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Category: F3 Unit
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
18117 Santa Fe F3 AA Diesel Freight Engines199319936-18117F3 Unit9
Archive Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Black Bonnet F3 B Unit201220146-38379F3 Unit0
Archive New York Central Red Lightning F3 B Unit201220146-38380F3 Unit0
Canadian Pacific F3 Aa199919996-38105F3 Unit0
Central Of New Jersey F3 B Unit201320146-38760F3 Unit0
Central Of New Jersey F3 B Unit201320146-38761F3 Unit2
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy F3 B Unit201220136-38701F3 Unit0
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy F3 B Unit 9962B201220136-38700F3 Unit1
Denver & Rio Grande Western F3 B Unit201220146-38706F3 Unit1
Denver & Rio Grande Western F3 B Unit 5532201220146-38705F3 Unit0
F3-A Power/F-3A Non-Powered Rio Grande200120016-38192F3 Unit0
F3A Non-Powered Clear Cab199919996-38152F3 Unit2
F3A Powered Clear Cab199919996-38151F3 Unit6
Great Northern Legacy F3 B-Unit (Powered) #352B201820186-85194F3 Unit0
Great Northern Legacy Superbass F3B #353B201720176-85195F3 Unit0
Illinois Central F3-A Powered And Dummy Units198519876-8580F3 Unit1
New Haven F3 Dummy A197819786-8852F3 Unit0
New York Central F3-A Double Diesels198319836-8370F3 Unit0
New York, Ontario & Western Legacy F3 B-Unit (Powered) #821B201720176-85204F3 Unit0
New York, Ontario & Western Legacy Superbass F3B #822B201720176-85205F3 Unit0
Pennsylvania F3 Dummy A197919806-8971F3 Unit1
Pennsylvania F3A Dual Motor Diesel197919806-8970F3 Unit3
Pennsylvania Railroad F3 B Unit201320146-39547F3 Unit1
Pennsylvania Railroad F3 B Unit201320146-39548F3 Unit0
Pennsylvania TMCC F3 Aba200420056-14595F3 Unit0
Pennsylvania Traditional F3 A Diesel Powered - Legacy201320146-39545F3 Unit0
Postwar 2363T F3 A Unit, Nonpowered201220146-38377F3 Unit0
Postwar 2375 Canadian Pacific F3 B Unit201020106-34585F3 Unit1
Postwar 2377 Milwaukee Road F3 A, Powered201020106-34589F3 Unit0
Postwar Scale Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe F3 B Unit201120116-34579F3 Unit0
Postwar Scale New York Central F3 B Unit201120116-34580F3 Unit0
Reading Legacy F3 B-Unit (Powered) #260B201820186-85214F3 Unit1
Reading Legacy Superbass F3B #261B201720176-85215F3 Unit0
Santa Fe F3 A Non-Powered200420056-14590F3 Unit0
Santa Fe Legacy F3 B-Unit (Powered) #22A201720176-85189F3 Unit0
Santa Fe Legacy Superbass F3B #22B201820186-85190F3 Unit0
Texas Special F3 AA - Super Powered.199919996-38104F3 Unit0
Texas Special F3 B Unit201320146-39544F3 Unit0
Texas Special F3 Non-Powered B Unit201320146-39543F3 Unit0
Wabash F33 Powered A Unit 2240P200320036-14582F3 Unit0
Western Pacific F3 A Unit, Nonpowered201220146-38710F3 Unit0
Western Pacific F3 B Unit 803C201220146-38711F3 Unit0

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