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Gadsden-Pacific Division Toy Train Operating Museum (GPD)
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Magma Ore Car (GPD 1989)198919896-17878Ore Car6
Phelps Dodge Ore Car (GPD 1990)199019906-17881Ore Car7
Cyprus Ore Car (GPD 1991)199119916-17886Ore Car10
Inspiration Consolidated Copper Ore Car (GPD 1992)199219926-19961Ore Car8
Tucson, Cornelia & Gila Bend Ore Car (GPD 1993)199319936-52011Ore Car6
Pinto Valley Mine Ore Car (GPD 1994)199419946-52027Ore Car9
Copper Basin Railway Ore Car (GPD 1995)199519956-52071Ore Car8
San Manuel Arizona Railroad Company Ore Car (GPD 1996)199619966-52089Ore Car10
El Paso & Southwestern Ore Car (GPD 1997)199719976-52124Ore Car5
Southern Pacific Ore Car (GPD 1998)199819986-52164Ore Car4
Arizona Southern Ore Car (GPD 1999)199919996-52177Ore Car1
BHP Copper Ore Car (GPD 2000)200020006-52213Ore Car3
Tombstone & Western Ore Car (GPD 2001)200120016-52248Ore Car0
Dragoon & Northern Ore Car (GPD 2002)200220026-52279Ore Car4
Twin Buttes Ore Car (GPD 2003)200320036-52307Ore Car5
AJO & Southwestern Ore Car (GPD 2004)200420046-52358Ore Car3
Ray & Gila Bend Ore Car (GPD 2005)200520056-52386Ore Car2
Calabasas, Tuscon & Northwestern Ore Car (GPD 2006)200620066-52421Ore Car2
Mascot & Western Ore Car (GPD 2007)200720076-52473Ore Car1
Tucson, Globe & Northern Ore Car (GPD 2008)200820086-52524Ore Car0
Port Of Tucson Ore Car (GPD 2009)200920096-52558Ore Car0
Rosemont Copper Ore Car (GPD 2010)201020106-52579Ore Car0
Asarco Ore Car (GPD 2011)201120116-52588Ore Car0
Freeport-Mcmoran Ore Car (GPD 2012)201220126-58513Ore Car0
San Pedro & Southwestern Ore Car (GPD 2013)201320136-58557Ore Car0
Arizona Eastern Ore Car (GPD 2014)201420146-58583Ore Car1
Asarco Hayden Smelter Ore Car (GPD 2015)201520156-58234Ore Car0
Union Pacific Ore Car (GPD 2016)201620166-58262Ore Car0

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