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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Category: Flatcar
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
4022 Machine Car20112011Flatcar00
4022 Machine Car20112011Flatcar00
4022 Machine Car20112011Flatcar00
Alaska Depressed Center Flatcar With Cable Reel20062006Flatcar10
Baltimore & Ohio Flatcar 8652 With Girder20052005Flatcar00
Baltimore & Ohio Flatcar With Trailers19811983Flatcar10
Borden's Flatcar20012001Flatcar10
Bordens Milk Flat Car #135020202020Flatcar00
Bordens Milk Flat Car #140120202020Flatcar00
Bordens Milk Flat Car #142120202020Flatcar00
Bordens Milk Flat Car #148520202020Flatcar00
Boston & Maine Flatcar With Logs19831983Flatcar10
Boston & Maine Flatcar With Logs19831983Flatcar00
Burlington Northern Flatcar 1995 With Trailers (TCA)19951995Flatcar00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Flatcar With Jet Engine20092011Flatcar00
Buttermilk Bay Creamery Flatcar With Milk Containers20112011Flatcar20
Central Of New Jersey Flatcar With Boat20102010Flatcar20
Chessie Depressed Center Flatcar With Cable Reel20032003Flatcar00
Commemorative Flatcar With Piggyback Trailers20112011Flatcar00
CSX Flatcar With Generator19961996Flatcar20
Depressed Center Flatcar With Cable Reel20142015Flatcar00
Flatcar With 2 Farm Tractors19951995Flatcar30
Flatcar With Derrick19961996Flatcar71
Flatcar With Howard Johnson Trailers (NETCA)20112011Flatcar00
Flatcar With Santa's Sleigh20122013Flatcar00
Flatcar With Santa's Sleigh20132014Flatcar00
Florida Juice Flat Car #135720202020Flatcar00
Florida Juice Flat Car #136120202020Flatcar00
Forest Service/Smokey Bear Flatcar With Airplane (TTOS)20082008Flatcar00
Gilbert Dairy Flatcar With Milk Containers20132016Flatcar20
Great Northern Bulkhead Flatcar 4853520042005Flatcar00
Great Northern Depressed Center Service Car20072007Flatcar01
Hennis / Baltimore & Ohio #9129 Tofc Flat Car20192019Flatcar20
Hennis / Baltimore & Ohio #9154 Tofc Flat Car20192019Flatcar10
Hood's Flatcar With Milk Containers20042005Flatcar10
Hoover Dam Power Co. Flatcar (TCA)20092009Flatcar00
Illinois Central Gulf Bulkhead Flatcar 8505, 90 48507/08 U.S. Army Flatcars With 2 Tanks19951995Flatcar21
Lackawanna #16419 Tofc Flat Car20192019Flatcar10
Lackawanna #16441 Tofc Flat Car20192019Flatcar10
Mason-Dixon / Pennsylvania Railroad #469601 Tofc Flat Car20192019Flatcar20
Mason-Dixon / Pennsylvania Railroad #469642 Tofc Flat Car20192019Flatcar10
Nestle Nesquik Flatcar With Milk Containers20042005Flatcar10
New Haven Flatcar19971997Flatcar50
New Haven Flatcar With N.E. Transport Trailer (NETCA)20032003Flatcar00
New Haven Piggyback Flatcar With Trailers20172017Flatcar40
New York Central Depressed Center Flatcar With Cable Reel20042004Flatcar21
New York Central Flatcar With Trailers19861986Flatcar20
New York Central Flatcar With Wheel Load20022002Flatcar20
Nickel Plate Road Flatcar 20602 With Ertl Trailer (NASG)19921992Flatcar10
Norfolk Southern Flatcar With Jet Engines (TCA)20122012Flatcar00
Pacific Fruit Express Flatcar With Trailers20042005Flatcar00
Pennsylvania Railroad Flatcar 420072007Flatcar11
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Flatcar with Vehicles #1600120172017Flatcar10
Railway Express Agency Flatcar Tlcx2 With Trailers20052005Flatcar00
Rea Piggyback Flatcar With Trailers20172017Flatcar50
Reading Flatcar 9314 With Wheel Load20082008Flatcar00
Reindeer Express Agency Flatcar With Trailers20102010Flatcar10
Renkens Milk Flat Car #141820202020Flatcar00
Renkens Milk Flat Car #149220202020Flatcar00
Ringling Bros. Flatcar With Moe And Joe Clowns20112011Flatcar00
Ringling Bros. Flatcar With Piggyback Trailers20112011Flatcar00
Ringling Bros. Flatcar With Wagons20112011Flatcar00
Ringling Bros.-Moe & Joe Flatcar20112011Flatcar00
Rocket Launcher Flatcar '37Th Div'20102010Flatcar00
Santa Fe #92868 Tofc Flat Car20192019Flatcar30
Santa Fe #92875 Tofc Flat Car20192019Flatcar00
Santa Fe Flatcar 90019 With Jet Rocket20022002Flatcar10
Seaboard #47152 Tofc Flat Car20192019Flatcar10
Seaboard #47164 Tofc Flat Car20192019Flatcar00
Sealtest Milk Flat Car #139520202020Flatcar00
Sealtest Milk Flat Car #141420202020Flatcar00
Searchlight Flatcar Erie #2454920102010Flatcar00
Southern Flatcar With Trailers19841984Flatcar10
Southern Flatcar With Wheel Load20042004Flatcar00
Southern Pacific Flatcar With Trailers19871987Flatcar11
Southern Pacific Flatcar With Trailers20032003Flatcar00
Southern Pacific Flatcar With Trailers (TTOS)20062006Flatcar10
Supplee Flatcar With Milk Containers20062006Flatcar10
The Polar Express Flat Car With Milk Containers20202020Flatcar00
Toy Train Museum Flatcar With Wheel Load (TCA)20022002Flatcar01
TTUX Triple Crown Flatcars With Trailers19961996Flatcar00
U.S. Army Flatcar With Rockets20152016Flatcar00
U.S. Army Flatcars With 2 Tanks19951995Flatcar00
U.S. Army Missile Launch Flatcar20152016Flatcar00
U.S. Navy Flatcar With Jeeps20142015Flatcar10
U.S. Navy Flatcar With Military Jeeps #2455720102010Flatcar00
Union Pacific Moe & Joe Animated Flatcar 1510020032003Flatcar00
UPS Flatcar With Trailer20052005Flatcar00
US Army Flatcar With Tanks19951995Flatcar30
Wabash Flatcar With Trailers19881988Flatcar00
Western Maryland Flatcar 2632 With Girder20062006Flatcar10
Westside Lumber Moe & Joe Animated Flatcar20042005Flatcar00
Yule Marble Flatcar (TCA)20072007Flatcar00

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