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Category: Reefer
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Anheuser-busch Woodsided Reefer #3600 (AFSGSLA 2019)201920191901081Reefer0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Grand Canyon Reefer (TCA 2009)200920096-48269Reefer1
Bangor & Aroostook Reefer 29425199319936-48316Reefer9
Bangor & Aroostook Woodside Reefer #6507201720176-44143Reefer1
Bangor & Aroostook Woodside Reefer #6510201720176-44144Reefer0
Bay State Beer Reefer (NETCA)200920096-48276Reefer0
Berkshire Ham & Bacon Woodside Reefer202120212119080Reefer1
Burlington Northern Santa Fe 57' Mechanical Reefer 798879201420146-48858Reefer0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Icicle Reefer (TTOS 2004)200420046-48236Reefer3
Carling Black Label Beer Reefer #1 (TCA 2010)201020106-48286Reefer0
Carling Black Label Beer Reefer #2 (TCA 2010)201020106-48287Reefer0
Carling Black Label Reefer6-48282Reefer0
Century Beer Woodside Reefer202120212119090Reefer1
Chicago & North Western Reefer (TTOS 2009)200920096-48273Reefer0
Chicago & North Western Reefer 70165 (TCA 1991)199119916-48474Reefer3
Christmas Music Reefer201220136-49061Reefer0
Columbia Soups Wood-Sided Reefer201720176-49954Reefer3
Coors Reefer (TCA 2007)200720076-48253Reefer1
Fruit Growers Express Reefer 40703200620066-48814Reefer4
Fruit Growers Express Woodside Reefer #35205201720176-44135Reefer2
Fruit Growers Express Woodside Reefer #35284201720176-44136Reefer3
Grand Union Reefer201720176-49951Reefer0
Grand Union Reefer201720176-49950Reefer0
Great Northern 57' Mechanical Reefer 8870201420146-48861Reefer0
Great Northern Woodside Reefer #67582201720176-44141Reefer0
Great Northern Woodside Reefer #67587201720176-44142Reefer0
Green Bay and Western Reefer (SCSGC 2013)201320136-41002Reefer2
Hershey's Reefer201020106-48823Reefer1
Monarch Finer Foods Wood-Sided Reefer201720176-49955Reefer0
Mr. Goodbar Reefer201220146-48828Reefer4
Needham Reefer 60500200720086-48815Reefer4
New York Central Mechanical Reefer (NASG 1991)199119916-48436Reefer5
New York Central Merchants Dispatch Woodside Reefer #17177201720176-44139Reefer1
New York Central Merchants Dispatch Woodside Reefer #17200201720176-44140Reefer2
New York Central Reefer (TTOS 1997)199719976-48203Reefer4
New York Central Reefer 491 (NASG 1991)199119916-48476Reefer0
Nickel Plate Road Reefer 8807199419946-48807Reefer9
North Western Refrigerator Line Our Mothers Cocoa Woodside Reefer202120212119110Reefer1
Northern Pacific 57' Mechanical Reefer 794201420166-48868Reefer0
Northern Pacific Reefer 139200420046-48809Reefer0
Pabst Beer Reefer201220126-48829Reefer0
Pacific Fruit Express 57' Mechanical Reefer 458455201420146-48860Reefer0
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer (NASG 1997)199719976-48205Reefer2
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer 30000200320036-48808Reefer3
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer 47760201120116-48824Reefer0
Pacific Fruit Express Woodside Reefer #91022201720176-44137Reefer2
Pacific Fruit Express Woodside Reefer #91056201720176-44138Reefer2
Penguin Seafood Reefer201320146-48838Reefer1
Pennsylvania Reefer198819886-48802Reefer3
Railway Express Agency Reefer 8806199419946-48806Reefer6
Railway Express Agency Reefer 893 (NASG 1993)199319936-48481Reefer8
Rath Packing Reefer 29426199319936-48317Reefer12
Sacramento Northern Reefer (Svafc)200720076-48260Reefer0
Santa Fe Docksider Reefer201820186-44046Reefer0
Schlitz Beer Reefer201220126-48830Reefer0
Senate Beer Woodside Reefer202120212119120Reefer2
Union Pacific 57' Mechanical Reefer 455995201420146-48859Reefer0
Union Pacific Reefer198819886-48801Reefer3
Union Refrigerator Bananas Wood-Sided Reefer201720176-49953Reefer1
Wabash Reefer198819886-48800Reefer5

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