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Railroad: Conrail (CR)
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Conrail Tmcc Ballast Tamper202120212135100Tamper2
Conrail #2398 GP35 Diesel Engine With Legacy201920191933361Diesel0
Conrail #3630 GP35 Diesel Engine With Legacy201920191933362Diesel0
Conrail #3692 GP35 Non-Powered Diesel Engine201920191933363Diesel0
Conrail #456249 Auto Rack Car201820191928022Auto Carrier0
Conrail #4800 GG-1 (METCA 2020)202020202001130Locomotive0
Conrail #7640 RS-11 Diesel Engine W/ Legacy201820191933031Diesel0
Conrail #7651 RS-11 Diesel Engine W/ Legacy201820191933032Diesel0
Conrail #886283 PS-2CD 4427 Covered Hopper201920191926531Hopper - 3-Bay PS-2CD 4427 Covered Hopper1
Conrail #886304 PS-2CD 4427 Covered Hopper201920191926532Hopper - 3-Bay PS-2CD 4427 Covered Hopper1
Conrail #980139 Auto Rack Car201820191928021Auto Carrier1
Conrail (NYC) Coil Car #623684 With Graffiti202220222226530Coil Car4
Conrail (Reading Patch) Northeastern Caboose201920191926840Caboose - Northeastern Caboose3
Conrail 14-Panel Hopper 6-Pack, Lionscale201720173-17070Hopper0
Conrail 2-Bay ACF Grain Hopper201320136-26472Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper2
Conrail 2-Bay ACF Hopper198719876-17002Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper3
Conrail 3-Bay ACF Hopper 473877200620066-27131Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper0
Conrail 3-Bay Die-Cast Coal Hopper #473878200620066-27159Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper0
Conrail 3-Bay Die-Cast Coal Hopper #483879200620066-27160Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper0
Conrail 3-Bay Die-Cast Coal Hopper #483880200620066-27161Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper0
Conrail 4-Bay Hopper 888367200420046-17199Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper1
Conrail 60' Boxcar 216010201520176-82656Boxcar - 60' Boxcar1
Conrail 65' Mill Gondola #55646202120212126340Gondola - 65' Mill Gondola1
Conrail 86' 4-door Hi-Cube Boxcar with Graffiti202120222226400Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar1
Conrail 86' Boxcar #237960201420166-81096Boxcar0
Conrail 86' Boxcar #237972201420166-81097Boxcar0
Conrail 86' Boxcar #237977201420156-81797Boxcar1
Conrail 86' Boxcar #238234201420156-81796Boxcar1
Conrail 86' Hi-Cube Boxcar 2-Pack201420166-81095Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar1
Conrail 89' Auto Carrier201320136-29376Auto Carrier - 89' Auto Carrier0
Conrail 89' Auto Carrier #964946201220126-29659Auto Carrier - 89' Auto Carrier0
Conrail 89' Auto Rack #964940201220126-29660Auto Carrier - 89' Auto Carrier0
Conrail 89' Auto Rack Car 456249201220126-27473Auto Carrier - 89' Auto Carrier0
Conrail ACF 3-Bay Hopper 3-Pack200620066-11892Hopper 3-Pack0
Conrail Auto Carrier199019906-16215Auto Carrier7
Conrail Auto Carrier (Artrain 1993)199319936-52024Auto Carrier11
Conrail Auto Carrier 2-Pack201220126-19398Auto Carrier - 89' Auto Carrier1
Conrail Auto Carrier 786414, 2-Tier200820086-26378Auto Carrier0
Conrail Auxiliary Water Tank202020202031660Water Tank0
Conrail Bathtub Gondola #507670200220036-17430Gondola - Bathtub3
Conrail Bathtub Gondola #507671200220036-17431Gondola - Bathtub1
Conrail Bathtub Gondola #507672200220036-17432Gondola - Bathtub0
Conrail Bay Window Caboose200220036-17642Caboose - Bay Window Caboose0
Conrail Bay Window Caboose #21736202020212126250Caboose - Bay Window Caboose1
Conrail Beer Car #376045202020202026571Beer Car3
Conrail Beer Car #376142202020202026572Beer Car1
Conrail Bicentennial GG1 Electric 4800201620166-83167Electric Locomotive1
Conrail Big Blue High-Cube Boxcar Diesel Freight Set201420156-81094Freight Set0
Conrail Boom Car200720076-21487Boom Car0
Conrail Boom Car, Crane Sounds200520056-29818Boom Car0
Conrail Boxcar197719775-8701HO Boxcar3
Conrail Boxcar199119936-16243Boxcar4
Conrail Boxcar198719876-17201Boxcar5
Conrail Boxcar198619906-9001Boxcar10
Conrail Boxcar197819826-9035Boxcar12
Conrail Boxcar197819806-9037Boxcar10
Conrail Boxcar197819786-9400Boxcar20
Conrail Boxcar (TCA 1978)197719786-9785Boxcar10
Conrail Boxcar 169671, Diesel Railsounds199919996-19860Boxcar0
Conrail Boxcar 25063200920096-25063Boxcar0
Conrail Boxcar With E.T.D.199019918-87802Boxcar1
Conrail Caboose 19674200720076-36611Caboose - Center Cupola Caboose2
Conrail Caboose 23878201620196-83179Caboose2
Conrail Coal Dump Car201420176-82069Dump Car0
Conrail Coal Hopper 487739200120016-17158Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper3
Conrail Coil Car #623603202220222226471Coil Car3
Conrail Coil Car #623624202220222226472Coil Car2
Conrail Consolidated Set199319936-11740Set1
Conrail Conventional GP30 Diesel 2182201120116-34606Diesel0
Conrail Crane Car 50202200520056-29805Crane Car1
Conrail Cupolacam Extended Vision Caboose201920191926910Caboose - Cupolacam Caboose0
Conrail Cylindrical Covered Hopper #884244201820196-84920Hopper - 3-Bay Cylindrical Covered Hopper1
Conrail Cylindrical Covered Hopper #884270201820196-84921Hopper - 3-Bay Cylindrical Covered Hopper0
Conrail Dash 8-40B Diesel 5065 Command Control199819986-18240Diesel0
Conrail E8 Diesel AA Set 4020, 4021201720176-84081Diesel AA Set0
Conrail E8 Non-Power A #4021201720176-84083Diesel0
Conrail E8 Power A #4020201720176-84082Diesel0
Conrail Erie Overstamped Boxcar 6464199819986-29234Boxcar8
Conrail ES44AC #4184 Superbass202320232333469Diesel Superbass0
Conrail Extended Vision Caboose200820096-27616Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose2
Conrail Extended Vision Caboose 6900199919996-17624Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose3
Conrail FGE Boxcar (METCA 2019)201920191901370Boxcar0
Conrail Flatcar 71693 With Trailer200120016-26004Flatcar1
Conrail Flatcar With Armstrong And Ford Trailers (LCCA 1991)199119916-17892Flatcar3
Conrail Flatcar With Armstrong Tile Trailer (LCCA 1991)199119916-17887Flatcar27
Conrail Flatcar With Blum Coal Shovel (TTOS 1998)199819986-52149Flatcar9
Conrail Flatcar With Ford Trailer (LCCA 1991)199119916-17888Flatcar18
Conrail Flatcar With Trailer199319936-16383Flatcar1
Conrail Genset Switcher201120116-28383Switcher0
Conrail Gondola202020202054020HO Gondola0
Conrail Gondola 604768199920006-36063Gondola2
Conrail Gondola With Coal198719876-17401Gondola5
Conrail GP-7 Diesel Locomotive199019918-85001Diesel1
Conrail GP20 Diesel200720076-28881Diesel0
Conrail GP30 Diesel 2185, Nonpowered201120116-34607Diesel0
Conrail GP35 Diesel 2297201220126-38539Diesel0
Conrail GP35 Diesel 2302201220126-38540Diesel0
Conrail GP35 Diesel 2305, Nonpowered201220126-38541Diesel0
Conrail GP7 Diesel 5808199319936-18826Diesel3
Conrail GP9 Diesel197619786-8757Diesel4
Conrail Gunderson DDTX Deep Well Car #795110200520056-21110Well Car0
Conrail Gunderson DTTX Deep Well Car #795111200520056-21113Well Car0
Conrail Gunderson DTTX Deep Well Car #795112200520056-21116Well Car0
Conrail Heavyweight Boxcar 269198200120016-39222Boxcar6
Conrail Legacy ES44AC #4168202320232333461Diesel0
Conrail Legacy ES44AC #4176202320232333462Diesel0
Conrail Legacy F3 Non Power A201720176-85218Diesel0
Conrail Legacy F3 Power A201720176-85217Diesel0
Conrail Legacy F7 AA #1792-1730201720176-85216Diesel AA Set0
Conrail Legacy F7 B-Unit (Powered) #3861201720176-85219Diesel0
Conrail Legacy GP30 Diesel 2178201120116-34604Diesel1
Conrail Legacy GP30 Diesel 2180201120116-34605Diesel0
Conrail Legacy RS-27 #2412202220222233341Diesel1
Conrail Legacy RS-27 #2414202220222233342Diesel1
Conrail Legacy SD38 #6929201920202033021Diesel0
Conrail Legacy SD38 #6957201920202033022Diesel0
Conrail Legacy SD70Mac #4133201420156-81140Diesel0
Conrail Legacy Superbass F7B #3872201720176-85220Diesel Superbass0
Conrail Legacy SW900 #8657202120212133590Diesel0
Conrail Legacy T1 #2101202020202031310Locomotive0
Conrail Limited Set198719876-11700Freight Set4
Conrail Lionchief GP38 #7670202020212034180Diesel0
Conrail Lionchief Plus 2.0 GP20 #2108202220232234160Diesel7
Conrail Lionchief Plus 2.0 Lionmaster SD80MAC #4100201920202034061Diesel0
Conrail Lionchief Plus 2.0 Lionmaster SD80MAC #4102201920202034062Diesel0
Conrail LionChief Plus E33 Rectifier Locomotive 4605201520176-82178Locomotive0
Conrail Lionmaster Diesel Freight Set200820096-31772Freight Set0
Conrail Lionmaster SD80MAC Diesel Locomotive200820096-28303Diesel0
Conrail Lionmaster SD8Omac Diesel, Nonpowered200820086-28295Diesel1
Conrail N5B Caboose 22882201420156-81807Caboose - N5B Caboose0
Conrail N5C Caboose197619786-9186Caboose - N5C Caboose0
Conrail N5C Caboose (TCA 1979)197919796-9186Caboose - N5C Caboose5
Conrail N5C Caboose 6417199719976-19738Caboose - N5C Caboose3
Conrail N8 Cabin Car #23236202320232326550N8 Cabin Car0
Conrail Non-Powered SD40-2 Diesel 6468201320136-38935Diesel0
Conrail Norfolk Southern Heritage 3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper #27433201020116-27433Hopper - 3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper0
Conrail Norfolk Southern Heritage 3-Bay Open Hopper201220126-17796Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper0
Conrail Norfolk Southern Heritage Ca-4 Caboose201020106-29735Caboose - Ca-4 Caboose0
Conrail Norfolk Southern Heritage ES44AC Diesel #1976201220126-38946Diesel0
Conrail Norfolk Southern Heritage ES44AC Diesel #1978, Nonpowered201220126-38947Diesel0
Conrail Norfolk Southern Heritage ES44AC Diesel #8098201220126-38945Diesel0
Conrail Norfolk Southern Heritage Extended Vision Caboose201220126-27682Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose0
Conrail Norfolk Southern Heritage SD70ACe Diesel 1209201020106-28318Diesel0
Conrail Norfolk Southern Heritage Unibody One Dome Tank Car201020116-27451Tank Car - Uni-body Tank Car0
Conrail Northeast Caboose 18866201720176-84137Caboose - Northeastern Caboose1
Conrail Northeastern Caboose 18873200720076-17684Caboose - Northeastern Caboose3
Conrail Office Car Special Add-On 2-Pack201720176-83601Multi Car Pack0
Conrail Office Car Special Diesel Passenger Set201720176-83595Diesel0
Conrail Office Car Special StationSounds Dome Car 55201720176-83604Dome Car0
Conrail Operating Barrel Car198419846-9225Barrel Car10
Conrail Operating Work Crane200720076-21486Crane Car0
Conrail Overstamped Post-Merger Boxcar 2-Pack199919996-29281Set12
Conrail PS-2 Hopper 878330201220136-27069Hopper - PS-22
Conrail PS-4 Flatcar200620076-27522Flatcar - PS-4 Flatcar0
Conrail PS-4 Scale Flatcar201520166-82672Flatcar - PS-4 Flatcar0
Conrail PS-5 Gondola #67014202320232326621Gondola - PS-5 Gondola0
Conrail PS-5 Gondola #67019202320232326622Gondola - PS-5 Gondola0
Conrail PS-5 Gondola 612690 With Covers201120116-27892Gondola - PS-5 Gondola0
Conrail PS-5 Gondola And PS-4 Flatcar201520166-82670Multi Car Pack0
Conrail PS-5 Scale Gondola #510907201520166-82671Gondola - PS-5 Gondola0
Conrail Rail Bonder X409, Traditional200620066-28409Bonder0
Conrail Reading Overstamped Boxcar 6464-32X199919996-29288Boxcar7
Conrail Rectifier Electric Locomotive197819826-8859Locomotive7
Conrail Reefer198719876-17301Reefer5
Conrail Rotary Bathtub Gondola 3-Pack200220036-17429Gondola 3-Pack4
Conrail Rotary Bathtub Gondola 507673200320036-17441Gondola - Bathtub4
Conrail Rotary Gondola 2 Pack202020202043220Gondola 2-Pack1
Conrail Rotary Gondola 4 Pack A202020202043200Gondola 4-Pack4
Conrail Rotary Gondola 4 Pack B202020202043210Gondola 4-Pack4
Conrail SD-40 Diesel 8200198719876-18200Diesel2
Conrail SD-40 Diesel Locomotive 6300201520156-82284Locomotive2
Conrail SD-40 Diesel Locomotive 6308201520156-82282Locomotive2
Conrail SD-40 Diesel Locomotive 6350201520166-82283Locomotive0
Conrail SD-60M Diesel 5500199419946-18216Diesel7
Conrail Sd20 Service Exclusive X1144199719976-11918Set7
Conrail Sd38 #6935201520156-82796Diesel0
Conrail Sd38 #6953201520156-82797Diesel0
Conrail SD40-2 Diesel 6424201320136-38933Diesel1
Conrail SD40-2 Diesel 6437201320136-38934Diesel1
Conrail SD60M Diesel 5509, Lionchief201720176-84565Diesel0
Conrail SD6OM Diesel 5504201720176-84405Diesel1
Conrail SD6OM Diesel 5510201720176-84406Diesel2
Conrail SD70Mac Diesel #4139200520056-21109Diesel0
Conrail SD70mac Diesel 4138201420146-81141Diesel0
Conrail SD70MAC Diesel 4144199920006-18260Diesel0
Conrail SD70MAC Diesel 4145199920006-18238Diesel1
Conrail SD8Omac Diesel200320046-28202Diesel1
Conrail SD8Omac Diesel201220126-38587Diesel0
Conrail SD8Omac Diesel201220126-38588Diesel0
Conrail SD8Omac Diesel 4103, Nonpowered201220126-38589Diesel0
Conrail SD8Omac Diesel 7200200220036-18295Diesel1
Conrail Searchlight Car199319936-16667Searchlight Car0
Conrail Searchlight Car197819836-9312Searchlight Car21
Conrail Smoking 57' Mechanical Reefer202020202026500Reefer - 57' Mechanical Reefer0
Conrail Sp-Type Caboose199319936-16548Caboose0
Conrail Standard O Modern Boxcar #166225202120222243111Boxcar4
Conrail Standard O Modern Boxcar #166422202120222243112Boxcar3
Conrail Theater Car 9201720176-84229Theater Car1
Conrail Three Dome Tank Car, Traditional200520056-26168Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car0
Conrail Trackmobile201220126-38805Track0
Conrail Tractor And Trailer199019906-12778Tractor and Trailer24
Conrail U30C Diesel 6837200720076-28267Diesel1
Conrail U30C Diesel 6838, Nonpowered200720086-28268Diesel3
Conrail U36B Diesel 2971, Traditional200220026-28831Diesel0
Conrail Unit Trailer Train Set199819986-21752Set1
Conrail Veterans Illuminated Flag Boxcar202220222226850Boxcar - Illuminated Boxcar0
Conrail Well Car 768121200220026-26028Well Car1
Conrail Woodsided Caboose198719876-17602Caboose - Woodsided Caboose4

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