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Railroad: Chicago & Alton (C&A)
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Chicago & Alton "Alton Limited" Baby Madison Coach "Webster Grove"200820106-35144Coach Car0
Chicago & Alton "Alton Limited" Heavyweight Baggage200320036-15505Baggage Car0
Chicago & Alton "Alton Limited" Heavyweight Coach201220146-25663Coach Car0
Chicago & Alton "Alton Limited" Heavyweight Coach "Wilson"201220146-25662Coach Car0
Chicago & Alton "Alton Limited" Heavyweight Combination "Lincoln"201220146-25661Combination Car0
Chicago & Alton "Alton Limited" Heavyweight Observation201220146-25664Observation Car0
Chicago & Alton "Alton Limited" Heavyweight Sleeper200320036-15506Sleeper Car0
Chicago & Alton "Armstrong" Baggage Car198119816-9554Baggage Car5
Chicago & Alton "Bloomington" Dining Car198619866-9599Dining Car1
Chicago & Alton "Chicago" Observation Car198119816-9558Observation Car1
Chicago & Alton "St. Louis Missouri" Combination Car198119816-9555Combination Car4
Chicago & Alton "Webster Groves" Passenger Car198119816-9557Passenger Car1
Chicago & Alton "Wilson" Passenger Car198119816-9556Passenger Car3
Chicago & Alton 4-6-4 Locomotive 659198119816-8101Locomotive10
Chicago & Alton Coach "Evanston" 200220036-39097Coach Car0
Chicago & Alton Coach "Webster Groves"200220036-39096Coach Car0
Chicago & Alton Legacy 2-6-0 Steam Locomotive #2408202320232331500Locomotive0
Chicago & Alton Limited 4-6-2 Pacific Steam Locomotive 657201220126-11338Locomotive4
Chicago & Alton Limited Diner, Stationsounds200320036-15504Diner Car0
Chicago & Alton Limited Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack200320036-39099Passenger Car 2-Pack0
Chicago & Alton Limited Heavyweight Passenger Car 4-Pack201220146-25656Passenger Car 4-Pack4
Chicago & Alton Limited Madison Passenger Car 4-Pack200820096-35124Passenger Car 4-Pack0
Chicago & Alton Limited Pacific 4-6-2 Locomotive 659, Traditional200820086-38657Locomotive1
Chicago & Alton Limited Steam Passenger Set200220036-31704Passenger Set3
Chicago & Alton Limited Trainsounds Baggage Car200820086-35138Baggage Car0
Chicago & Alton Observation "Chicago"200220036-39098Observation Car0
Chicago & Alton Scale 4-6-2 Pacific #659200220036-38035Locomotive1
Chicago Observation Car200820096-35147Observation Car0

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