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Toy Train Operating Society (TTOS)
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Mobilgas Tank Car (TTOS)6-5212Tank Car0
Sacramento Convention Car (TTOS)6-30834Other0
Snowbird Quad Hopper (TTOS)6-31199Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper0
Sooner Div Stock Car (TTOS)6-28642Stock Car0
Summerdale Junction Passenger Car (TTOS 1974)197419746-9512Passenger Car11
Phoenix Combination Car (TTOS 1975)197519756-9520Combination Car6
Snowbird Observation Car (TTOS 1976)197619766-9526Observation Car3
Columbus Baggage Car (TTOS 1977)197719776-9535Baggage Car23
Hollywood Hi-Cube Boxcar (TTOS 1978)197819786-9678Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar25
Niagara Falls 36586 Tank Car (TTOS 1979)197919796-9347Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car10
Chicago & North Western Bay Window Caboose (TTOS 1980)198019806-9361Caboose - Bay Window Caboose7
Oklahoma City Reefer (TTOS 1980)198019806-9868Reefer9
Sacramento Northern Boxcar (TTOS 1984)198419840Boxcar0
Sacramento Northern Boxcar (TTOS 1984)198419846-1984Boxcar0
TTOS Museum Exhibit Hi-Cube Boxcar198419846-9684Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar1
Portland Flatcar With Wood (TTOS 1986)198619866-6582Flatcar2
New York Central Flatcar (TTOS 1987)198719876-17871Flatcar6
Anaconda Ore Car (TTOS 1988)198819886-17872Ore Car10
Missouri-Kansas-Texas One Dome Tank Car 3739469 (TTOS 1989)198919896-17877Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car1
Columbus & Dayton Terminal Boxcar (TTOS 1990)199019906-17884Boxcar19
Southern Pacific Flatcar (TTOS 1991)199119916-17889Flatcar8
Southern Pacific Goldenpig Flat Car With Load (TTOS 1991)199119916-15791Flatcar0
Union Equity 3-Bay ACF Hopper (TTOS 1992)199219926-19963Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper12
Sacramento Valley Division Western Pacific Boxcar (TTOS 1993)199319936-52009Boxcar29
Union Pacific Boxcar (TTOS 1993)199319936-52022Boxcar1
Weyerhaeuser Double-Door Boxcar 83 (TTOS 1993)199319936-52010Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar5
Weyerhaeuser Tractor And Trailer (TTOS 1993)199319936-52021Tractor and Trailer6
Atlantic Coast Line Dearborn Michigan Boxcar (TTOS 1994)199419946-12046Boxcar0
Carail Boxcar (TTOS 1994)199419946-52053Boxcar10
Ford Car Set (TTOS 1994)199419946-52028Set3
Ford Gondola 4023 (TTOS 1994)199419946-52030Gondola4
Ford Hopper 1458 (TTOS 1994)199419946-52031Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper2
Ford One Dome Tank Car 12 (TTOS 1994)199419946-52029Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car5
Ford One Dome Tank Car With Kughn Inscription (TTOS 1994)199419946-52032Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car5
Toy Train Parade Contadina Boxcar 16245 (TTOS 1994)199419946-52068Boxcar1
Wolverine Division Tractor & Trailer (TTOS 1994)199419946-52033Tractor and Trailer14
Central California Division Santa Fe Boxcar (TTOS 1995)199519956-52058Boxcar10
Great Northern Hi-Cube Boxcar (TCA 1995)199519956-52077Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar0
Union Pacific I-Beam Flatcar 16380 With Load (TTOS 1995)199519956-52084Banquet Car1
Western Pacific Boxcar 6464 (TTOS 1995)199519956-52057Boxcar16
Wolverine Division Grand Trunk Western Flatcar With Tractor (TTOS 1995)199519956-52040Flatcar17
New Mexico Central Boxcar 6464 (TTOS 1996)199619966-52087Boxcar14
Pacific Great Eastern Boxcar (TTOS 1996)199619966-52086Boxcar21
Southern Pacific Bay Window Caboose (TTOS 1996)199619966-52079Caboose - Bay Window Caboose7
Southern Pacific SD9 Diesel 5366 (TTOS 1996)199619966-52078Diesel6
New York Central Flatcar With Gleason And Sasib Trailers (TTOS 1997)199719976-52114Flatcar18
Northeastern Division Genesee & Wyoming 3-Bay Hopper (TTOS 1997)199719976-52113Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper0
Conrail Flatcar With Blum Coal Shovel (TTOS 1998)199819986-52149Flatcar8
Box Car (TTOS 2000)200020006-52203Boxcar2
British Columbia Electric Railway One Dome Tank Car (TTOS 2000)200020006-52231Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car4
Southern Pacific Crane And Gondola Set (TTOS 2000)200020006-52192Gondola2
Southern Pacific Crane Car 7111 (TTOS 2000)200020006-52194Crane Car1
Southern Pacific Gondola 6060 (TTOS 2000)200020006-52193Gondola4
Southern Pacific Overnight Box Car (TTOS 2000)200020006-52204Boxcar5
Southern Pacific Overnight Merchandise Service Box Car (TTOS 2002)200020006-52202Boxcar2
Southern Pacific Overnight Merchandise Service Boxcar (TTOS 2000)200020006-52200Boxcar5
Southern Pacific Overnight Merchandise Service Boxcar 5-Pack (TTOS 2000)200020006-52205Boxcar3
Southern Pacific Overnight Merchandise Service O Gauge Boxcar (TTOS 2001)200120016-52201Boxcar3
New Mexico Division Durango & Silverton Operating Hopper (TTOS 2002)200220026-52264Hopper3
San Pedro Boxcar (TTOS 2002)200220026-52253Boxcar3
Denver & Rio Grande Western Cookie Boxcar (TTOS 2003)200320036-52288Boxcar5
Denver & Rio Grande Western One Dome Tank Car (TTOS 2003)200320036-52293Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car2
Transparent Damage Control Boxcar (TTOS 2003)200320036-52384Boxcar2
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Icicle Reefer With End-Of-Train Device (TTOS 2004)200420046-52351Reefer2
Smokey Bear & USDA Forest Service 60 years of Vigilance Boxcar (TTOS 2004)200420046-52335Boxcar0
Smokey Bear 60Th Birthday & USDA Forest Service Tank Car (TTOS 2004)200420046-52334Tank Car4
Las Vegas & Tonopah Boxcar (TTOS 2005)200520056-52378Boxcar2
Southern Pacific Birney Car (TTOS 2006)200620066-52404Trolley0
Southern Pacific Flatcar With 2 Trailers (TTOS 2006)200620066-52410Flatcar5
Pennsylvania Boxcar (TTOS 2007)200720076-52445Boxcar1
Pennsylvania Operating Hopper (TTOS 2007)200720076-52441Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper1
Pennsylvania X2454 Boxcar (TTOS 2007)200720076-52451Boxcar0
Forest Service/Smokey Bear Flatcar With Airplane (TTOS 2008)200820086-52505Flatcar1
Southern Pacific X6454 Boxcar (TTOS 2008)200820086-52525Boxcar0
Southern Pacific X6454 Boxcar (TTOS 2008)200820086-52526Boxcar2
Chicago & North Western Reefer (TTOS 2009)200920096-52547Reefer1
Erie 6464 Boxcar (TTOS 2009)200920096-52545Boxcar3
Sierra Beer PS-1 Boxcar #2013 (TTOS 2013)201320136-58533Boxcar - PS-1 Boxcar2
Smokey Bear Gondola (TTOS 2015)201520156-58535Gondola0
USFS Smokey Bear Gondola (TTOS 2015)201520156-58235Gondola1
50Th Anniversary Mint Car (TTOS 2016)201620166-58257Mint Car1
50th Anniversary Mint Car (TTOS 2016)201620166-41072Mint Car0
Generator Car (TTOS 2017)201720176-522017Generator Car0

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