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Railroad: Chessie System
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Chessie #305005 52' Coil Gondola201920191926311Gondola2
Chessie #305012 52' Coil Gondola201920191926312Gondola0
Chessie 2 Bay Hopper #137802202020201954020Hopper0
Chessie 2-4-0 Locomotive 1993199419956-18713Locomotive0
Chessie 2-8-2 Locomotive 2103, Lionchief201420156-81299Locomotive0
Chessie 2-8-4 Locomotive198019806-8003Locomotive7
Chessie 2-Bay Hopper 605527200220026-17017Hopper0
Chessie 2600 Series 4-Car Passenger Set2013201311-80049Passenger Set0
Chessie 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #150759201620163-16111Hopper1
Chessie 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #150805201620163-16112Hopper0
Chessie 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #150851201620163-16113Hopper1
Chessie 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #151126201620163-16114Hopper1
Chessie 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #151289201620163-16115Hopper1
Chessie 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #151398201620163-16116Hopper1
Chessie 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper 6-Pack, Lionscale201620163-16110Hopper0
Chessie 3-Bay ACF Hopper198819886-17100Hopper5
Chessie 3-Bay ACF Hopper198819886-17101Hopper9
Chessie 3-Bay ACF Hopper198819886-17102Hopper4
Chessie 3-Bay ACF Hopper198819886-17104Hopper7
Chessie 3-Bay ACF Hopper198819886-17105Hopper6
Chessie 4-4-2 Locomotive198019806-8008Locomotive2
Chessie 4-4-2 Locomotive198419856-8403Locomotive1
Chessie 4-4-2 Steam Locomotive And Tender 5106198819888-85106Locomotive2
Chessie 4-8-4 Locomotive 2101199119916-18011Locomotive6
Chessie 4-8-4 Locomotive 2101, Display Case, Export199219926-18557Locomotive1
Chessie 4-Bay Hopper 60573200820086-26412Hopper0
Chessie 8-Door Hi-Cube Boxcar201620166-82424Boxcar0
Chessie 89' Auto Carrier 255798201520166-82503Auto Carrier0
Chessie ACF 3-Bay Woodchip Hopper201720173-17300Hopper0
Chessie ACF 4-Bay Covered Hopper 601878201120116-27462Hopper0
Chessie Baby Madison Passenger Car 3-Pack201420166-81644Passenger Car0
Chessie Baggage Car198019806-9581Baggage Car3
Chessie Bay Window Caboose199019906-16518Caboose3
Chessie Bay Window Caboose198019806-9328Caboose3
Chessie Berkshire Locomotive Tender200520056-28658Locomotive0
Chessie Bobber Caboose197619766-9179Caboose2
Chessie Boxcar197719775-8703HO Boxcar0
Chessie Boxcar199219956-16232Boxcar6
Chessie Boxcar200120026-36223Boxcar2
Chessie Boxcar198419856-7910Boxcar1
Chessie Boxcar (TCA 1977)197719776-9740Boxcar16
Chessie Bulkhead Flatcar200620066-26307Flatcar2
Chessie Caboose198919898-87706Caboose1
Chessie Caboose197419745-8418HO Caboose1
Chessie Caboose197619765-8600HO Caboose0
Chessie Caboose C-2800200320046-17648Caboose1
Chessie Caboose C-2802200320046-17665Caboose0
Chessie Center Cupola Caboose200120026-26551Caboose2
Chessie Coach/Baggage Car 2-Pack201420166-81769Baggage Car1
Chessie Coach/Diner 2-Pack201420166-81768Diner Car0
Chessie Coal Dump Car200120016-26751Dump Car1
Chessie Combination Car198019806-9582Combination Car5
Chessie Covered Quad Hopper197519776-9265Hopper7
Chessie Crane Car198019806-9329Crane Car2
Chessie Crane Car 940504200620066-29832Crane Car1
Chessie D/C Hopper #1199919996-26986Hopper1
Chessie Diesel Freight Set200520066-31735Diesel0
Chessie Diesel Freight Set, Lionchief201520156-82324Freight Set1
Chessie Diner198619866-9586Diner Car1
Chessie Double-Door Boxcar197519766-9747Boxcar16
Chessie Extended Vision Caboose198819886-19700Caboose1
Chessie Extended Vision Caboose 3285200620066-17693Caboose5
Chessie Extended Vision Caboose 3322200220026-17639Caboose1
Chessie Flyer Freight Set 1931S199719996-11931Freight Set0
Chessie General Electric U30C Diesel 3312200220026-18292Diesel0
Chessie Gondola197419745-8408HO Gondola0
Chessie Gondola 371629 With Coil Covers199319936-17403Gondola8
Chessie Gondola With Canisters198319836-6208Gondola5
Chessie Gondola With Containers201620176-82076Gondola0
Chessie GP20 Diesel197419746-8463Diesel9
Chessie GP30 Diesel 3044200620076-28559Diesel0
Chessie GP30 Diesel 3045, Nonpowered200620076-28560Diesel1
Chessie GP30 Engine200520066-28855Diesel0
Chessie GP35 Diesel201320136-38798Diesel0
Chessie GP35 Diesel 1125201320136-38796Diesel0
Chessie GP35 Diesel 1128201320136-38797Diesel0
Chessie GP38 Diesel Freight Set200120026-31915Freight Set1
Chessie GP38 Diesel, Traditional200120026-28827Diesel0
Chessie GP38 W/ Trainsounds201020106-38201Locomotive0
Chessie GP7 Diesel Gm50197319736-8359Diesel7
Chessie GP9 #5903201520156-82786Diesel0
Chessie GP9 #6240201520156-82787Diesel0
Chessie Hi-Cube Boxcar197519776-9600Boxcar7
Chessie Hi-Cube Boxcar198319846-9629Boxcar3
Chessie Hopper197819806-9038Hopper4
Chessie Hopper (LCCA 1979)197919806-9016Hopper34
Chessie Hopper -27197519896-9016Hopper0
Chessie Hopper 47806200820086-26410Hopper5
Chessie I-12 Caboose200520066-17667Caboose0
Chessie I12 Caboose #902440202020202026240Caboose0
Chessie Illuminated Square Window Caboose201020106-36655Caboose0
Chessie Legacy Sw7 #5224201820186-85021Diesel0
Chessie Lionchief GP38 #3847202020202034200Diesel1
Chessie Locomotive20152015N/AHallmark96
Chessie Merger Diesel Freight Set201020106-30131Freight Set0
Chessie Merger Freight Car Add-On 2-Pack201020116-30138Multi Car Pack3
Chessie N5C Caboose197419766-9167Caboose2
Chessie No. 217-1 Bay Window Caboose (Std)2016201611-30221Caboose1
Chessie No. 2613 Pullman Coach2013201311-80051Coach Car0
Chessie No. 263E Locomotive2013201311-6053Locomotive0
Chessie No. 2814 Boxcar2013201311-70097Boxcar0
Chessie Northeastern Caboose 1893200720076-17683Caboose1
Chessie Nw2 Switcher197519766-8556Switcher0
Chessie Observation Car198019806-9585Observation Car5
Chessie Offset Hopper 234355200720076-27003Hopper2
Chessie Offset Hopper 3-Pack200720076-21882Hopper0
Chessie One Dome Tank Car 2233200220026-26144Tank Car0
Chessie Ore Car198819886-19305Ore Car14
Chessie Passenger Coach198019806-9583Passenger Coach1
Chessie Passenger Coach198019806-9584Passenger Coach2
Chessie PS-1 Boxcar 23770200620066-27214Boxcar1
Chessie PS-2 Hopper 3-Pack200820096-27033Hopper1
Chessie Railroad Speeder200320046-18469Speeder0
Chessie Reefer (Artrain 1995)199519956-52097Reefer2
Chessie S4 Diesel 9009200520056-28548Diesel0
Chessie SD-40 Diesel 8201198819886-18201Diesel4
Chessie SD-40 Diesel Locomotive 7500201520156-82274Locomotive1
Chessie SD-40 Diesel Locomotive 7593201520156-82275Locomotive0
Chessie SD-40 Diesel Unit 8204, Dummy199019906-18204Diesel0
Chessie SD-40-2 Diesel 7609201320136-38918Diesel0
Chessie SD-40-2 Diesel 7611201320136-38919Diesel0
Chessie SD-40-2 Diesel 7614, Nonpowered201320136-38920Diesel0
Chessie SD-40-2 Diesel 7616200120016-28524Diesel4
Chessie SD-40T-2 Diesel 7617, Railsounds200620066-28245Diesel0
Chessie SD-40T-2 Diesel 7618, Nonpowered200620066-28246Diesel1
Chessie SD9 Diesel 1833200320036-28205Diesel0
Chessie Searchlight Car200120026-26773Searchlight Car4
Chessie Sears CentennialSet198519856-1506Set0
Chessie Set198419856-1402Set0
Chessie Sp-Type Caboose199219956-16536Caboose12
Chessie Sp-Type Caboose198419856-6485Caboose2
Chessie Sp-Type Caboose198019806-9381Caboose1
Chessie Standard O Gondola #305001202020202043141Gondola2
Chessie Standard O Gondola #305014202020202043142Gondola0
Chessie Standard O Gondola #305036202020202043143Gondola0
Chessie Standard O Gondola #305055202020202043144Gondola0
Chessie Steam Special 2-Pack 1202020202027360Multi Car Pack0
Chessie Steam Special 2-Pack 3202020202027380Multi Car Pack0
Chessie Steam Special 2-Pack 4202020202027390Diesel0
Chessie Steam Special Auxiliary Water Tank202020202031650Water Tank0
Chessie Steam Special Baby Madison Observation #18200520056-15197Observation Car0
Chessie Steam Special Locomotive20012001N/AHallmark141
Chessie Steam Special Locomotive20092009N/AHallmark8
Chessie Steam Special Madison Car 2-Pack200520056-25103Passenger Car1
Chessie Steam Special Passenger Set200520056-31734Passenger Set0
Chessie Steam Special Stationsounds Diner202020202027620Diner Car0
Chessie Steam Special Tender20012001N/AHallmark29
Chessie Steam Special Vision Gs-4 #4449202020202031640Diesel0
Chessie Steam Steel Car 2-Pack 2202020202027370Multi Car Pack1
Chessie Stock Car198419856-7401Stock Car4
Chessie Switcher197619766-8670Switcher7
Chessie System "Chessie Steam Special" Baby Madison Baggage #100200520056-25104Baggage Car0
Chessie System "Chessie Steam Special" Baby Madison Coach #3200520056-15195Coach Car0
Chessie System "Chessie Steam Special" Baby Madison Coach #4200520056-15196Coach Car0
Chessie System "Chessie Steam Special" Baby Madison Combination #2200520056-15194Combination Car0
Chessie System "Chessie Steam Special" Baby Madison Diner #25105200520056-25105Diner Car0
Chessie System 2-bay Covered Hopper #604922202220222219072Hopper0
Chessie T-1 Operating Base199219946-23006Display Case0
Chessie T1 4-8-4 Locomotive 2101201620166-83203Locomotive0
Chessie Trackmobile201220126-38808Track0
Chessie Train Set197419755-1480HO Set0
Chessie Train Set197619775-2681HO Set0
Chessie U30C Diesel 3312200220026-28292Diesel0
Chessie U36B Diesel197419746-8470Diesel2
Chessie U36B Diesel Dummy Unit197519756-8560Diesel1
Chessie U36C Diesel198019806-8061Diesel2
Chessie Unit Train198819886-11705Set6
Chessie Wide Vision Caboose W/ Camera #903118201820186-85073Caboose1
Chessie Wm Caboose20152015N/AHallmark26

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