger 2-pack202220222227270Passenger Car 2-Pack0
Amtrak Phase III 21" Passenger 4-pack202220222227260Passenger Car 4-Pack2
Amtrak Rail Bonder200520056-28400Bonder1
Amtrak RS3 Diesel 106200320046-28845Diesel2
Amtrak RS3 Diesel 1815199119926-18815Diesel1
Amtrak Searchlight Caboose199119926-16645Caboose - Searchlight Caboose0
Amtrak Searchlight Car199119916-19816Searchlight Car0
Amtrak Shelter200420086-34102Building10
Amtrak Silver Spike Set198819896-11707Set1
Amtrak Streamliner Car 4-Pack200320046-15394Streamliner Car1
Amtrak Streamliner Observation201420156-81368Observation Car0
Amtrak Stremliner Coach201420156-81366Coach Car0
Amtrak Stremliner Coach201420156-81367Coach Car0
Amtrak Superliner "Phase IV" Coach #34056200320046-15386Coach Car0
Amtrak Superliner "Phase IV" Coach #34116200320046-15387Coach Car0
Amtrak Superliner "Phase IV" Coach #34128200320046-15389Coach Car0
Amtrak Superliner "Phase IV" Lounge #33016200420046-29167Lounge Car0
Amtrak Superliner "Phase IV" Sleeper #32077200420046-29166Sleeper Car0
Amtrak Superliner 2-Pack200320036-15314Passenger Set1
Amtrak Superliner Aluminum Passenger Car 4-Pack200220026-39124Passenger Car 4-Pack3
Amtrak Superliner Diner, Stationsounds200320036-15396Diner Car2
Amtrak Superliner Diner, Stationsounds, Phase IV200420046-29168Diner Car0
Amtrak Superliner Lounge #33025200320036-15351Lounge Car0
Amtrak Superliner Passenger Car 2-Pack, Phase IV200420046-29165Passenger Car 2-Pack1
Amtrak Superliner Sleeper 32009200320036-15350Sleeper Car0
Amtrak Talgo Train Set199919996-21920Passenger Set0
Amtrak Tie Work Car 67201420166-82095Work Car1
Amtrak TMCC Acela Powered Unit #2026200420056-18357Locomotive0
Amtrak TMCC HHP-8 Locomotive #656F200920096-18323Locomotive0
Amtrak Tool Car199019916-19655Tool Car10
Amtrak Trackmobile201120116-28468Track3
Amtrak Veterans LED 60' Flag Boxcar201920202026320Boxcar - 60' Boxcar0
Amtrak Vista Dome Car198819896-16014Vista Dome Car2
Amtrak Vista Dome Car197619776-6403Vista Dome Car7
Amtrak Vista Dome Car197619776-6412Vista Dome Car9
Amtrak Vista Dome Car 9103198919896-19103Vista Dome Car3
Amtrak VistaVision Dome #9463201920202027250Vista Dome Car1
Amtrak Water Tower201420186-81257Water Tower0
Amtrak Work Train199119926-11723Set3

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