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Lionel Listed By Associations, Clubs, Museums, Societies

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Nassau Lionel Operating Engineers (NLOE)
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Long Island Boxcar (NLOE 1989)198919896-8389Boxcar0
Long Island Covered Quad Hopper199019906-8390Hopper - 4-Bay Covered Hopper0
Long Island Tool Car (NLOE 1991)199119918391BTool Car0
Long Island One Dome Tank Car (NLOE 1992)199219926-8392Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car0
Long Island Bay Window Caboose (NLOE 1993)199319936-52020Caboose - Bay Window Caboose1
Long Island Boxcar 8393 (NLOE 1993)199319936-52019Boxcar1
Long Island RS3 Diesel 1552 (NLOE 1993)199319936-52007Diesel0
Nassau Lionel Operating Engineers 10th Anniversary Boxcar (lirr 1993)19931993No. 8393Boxcar0
Grumman Tractor (NLOE 1994)199419946-52072Tractor0
Long Island Flatcar (NLOE)199419946-52026Flatcar0
Long Island Stern's Pickle Products Vat Car (NLOE 1995)199519956-52061Vat Car0
Long Island Observation Car (NLOE 1996)199619966-52076Observation Car0
Long Island Ronkonkoma Vista Dome Car (NLOE 1997)199719976-52112Vista Dome Car0
Meenan Oil One Dome Tank Car (NLOE 1997)199719976-52122Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car8
Long Island Flatcar With Grumman Van (NLOE 1998)199819986-52144Flatcar5
Long Island Hicksville Diner Car (NLOE 1998)199819986-52123Diner Car0
Long Island Flatcar (NLOE 1999)199919996-52166Flatcar2
Long Island Jamaica Passenger Coach (NLOE 1999)199919996-52145Passenger Coach0
Grucci Fireworks Boxcar (NLOE 2000)200020006-52186Boxcar9
Long Island F3 (NLOE 2000)200020006-52173Diesel0
Railway Express Agency Baggage Car (NLOE 2000)200020006-52174Baggage Car0
Central Railroad Of Long Island Boxcar (NLOE 2001)200120016-52232Boxcar12
World's Fair Sleeper/Roomette Car (NLOE 2001)200120016-52209Sleeper Car0
New York & Atlantic Boxcar (NLOE 2002)200220026-52256Boxcar4
World's Fair Combination Car 383 (NLOE 2002)200220026-52263Combination Car0
World's Fair Vista Dome Car (NLOE 2002)200220026-52235Vista Dome Car0
Long Island Flatcar With Republic Tanker (NLOE 2003)200320036-52296Flatcar8
New York & Atlantic Caboose (NLOE 2004)200420046-52329Caboose5
Long Island Flatcar With Lilco Transformer (NLOE 2005)200520056-52365Flatcar0
Long Island Flatcar With Pan Am Trailer (NLOE 2005)200520056-52341Flatcar5
Long Island 80Th Anniversary Boxcar (NLOE 2006)200620066-52420Boxcar9
Long Island Flatcar With P.C. Richard & Son Trailer (NLOE 2007)200720076-52489Flatcar5
Long Island Flatcar With Pipes (NLOE 2008)200820086-52480Flatcar9
Martha Clara Vineyards Vat Car (NLOE 2009)200920096-52555Vat Car7
Flatcar With NY Islanders Refrigerated Trailer (NLOE 2010)201020106-52568Flatcar6
Flatcar With Cradle Of Aviation Museum Trailer (NLOE 2011)201120116-52586Flatcar6
Petland Discounts Aquarium Car (NLOE 2011)201120116-52592Aquarium Car6
Nassau County Firefighters Museum Tank Car (NLOE 2012)201220126-58500Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car6
Nassau Lionel Operating Engineers C-420 Hi Nose Legacy Diesel (NLOE 2012)201220126-58517Diesel0
Long Island Flatcar With Tractor And Trailer (NLOE 2013)201320136-58574Tractor and Trailer1
Nathan's Famous Reefer (NLOE 2013)201320136-58567Reefer4
Nathan's Famous Reefer (NLOE 2013)201320136-58568Reefer2
Fire Protection Tank Car #5000 (NLOE 2014)201420146-58210Tank Car - Uni-body Tank Car0
Fire Protection Tank Car #5001 (NLOE 2014)201420146-58211Tank Car - Uni-body Tank Car0
Long Island Double-Sheathed Boxcar (NLOE 2014)201420146-58581Boxcar - Double-Sheathed Boxcar4
Long Island Ps1 Boxcar 8312 (NLOE 2014)201420146-58573Boxcar3
Cross Harbor Round-Roof Boxcar (NLOE 2015)201520156-58212Boxcar - Round-Roof Boxcar2
Long Island Railroad Gla Hopper 2-Pack (NLOE 2016)201620166-58239Multi Car Pack2
Long Island Railroad Gla Hopper, Black (NLOE 2016)201620166-58241Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper0
Long Island Railroad Gla Hopper, Tuscan (NLOE 2016)201620166-58240Hopper0
Nathan's 100Th Anniversary Reefer (NLOE 2016)201620166-58266Reefer4
Long Island Railroad PS-2CD Covered Hopper (NLOE 2017)201720176-83870Hopper2
Long Island 50' Double Door Boxcar (NLOE 2018)201820181901070Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar0
Long Island Milk Car (NLOE 2019) 201920192001320Milk Car0
Long Island 50' Flatcar With 20' Trailers (NLOE 2020) 202020202001570Flatcar - 50' Flatcar0
Long Island Camelback #19 Locomotive (NLOE 2021)202120212136150Locomotive0
Long Island MOW Bunk Car (NLOE 2021)202120212101231Bunk Car0
Long Island MOW Kitchen Car (NLOE 2021)202120212101510Kitchen Car0
Long Island MOW Tool Car (NLOE 2021)202120212101232Tool Car0

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