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Railroad: Boston & Maine (B&M)
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Bosto & Maine Intermodal Container199119916-12789Intermodal Container0
Boston & Maine #33700 40' Flat Car With Sherman Tank201920191926701Flatcar - 40' Flatcar4
Boston & Maine #33745 40' Flat Car With Sherman Tank201920191926702Flatcar - 40' Flatcar0
Boston & Maine #70820 Single Sheath Boxcar202320232442161Boxcar - Single Sheath Boxcar0
Boston & Maine #70919 Single Sheath Boxcar202320232442162Boxcar - Single Sheath Boxcar0
Boston & Maine 18" Passenger Car 2-Pack202020202027460Passenger Car 2-Pack0
Boston & Maine 2-6-0 Mogul Locomotive 1397201620166-84069Locomotive0
Boston & Maine 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Locomotive 4018201220136-11386Locomotive0
Boston & Maine 3-bay Hopper #7300201620163-16071Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper0
Boston & Maine 3-bay Hopper #7306201620163-16072Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper0
Boston & Maine 3-bay Hopper #7315201620163-16073Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper1
Boston & Maine 3-Bay Hopper #7318201620163-16074Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper1
Boston & Maine 3-Bay Hopper #7320201620163-16075Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper2
Boston & Maine 3-Bay Offset Hopper 6-Pack, Lionscale201620163-16070Hopper 6-Pack0
Boston & Maine 4-4-2 1400200120016-28609Locomotive0
Boston & Maine 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 3713, Railsounds200720086-38641Locomotive1
Boston & Maine 40' Flatcar 33773 With Stakes200820096-27585Flatcar - 40' Flatcar0
Boston & Maine 6464 Boxcar #76189201420156-81033Boxcar0
Boston & Maine ALCO S2 Diesel Switcher 1260201420156-82112Diesel Switcher0
Boston & Maine ALCO S2 Diesel Switcher 1263201420156-82113Diesel Switcher0
Boston & Maine Baked Beans Boxcar (NETCA 2010)201020106-22677Boxcar0
Boston & Maine Boxcar200720086-25307Boxcar4
Boston & Maine Boxcar (TCA 1976)197619776-9768Boxcar18
Boston & Maine Boxcar 6464-475199819986-29211Boxcar6
Boston & Maine Boxcar 76032199919996-29253Boxcar1
Boston & Maine Boxcar 76033199919996-29254Boxcar3
Boston & Maine Boxcar 76034199919996-29255Boxcar2
Boston & Maine Boxcar 76035199919996-29256Boxcar2
Boston & Maine Boxcar 9464199819986-17235Boxcar23
Boston & Maine Boxcar Set, 4-Pack199919996-21761Boxcar 4-Pack2
Boston & Maine Bulkhead Flatcar200120016-26011Flatcar - Bulkhead Flatcar0
Boston & Maine Caboose200720086-36625Caboose0
Boston & Maine Covered Quad Hopper199119916-16407Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper1
Boston & Maine Dummy GP7 #2381199819986-18571Locomotive0
Boston & Maine Early Era Inspection Vehicle201220126-38800Inspection Vehicle0
Boston & Maine F7 AA Set #4265,#4268 Legacy Diesel202320232433180Diesel AA Set0
Boston & Maine F7B #4267B Legacy Diesel202320232433188Diesel0
Boston & Maine F7B Superbass #4265B Legacy Diesel202320232433189Diesel0
Boston & Maine Flatcar 9 (NETCA 1995)199519956-52080Flatcar0
Boston & Maine Flatcar With Howard Johnson Trailer (NETCA 2011)201120116-52589Flatcar2
Boston & Maine Flatcar With Milk Tank201220126-26673Flatcar1
Boston & Maine Flatcar With Trailer199419946-16911Flatcar15
Boston & Maine Gondola With Coil Covers199119916-16353Gondola7
Boston & Maine Gondola With Coil Covers (NETCA 1993)199319936-52016Gondola1
Boston & Maine Gondola With Coke Containers200920116-27800Gondola1
Boston & Maine GP-9199919997-91015Big Rugged Lionel Trains0
Boston & Maine GP9 Diesel197619776-8654Diesel14
Boston & Maine GP9 Diesel #2346201420156-81032Diesel0
Boston & Maine GP9 Diesel 1705201320136-38877Diesel0
Boston & Maine GP9 Diesel 1714201320136-38878Diesel0
Boston & Maine GP9 Diesel ABA Set199819986-11843Diesel ABA Set3
Boston & Maine GP9 Diesel Dummy Unit197619776-8655Diesel3
Boston & Maine Hopper5-8756HO Hopper1
Boston & Maine Hopper200920096-26418Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper0
Boston & Maine Ice Breaker Hopper201020116-26435Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper0
Boston & Maine Legacy 4-6-0 #2074202020212131050Locomotive0
Boston & Maine Legacy A1 Berkshire #4019202220222231350Locomotive0
Boston & Maine Legacy Atlantic #3243202220222231400Locomotive3
Boston & Maine Legacy E8 Passenger Set202020202022070Passenger Set0
Boston & Maine Legacy SD70ace #1835202120212133341Diesel0
Boston & Maine Legacy SD70ace #1983202120212133342Diesel0
Boston & Maine Legacy SW8 #801202120212133570Diesel0
Boston & Maine Lionchief Plus GP7 #2335 (LCCA 2015)201520156-58213Diesel0
Boston & Maine Lionchief Plus RS-3 #1535201720186-84699Diesel0
Boston & Maine LionMaster TMCC 4-6-4 Hudson Locomotive 607200320046-38086Locomotive0
Boston & Maine Milk Car 1903201520166-29985Milk Car5
Boston & Maine Milk Flat Car With Water Tanks201920201954430HO Flatcar0
Boston & Maine N5B Caboose C-16201520166-82631Caboose - N5B Caboose0
Boston & Maine N5C Caboose197619776-9181Caboose - N5C Caboose5
Boston & Maine Non-Powered GP7 #2361 (LCCA 2015)201520156-58214Diesel1
Boston & Maine Non-Powered GP9 Diesel 1722201320136-38879Diesel0
Boston & Maine Nw2 Diesel Locomotive 1200201620166-83383Locomotive0
Boston & Maine Nw2 Diesel, Shell Only (NETCA 1972)197219726-1203Diesel2
Boston & Maine NW2 Switcher 8918199319936-18918Switcher2
Boston & Maine NW2 Switcher Calf Unit199519956-18929Switcher2
Boston & Maine One Dome Tank Car199119916-16109Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car2
Boston & Maine Operating Milk Car With Platform200920106-37011Milk Car1
Boston & Maine Operating Welding Flatcar (LOTS 2018)201820186-58044Flatcar0
Boston & Maine Paul Revere GP9 Diesel Freight Set201420156-81021Freight Set1
Boston & Maine Porthole Caboose201420156-81036Caboose - Porthole Caboose1
Boston & Maine PS-1 Boxcar 76182200420046-17292Boxcar - PS-1 Boxcar7
Boston & Maine PS-2 2-Bay Covered Hopper200420056-17039Hopper - PS-21
Boston & Maine PS-2 2-Bay Covered Hopper #5534200420056-17047Hopper - PS-20
Boston & Maine PS-2 2-Bay Covered Hopper #5535200420056-17048Hopper - PS-21
Boston & Maine PS-2 2-Bay Hopper 2-Pack200420056-11853Hopper - PS-20
Boston & Maine PS-2 Hopper (TCA 2004)200420046-52324Hopper - 3-Bay Covered Hopper1
Boston & Maine PS-2CD Covered Hopper201720176-84123Hopper - Covered Hopper0
Boston & Maine PS-4 Flatcar 34007200420046-17578Flatcar - PS-4 Flatcar1
Boston & Maine PS-4 Flatcar With Bulkheads201020116-27837Flatcar - PS-4 Flatcar1
Boston & Maine Quad Hopper With Coal201420156-81034Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper1
Boston & Maine Quad Hopper With Coal (NETCA 1992)199219926-52001Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper1
Boston & Maine Reefer 1878201420166-81015Reefer1
Boston & Maine Rotary Snowplow 8457201020116-28457Snowplow0
Boston & Maine RS3 Diesel 1538200720096-21600Diesel0
Boston & Maine Smoking Caboose (LCCA 2015)201520156-58217Caboose0
Boston & Maine Square Window Caboose200120016-26560Caboose - Square Window Caboose0
Boston & Maine The Patriot Bicentennial Boxcar201520176-82430Boxcar0
Boston & Maine TMCC 2-6-0 Mogul Locomotive 1455200320056-38019Locomotive0
Boston & Maine TMCC Powered GP7 #2380199819986-18570Locomotive0
Boston & Maine TMCC Powered GP7 #2389199819986-18572Locomotive0
Boston & Maine Transfer Caboose201020116-29739Caboose - Transfer Caboose0
Boston & Maine USRA Double-Sheathed Boxcar201620166-83348Boxcar - Double-Sheathed Boxcar0
Boston & Maine Wood Coach 2-Pack #1202120222227090Passenger Car 2-Pack1
Boston & Maine Wood Coach 2-Pack #2202120222227100Passenger Coach2
Boston & Maine Wood Coach/Combine 2-Pack #3202120222227200Passenger Car 2-Pack1

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