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Railroad Museum of Long Island (RMLI)
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
15Th Anniversary Long Island Railroad Boxcar (RMLI 2006)200620066-52416Boxcar3
Atlantis Marine World Aquarium Car (RMLI 2007)200720076-52433Aquarium Car2
Long Island Flatcar With Entenmann's Trailer And Tractor (RMLI 2008)200820086-52497Flatcar0
North Fork Bank Mint Car (RMLI 2008)200820086-52453Mint Car7
Celebrating 175 Years Of Railroading Boxcar (RMLI 2009)200920096-52548Boxcar2
Boeing 747 Fairchild Hiller Container Car (RMLI 2010)201020106-52498Flatcar1
Entenmann's Operating Boxcar (RMLI 2010)201020106-52557Boxcar0
Riverhead Visitor's Center Boxcar (RMLI 2010)201020106-52571Boxcar5
King Kullen Boxcar (RMLI 2011)201120116-52577Boxcar0
Riverhead Building Supply Boxcar (RMLI 2011)201120116-52570Boxcar2
J. P. Holland Submarine Car (RMLI 2012)201220126-52595Submarine Car1
Flatcar With White Castle Refrigerated Trailer (RMLI 2013)201320136-58551Flatcar1
Wonder Bread PS-2 Covered Hopper (RMLI 2013)201320136-58521Hopper3
RCA Operating Radar Car (RMLI 2014)201420146-58554Radar Car0
World's Fair Exhibit Car (RMLI 2014)201420146-58579Aquarium Car1
World's Fair Crew Car (RMLI 2015)201520156-58227Boxcar1
World's Fair Tool Car (RMLI 2015)201520156-58580Other Cars3
Grown on Long Island Dual Trailer (RMLI 2016)201620166-58555Flatcar2
Steam Union Pacific Long Island Railroad 39 Boxcar (RMLI 2016)201620166-58259Boxcar4
North Fork Potato Chips Boxcar (RMLI 2017)201720176-84598Boxcar1
Mason Candies Dots And Crows Boxcar (RMLI 2018)201820186-58054Boxcar0
Steam Up! LIRR 39 Blue Boy Boxcar (RMLI 2018)201820186-58069Boxcar1
Long Island Duckling Stock Car (RMLI 2020)202020202001260Stock Car0
White Rock Products Boxcar (RMLI 2021)202120212101100Boxcar0

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