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Category: Aquarium Car
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
#3435 Aquarium Car - Legacy Northern Pacific GP9 Freight Set20092010Aquarium Car00
50Th Anniversary Clear Shell Aquarium Car20102010Aquarium Car64
Aladdin Aquarium Car20032003Aquarium Car42
Alien Aquarium Car 343519991999Aquarium Car34
Angela Trotta Thomas Signature Express Aquarium Car20172017Aquarium Car50
Aquarium20012001Aquarium Car90
Aquarium Car19951995Aquarium Car4414
Aquarium Car19811984Aquarium Car356
Aquarium Car 343519981998Aquarium Car156
Aquarium Car 343519991999Aquarium Car229
Atlantis Marine World Aquarium Car20062006Aquarium Car10
Atlantis Travel Aquarium Car20002000Aquarium Car61
Bangor & Aroostook Animated Aquarium Car #700020142015Aquarium Car00
Beatles Nothing Is Real Aquarium Car20122013Aquarium Car00
Beatles Yellow Submarine Aquarium Car20112011Aquarium Car41
Carail Aquarium With 2 Autos, 25Th Anniversary19991999Aquarium Car64
Casper Aquarium Car20092010Aquarium Car151
Christmas Aquarium Car19981998Aquarium Car132
Christmas Aquarium Car20012001Aquarium Car31
Command Control Aquarium CarAquarium Car00
Disney Aquarium Car20162017Aquarium Car61
Disney Mickey Celebration Aquarium Car20192019Aquarium Car51
Finding Nemo Aquarium Car20202020Aquarium Car00
Finding Nemo Aquarium Car20042004Aquarium Car04
Frosty The Snowman Aquarium Car20142014Aquarium Car10
Halloween Bats Aquarium Car20012001Aquarium Car13
Ice Skating Aquarium Car20122012Aquarium Car50
Koi Aquarium Car20132014Aquarium Car70
Koi Fish Aquarium Car20102010Aquarium Car34
Lionel City Aquarium Car 343619971997Aquarium Car256
Lionel Lines Aquarium Car20082008Aquarium Car73
Lionelville Aquarium Co. Aquarium Car20132013Aquarium Car30
Lionelville Aquarium Co. Fish Food Vat Car20132016Aquarium Car61
Little Mermaid Aquarium Car20032003Aquarium Car24
Lone Star Aquarium Car, Mermaid Or Trout19991999Aquarium Car11
Marine Science Deep Sea Exhibition Aquarium Car20112011Aquarium Car72
Mermaid Transport19981998Aquarium Car81
Mets-Phillies Mascot Aquarium Car20162016Aquarium Car00
Milw/Zoological Society Aquarium Car 4701, Orange20022002Aquarium Car21
Milw/Zoological Society Aquarium Car 4702, Blue20032003Aquarium Car61
Milw/Zoological Society Motorized Aquarium Car20042004Aquarium Car52
Milwaukee Road Reiman Aquarium Car20112011Aquarium Car40
Monopoly Aquarium Car20142015Aquarium Car41
Motorized Aquarium Car 343520032003Aquarium Car52
Peanuts Halloween Aquarium Car20122013Aquarium Car00
Peanuts Halloween Aquarium Car20122012Aquarium Car00
Penguin Transport Aquarium Car20052005Aquarium Car12
Petland Discounts Aquarium Car20112011Aquarium Car10
Pirates Aquarium Car20072007Aquarium Car72
Pizza Planet Aquarium Car20202020Aquarium Car00
Polar Express Aquarium Car20162016Aquarium Car01
Santa's Sleigh Aquarium Car20162017Aquarium Car70
Scooby-Doo Aquarium Car20192019Aquarium Car60
Sea-Monkeys Aquarium Car20042004Aquarium Car90
Seaworld Aquarium Car20062006Aquarium Car93
Shark Aquarium Car20202020Aquarium Car20
Shark Aquarium Car 343519991999Aquarium Car51
Shedd Aquarium Car 3435-55719981998Aquarium Car62
Smithsonian Dinosaur Aquarium Car20162017Aquarium Car31
Stingray Express Aquarium Car20022002Aquarium Car33
TCA Phillips Seafood Aquarium Car #201020102010Aquarium Car00
Tennessee Aquarium Car20092009Aquarium Car30
Touring Layout Aquarium Car20052005Aquarium Car52
Traveling Aquarium Car 50620012001Aquarium Car98
Trick Or Treat Aquarium Car20072007Aquarium Car30
Trout Ranch Aquarium Car 343519961996Aquarium Car4111
Where The Wild Things Are Aquarium Car20132015Aquarium Car90
Winter Wonderland Aquarium Car20152015Aquarium Car80
Wizard Of Oz Aquarium Car20132015Aquarium Car83
World's Fair Exhibit Car20142014Aquarium Car10
Zombie Aquarium Car20122012Aquarium Car00

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