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Railroad: Rock Island (RI)
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
31725 Rock Island Steam Freight Set200320036-31725Set0
Iowa Interstate/Rock Island ES44AC Diesel Locomotive 513201520156-82207Diesel0
Rock Island "Al Capone" Coaches 4-Pack202420242427710Passenger Car 4-Pack0
Rock Island "Wells Fargo" Combination Car198119826-9559Combination Car5
Rock Island #1208 Lionchief Plus 2.0 Diesel GP7202320232434040Diesel0
Rock Island & Peoria 4-4-0 Locomotive198019826-8004Locomotive16
Rock Island 0-4-0 Locomotive197619776-8601Locomotive10
Rock Island 0-4-0 Locomotive 8610199019906-18610Locomotive6
Rock Island 0-4-Ot Locomotive 8700198719886-18700Locomotive3
Rock Island 18 Aluminum Baggage/Diner Car 2-Pack201420146-81866Passenger Car 2-Pack0
Rock Island 18 Aluminum Combination/Vista Dome Car 2-Pack201420146-81813Passenger Car 2-Pack0
Rock Island 18 Aluminum Observation/Coach Car 2-Pack201420146-81812Passenger Car 2-Pack0
Rock Island 2-6-0 Mogul Steam Locomotive 750201120136-11269Locomotive1
Rock Island 21 Streamlined Dining Car Stationsounds201520156-82886Dining Car0
Rock Island 21" Streamlined Passenger Baggage Car #852201520156-82567Baggage Car0
Rock Island 21" Streamlined Passenger Car 2-Pack201520156-82571Passenger Car 2-Pack0
Rock Island 21" Streamlined Passenger Car 4-Pack201520156-82566Passenger Car 4-Pack0
Rock Island 21" Streamlined Passenger Coach Car #308201520156-82568Coach Car1
Rock Island 21" Streamlined Passenger Coach Car #309201520156-82573Coach Car0
Rock Island 21" Streamlined Passenger Combo Car #376201520156-82572Combination Car0
Rock Island 21" Streamlined Passenger Observation Dome "Big Ben"201520156-82570Observation Car0
Rock Island 21" Streamlined Passenger Pullman "Odessa Lake"201520156-82569Pullman Car0
Rock Island 3-Bay ACF Hopper 800200199419946-17122Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper5
Rock Island 4-4-2 Locomotive197319756-8304Locomotive0
Rock Island 4-8-4 Locomotive 5100198719876-18001Locomotive17
Rock Island 44-Ton Switcher 371199319936-18907Switcher9
Rock Island 60' Boxcar 33825201520176-82659Boxcar - 60' Boxcar0
Rock Island 8-Door Hi-Cube Boxcar201520166-82426Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar0
Rock Island ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 77601201120116-27884Stock Car - ACF 40-Ton Stock Car1
Rock Island Alco A Diesel197519765-5505HO Diesel0
Rock Island Alco AA Diesels 2031201220136-38371Diesel AA Set2
Rock Island ALCO Diesel A Unit197519766-8563Diesel0
Rock Island Alco FA A-A199819986-18972Diesel AA Set0
Rock Island ALCO Fa2 Diesel 2031, Powered199819996-18973Diesel0
Rock Island ALCO Fa2 Diesel Dummy Unit199819996-18974Diesel0
Rock Island Aluminum Passenger Car 4-Pack200120016-39141Passenger Car 4-Pack2
Rock Island Bay Window Caboose200720076-27600Caboose - Bay Window Caboose5
Rock Island Bobber Caboose198719886-16500Caboose - Bobber Caboose1
Rock Island Bobber Caboose197619776-9078Caboose9
Rock Island Boxcar198719886-16200Boxcar1
Rock Island Boxcar201020136-27293Boxcar4
Rock Island Boxcar198319836-7903Boxcar1
Rock Island Boxcar197719786-9782Boxcar3
Rock Island Boxcar197419756-9806Boxcar18
Rock Island Boxcar #6464200920096-27711Boxcar1
Rock Island Boxcar 6464199419946-19258Boxcar10
Rock Island Boxcar 6464199519956-19269Boxcar13
Rock Island Boxcar, Steam Railsounds199019906-16631Boxcar1
Rock Island Budd RDC Coach 750, Nonpowered201120116-35498Coach Car0
Rock Island Budd RDC Combination Car 751, Nonpowered201120116-35497Combination Car0
Rock Island Budd RDC Jet Car201120116-38425Jet Car0
Rock Island Coach Car Valle Mar200120016-39144Coach Car0
Rock Island Coach Car Valle Verde200120016-39143Coach Car0
Rock Island Coal Hopper 700665200220026-17180Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper0
Rock Island Command Controlled Speeder202420242435160Diesel0
Rock Island Conventional 2-8-2 Mikado Steam Locomotive 2305201120116-11287Locomotive0
Rock Island Double-Door Boxcar199119916-19232Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar19
Rock Island E6 Diesel M Set200120016-14521Set6
Rock Island E8 Diesel AA Set201420146-81225Diesel AA Set0
Rock Island Express Set197319746-1386Freight Set0
Rock Island Extended Vision Caboose201220136-36681Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose0
Rock Island Extended Vision Caboose 17011200220026-17638Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose1
Rock Island F7 AA Set #120,#122 Legacy Diesel202320232433210Diesel AA Set1
Rock Island F7B #22 Legacy Diesel202320232433218Diesel0
Rock Island F7B Superbass #10 Legacy Diesel202320232433219Diesel Superbass0
Rock Island Flatcar 90088 With Trailer200420046-26064Flatcar0
Rock Island Flatcar With Fences198719886-16300Flatcar6
Rock Island FT A Unit With Railsounds Rtr #99201220136-38232Locomotive0
Rock Island Gondola 180043 With Coils200720086-22182Gondola0
Rock Island Gondola 180044201020106-22647Gondola0
Rock Island Gondola With Cable Reels198719886-16304Gondola6
Rock Island Gondola With Canisters, Traditional200520056-26087Gondola0
Rock Island GP20 Diesel (LCCA 1980)198019806-8068Diesel8
Rock Island GP35 Diesel 307201320146-38770Diesel0
Rock Island GP35 Diesel 309201320146-38771Diesel0
Rock Island GP7 Diesel197719786-8750Diesel7
Rock Island GP7 Diesel 1265200720076-28565Diesel0
Rock Island GP7 Diesel 1266, Nonpowered200720076-28566Diesel0
Rock Island GP7 Diesel 1274200220036-28536Diesel3
Rock Island GP7 Diesel Dummy Unit197719786-8751Diesel0
Rock Island GP9 Diesel 1325, Nonpowered201220126-34739Diesel0
Rock Island GP9 Diesel 1327201220136-34663Diesel0
Rock Island GP9 Diesel 1331201220136-34662Diesel0
Rock Island Hi-Cube Boxcar200720086-25026Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar3
Rock Island Hobo Sounds Boxcar202120222226020Boxcar0
Rock Island Large Door Baggage Car #820200120016-39142Baggage Car0
Rock Island Legacy 2-8-2 Mikado Steam Locomotive 2302201120116-11286Locomotive0
Rock Island Legacy 4-8-4 #5100201920202031210Locomotive0
Rock Island Legacy E6 AA Set202420242433630Diesel AA Set0
Rock Island Legacy E7 AA Set #632/#635202020212133010Diesel AA Set0
Rock Island Legacy E8 AA Diesel Set #644-648202320232333810Diesel AA Set1
Rock Island Legacy FA-2 AA Diesel Set #160/#161202320232333660Diesel AA Set1
Rock Island Legacy H-15-44 #400202220222333261Diesel2
Rock Island Legacy H-15-44 #401202220222333262Diesel0
Rock Island Legacy Scale E8 Non Powered A Unit #649201420146-81227Diesel0
Rock Island Legacy Scale E8 Powered A Unit #647201420146-81226Diesel0
Rock Island Legacy Superbass E7B202020212133019Diesel Superbass2
Rock Island Legacy SW1200 Diesel Locomotive #920202220222233910Diesel2
Rock Island Line Set197619776-1661Freight Set5
Rock Island Lionchief Plus 2.0 Doodlebug #9070202420242435100Diesel0
Rock Island Lionchief Plus 2.0 GP7 #1274202020212134040Diesel1
Rock Island N5C Caboose197719786-9180Caboose - N5C Caboose3
Rock Island Non-Powered GP35 Diesel 323201320146-38772Diesel0
Rock Island Northeast Caboose #17604202220222326210Caboose - Northeastern Caboose1
Rock Island Nw2 Switcher197819796-8860Switcher3
Rock Island Observation Car La Mirada200120016-39145Observation Car0
Rock Island Offset Hopper #89501200620066-17087Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper0
Rock Island Offset Hopper #89502200620066-17088Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper1
Rock Island Offset Hopper #89503200620066-17089Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper0
Rock Island Offset Hopper 89500 With Gravel200620066-17067Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper2
Rock Island Offset Hopper With Gravel, 3-Pack200620066-11882Hopper 3-Pack0
Rock Island Operating Coal Dump Car With Vehicle200820096-21664Dump Car0
Rock Island Ore Car 99122200320036-16473Ore Car7
Rock Island Passenger Car198119826-9561Passenger Car5
Rock Island Passenger Coach198119826-9560Passenger Coach4
Rock Island PS-1 Boxcar 21110200320046-17291Boxcar - PS-1 Boxcar1
Rock Island PS-1 Boxcar 57607200520066-27215Boxcar - PS-1 Boxcar0
Rock Island PS-2 Hopper 500751201220136-27083Hopper - PS-20
Rock Island PS-2CD Covered Hopper 3-Pack200820086-27191Hopper - PS-20
Rock Island PS-5 Gondola #3050202320232326651Gondola - PS-5 Gondola2
Rock Island PS-5 Gondola #3091202320232326652Gondola - PS-5 Gondola4
Rock Island PS-5 Gondola With Coke Containers #502402200820096-17480Gondola - PS-5 Gondola1
Rock Island Quad Cities Rocket Legacy Set202320232322070Passenger Set0
Rock Island Railroad Art Boxcar200920106-29960Boxcar6
Rock Island Rocket Diesel Freight Train Set201220136-30179Set0
Rock Island Rocket Express Car (CLRC 2007)200720076-52427Boxcar - Express Boxcar1
Rock Island Route Of The Rockets Box Car201220136-15887Boxcar1
Rock Island Route Of The Rockets Boxcar 21110200920106-21633Boxcar2
Rock Island RS3 Diesel 492, Traditional200720086-28886Diesel0
Rock Island Searchlight Car199419946-16678Searchlight Car7
Rock Island Searchlight Car201320136-37078Searchlight Car0
Rock Island Single-Dome Tank Car #257201420156-81663Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car0
Rock Island Sp-Type Caboose197319746-9070Caboose4
Rock Island Sp-Type Caboose197519766-9075Caboose0
Rock Island Standard O Modern Boxcar #300032202120222243121Boxcar2
Rock Island Standard O Modern Boxcar #399370202120222243122Boxcar2
Rock Island Stock Car199219926-19530Stock Car12
Rock Island Superbass E7B #610202420242433639Diesel Superbass0
Rock Island TMCC E6 Dummy A Unit #630200120016-14523Locomotive1
Rock Island TMCC E6 Powered A Unit #628200120016-14522Locomotive1
Rock Island Transfer Caboose199019906-16519Caboose - Transfer Caboose0
Rock Island U30C Diesel Engine With TMCC Ii200820086-28290Diesel0
Rock Island USRA Double-Sheathed Boxcar201620166-83349Boxcar - Double-Sheathed Boxcar3
Rock Island Woodsided Caboose198819886-17603Caboose - Woodsided Caboose18
Toys R Us Rock Island Line Set197619766-1693Freight Set3
True Value Rock Island Line Set197619766-1698Set4
True Value Rock Island Line Set197719776-1792Freight Set1

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