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Category: Accessory
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
"Eat" Lighted Signs 2-Pack20202020Accessory00
"Gas" Lighted Signs 2-Pack20202020Accessory10
115Th Anniversary Neon Pub Clock20152015Accessory01
115Th Anniversary Orange Mug20152015Accessory00
180-Watt Powerhouse Power Supply19992016Accessory126
20' Shipping Containers 4-Pack Set A20202020Accessory20
3 Fork Lifts W/ Pallets20082008Accessory00
3' Power Cable Extension (3 Pin M/F)20182019Accessory30
36 Male Pigtail Power Cable20162017Accessory01
36 Power Tap Cable20162017Accessory70
50,000-Gallon Water Tank20092011Accessory01
8 Female Pigtail Power Cable20162017Accessory13
85Th Anniversary Gateman20202020Accessory00
AC or DC CommanderAccessory00
AC to DC Converter Box19911995Accessory30
Accessories Box19982001Accessory113
All Aboard Accessories20122013Accessory00
Amusement Park Swing Ride20032004Accessory272
Amusement Park Swing Ride20062007Accessory21
Angela Trotta Thomas Collector's Club Billboard 200420042004Accessory00
Angela Trotta Thomas Garden Flag20142014Accessory01
Angela Trotta Thomas Santa's Finishing Touch Garden Flag20152015Accessory00
Angela Trotta Thomas Santa's Finishing Touch House Flag20152015Accessory00
Angela Trotta Thomas Santa's Finishing Touch Stocking20152015Accessory00
Angela Trotta Thomas Santa's Finishing Touch Wall Hanging20152015Accessory00
Animated Pylon With Airplane19991999Accessory23
Area 51 Souvenir Stand20202020Accessory00
Atomic Energy Commission Nuclear Reactor20092010Accessory00
Auto Frame LoadsAccessory10
Automatic Flagman19921998Accessory94
Automatic Highway Flasher19901991Accessory20
Automatic Highway Flasher19701987Accessory158
Backhoe Construction Scene20072007Accessory00
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Tugboat20022003Accessory11
Barn And Chicken Coop20082010Accessory01
Beechcraft Airplane, Blue (LCCA 1997)19971997Accessory51
Beechcraft Airplane, Orange (LCCA 1997)19971997Accessory70
Benches 6-Pack20202020Accessory10
Bicycles And Scooters20202020Accessory10
Big Rugged 1:160 Cubs Ic Dc HudsonAccessory00
Black O Gauge Fiber Pins (6)Accessory00
Blue Lionel Neon Sign20172017Accessory00
Bollards And Chains20092010Accessory00
Boy Flying Airplane20072007Accessory00
Boy Scouts Flagpole With Lights20112011Accessory10
Brown Picket Fence20202020Accessory10
Bungalow AssortmentAccessory00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Custom Container20162016Accessory00
Cab Assembly / Shay / Cass # 7Accessory00
Cable Reels, Pair19911998Accessory20
Candy Vending Machine20082008Accessory00
Christmas Classic Street Lamps20142017Accessory110
Christmas Floodlight20172017Accessory10
Christmas Pylon20172017Accessory00
Christmas Railroad Signs20132017Accessory30
Christmas Signs 5-Pack20202020Accessory00
Christmas Street Lamps With Wreaths20102014Accessory00
Christmas Tree Lot20062006Accessory01
Circus Horses, 4 Pieces20092010Accessory10
City Accessory Pack20042017Accessory103
City Block AssortmentAccessory00
Coal Bag19882017Accessory181
Coal Pack For TippleAccessory00
Coal Tipple Coal Pack, 6020082017Accessory90
Coffee Vending Machine20082008Accessory10
Coil Covers, Pair19931998Accessory121
Coil Covers, Pair19941998Accessory251
Coil Load Kit20192019Accessory00
Cola Illuminated Vending Machine20082009Accessory00
Cold Drinks Vending Machine20082008Accessory31
Conductor Hat - Youth Economy20172017Accessory00
Conductor Nutcracker Decoration20172017Accessory00
Conductor Santa North Pole Central Snow Globe20172017Accessory00
Construction Signs 5-Pack20202020Accessory10
Construction Worker With Pick20072007Accessory01
Construction Zone Signs #220142017Accessory30
Cotton Candy Midway Booth20062006Accessory10
Cows & Calves (Brown) 6-Pack20202020Accessory20
Crew Car19961996Accessory369
Crossing Guard Bookends20172017Accessory00
Cruise CommanderAccessory00
Cruise Commander MAccessory00
Defect Detector20192019Accessory51
Denver & Rio Grande Western Scrapyard20162017Accessory20
Die-Cast Intermodal Trailer Frame19942001Accessory62
Disney Mickey Celebration Billboard 3-Pack20192019Accessory20
Display Case For A Century Club 726 Berkshire Steam Locomotive And TenderAccessory10
Donald Duck Radar Antenna19971997Accessory30
Double Highway Light 2-Pack20202020Accessory10
Duck Shooting Gallery20032003Accessory10
Dumbo Pylon20032003Accessory50
Dump Bin20082010Accessory00
Electrocoupler Upgrade Kit (Large)20042004Accessory20
Electrocoupler Upgrade Kit (Small)Accessory10
Elevated Oil Tank20172017Accessory30
Elevated Tank20072007Accessory00
Elf Tug Of War Accessory, Plug-Expand-Play20192019Accessory131
Engine Transfer Table20012001Accessory93
Engine Transfer Table Extension20012001Accessory10
Engineer Hat20082008Accessory00
Engineer Hat20082008Accessory00
Engineer Nutcracker Decoration20172017Accessory00
Ernie The Engineer Snowman Stocking20172017Accessory00
Ernie The Engineer Snowman Wreath20172017Accessory00
Exploding Ammo Dump20022003Accessory11
Exploding Ammunition Dump20022002Accessory20
Exploding Ammunition Dump20082008Accessory01
Extruded Aluminum I-Beam, 3 Pieces20082009Accessory10
F-Unit Front Coupler Rapido 1 Ea. (2)Accessory00
F-Unit Front Coupler Spring A-Unit 1 Ea. (2)Accessory00
Flagpole With Lights20102016Accessory13
Ford Iso Tank20082009Accessory10
Ford Tin Sign Replica 4-Pack20082009Accessory31
Forklift With 6 Pallets20082009Accessory00
Forklifts, 3, With Pallets20082009Accessory00
Freight Accessory Pack19981998Accessory50
Front Nose Handrail Wide Black 1 Ea For C44-9WAccessory00
Furniture Set20202020Accessory10
Garden Flag Holder20152015Accessory00
Garden Flag Holder20142016Accessory00
Generators, 2 Pieces20092009Accessory00
Gloss Overspray 12 OzAccessory00
GM 4502 Lionel Lines Die-Cast Bus20102010Accessory00
Goofy Rotary Beacon19971997Accessory60
Graduated Trestle SetAccessory00
Grain Elevator20152015Accessory00
Green Iron Fence20202020Accessory20
Halloween General Cannon20082008Accessory00
Halloween Signs 5-Pack20202020Accessory00
Halloween Witch Pylon20072008Accessory40
Headlight Cast For Standard Gauge Gold ReproAccessory20
Headlight, Gold Cast MTH Small Tail On Bottom RearAccessory00
Headlight, Nickel Painted Cast MTHAccessory00
Helicopter Pylon20062009Accessory01
High Tension Poles, 4 Pieces20082009Accessory40
Highway Lamp Double 2-Pack20202020Accessory00
Highway Lamp Single 3-Pack20202020Accessory00
Hobo Campfire20032003Accessory10
Hobo Campfire19992000Accessory41
Hobo Campfire20152015Accessory00
Hobo Depot20042005Accessory00
Horses 4-Pack20202020Accessory30
Hot Air Balloon Ride20062006Accessory54
Ice Block Pack20062017Accessory62
Ice Rink20062008Accessory31
Illuminated Barge20102010Accessory00
Illuminated John Deere Flagpole20172017Accessory10
Illuminated Lionel Flagpole With Flag20172017Accessory02
Illuminated Lionel Sign19971997Accessory00
Illuminated Lionel SignAccessory10
Illuminated Ltd. Edition Dealer Train SignAccessory00
Illuminated Scale Telephone Poles20122017Accessory61
Illuminated Terrace (Late Version)Accessory20
Illuminated Watch TowerAccessory10
Imagineering Trestles (4)20162016Accessory51
Industrial Smokestack20022004Accessory31
Industrial Tank20022004Accessory13
Insulating Spacers Set Of 3Accessory00
Insulator Pins, Dozen19701998Accessory140
Insulator Pins, Dozen19701998Accessory141
Insulator Pins, Dozen19992014Accessory183
Insulator Pins, Dozen19992016Accessory81
Irv2 Sensor Add-On20182018Accessory00
John Deere Billboard Set20152015Accessory60
Kansas City Southern Motorized Inspection Truck20162016Accessory00
Kato Knuckle Coupler 10 PairAccessory00
KBL Logistics Container 2-Pack20082008Accessory00
KBL Logistics Iso Tank20082008Accessory00
KBL Operating Wind Turbine20092010Accessory00
Kiosk #2 With 3 Illuminated Vending Machines20092009Accessory00
Kiosk With 3 Vending Machines20082009Accessory20
Lamp Posts, 4 Pieces20082009Accessory00
Layout Starter Pack19801984Accessory00
LCCA 2009 Yard Tower20092009Accessory00
Lcs Csm2 Dz-2500 Breakout Board20192019Accessory40
Lcs Serial Converter #220142016Accessory51
Lcs Wifi Module20132016Accessory42
Legacy Powermaster20122016Accessory80
Legacy Writable Utility Mobile20122016Accessory30
Lehigh Valley Tugboat20102010Accessory00
Lighted Clock 2-Pack - Black20202020Accessory00
Lighted Clock 2-Pack - Green20202020Accessory00
Lighted Dealer Sign19971998Accessory00
Linex Gas Tall Oil Tank19971997Accessory31
Linex Gas Wide Oil Tank19971997Accessory11
Linex Gasoline Tall Oil Tank19981999Accessory21
Linex Gasoline Wide Oil Tank19981999Accessory40
Lionel "Since 1900" Logo Blue Baseball Hat20132013Accessory00
Lionel 115th Anniversary 20' Trailer20152015Accessory00
Lionel 4.5 Oz Round Flask20202020Accessory00
Lionel 7-210 Nut (2)Accessory00
Lionel 7-B3 O Gauge Bent Shank CouplerAccessory00
Lionel Analog Wrist Watch20202020Accessory00
Lionel Bar Stool20142014Accessory00
Lionel Bear20082008Accessory10
Lionel Bear20082008Accessory00
Lionel City Motor CoachAccessory00
Lionel Conductor Hat - One Size20182018Accessory00
Lionel Cylindrical Oil Tank20112017Accessory10
Lionel Distressed Cap20172017Accessory00
Lionel Heliport20012001Accessory74
Lionel Logo 28" X 42" Blue Pub Table20172017Accessory00
Lionel Logo Bar Stool With Backrest20142014Accessory00
Lionel Logo Valet Key Chain20202020Accessory00
Lionel Mechanical Pocket Watch20152016Accessory00
Lionel Metal Key Chain20202020Accessory00
Lionel Mirror19821982Accessory00
Lionel Neon Sign20162016Accessory00
Lionel Orange Neon L Sign Light20172017Accessory00

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