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Category: Flatcar
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
4022 Machine Car2011201111-30093Flatcar0
4022 Machine Car2011201111-30096Flatcar0
4022 Machine Car2011201111-30097Flatcar0
Alaska Depressed Center Flatcar With Cable Reel200620066-48546Flatcar3
Baltimore & Ohio Flatcar 8652 With Girder200520056-48540Flatcar7
Baltimore & Ohio Flatcar With Trailers198119834-9000Flatcar12
Baltimore & Ohio Flatcar With Vans198119816-49000Flatcar1
Bethlehem Steel Depressed Center Flatcar202120212119030Flatcar0
Borden's Flatcar200120016-48524Flatcar10
Bordens Milk Flat Car #1350202020202019151Flatcar3
Bordens Milk Flat Car #1401202020202019152Flatcar1
Bordens Milk Flat Car #1421202020202019161Flatcar3
Bordens Milk Flat Car #1485202020202019162Flatcar1
Boston & Maine Flatcar With Logs198319834-9002Flatcar4
Boston & Maine Flatcar With Logs198319836-49002Flatcar0
Burlington Northern Flatcar 1995 With Trailers (TCA)199519956-48491Flatcar8
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Flatcar With Jet Engine200920116-48560Flatcar1
Buttermilk Bay Creamery Flatcar With Milk Containers201120116-48569Flatcar4
Central Of New Jersey Flatcar With Boat201020106-48561Flatcar5
Chessie Depressed Center Flatcar With Cable Reel200320036-48531Flatcar7
Colorado Yule Marble Flatcar (TCA 2007)200720076-48249Flatcar2
Commemorative Flatcar With Piggyback Trailers201120116-48565Flatcar1
CSX Flatcar With Generator199619966-48513Flatcar19
Depressed Center Flatcar With Cable Reel201420156-48579Flatcar0
Flatcar With 2 Farm Tractors199519956-48509Flatcar6
Flatcar With Derrick199619966-49009Flatcar10
Flatcar With Howard Johnson Trailers (NETCA)201120116-48295Flatcar0
Flatcar With Santa's Sleigh201220136-48571Flatcar0
Flatcar With Santa's Sleigh201320146-48577Flatcar0
Florida Juice Flat Car #1357202020202019171Flatcar1
Florida Juice Flat Car #1361202020202019172Flatcar1
Forest Service/Smokey Bear Flatcar With Airplane (TTOS 2008)200820086-48272Flatcar0
Gilbert Dairy Flatcar With Milk Containers201320166-48576Flatcar6
Great Northern Bulkhead Flatcar 48535200420056-48535Flatcar6
Great Northern Depressed Center Service Car200720076-48550Flatcar3
Hennis / Baltimore & Ohio #9129 Tofc Flat Car201920191919221Flatcar2
Hennis / Baltimore & Ohio #9154 Tofc Flat Car201920191919222Flatcar2
Hood's Flatcar With Milk Containers200420056-48538Flatcar5
Hoover Dam Power Co. Flatcar (TCA 2009)200920096-48271Flatcar2
Illinois Central Gulf Bulkhead Flatcar 8505, 90 48507/08 U.S. Army Flatcars With 2 Tanks199519956-48505Flatcar11
Lackawanna #16419 Tofc Flat Car201920191919231Flatcar1
Lackawanna #16441 Tofc Flat Car201920191919232Flatcar1
Mason-Dixon / Pennsylvania Railroad #469601 Tofc Flat Car201920191919241Flatcar1
Mason-Dixon / Pennsylvania Railroad #469642 Tofc Flat Car201920191919242Flatcar3
Nestle Nesquik Flatcar With Milk Containers200420056-48537Flatcar10
New Haven Flatcar199719976-48515Flatcar7
New Haven Flatcar With N.E. Transport Trailer (NETCA)200320036-48232Flatcar0
New Haven Piggyback Flatcar With Trailers201720176-47984Flatcar1
New York Central / Roeblings Cable Depressed Center Flatcar202120212119040Flatcar0
New York Central Depressed Center Flatcar With Cable Reel200420046-48534Flatcar1
New York Central Flatcar With Trailers198619864-9005Flatcar9
New York Central Flatcar With Wheel Load200220026-48529Flatcar9
Nickel Plate Road Flatcar 20602 With Ertl Trailer (NASG 1992)199219926-48479Flatcar4
Norfolk Southern Flatcar With Jet Engines (TCA 2012)201220126-48297Flatcar1
Pacific Fruit Express Flatcar With Trailers200420056-48533Flatcar4
Pennsylvania / Trans-Atlantic Cable Depressed Center Flatcar202120212119050Flatcar0
Pennsylvania Power & Light Depressed Center Flatcar202120212119060Flatcar0
Pennsylvania Railroad Flatcar 4200720076-48548Flatcar0
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Flatcar with Vehicles #16001201720176-44000Flatcar1
Plibrico Flat With Load (NASG 2016)201620166-41031Flatcar0
Railway Express Agency Flatcar Tlcx2 With Trailers200520056-48539Flatcar3
Rea Piggyback Flatcar With Trailers201720176-47985Flatcar2
Reading Flatcar 9314 With Wheel Load200820086-48555Flatcar1
Reindeer Express Agency Flatcar With Trailers201020106-48563Flatcar1
Renkens Milk Flat Car #1418202020202019181Flatcar1
Renkens Milk Flat Car #1492202020202019182Flatcar0
Ringling Bros. Flatcar With Moe And Joe Clowns201120116-49050Flatcar0
Ringling Bros. Flatcar With Piggyback Trailers201120116-48568Flatcar3
Ringling Bros. Flatcar With Wagons201120116-48567Flatcar0
Ringling Bros.-Moe & Joe Flatcar201120116-49059Flatcar0
Rocket Launcher Flatcar '37Th Div'201020106-49052Flatcar0
Santa Fe #92868 Tofc Flat Car201920191919251Flatcar4
Santa Fe #92875 Tofc Flat Car201920191919252Flatcar4
Santa Fe Flatcar 90019 With Jet Rocket200220026-48527Flatcar3
Seaboard #47152 Tofc Flat Car201920191919261Flatcar5
Seaboard #47164 Tofc Flat Car201920191919262Flatcar2
Sealtest Milk Flat Car #1395202020202019191Flatcar2
Sealtest Milk Flat Car #1414202020202019192Flatcar1
Searchlight Flat Car201020106-49053Flatcar0
Southern Flatcar With Trailers198419844-9004Flatcar10
Southern Flatcar With Wheel Load200420046-48536Flatcar1
Southern Pacific Flatcar With Trailers198719876-48501Flatcar6
Southern Pacific Flatcar With Trailers200320036-48532Flatcar8
Southern Pacific Flatcar With Trailers (TTOS 2006)200620066-48246Flatcar6
Supplee Flatcar With Milk Containers200620066-48543Flatcar5
The Polar Express Flat Car With Milk Containers202020202019200Flatcar0
Toy Train Museum Flatcar With Wheel Load (NTTM 2002)200220026-48226Flatcar4
Trailer Train Depressed Center Flatcar202120212119070Flatcar0
TTUX Triple Crown Flatcars With Trailers199619966-48511Flatcar1
U.S. Army Flatcar With Rockets201520166-48878Flatcar0
U.S. Army Flatcars With 2 Tanks199519956-48507/08Flatcar0
U.S. Army Missile Launch Flatcar201520166-48877Flatcar0
U.S. Navy Flatcar With Jeeps201420156-48580Flatcar1
U.S. Navy Flatcar With Military Jeeps #24557201020106-48562Flatcar0
Union Pacific Moe & Joe Animated Flatcar 15100200320036-49011Flatcar4
UPS Flatcar With Trailer200520056-48542Flatcar0
US Air Force Missile Flat Car #7013202120212117013Flatcar0
US Army Flatcar With Tanks199519956-48507Flatcar8
USAF Missile Flatcar #7014202120212119150Flatcar0
Wabash Flatcar With Trailers198819886-48502Flatcar4
Western Maryland Flatcar 2632 With Girder200620066-48544Flatcar4
Westside Lumber Moe & Joe Animated Flatcar200420056-49015Flatcar2

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