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Railroad: Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR)
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Mason-Dixon / Pennsylvania Railroad #469601 Tofc Flat Car201920191919241Flatcar3
Mason-Dixon / Pennsylvania Railroad #469642 Tofc Flat Car201920191919242Flatcar4
Pennsylvania #9221 Flyerchief Blw Switcher201820186-44121Switcher0
Pennsylvania / Trans-Atlantic Cable Depressed Center Flatcar202120212119050Flatcar0
Pennsylvania 2-8-2 Mikado 9628200620066-48053Locomotive0
Pennsylvania ALCO PA Diesel Passenger Set200520056-49614Passenger Car0
Pennsylvania ALCO PA-1 Non-Powered Unit200520056-48138Diesel0
Pennsylvania ALCO PA-1 Powered Unit200520056-48137Diesel0
Pennsylvania ALCO PB Diesel B Unit, Railsounds200520056-48139Diesel0
Pennsylvania Baggage Car200520056-48976Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania Boxcar198419844-9705Boxcar2
Pennsylvania Boxcar #567427201720176-44076Boxcar1
Pennsylvania Boxcar #568169201720176-44077Boxcar0
Pennsylvania Boxcar 47133200320036-48352Boxcar3
Pennsylvania Coach Car200520056-48972Coach Car0
Pennsylvania Coal Dump Car 494979200520056-49024Dump Car1
Pennsylvania Combination Car #5122200520056-48971Combination Car0
Pennsylvania Covered Hopper198419844-9205Hopper2
Pennsylvania Dining Car200520056-48977Dining Car0
Pennsylvania Docksider Freight Set201620166-47958Set0
Pennsylvania Dutch Boxcar 91653 (TCA 1997)199719976-48489Boxcar0
Pennsylvania Gondola W/ Pipe Load #390241202120212119221Gondola0
Pennsylvania Gondola W/ Pipe Load #390252202120212119222Gondola1
Pennsylvania GP7 Flyerchief Wreck Train Set201920191917010Set3
Pennsylvania GP9 Diesel 8005198919896-48005Diesel0
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Baggage200720076-49909Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Coach 'Andrew Carnegie'199519956-49906Coach Car0
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Combination 'Indian Rock'199519956-49905Combination Car0
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Diner 'George Washington'200720076-49910Diner Car0
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Diner 'salmon B Chase'199519956-49907Diner Car0
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Observation 'skyline View'199519956-49908Observation Car0
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack200720076-48993Passenger Car1
Pennsylvania Legacy ALCO PA Diesel A-A Set201720176-47995Diesel0
Pennsylvania Log Dump Car200620066-49027Dump Car3
Pennsylvania Observation Car200520056-48974Observation Car0
Pennsylvania Passenger Car 2-Pack200520056-48975Multi Car Pack1
Pennsylvania Railroad 2-8-8-2 Steam Locomotive 374201220136-48179Locomotive0
Pennsylvania Railroad 2-Bay Covered Hopper201620176-47963Hopper2
Pennsylvania Railroad 2-Bay Hopper With Coal Load (TTOS 2007)200720076-48255Hopper5
Pennsylvania Railroad 3-Bay Hopper w/ Coal Load201620166-47977Hopper1
Pennsylvania Railroad Baldwin Switcher 5618200820086-48144Switcher2
Pennsylvania Railroad Boxcar #4282201620166-47976Boxcar1
Pennsylvania Railroad Boxcar 900199719976-48330Boxcar1
Pennsylvania Railroad Caboose #478783201620166-47978Caboose0
Pennsylvania Railroad Caboose 477810200820086-48734Caboose0
Pennsylvania Railroad Cylindrical Hopper 260411201220166-48649Hopper0
Pennsylvania Railroad Depressed Center Searchlight Car200420056-49013Searchlight Car5
Pennsylvania Railroad Dockside Switcher200720096-48062Switcher3
Pennsylvania Railroad Docksider Switcher #1245201620166-47975Switcher0
Pennsylvania Railroad Flatcar 4200720076-48548Flatcar0
Pennsylvania Railroad Gas Unloading Car201420176-49084Unloading Car2
Pennsylvania Railroad Gondola With Coil Covers201220136-48570Gondola0
Pennsylvania Railroad Heavyweight Passenger Car 4-Pack200720076-48992Passenger Car0
Pennsylvania Railroad Norfolk Southern Heritage Cylindrical Hopper201320136-48671Hopper0
Pennsylvania Railroad Norfolk Southern Heritage Es44Ac Diesel 1846, Nonpowered201320136-42555Diesel0
Pennsylvania Railroad Norfolk Southern Heritage Es44Ac Diesel 8102201320166-42554Diesel0
Pennsylvania Railroad Streamlined Vista Dome Car201220156-49959Dome Car2
Pennsylvania Reefer198819886-48802Reefer3
Pennsylvania Square Window Caboose198919896-48705Caboose2
Pennsylvania Stock Car #134252201920192019531Stock Car0
Pennsylvania Stock Car #134269201920192019532Stock Car0
Pennsylvania Vista Dome Car200520056-48973Vista Dome Car0
Pennsylvania Walking Brakeman Car201920192019480Brakeman Car0
Pennsylvania Wreck Train Add-On Car Set201920191919390Set1

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