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Railroad: Southern Railway (SOU)
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
2600 Series 4-Car Southern Passenger Set2013201311-80050Passenger Set0
4501 Southern Mikado Steam Locomotive20002000N/AHallmark13
Arizona Southern Ore Car (GPD 1999)199919996-52177Ore Car1
Canada Southern Operating Hopper (LCAC 1989)198919896-8912Hopper1
Dixie Division 10Th Anniversary Southern 3-Bay Hopper (TCA 1997)199719976-52127Hopper1
No. 2613 Southern Pullman Coach2013201311-80052Coach Car0
No. 263E Southern Locomotive2013201311-6054Locomotive0
No. 2814 Southern Boxcar2013201311-70096Boxcar0
No. 2817 Southern Caboose2016201611-70131Caboose0
Nofolk Southern Rotary Bathtub Gondola #10305201120116-27870Gondola0
Norfolk & Southern Boxcar198219826-9461Boxcar2
Norfolk & Southern Boxcar198519866-9482Boxcar6
Smithsonian Historic Trains Southern 1401 Boxcar201720176-84608Boxcar1
Smoking Southern Bay Window Caboose201020106-22671Caboose0
Southern "Crescent Limited" Heavyweight Combination "W. Moultrie"200320036-15500Combination Car0
Southern "Crescent Limited" Heavyweight Observation "Joel C. Harris"200320036-15503Observation Car1
Southern "Crescent Limited" Heavyweight Sleeper "Grady"200320046-15518Sleeper Car0
Southern "Crescent Limited" Heavyweight Sleeper "Martin"200320046-15519Sleeper Car2
Southern "Crescent Limited" Heavyweight Sleeper "Robert Hoke"200320036-15501Sleeper Car0
Southern "Crescent Limited" Heavyweight Sleeper "W. R. King"200320036-15502Sleeper Car0
Southern "Crescent Limited" Heavywight Observation " R.E. Lee"201220126-25643Observation Car0
Southern "Crescent Limited" Heavywight Sleeper "Pgt Beauregard"201220126-25642Sleeper Car0
Southern "Crescent Limited" Heavywight Sleeper "Stonewall Jackson"201220126-25641Sleeper Car1
Southern "The Southerner" Aluminum Streamlined Baggage "Greenville"200320036-29159Baggage Car0
Southern "The Southerner" Aluminum Streamlined Coach "Alabama"200320036-29160Coach Car0
Southern "The Southerner" Aluminum Streamlined Coach "Maryland"200320036-15377Coach Car0
Southern "The Southerner" Aluminum Streamlined Coach "North Carolina"200320036-15376Coach Car0
Southern "The Southerner" Aluminum Streamlined Combination "Southern Miss"200320036-15375Combination Car0
Southern "The Southerner" Aluminum Streamlined Observation "Louisiana"200320036-15378Observation Car0
Southern #100 60' Baggage Car201920191927461Baggage Car0
Southern #109 60' Baggage Car201920191927462Baggage Car0
Southern #3168 Stationsounds Diner Car201920191927500Diner Car1
Southern #39 60' RPO Passenger Car201920191927320Passenger Car0
Southern #42954 4-Door High Cube Box Car201920191926041Boxcar0
Southern #42995 4-Door High Cube Box Car201920191926042Boxcar0
Southern #5300 2-10-4 Steam Locomotive W/ Legacy201920191931760Locomotive1
Southern (Black) Usra Light Mountain Steam Loco W/ Legacy201920191931130Locomotive0
Southern (Green) Usra Light Mountain Steam Loco W/ Legacy201920191931120Locomotive0
Southern 0-4-0 Locomotive197319736-8311Locomotive1
Southern 0-4-0 Locomotive, Railsounds201220136-11429Locomotive1
Southern 0-8-0 Locomotive 6535200720076-11119Locomotive2
Southern 0-8-0 Yard Goat Locomotive 6536200120056-38016Locomotive1
Southern 18 Aluminum Baggage/Diner Car 2-Pack201420146-81878Diner Car0
Southern 18 Aluminum Combinationnista Dome Car 2-Pack201420146-81801Dome Car0
Southern 18 Aluminum Observation/Coach Car 2-Pack201420146-81800Coach Car0
Southern 18" Passenger Car 2-Pack #1201920191927470Passenger Car1
Southern 18" Passenger Car 2-Pack #2201920191927480Passenger Car0
Southern 18" Passenger Car 2-Pack #3201920191927490Passenger Car0
Southern 1955 Pickup Truck201320136-39540Truck0
Southern 2-4-0 Locomotive197119716-8140Locomotive7
Southern 2-4-0 Locomotive197319766-8302Locomotive10
Southern 2-4-0 Locomotive198319856-8314Locomotive2
Southern 2-4-0 Locomotive 2000199319936-18711Locomotive1
Southern 2-4-2 Steam Locomotive W/ Lionchief & Bluetooth201920191932150Locomotive1
Southern 2-8-0 #630201520156-82875Locomotive0
Southern 2-8-2 Heavy Mikado Locomotive 4866201520156-81181Locomotive0
Southern 2-8-2 Light Mikado Locomotive 4758201720176-84470Locomotive0
Southern 2-8-2 Locomotive 4501199219926-18018Locomotive7
Southern 2-8-2 Locomotive 4501198319836-8309Locomotive8
Southern 2-8-2 Mikado Steam Locomotive 4501201220126-11258Locomotive0
Southern 2-8-2 Steam Locomotive 4501201620176-82962Locomotive0
Southern 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive 2718, Railsounds200720086-38607Locomotive0
Southern 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive, Traditional200220026-28617Locomotive0
Southern 21 Streamlined Dining Car Stationsounds201520156-82885Station0
Southern 21" Streamlined Passenger Baggage Car #1700201520156-82559Baggage Car0
Southern 21" Streamlined Passenger Car 2-Pack201520156-82563Passenger Car0
Southern 21" Streamlined Passenger Car 4-Pack201520156-82558Passenger Car0
Southern 21" Streamlined Passenger Coach Car #837201520156-82560Coach Car0
Southern 21" Streamlined Passenger Combination Car "Fort Mitchell"201520156-82564Combination Car0
Southern 21" Streamlined Passenger Observation Car #1101201520156-82562Observation Car0
Southern 21" Streamlined Passenger Pullman #2014201520156-82561Pullman Car0
Southern 21" Streamlined Passenger Pullman Car #2022201520156-82565Pullman Car0
Southern 24435 Train Master Diesel 6300201420146-81215Diesel0
Southern 263E Tinplate Loco & Tender W/Ps3.02014201411-6054-1Locomotive0
Southern 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #72120201620163-16121Hopper0
Southern 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #72174201620163-16122Hopper0
Southern 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #72663201620163-16123Hopper0
Southern 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #72838201620163-16124Hopper0
Southern 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #72993201620163-16125Hopper0
Southern 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #73116201620163-16126Hopper0
Southern 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper 6-Pack, Lionscale201620163-16120Hopper0
Southern 4-4-2 Atlantic Steam Locomotive 1910201120116-11317Locomotive0
Southern 4-6-2 Locomotive 1390199619966-18044Locomotive2
Southern 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 1317, Railsounds200820086-38640Locomotive0
Southern 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 1407199919996-28016Locomotive0
Southern 4-6-4 Locomotive197719786-8702Locomotive14
Southern 4-8-2 Mountain Locomotive 1491200020006-28057Locomotive1
Southern 4-Bay Covered Hopper 77836199819986-16439Hopper0
Southern 44-Ton Switcher 1955199919996-18975Switcher1
Southern 6464 Boxcar 6464199819986-29214Boxcar4
Southern ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 45655201120116-27882Stock Car0
Southern Aim S2 Diesel Switcher 2215201120116-38486Diesel0
Southern ALCO A Unit W/Horn6-21218Diesel0
Southern ALCO PA AA Diesel Locomotive Set 6900, 6901201520156-82238Diesel AA Set0
Southern ALCO PB Diesel Locomotive201520156-82256Locomotive0
Southern ALCO S2 Diesel Switcher201120116-38485Diesel0
Southern ALCO S2 Diesel Switcher 2209201120116-38484Diesel0
Southern ALCO S2 Diesel Switcher 2218, Nonpowered201120116-38487Diesel0
Southern Aluminum Passenger Car 2-Pack200320036-29158Passenger Car1
Southern Aluminum Passenger Car 2-Pack200120016-39157Multi Car Pack1
Southern Aluminum Passenger Car 2-Pack #1200920096-22459Passenger Car0
Southern Aluminum Passenger Car 2-Pack #2200920096-22460Passenger Car0
Southern Aluminum Passenger Car 4-Pack200320036-15317Passenger Car2
Southern Aluminum Passenger Car 4-Pack200020006-39119Passenger Car3
Southern Baby Madison Car 4-Pack200020006-29076Passenger Car1
Southern Baggage Car197719786-9530Baggage Car4
Southern Bay Window Caboose198319836-6431Caboose7
Southern Bay Window Caboose197819786-9273Caboose8
Southern Bay Window Caboose (LCCA 1977)197719776-9259Caboose8
Southern Bay Window Caboose X270200820096-22282Caboose1
Southern Bay Window Caboose X546200420046-17663Caboose0
Southern Belle Boxcar (TCA 1975)197519756-9774Boxcar7
Southern Big John Covered Quad Hopper197619766-9266Hopper1
Southern Box Car6-34262Boxcar0
Southern Boxcar199019908-87004Boxcar0
Southern Boxcar197719775-8702HO Boxcar0
Southern Boxcar198319836-9451Boxcar4
Southern Boxcar197219736-9700Boxcar65
Southern Boxcar197419756-9711Boxcar15
Southern Boxcar 9464199919996-29257Boxcar1
Southern Boxcar-For Paint Shop Accessory6-22337Boxcar0
Southern Bulkhead Flatcar 50125200220026-26056Flatcar2
Southern Bunk Car198419846-5726Bunk Car8
Southern Caboose197719775-8721HO Caboose0
Southern Caboose X99200820086-36591Caboose0
Southern Center Cupola Caboose, Traditional200520056-36536Caboose3
Southern Charlottesville Aluminum Passenger Coach 812200020006-39121Passenger Car0
Southern Classic Bay Window Caboose #616200720076-21194Caboose0
Southern Coal Dump Car200320036-36795Dump Car1
Southern Coal Dump Car 16707198719876-16607Dump Car0
Southern Combination Car197719786-9531Combination Car2
Southern Comfort Reefer198319846-9834Reefer7
Southern Crane Car199119916-19405Crane Car0
Southern Crane Car D76200820086-29877Crane Car2
Southern Crescent Limited 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive201220126-11334Locomotive0
Southern Crescent Limited Heavyweight Diner, Stationsounds200320046-15520Diner Car0
Southern Crescent Limited Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack200320046-15517Passenger Car1
Southern Crescent Limited Heavyweight Passenger Car 4-Pack201220126-25654Passenger Car0
Southern Crescent Limited Steam Passenger Set, Railsounds200320036-31713Passenger Set3
Southern Crescent Limited" Heavywight Baggage #RPO"201220126-25640Baggage Car0
Southern Delaware Madison Baggage Car 702200020006-29077Baggage Car0
Southern Depressed Center Flatcar, 2 Transformers200920096-21635Flatcar1
Southern Derrick Car200620066-26845Derrick Car1
Southern Die-Cast 2-Bay Ribbed Hopper #74022200720076-21193Hopper0
Southern Diesel Executive Inspection Train200720076-21217Diesel0
Southern Diesel Freight Set200320046-31938Freight Set0
Southern Diner198719876-19001Diner Car0
Southern Division Bunk Car198619866-1986Bunk Car0
Southern Double-Door Boxcar198819886-19208Boxcar11
Southern E6 AA Diesel Set200220026-14544Diesel AA Set0
Southern Early Era Inspection Vehicle201120116-28472Inspection Vehicle1
Southern Express Set197319766-1384Set3
Southern F3 Diesel A Unit197519776-8566Diesel3
Southern F3 Diesel A Unit, Dummy197519776-8567Diesel1
Southern F3 Diesel ABA Set200020006-38188Diesel ABA Set5
Southern F3 Diesel B Unit200820086-34546Diesel0
Southern F3 Diesel B Unit197619766-8661Diesel7
Southern Fairbanks-Morse Train Master Diesel 8301198819886-18301Diesel8
Southern Flatcar200120016-26006Flatcar0
Southern Flatcar With Stakes199119916-19409Flatcar7
Southern Freight Car 4-Pack200720076-21190Multi Car Pack0
Southern Freight Runner Set198719876-11704Freight Set2
Southern Freightsounds PS-1 Box Car201920191926660Boxcar0
Southern Ft Diesel 4102, Traditional200620066-34501Diesel0
Southern Girder Bridge200920096-22531Bridge0
Southern Gondola202020202054610HO Gondola0
Southern Gondola 60141 With Cable Reels200420046-26067Gondola1
Southern Gondola With Canisters198319856-6207Gondola1
Southern GP-9 Diesel197519765-5514HO Diesel2
Southern GP30 Diesel Locomotive 2594201520156-82140Locomotive0
Southern GP30 Diesel Locomotive 2601201520156-82141Locomotive0
Southern GP38 Diesel, Horn200320046-28843Diesel1
Southern GP7 Diesel197719786-8774Diesel5
Southern GP7 Diesel Dummy Unit197719786-8758Diesel2
Southern GP9 #6256201520156-82794Diesel0
Southern GP9 #6257201520156-82795Diesel0
Southern GP9 Diesel 8802198719876-18802Diesel0
Southern Grand Junction Aluminum Passenger/ Baggage Car200020006-39120Passenger Car1
Southern H-24-66 Train Master Diesel 6303201420146-81216Diesel0
Southern H16-44 Diesel 6547201620166-83405Diesel0
Southern H16-44 Diesel 6550201620166-83406Diesel0
Southern Heavyweight Baggage #391200620066-15589Baggage Car0
Southern Heavyweight Coach #1620200620066-15590Coach Car0
Southern Heavyweight Coach #1629200620066-15594Coach Car0
Southern Heavyweight Diner, Stationsounds200620066-15596Diner Car3
Southern Heavyweight Observation "Mount Cory"200620066-15592Observation Car0
Southern Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack200620066-15593Passenger Car2
Southern Heavyweight Passenger Car 4-Pack200620066-15588Passenger Car3
Southern Heavyweight Sleeper200620066-15595Sleeper Car0
Southern Heavyweight Sleeper "Dodge City"200620066-15591Sleeper Car0
Southern Hopper198319866-6115Hopper1
Southern Hopper (LCCA 1994)199419946-360794Hopper0
Southern Hopper 36 (LCCA 1994)199419946-52038Hopper6
Southern I-Beam Flatcar 9823 With Load199719976-16951Flatcar5
Southern I-Beam Flatcar With Load199219926-16372Flatcar16
Southern Illuminated Square Window Caboose200320046-26590Caboose5
Southern Inspection Pullman #20226-21219Pullman Car0
Southern Legacy 2-8-4 Berkshire #2716201720176-84689Locomotive0
Southern Legacy 4-6-0 #947202120212131110Locomotive0
Southern Legacy ALCO PA Non Powered A #6901201520156-82240Diesel0
Southern Legacy ALCO PA Powered A #6900201520156-82239Diesel0
Southern Legacy E8 Aa Set202020202033380Diesel0
Southern Legacy Sw7 #1100201820186-85026Diesel0
Southern Legacy Train Master #6301202020202033431Diesel0
Southern Legacy Train Master #6302202020202033432Diesel1
Southern Legacy USRA Light 2-8-2 #4501202120212131370Locomotive0
Southern Legacy Usra Pacific #1372201820186-85174Locomotive0
Southern Lionchief 0-8-0 #1849202020202032230Locomotive2
Southern Lionchief Plus 2.0 Berkshire #2716202020201932050Locomotive0
Southern Lionchief Plus 2.0 Rs-3 #520202120212134120Locomotive0
Southern Lionchief Plus 4-6-2 Pacific #1401201720176-84682Locomotive0
Southern Madison Observation Car200020006-29080Observation Car0
Southern Maryland Madison Coach 801200020006-29079Coach Car0
Southern Memphis Aluminum Observation Car 1152200020006-39123Observation Car0
Southern Mp15 Diesel Pair, Powered And Dummy201020106-21693Diesel0
Southern N5C Caboose198719876-16504Caboose2
Southern N5C Caboose (TCA 1977)197719786-9287Caboose10

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