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Category: Hallmark
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
1-400E Blue Comet Locomotive20012001N/AHallmark0
1001 Scout Locomotive20192019N/AHallmark70
1001 Scout Locomotive Ltd20192019N/AHallmark0
1001t Scout Tender20192019N/AHallmark75
1007 - Caboose20192019N/AHallmark0
1130T Tender20132013N/AHallmark33
1520w Texas Special Passenger Set, Miniature20212021Hallmark18
1924 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998N/AHallmark12
1926 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998N/AHallmark15
1929 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998N/AHallmark23
1935 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998N/AHallmark12
1939 Hiawatha Steam Locomotive20042004N/AHallmark103
1950 Santa Fe F3 Diesel Locomotive19971997N/AHallmark375
1950 Santa Fe F3 Diesel Locomotive19991999N/AHallmark1
1952 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998N/AHallmark19
1954 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998N/AHallmark15
2037 Steam Locomotive20132013N/AHallmark71
2037 Steam Locomotive Pink20132013N/AHallmark13
2148Ws Deluxe Pullman Set20152015N/AHallmark11
2201WS Fireball Express Set20202020Hallmark13
221 New York Central 20212021Hallmark0
221 New York Central Empire State Locomotive Ltd20212021Hallmark0
221w New York Central Tender20212021Hallmark41
2231W Southern Freight Set20192019Hallmark14
2245C Texas Special "B" Unit20182018N/AHallmark27
2245P Texas Special Locomotive20182018N/AHallmark90
2245P Texas Special Locomotive Gold20182018N/AHallmark3
2332 Pennsylvania GG-1 Electric Locomotive 20th Century Series19981998N/AHallmark38
2333 New York Central F3A-A Diesel Locomotive 20th Century Series19981998N/AHallmark16
2348 Minneapolis & St Louis Gp-9 Diesel20202020N/AHallmark11
2348 Minneapolis & St Louis Gp-9 Diesel Ltd20202020N/AHallmark0
2426W Tender20162016N/AHallmark22
2431 Observation Car20212021Hallmark43
2436 "Summit" Observation Car20182018N/AHallmark32
2533W Great Northern Freight Set20162016N/AHallmark19
2627 Madison Passenger Car20162016N/AHallmark40
265W Tender20142014N/AHallmark30
2671W Tender20172017N/AHallmark23
3356 Horse Car19991999N/AHallmark11
3472 Automatic Refrigerated Milk Car20172017N/AHallmark15
4449 Daylight Steam Locomotive20032003N/AHallmark92
4449 Daylight Steam Locomotive20122012N/AHallmark23
4501 Southern Mikado Steam Locomotive20002000N/AHallmark16
6005 Niagara Locomotive20202020N/AHallmark42
601 Observation Car20142014N/AHallmark34
6017 Caboose20132013N/AHallmark72
6119 Work Caboose20202020N/AHallmark12
6560 Crane Car20202020N/AHallmark3
671 S-2 Turbine Steam Locomotive20172017N/AHallmark84
671 S-2 Turbine Steam Locomotive Gold20172017N/AHallmark3
671 Turbine Steam Locomotive 20Th Century Series19981998N/AHallmark0
700E Hudson Steam Locomotive19961996N/AHallmark393
700E J-1E Hudson Steam Locomotive20002000N/AHallmark50
726 Berkshire Steam Locomotive20112011N/AHallmark81
726 Berkshire Steam Locomotive 20Th Century Series19981998N/AHallmark7
746 Norfolk & Western Steam Locomotive19991999N/AHallmark300
746 Norfolk & Western Tender19991999N/AHallmark94
773 Hudson Steam Locomotive20162016N/AHallmark58
773 Hudson Steam Locomotive 20Th Century SeriesN/AHallmark0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe F3A Diesel Locomotive20062006N/AHallmark19
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Super Chief""20112011N/AHallmark16
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Windspinner201620169-42041Hallmark0
Blue Comet 400E Steam Locomotive20022002N/AHallmark57
Blue Comet 400T Oil Tender20022002N/AHallmark19
Blue Comet Passenger Car20022002N/AHallmark9
Blue Comet Steam Locomotive Tender Miniature20032003N/AHallmark5
Car Carrier And Caboose Norfolk And Western20012001N/AHallmark18
Chessie Locomotive20152015N/AHallmark64
Chessie Steam Special Locomotive20012001N/AHallmark122
Chessie Steam Special Locomotive20092009N/AHallmark5
Chessie Steam Special Tender20012001N/AHallmark22
Chessie Wm Caboose20152015N/AHallmark26
Crown Express Stocking Hanger20082008N/AHallmark1
Daylight Observation Car20032003N/AHallmark109
Daylight Oil Tender20032003N/AHallmark143
Freedom Locomotive20072007N/AHallmark99
Freedom Train Observation Car20072007N/AHallmark51
Freedom Train Sleeper20072007N/AHallmark100
General Steam Locomotive20002000N/AHallmark157
General Steam Locomotive & Tender20022002N/AHallmark39
General Steam Locomotive The Tender20002000N/AHallmark294
Hiawatha Observation Car20042004N/AHallmark98
Hiawatha Tender20042004N/AHallmark158
Holiday Boxcar20092009N/AHallmark44
Holiday Railroad20082008N/AHallmark36
Holiday Red Mikado Locomotive20092009N/AHallmark34
Holiday Red Mikado Tender20092009N/AHallmark54
Holiday Special20032003N/AHallmark10
Horse Car And Milk Car Norfolk And Western20002000N/AHallmark28
Kansas City Southern Locomotive20102010N/AHallmark16
Lionelville Magic Legendary Trains20042004N/AHallmark16
Minneapolis & St. Louis Work Train20132013N/AHallmark23
New Haven Diesel Locomotive20082008N/AHallmark14
New York Central Locomotive20082008N/AHallmark168
New York Central Observation Car20082008N/AHallmark61
New York Central Passenger Car20082008N/AHallmark58
No. 714 Boxcar20052005N/AHallmark131
No. 717 Caboose20052005N/AHallmark132
North Pole Central Train20072007N/AHallmark29
North Pole Express20142014N/AHallmark3
Nutcracker Route Baggage Coach20122012N/AHallmark5
Nutcracker Route Christmas Train Locomotive20122012N/AHallmark121
Nutcracker Route Tender20122012N/AHallmark100
Pennsylvania B6 Steam Locomotive20052005N/AHallmark103
Pennsylvania B6 Tender20052005N/AHallmark133
Pennsylvania GG-1 Locomotive20112011N/AHallmark27
Pennsylvania GG-1 Locomotive19981998N/AHallmark264
Pennsylvania Torpedo Locomotive20142014N/AHallmark71
Pennsylvania Torpedo Locomotive Gold20142014N/AHallmark8
Scout Set20102010N/AHallmark39
Seaboard Box Car20152015N/AHallmark14
Steam Locomotive & Tender Southern Pacific Daylight20042004N/AHallmark10
The Polar Express20182018N/AHallmark3
The Red Comet Set20092009N/AHallmark12
Toymaker Santa Express20172017N/AHallmark8
Union Pacific Streamliner Buffet Coach20102010N/AHallmark87
Union Pacific Streamliner Locomotive20102010N/AHallmark86
Union Pacific Streamliner Long Coach20102010N/AHallmark24
Union Pacific Veranda Stockcar20062006N/AHallmark55
Union Pacific Veranda Tender20062006N/AHallmark52
Union Pacific Veranda Turbine Locomotive20062006N/AHallmark47
Whistle Tender20112011N/AHallmark30

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