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Category: Observation Car
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
#2446 Streamlined Summit Observation Car200820086-27904Observation Car0
1-4392 Army-Navy Observation Car199219926-13427Observation Car0
1422 "Temple" Observation199019906-13411Observation Car0
185 Observation Car199019906-13415Observation Car0
325 Observation Car198819886-13402Observation Car7
Adolphus Busch Observation Car199219936-19038Observation Car7
Alaska Streamliner Observation #5420199920006-29045Observation Car0
Alexander Hamilton Congressional Observation Car200020006-39103Observation Car1
Amtrak "Lake Worth" Observation Car199519966-16097Observation Car0
Amtrak Observation Car199719976-15125Observation Car0
Amtrak Observation Car198819896-16015Observation Car1
Amtrak Observation Car197619776-6406Observation Car1
Amtrak Observation Car 9106198919896-19106Observation Car5
Amtrak Streamliner Observation201420156-81368Observation Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe "Navajo" Observation Streamliner Pass K-Line200720086-21203Observation Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe "The Scout" Heavyweight Observation #1532201220146-25650Observation Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Baby Madison Observation #1532201420166-81743Observation Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Baby Madison Observation Car 10200020006-29085Observation Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Baby Madison Sacramento Observation Car200920116-35201Observation Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe El Capitan 18" Aluminum Observation #3198200420046-29148Observation Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Heavyweight Observation "Silver Springs"200720096-25541Observation Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe O27 Streamlined Blue Stripe Observation #2416201120126-27768Observation Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Observation Car201220136-35246Observation Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Observation Car199319946-16060Observation Car3
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Observation Car 2406199619996-15111Observation Car1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Observation Car Vista Canyon200020006-39140Observation Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Streamlined Observation Car200020016-29094Observation Car2
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Streamliner Observation Car199920006-29055Observation Car4
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Streamliner Passenger Observation #3198200520106-25132Observation Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Super Chief 18" Aluminum Observation "Vista Canyon"201020116-25612Observation Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Super Chief Aluminum Streamlined Observation "Vista Valley"200320036-15367Observation Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Super Chief Aluminum Streamlined Observation "Vista Valley" #2561200520056-25445Observation Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe The Chief Heavyweight Observation "Crystal Ray"200420056-15530Observation Car0
Atlantic Coast Line Aluminium Observation #1115200120016-39173Observation Car0
Atlantic Coast Line Observation Car 256199619966-19158Observation Car6
Baltimore & Ohio "Columbian" 18" Aluminum Observation "Washington"200420046-29114Observation Car0
Baltimore & Ohio Baby Madison Observation "Chicago"200620076-25152Observation Car0
Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Heavyweight Observation Car200020006-39020Observation Car0
Baltimore & Ohio Eisenhower Campaign Observation Car197619766-9529Observation Car8
Baltimore & Ohio Heavyweight Observation "Capitol Square"200720076-21184Observation Car0
Baltimore & Ohio Heavyweight Observation "Daniel William" #1402200720076-25527Observation Car0
Baltimore & Ohio Observation Car197519756-9518Observation Car2
Baltimore & Ohio Observation Car 9050199619966-19050Observation Car2
Baltimore & Ohio Streamliner Observation Car199920006-29050Observation Car0
Bicentennial Observation Car197619766-1973Observation Car0
Blue Comet "Tempel" Observation Car197819806-9540Observation Car12
Boston Red Sox Baby Madison Observation Car201320147-12015Observation Car0
Burlington "Silver Veranda" Observation Car198019806-9580Observation Car12
California Zephyr Streamliner Observation "Silver Sky"200620076-25160Observation Car0
Canadian Pacific Baby Madison Observation #6612201420166-81748Observation Car0
Canadian Pacific Banff Park Aluminum Observation Car199919996-29143Observation Car0
Canadian Pacific Observation Car201320156-35255Observation Car0
Catskill Valley Baby Madison Observation Car 9502199719976-19073Observation Car0
Central Of New Jersey "Blue Comet" Heavyweight Observation200120026-39077Observation Car0
Central Of New Jersey Blue Comet Heavywight Observation "Devico" #1178201220136-25660Observation Car0
Central Of New Jersey Madison Observation Car 1178199920006-29070Observation Car1
Chattanooga O27 Streamlined Observation Car "Tennessee"201320136-30232Observation Car0
Chesapeake & Ohio "The George Washington" Heavyweight Observation "Commander In Chief"200620076-25502Observation Car0
Chesapeake & Ohio 21" Streamlined Passenger Observation Car #1921201520156-82586Observation Car0
Chesapeake & Ohio Heavyweight Observation Car 2574199719976-19091Observation Car3
Chesapeake & Ohio Observation Car201320136-49971Observation Car0
Chesapeake & Ohio Observation Car 2504199619966-19150Observation Car6
Chesapeake & Ohio Streamliner Observation200320036-15175Observation Car0
Chessie Steam Special Baby Madison Observation #18200520056-15197Observation Car1
Chessie Steam Special Observation Car198019806-9585Observation Car5
Chicago & Alton "Alton Limited" Heavyweight Observation201220146-25664Observation Car0
Chicago & Alton "Chicago" Observation Car198119816-9558Observation Car2
Chicago & Alton Observation "Chicago"200220036-39098Observation Car0
Chicago & North Western "Mt. Faraker" Observation Car 6603199319936-16054Observation Car0
Chicago Cubs Baby Madison Observation Car201320147-12011Observation Car0
Chicago Observation Car200820096-35147Observation Car0
Chicago Observation Car (TCA 1980)198019806-9544Observation Car11
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy California Zephyr Observation Car "Silver Lookout"200320036-15359Observation Car0
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Pioneer Zephyr Observation #570201320146-38863Observation Car0
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Pioneer Zephyr Observation Tom Sawyer #572201320146-38859Observation Car0
Christmas Observation Car200820086-51704Observation Car0
Christmas Streamlined Observation Coach #12025202420242427900Observation Car0
City Of Chicago Observation Car200920106-25579Observation Car0
Clear Madison "Chesterfield" Observation Car199919996-29089Observation Car0
Custom Series Short Observation Car199919996-15136Observation Car0
Custom Series Short Observation Car, Red199919996-15137Observation Car4
Delaware & Hudson Aluminum Streamlined Observation200320036-15363Observation Car0
Disconnect Santa Claus Observation201720176-84555Observation Car0
Empire State Express Observation Car201720196-83618Observation Car1
Erie-Lackawanna "Tavern Lounge" Aluminum Observation Car 789199919996-29126Observation Car0
Ferdinand Magellan Observation Car201920202027220Observation Car0
Florida East Coast "The Champion" 18" Aluminum Observation "Bay Biscayne"200420046-29164Observation Car0
Freedom Train Heavyweight Observation200320036-39073Observation Car0
Great Northern "Corral Coulee" Observation Car199219926-19120Observation Car10
Great Northern Streamliner Observation #1193200720076-35106Observation Car0
Halloween Streamlined Observation Coach "Full Moon"202420242427950Observation Car0
Hiawatha Standard Gauge Beaver Tail Observation200120026-13432Observation Car0
Illinois Central "Memphis" Observation Car198519876-7225Observation Car9
Illinois Central Observation Car199119916-16047Observation Car0
Kansas City Southern Aluminum Streamlined Observation "New Orleans"200020016-19198Observation Car2
Lackawanna "Baltsurol Club" Observation Car 789199419946-19134Observation Car1
Legends of Lionel "Cowen" Observation Car 2600199719976-19078Observation Car1
Lionel Lines "Chesterfield" Observation Car199019906-16030Observation Car2
Lionel Lines "Sager Place" Observation Car199119916-19018Observation Car7
Lionel Lines Aluminum Streamlined Observation "Silver Dawn"200820086-25494Observation Car0
Lionel Lines O27 Streamlined Observation "Hillside" #2423200820086-27911Observation Car0
Lionel Lines O27 Streamlined Observation #25117200520056-25117Observation Car0
Lionel Lines Rail Chief Observation Car 895199019906-51205Observation Car0
Lionel Lines Silver Rail Observation Car199619966-19163Observation Car12
Lionel Lines Streamlined Observation Coach "Cowen"202420242427750Observation Car0
Long Island Observation Car (NLOE 1996)199619966-52076Observation Car0
Louisville & Nashville Streamliner Observation200320036-15179Observation Car0
Menards Chicago & North Western Lake Superior Observation Car200920096-403Observation Car0
Milwaukee Road "Olympian Hiawatha" Heavyweight Observation "Crystal Point"200720076-25534Observation Car0
Milwaukee Road 18" Observation201020116-25624Observation Car0
Milwaukee Road Cedar Rapids Aluminum Observation Car 186199919996-19187Observation Car0
Milwaukee Road Cedar Rapids Skytop Observation 18" Aluminum Passenger Car200820086-22276Observation Car0
Milwaukee Road F.D.Roosevelt Campaign Observation Car197619766-9527Observation Car11
Milwaukee Road Hiawatha 18" Aluminum Observation200620066-29195Observation Car0
Milwaukee Road Observation Car197319736-9502Observation Car0
Missouri Pacific Observation Car 6609199519956-16079Observation Car3
Nabisco Oreo Lighted Observation Car200320036-15192Observation Car1
Napa Valley Wine 15 Heavyweight Observation #10186-22617Observation Car0
Napa Valley Wine Train Heavyweight Observation200520056-15553Observation Car0
New Haven Observation Car 6086199519956-16086Observation Car1
New York Central "20Th Century Limited" 18" Aluminum Observation200820086-35407Observation Car0
New York Central "20Th Century Limited" Heavyweight Observation "Elkhart Valley"200420046-15525Observation Car0
New York Central "50Th Anniversary" Heavyweight Observation "Sager Place"200220026-15404Observation Car0
New York Central "Babbling Brook" Observation Car 6090199519956-16090Observation Car2
New York Central "Commodore Vanderbilt" 18" Aluminum Observation "Maumee River"200620066-25472Observation Car1
New York Central "Empire State Express" 18" Aluminum Observation #55200220026-29177Observation Car0
New York Central "Fort Dearborn" Observation Car198919896-16021Observation Car7
New York Central "Manhattan Island" Observation Car198319846-9598Observation Car5
New York Central "Poughkeepsie" Observation Car200520086-25144Observation Car1
New York Central "Windgate Brook" Aluminum Observation Car199719976-19175Observation Car4
New York Central 20Th Century Limited Catskill Valley Observation Car (Std 0)201220136-25717Observation Car0
New York Central Baby Madison Observation #3980201420166-81758Observation Car0
New York Central Detroit Baby Madison Observation Car 1019200020006-29075Observation Car2
New York Central Empire State Express 15" Aluminum Car "Franklin D Roosevelt" Observation Car200720096-21595Observation Car0
New York Central Empire State Express Observation Car "Theodore Roosevelt"201520156-82533Observation Car0
New York Central Heavyweight "Hudson Valley" Observation Car 2567199719976-19083Observation Car6
New York Central Heavyweight Observation "Elkhart Valley"200720076-21174Observation Car0
New York Central Manhattan Island Observation Car, Smithsonian Collection199319936-51228Observation Car0
New York Central Observation Car Manhattan Island200220026-15332Observation Car0
New York Central Seneca Valley Heavyweight Observation Car199619966-19059Observation Car5
New York Central Std Gauge Observation Car #745200220026-13136Observation Car0
New York Central Streamliner Observation (Silver)200420046-15184Observation Car0
New York Central Streamliner Observation Car199920006-29060Observation Car0
New York Central Thousand Islands Observation Car, Smithsonian Collection199319936-51232Observation Car0
New York Observation Car199119916-13424Observation Car0
New York Observation Car199019906-13418Observation Car0
New York Observation Car #1416198919896-13406Observation Car4
New York Yankees Baby Madison Observation Car201320147-12003Observation Car0
No. 2436 Illuminated Observation Car (LCCA 2010)201020106-52531Observation Car0
Norfolk & Western "Hanging Rock" Observation Car 6065199419946-16065Observation Car0
Norfolk & Western "Powhatan Arrow" 18" Aluminum Observation #583200520056-29186Observation Car0
Norfolk & Western "Powhatan Arrow" Observation Car 582199519956-19144Observation Car5
Norfolk & Western "The Pocahontas" Combination Observation Car201220126-25780Observation Car0
Norfolk & Western #1022 Observation Car200020006-39046Observation Car0
Norfolk & Western Observation Car 581198119816-9566Observation Car6
North Pole Central "Prancer" Observation Car200620116-25184Observation Car2
Northern Pacific Aluminum Observation Car200220026-39181Observation Car0
Northern Pacific Observation Car199019916-16039Observation Car1
Peanuts Observation Car201320136-35289Observation Car0
Pennsylvania "Liberty Limited" Heavyweight Observation "Williamsport" #7530200720076-25554Observation Car0
Pennsylvania "Red Arrow" Heavyweight Observation "Colonial Governors"201220136-25638Observation Car0
Pennsylvania "The Trail Blazer" 18" Aluminum Observation # 1121200420056-29109Observation Car0
Pennsylvania 18" Broadway Limited "Metropolitan View" Observation200820106-22435Observation Car0
Pennsylvania Baby Madison Observation "Federal Hall"200520056-25110Observation Car0
Pennsylvania Congressional 18" Aluminum Observation "Alex Hamilton" #7129200620076-25454Observation Car0
Pennsylvania Observation Car #1135200520086-25141Observation Car5
Pennsylvania Railroad "Alexander Hamilton" Observation Car197919796-9574Observation Car2
Pennsylvania Railroad "Broussard" Madison Observation Car199920006-29065Observation Car0
Pennsylvania Railroad "Philadelphia" Madison Observation Car 2624199819996-29002Observation Car3
Pennsylvania Railroad "Skyline View" Heavyweight Observation Car200020006-39012Observation Car0
Pennsylvania Railroad 6001 Observation Car198819898-86001Observation Car0
Pennsylvania Railroad Observation Car198719886-16003Observation Car5
Pennsylvania Railroad Observation Car197419756-9509Observation Car1
Pennsylvania Railroad South Wind Aluminum Observation Car #1126200220036-15346Observation Car0
Pennsylvania Railroad Truman Campaign Observation Car197619766-9528Observation Car14
Pennsylvania Streamlined Observation Car / Duquesne200920116-35197Observation Car0
Pennsylvania Streamlined Observation Coach #1126202420242427800Observation Car0
Pennsylvania Streamliner Observation "Metrofoutain View"200020016-39069Observation Car0
Pere Marquette Madison-Type Heavyweight Observation Car 36199319936-19042Observation Car4
Phantom II Vista Observation-Red200220026-15516Observation Car0
Phantom III Vista Observation-Silver200220036-15511Observation Car0
Philadelphia & Reading Observation #10202120222227020Observation Car0
Philadelphia & Reading Observation Car201920202027210Observation Car0
Philadelphia Phillies Baby Madison Observation Car201320147-12007Observation Car0
Pioneer Zephyr Combine North Pole Central Silver Comet201320146-38850Observation Car0

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