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Railroad: New Haven (NH)
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
3-Car New Haven State Passenger Set (Std)2016201611-40115Passenger Set0
3444 Erie Animated Gondola200920106-27745Diesel0
6357 New Haven Sp-Type Caboose200920106-27746Caboose0
6424 New Haven Flatcar With 2 Autos (Red And White)200920106-27744Flatcar0
6464-425 New Haven Boxcar200920106-27742Boxcar0
6464-735 New Haven Single Door Boxcar201120126-27780Boxcar - Single-Door Boxcar0
6468 New Haven Double Door Boxcar200920106-27743Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar0
710 Series 3-Car New Haven Passenger Set2013201311-80047Passenger Set0
Archive New Haven F3 Diesel AA Set200920106-34559Diesel AA Set2
City Of New Haven Express Car (CLRC 2004)200420046-52328Reefer1
Lackawanna Flatcar With New Haven Trailer200120016-26003Flatcar2
New Haven #256 Electric W/Proto-Sound 3.02014201411-6050-1Diesel0
New Haven #380 Bi-Polar Electric Engine With Legacy201920191933590Diesel0
New Haven #403 Non-Powered ALCO A Diesel Locomotive W/Horn200720076-21541Diesel1
New Haven 18" Passenger 2-Pack #1202120222227130Passenger Car 2-Pack1
New Haven 18" Passenger 2-Pack #2202120222227140Passenger Car 2-Pack1
New Haven 18" Passenger 2-Pack #3202120222227150Passenger Car 2-Pack1
New Haven 18" Station Sounds Diner202120222227160Diner Car1
New Haven 2-8-2 Mikado Steam Locomotive 3021201220126-11256Locomotive0
New Haven 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler Steam Locomotive 816201420156-82272Locomotive0
New Haven 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 1334199919996-18085Locomotive2
New Haven 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 1335199919996-28013Locomotive0
New Haven 4-8-2 Mountain Locomotive 3310200020006-28058Locomotive6
New Haven 40' Flatcar 17808 With Load200720086-27542Flatcar - 40' Flatcar2
New Haven ALCO C420 Switcher 2556200020016-28507Switcher3
New Haven Alco C420 Switcher 2557, Traditional200020016-28508Switcher1
New Haven ALCO Diesel A Unit 8922199419946-18922Diesel1
New Haven ALCO Diesel A Unit 8923, Dummy199419946-18923Diesel2
New Haven ALCO Diesel Passenger Set (LCCA 2007)200920096-52423Diesel8
New Haven ALCO PA Diesel AA Set200420056-14596Diesel AA Set0
New Haven ALCO PB Diesel B Unit 0767-B200420056-14599Diesel0
New Haven ALCO RS-11 Diesel 1403201220126-38466Diesel0
New Haven ALCO RS-11 Diesel 1405201220126-38470Diesel0
New Haven ALCO RS-11 Diesel 1413, Nonpowered201220126-34731Diesel0
New Haven Archive Non-Powered F3 A Unit #2342200920106-38209Diesel0
New Haven Archive Powered F3 A Unit #2342200920106-38208Diesel0
New Haven Automobile Boxcar200920106-39316Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar3
New Haven Baggage #5581200720076-22132Baggage Car1
New Haven Baggage Car 6080199519956-16080Baggage Car1
New Haven Barrel Ramp Car200820086-36868Ramp Car2
New Haven Bay Window Caboose198919896-16510Caboose - Bay Window Caboose19
New Haven Bay Window Caboose197819806-9272Caboose - Bay Window Caboose20
New Haven Boxcab Electric Locomotive With Horn #307200720076-21268Locomotive0
New Haven Boxcar199019906-19218Boxcar7
New Haven Boxcar200420046-39260Boxcar5
New Haven Boxcar #36186200720076-21215Boxcar1
New Haven Boxcar #36833200720076-21214Boxcar1
New Haven Boxcar 36438201020106-22641Boxcar1
New Haven Boxcar 6464-425199719976-19295Boxcar18
New Haven Boxcar 6464-425199919996-29293Boxcar5
New Haven Boxcar 6464-725199920006-29292Boxcar10
New Haven Boxcar 6464-725200120016-39204Boxcar13
New Haven Boxcar 6501200420046-36272Boxcar9
New Haven Center Cupola Caboose200120016-26556Caboose - Center Cupola Caboose0
New Haven Coach #1000200720076-22133Coach Car0
New Haven Combination Car 6081199519956-16081Combination Car0
New Haven Conventional 2242P F3 A Powered #2242200920106-38332Locomotive0
New Haven Conventional USRA 0-8-0 Steam Switcher 3606201120136-11254Switcher0
New Haven Cop And Hobo Car199019916-16624Other Cars3
New Haven Derrick Car200920096-36899Derrick Car2
New Haven Die Cast Depressed Center Flat Car With Transformer201020106-22668Flatcar - Depressed Center Flatcar2
New Haven Die Cast Plymouth Switcher #9603200720076-21280Switcher0
New Haven Die-Cast Plymouth Switcher With Snowplow201020106-22624Switcher2
New Haven Diesel Freight Set200720076-21212Freight Set0
New Haven Diesel Freight Set200120016-31905Freight Set1
New Haven Diesel Locomotive20082008N/AHallmark16
New Haven Double Door Boxcar200120016-39230Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar3
New Haven Double-Door Boxcar197319736-9719Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar14
New Haven Double-Door Boxcar 40510201120116-27877Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar1
New Haven Early Era Inspection Vehicle201520156-82476Inspection Vehicle0
New Haven EF-4 Rectifier Locomotive 306200920096-18399Locomotive0
New Haven Electric Locomotive197619786-8754Locomotive15
New Haven EP-5 Electric Locomotive199819986-18319Locomotive7
New Haven Ep5 W/Rs Ec & Cruise6-K2749-0379CCDiesel0
New Haven F-3 A-A197719796-8851Diesel6
New Haven F3 Diesel B Unit197819786-8864Diesel2
New Haven F3 Dummy A197819786-8852F3 Unit2
New Haven FA A-A Diesel Set201720186-84419Diesel AA Set0
New Haven Fairbanks-Morse H-16-44 Diesel 591200220036-28837Diesel0
New Haven Flatcar With New England Transportation Trailer (NETCA 2003)200320036-52306Flatcar5
New Haven Freight Set199919996-21763Freight Set5
New Haven Full Vista Dome Car 6084199519956-16084Full Vista Dome Car1
New Haven General American Milk Car200220026-17335Milk Car8
New Haven General American Milk Car200320036-17366Milk Car1
New Haven General American Milk Car 104200320036-17367Milk Car1
New Haven GL-A 2-bay Hopper 115015201420166-81790Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper0
New Haven GL-A 2-bay Hopper 115355201420166-81791Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper0
New Haven GLa Twin Hopper 2-Pack201420166-81789Hopper 2-Pack0
New Haven Handcar200820096-28444Hand Car0
New Haven Hi-Cube Boxcar197619776-9605Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar14
New Haven High Speed Train Expansion Pack202120212127420Passenger Set0
New Haven Illuminated Caboose201020106-22663Caboose0
New Haven Illuminated Caboose #C-701200720076-21216Caboose0
New Haven Legacy 4-6-6T #1850201920202031070Locomotive0
New Haven Legacy Atlantic #1111202220222231420Locomotive1
New Haven Legacy C Liner #792202120222233291Diesel0
New Haven Legacy C Liner #798202120222233292Diesel0
New Haven Legacy High Speed Train Set202120212122120Passenger Set0
New Haven Legacy L2a Mohawk #3507202120212131570Locomotive0
New Haven Legacy Pa Aa Set #0760/0761202120212133410Diesel AA Set2
New Haven Legacy USRA 0-8-0 Steam Switcher 3603201120136-11253Switcher0
New Haven Lionchief Plus 2.0 Budd Rdc Unit #41202320232335140Budd Car0
New Haven Lionchief Plus 2.0 Budd RDC Unit Combo (#120 Pwd, #42 Non-pwd)202320232335090Budd Car0
New Haven LionChief Plus E33 Rectifier Locomotive 306201520176-82177Locomotive0
New Haven Lionchief Plus Fa Dummy A #418201720186-84421Diesel0
New Haven Lionchief Plus Fa Power A #417201720186-84420Diesel0
New Haven Mu Car Non-Powered #4083200020006-18330Locomotive0
New Haven Mu Car Non-powered 4084200120016-18335Locomotive0
New Haven Mu Car Non-Powered 4085200120016-18336Locomotive0
New Haven Mu Car Powered #4082200020006-18329Locomotive0
New Haven Multiple Unit (Commuter Cars) Commuter Car Dummy Set200120016-18334Set0
New Haven Multiple Unit (Commuter Cars) Commuter Car Set200020006-18328Set2
New Haven N5 Caboose C-507201520166-82868Caboose - N5B Caboose1
New Haven Non-Powered 2242C F3 B Unit #2242200920106-38333Locomotive2
New Haven Observation Car 6086199519956-16086Observation Car1
New Haven One Dome Tank Car, Traditional200520056-26167Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car3
New Haven Passenger Coach 6082199519956-16082Passenger Coach0
New Haven Powered ALCO A #401 Diesel Locomotive200720076-21213Diesel0
New Haven PS-1 Boxcar 32196200620066-27226Boxcar - PS-1 Boxcar1
New Haven PS-5 Gondola With Covers200520056-17472Gondola - PS-5 Gondola3
New Haven Pullman Roton Point200720076-22134Pullman Car0
New Haven Rail Bonder 16200420046-18482Bonder1
New Haven Round-Roof Boxcar 39303201320136-17766Boxcar - Round-Roof Boxcar0
New Haven RS-11 Diesel #1406200120016-28528Diesel1
New Haven RS-3 Lionchief Set201820186-84709Freight Set2
New Haven Scale Northeastern Caboose C-666201120126-27666Caboose - Northeastern Caboose2
New Haven Scrap Yard200620066-34145Accessory4
New Haven SD18 Diesel 8806198919896-18806Diesel4
New Haven SD70ACe Diesel 8696201120116-34619Diesel0
New Haven SD70ACe Diesel 8699201120116-34620Diesel0
New Haven Single Dome Tank Car200520056-26177Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car3
New Haven Single Dome Tank Car #36148200920176-36148Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car2
New Haven Standard O NE-5 Caboose #c-516202020212043320Caboose - NE-5 Caboose0
New Haven Standard O Rbl #45022202220222243291Boxcar - Insulated Boxcar0
New Haven Standard O Rbl #45064202220222243292Boxcar - Insulated Boxcar1
New Haven State Baggage Car (Std)2016201611-40118Baggage Car0
New Haven State of Maine Boxcar (LOTS 2010)201020106-52566Boxcar4
New Haven State Of Maine Boxcar 45003199519956-17217Boxcar14
New Haven State Passenger Coach (Std)2016201611-40117Passenger Coach0
New Haven State Solarium Car (Std)2016201611-40116Passenger Car0
New Haven Streamliner Car 3-Pack200720076-22131Multi Car Pack2
New Haven TMCC ALCO PA Diesel Non Powered A #0768200420056-14598Diesel0
New Haven TMCC ALCO PA-1 Diesel Powered A #0767200420056-14597Diesel0
New Haven TMCC Rail Bonder #18202320232335020Bonder1
New Haven Trailiner Ft Lionchief Diesel Freight Set201620166-83074Freight Set0
New Haven Usra Light Mountain Steam Locomotive W/ Legacy201820191931090Locomotive0
New Haven Vista Dome Car 6083199519956-16083Vista Dome Car0
New Haven Waffle-Sided Boxcar200720076-15020Boxcar - Waffle-Side Boxcar6
New Haven Walking Brakeman Car201320146-37087Brakeman Car6
New Haven Yankee Clipper Boxcar (LOTS 2010)201020106-22680Boxcar4
No. 256 New Haven Electric Locomotive2013201311-6050Locomotive0
No. 318E New Haven Electric Locomotive (Std)2017201711-2052Locomotive0
No. 710 New Haven Baggage Car2013201311-80053Baggage Car0
No. 710 New Haven Passenger Coach2013201311-80054Passenger Coach0
Port Hole Caboose New Haven199919996-19757Caboose2
Postwar 2507W New Haven F3 Diesel Freight Set200920106-38324Freight Set4
Super 381 New Haven Electric Locomotive (Std)2016201611-2041Locomotive0

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