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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Category: Caboose
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
4021 Caboose20112011Caboose01
4021 Caboose20112011Caboose00
4021 Caboose20112011Caboose00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Extended Vision Caboose 99970220162016Caboose10
Atlantic Coast Line Caboose 40020082008Caboose10
Baltimore & Ohio Bay Window Caboose19811983Caboose10
Boston & Maine Bay Window Caboose19831983Caboose00
Boston & Maine Cupola Caboose C-4820162016Caboose00
Burlington Extended Vision Caboose 1385320062006Caboose10
Burlington Northern Extended View Caboose20112011Caboose00
Burlington Northern Square Window Caboose 870619901990Caboose11
Caboose W/ Smoke20172017Caboose00
Canadian National Extended Vision Caboose 7964420082008Caboose00
Chesapeake & Ohio Caboose 9087720072007Caboose00
Chessie Extended Vision Caboose 318120162016Caboose00
Chessie System Animated Caboose20072007Caboose00
Chessie System Bay Window Caboose19801980Caboose20
Chessie System Caboose20062006Caboose00
Chicago & North Western Bay Window Caboose20182018Caboose10
Chicago & North Western Caboose19981998Caboose00
Chicago & North Western Extended Vision Caboose 1365320072007Caboose00
Christmas Caboose20062006Caboose00
Clear Smoking Caboose 99720122012Caboose00
Commemorative Work Caboose20152016Caboose10
Conrail Bay Window Caboose 2150319951995Caboose00
Conrail Extended View Caboose20112011Caboose00
Cotton Belt Bay Window Caboose20092009Caboose41
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Extended Vision Caboose C-22720052005Caboose00
Erie Caboose C10720062006Caboose00
Erie-Lackawanna Extended Vision Caboose20092009Caboose00
Great Northern Animated Caboose20042005Caboose10
Great Northern Caboose (NASG)19991999Caboose00
Great Northern Extended Vision Caboose #X-10620172017Caboose20
Happy New Year Bay Window Caboose 10119951995Caboose00
Illinois Central Gulf Bay Window Caboose19871987Caboose21
Milwaukee Road Animated Square Window Caboose19921992Caboose10
Milwaukee Road Caboose19971997Caboose00
New Haven Square Window Caboose 870719911991Caboose21
New York Central B-W Caboose 2030020162016Caboose10
New York Central Bay Window Caboose19861986Caboose20
New York Central Caboose 1756020032004Caboose10
New York Central Extended Vision Caboose20072007Caboose00
Nickel Plate Road Caboose19971997Caboose00
Nickel Plate Road Cupola Caboose 77520162016Caboose00
Nickel Plate Road Smoking Caboose20132013Caboose00
Northeastern Style Caboose #2463120102010Caboose00
Northern Pacific Bay Window Caboose 871119951995Caboose10
Northern Pacific Extended View Caboose20112011Caboose00
On Extended View Caboose20112011Caboose10
Pennsylvania Railroad Caboose #47878320162016Caboose00
Pennsylvania Railroad Caboose 47781020082008Caboose00
Pennsylvania Square Window Caboose19891989Caboose00
Pere Marquette Northeast Caboose #A90920172017Caboose00
Reading Northeast Caboose #9290220172017Caboose10
Ringling Bros. Bay Window Caboose20112011Caboose00
Rock Island Bay Window Caboose 1777820022002Caboose20
Route Of The Reindeer Animated Caboose20122014Caboose01
Santa Animated Caboose20082008Caboose00
Santa Fe Animated Caboose20062006Caboose20
Santa Fe Bay Window Caboose19861986Caboose00
Santa Fe Caboose20182018Caboose12
Santa Fe Caboose19991999Caboose00
Seaboard Square Window Caboose 4965820032003Caboose00
Smoking Caboose20112011Caboose00
Southern Bay Window Caboose19841984Caboose00
Southern Bay Window Caboose X54520052005Caboose00
Southern Illumin CabooseCaboose00
Southern Pacific Bay Window Caboose19871987Caboose10
Southern Pacific Bay Window Caboose 133820052005Caboose00
Southern Pacific Caboose #111920132014Caboose00
Southern Pacific Square Window Caboose 99019971997Caboose20
Toy Train Museum Idler Caboose (TCA)20062006Caboose00
Union Pacific Bay Window Caboose20162016Caboose00
Union Pacific Bay Window Caboose 2455420052005Caboose00
Union Pacific Square Window Caboose19881988Caboose40
Wabash Offset Cupola Caboose20182018Caboose30
Wabash Square Window Caboose19881988Caboose20
Western Maryland Caboose 186420062006Caboose10
Western Pacific Bay Window Caboose20102011Caboose00

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