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Category: Baggage Car
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
1876 Mail-Baggage Car201720176-82445Baggage Car0
332 Series Baggage Car2011201111-40026Baggage Car0
Alaska Streamliner Baggage Car 6310199920006-29042Baggage Car0
Alaska Trainsounds Baggage Car200820086-35137Baggage Car0
Amtrak Add-On Baggage Car201420166-81625Baggage Car1
Amtrak Baggage Car199019906-16033Baggage Car5
Amtrak Baggage Car 9100198919896-19100Baggage Car2
Amtrak Budd RDC Baggage Dummy Unit197819806-8871Baggage Car0
Amtrak Budd RDC Baggage/Mail Car197819806-8868Baggage Car3
Amtrak Expresstrak Baggage Car201020106-27395Baggage Car3
Articulated Streamliner Baggage Car2010201011-80011Baggage Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Baby Madison Baggage Car 1765200020006-29082Baggage Car3
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Baggage Car201220136-35258Baggage Car4
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe El Capitan Baggage Car 2103200820086-35128Baggage Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Streamliner Baggage Car199920006-29052Baggage Car0
Atlantic Coast Line #555 60' Baggage Car201920191927291Baggage Car1
Atlantic Coast Line #559 60' Baggage Car201920191927292Baggage Car0
Atlantic Coast Line Aluminium Baggage Car #1634200120016-39170Baggage Car0
Atlantic Coast Line Aluminum Baggage Car 152199919996-29127Baggage Car0
Baltimore & Ohio 18 Aluminum Baggage/Sleeper Car 2-Pack201420146-81972Baggage Car0
Baltimore & Ohio Baggage Car198319846-7217Baggage Car1
Baltimore & Ohio Baggage Car197519766-9523Baggage Car3
Baltimore & Ohio Baggage Car200620076-25176Baggage Car0
Baltimore & Ohio Budd RDC Baggage197719776-8766Baggage Car6
Baltimore & Ohio Budd RDC Baggage Dummy Unit197719776-8765Baggage Car3
Baltimore & Ohio Heavyweight Baggage #662200720076-21186Baggage Car0
Baltimore & Ohio Heavyweight Baggage Car200120016-39048Baggage Car0
Baltimore & Ohio Heavyweight Baggage Rea" #1602"200720076-25528Baggage Car1
Baltimore & Ohio Streamliner Baggage Car199920006-29047Baggage Car0
Big Load Baggage Car6-92603Baggage Car0
Blue Comet Baggage Car197819806-9536Baggage Car2
Burlington Baggage Car198019806-9576Baggage Car7
California Zephyr Streamliner Baggage Car200620076-25178Baggage Car1
Canadian National Budd RDC Baggage Car D202, Powered199219926-18507Baggage Car0
Canadian Pacific Baby Madison Baggage Car "3252"6-81786Baggage Car0
Canadian Pacific Baggage Car And Diner 2-Pack201320136-35283Baggage Car0
Canadian Pacific Coach/Baggage Car 2-Pack201420166-81784Baggage Car0
Central Of New Jersey "Blue Comet" Heavyweight Baggage200120026-39074Baggage Car0
Central Of New Jersey Madison Baggage Car 420199920006-29067Baggage Car0
Chesapeake & Ohio 21" Streamlined Passenger Baggage Car #207201520156-82583Baggage Car0
Chesapeake & Ohio Heavyweight Baggage Car 2571199719976-19088Baggage Car4
Chesapeake & Ohio Streamliner Baggage200320036-15172Baggage Car0
Chessie Baggage Car198019806-9581Baggage Car1
Chessie Coach/Baggage Car 2-Pack201420166-81769Baggage Car0
Chessie System "Chessie Steam Special" Baby Madison Baggage #100200520056-25104Baggage Car0
Chicago & Alton "Alton Limited" Heavyweight Baggage200320036-15505Baggage Car0
Chicago & Alton Baggage Car198119816-9554Baggage Car4
Chicago & Alton Limited Trainsounds Baggage Car200820086-35138Baggage Car0
Chicago & North Western Baggage Car 6620199319936-16050Baggage Car2
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy California Zephyr Baggage Car "Silver Coyote"200320036-15356Baggage Car0
Christmas Disconnect Baggage Car202020202027011Baggage Car0
City Of Los Angeles Express Car (CLRC 2004)200420046-52327Baggage Car2
City Of San Francisco Baggage Car (TCA 1999)199919996-52155Baggage Car12
Columbus Baggage Car (TTOS 1977)197719776-9535Baggage Car14
Delaware & Hudson Aluminum Streamlined Baggage200320036-15360Baggage Car0
Denver & Rio Grande Western California Zephyr Baggage Car199319936-19122Baggage Car4
Denver & Rio Grande Western Large Door Baggage Car "1210"200120016-39114Baggage Car0
Erie-Lackawanna Aluminum Coach/Baggage Car 203199919996-29123Baggage Car0
Freedom Train Heavyweight Baggage200320036-39070Baggage Car0
Great Northern Baggage Car 1200199219926-19116Baggage Car3
Great Northern State Baggage Car (Std)2012201211-40062Baggage Car0
Great Northern Streamliner Baggage Car200720076-25189Baggage Car0
Green Comet Baggage Car (Std)2013201311-40079Baggage Car0
Heavyweight Baggage Car New York Central #7957200720076-21176Baggage Car0
Illinois Central Baggage Car199119916-16042Baggage Car0
Illinois Central Baggage Car198519876-7220Baggage Car0
Kansas City Southern Aluminum Streamlined Baggage #19195200020006-19195Baggage Car0
Lackawanna Baggage Car 2000199419946-19131Baggage Car5
Lands' End Flyer Train Set200520056-30031Baggage Car1
Lionel Lines Aluminum Sreamlined Baggage Rea" #2530"200820086-35422Baggage Car0
Lionel Lines Aluminum Streamlined Baggage Rea" #2530 (6-31742 Set)"200520056-25442Baggage Car0
Lionel Lines Baggage Car199319936-19011Baggage Car3
Lionel Lines Railway Express Agency Baggage Car199619966-19160Baggage Car3
Lionel Lines Vision Baggage Car Madison202020202027690Baggage Car2
Long Island B60 Baggage Car #7715201720176-84985Baggage Car1
Long Island B60 Baggage Car #7724201720176-84986Baggage Car0
Louisville & Nashville Streamliner Baggage200320036-15176Baggage Car0
Mickey's World Tour Goofy Car199119926-16642Baggage Car0
Milwaukee Road "Olympian Hiawatha" Heavyweight Baggage "Rea"200720076-25535Baggage Car1
Milwaukee Road 18 Aluminum Baggage201120116-25627Baggage Car1
Milwaukee Road Aluminum Railway Express Agency Passenger/Baggage Car 1336199919996-19188Baggage Car1
Milwaukee Road Articulated Baggage Car2010201011-80009Baggage Car0
Milwaukee Road Baggage Car197519766-9522Baggage Car1
Milwaukee Road Hiawatha" 18" Aluminum Baggage Car"200620066-29197Baggage Car0
Milwaukee Road Olympian Hiawatha Baggage200820086-22279Baggage Car0
Milwaukee Road State Baggage Car (Std)2010201011-40014Baggage Car0
Milwaukee Road State Baggage Car (Std)2016201611-40102Baggage Car0
Missouri Pacific Baggage Car 6620199519956-16075Baggage Car0
Museum Work Train Baggage Car (NTTM 2005)200520056-52372Baggage Car2
New Haven Baggage #5581200720076-22132Baggage Car0
New Haven Baggage Car 6080199519956-16080Baggage Car0
New Haven State Baggage Car (Std)2016201611-40118Baggage Car0
New York Central "20Th Century Limited" 18" Aluminum Baggage200820086-35409Baggage Car0
New York Central "50Th Anniversary" Heavyweight Baggage "Chesterfield"200220026-15400Baggage Car0
New York Central "Commodore Vanderbilt" 18" Aluminum Baggage "Cascade Glen"200620066-25474Baggage Car0
New York Central "Empire State Express" 18" Aluminum Baggage / Tavern "Hamilton Fish"200220026-29174Baggage Car0
New York Central "Grand Central Express" Streamliner Baggage "Midtown"201220136-35248Baggage Car0
New York Central 18 Heavyweight Baggage 2 Pack (Nos. 8643201820186-85336Baggage Car1
New York Central 20Th Century Limited Baggage Car 4857201220126-25719Baggage Car0
New York Central 20Th Century Limited" Heavyweight Baggage #3323"200420046-15539Baggage Car1
New York Central 60' Baggage Car #2979202120212127280Baggage Car0
New York Central 60' Baggage Car #8424202120212127290Baggage Car0
New York Central Aluminum Passenger/Baggage Car 2570199719976-19172Baggage Car0
New York Central Baby Madison Baggage #1950201420166-81761Baggage Car1
New York Central Baby Madison Baggage Car200020006-29072Baggage Car0
New York Central Baggage Car198919896-16016Baggage Car6
New York Central Baggage Car198319846-9594Baggage Car4
New York Central Baggage Car #5017200220026-15327Baggage Car1
New York Central Baggage Car 2 Pack (Nos. 9110, 9142)201820186-85330Baggage Car1
New York Central Baggage Car 2 Pack (Nos. 9112, 9125)201820186-85327Baggage Car3
New York Central Baggage Car 5017199319936-51230Baggage Car0
New York Central Baggage Car 5020199319936-51234Baggage Car0
New York Central Baggage Car 5028200720076-35101Baggage Car1
New York Central Baggage Car 6087199519956-16087Baggage Car1
New York Central Coach/Baggage Car 2-Pack201420166-81760Baggage Car0
New York Central Disconnect Baggage Car202020202027021Baggage Car0
New York Central Empire State Express Grover Cleveland Baggage Lounge200820106-22115Baggage Car0
New York Central Heavyweight Baggage Car199619966-19056Baggage Car4
New York Central Heavyweight Railway Express Agency Baggage Car 2564199719976-19080Baggage Car3
New York Central Streamliner Baggage (Silver)200420046-15181Baggage Car0
New York Central Streamliner Baggage Car199920006-29057Baggage Car0
No. 310 Baggage Car (Std)2011201111-40039Baggage Car0
No. 310 Baggage Car (Std)2013201311-40073Baggage Car1
No. 332 Baggage Car (Std)2012201211-40059Baggage Car0
No. 332 Lehigh Valley Ithaca Baggage Car2009200911-40004Baggage Car0
No. 332 Mail/Baggage Car2009200911-40003Baggage Car0
No. 432 Blue Comet Baggage Car2011201111-40041Baggage Car0
No. 432 Olbers Blue Comet Baggage Car (Std)2010201011-40022Baggage Car0
No. 4427 Stephen Girard Baggage Car2011201111-40044Baggage Car0
No. 4427 Stephen Girard Baggage Car2011201111-40047Baggage Car0
No. 605 Baggage Car2011201111-80031Baggage Car0
No. 605 Christmas Baggage Car2011201111-80015Baggage Car0
No. 605 Red Comet Baggage Car2012201211-80036Baggage Car0
No. 710 Great Northern Baggage Car2013201311-80055Baggage Car0
No. 710 New Haven Baggage Car2013201311-80053Baggage Car0
No. 710 Series Baggage Car2011201111-80017Baggage Car0
No. 710 Series Baggage Car2011201111-80020Baggage Car0
No. 710 Series Baggage Car2011201111-80023Baggage Car0
No. 713 Milwaukee Road Baggage Car2016201611-80060Baggage Car0
No. 713 Pennsylvania Railroad Baggage Car2016201611-80063Baggage Car0
Norfolk & Western Baggage Car200020006-39043Baggage Car1
Norfolk & Western Baggage Car 577199519956-19139Baggage Car8
Norfolk & Western Baggage Car 577198119816-9562Baggage Car5
Norfolk & Western Baggage Car 6061199419946-16061Baggage Car3
Norfolk & Western Cavalier #110 H.W. Baggage Car201920191927242Baggage Car0
Norfolk & Western Cavalier #114 H.W. Baggage Car201920191927243Baggage Car0
Norfolk & Western Powhatan Arrow" 18" Aluminum Baggage/Chair #1551"200520056-29183Baggage Car0
North Pole Central Baggage Car200720106-25197Baggage Car2
Northern Pacific Aluminum Baggage Car200220026-39180Baggage Car0
Northern Pacific Baggage Car199019916-16034Baggage Car3
Old-West Baggage Car201420146-35277Baggage Car0
Penn Central #7533 60' Baggage Car201920191927251Baggage Car1
Penn Central #7551 60' Baggage Car201920191927252Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania "Liberty Limited" Heavyweight Baggage / RPO "Rea"200720076-25555Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania "Lindbergh Special" Heavyweight Baggage / Darkroom #7874201120116-25621Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania B60 Baggage Car #7918201720176-84987Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania B60 Baggage Car #7919201720176-84989Baggage Car1
Pennsylvania B60 Baggage Car #7938201720176-84990Baggage Car1
Pennsylvania B60 Baggage Car #7941201720176-84988Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania B60 Baggage Car #9352201720176-84991Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania B60 Baggage Car #9356201720176-84993Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania B60 Baggage Car #9379201720176-84992Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania B60 Baggage Car #9384201720176-84994Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania Baggage Car198919896-16022Baggage Car3
Pennsylvania Baggage Car #105201320136-35276Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania Disconnect Baggage Car202020202027031Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Baggage Car200120016-39051Baggage Car1
Pennsylvania Madison Rea Baggage Car200520056-25112Baggage Car1
Pennsylvania Railroad Baggage Car197519766-9521Baggage Car1
Pennsylvania Railroad Baggage Car197919796-9570Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania Railroad Baggage Car 9359200720096-25199Baggage Car1
Pennsylvania Railroad Broadway Limited Add-On Baggage Car201420176-81462Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania Railroad Broadway Limited Aluminium Baggage Mail #6629200920106-22422Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania Railroad Congressional Baggage Car200220026-39155Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania Railroad Indian Point Madison Baggage Car199920006-29062Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania Railroad Liberty Gap Baggage Car 2623199819996-19099Baggage Car1
Pennsylvania Railroad State Baggage Car (Std)2016201611-40106Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania State Baggage Car2010201011-40010Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania State Baggage Car2011201111-40028Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania State Baggage Car2011201111-40032Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania Streamlined Baggage Car201020116-35194Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania Streamliner Baggage #6529200120016-39066Baggage Car0
Pennsylvania The Trail Blazer" 18" Aluminum Baggage"200420056-29106Baggage Car0
Pere Marquette Baggage Car199319936-19039Baggage Car5
Personalized Polar Express Baggage Car201620176-83766Baggage Car0
Phantom Ii Baggage Car-Red200220026-15513Baggage Car0
Phantom Iii Baggage Car200320036-15508Baggage Car0
Polar Express Add-On Baggage Car200520176-25135Baggage Car11
Polar Express Heavyweight Baggage Car201020146-25586Baggage Car0
Pratt's Hollow Baggage Car199819986-15138Baggage Car0
Presidential Baggage Car (Std)2012201211-40066Baggage Car0
PRSL B60 Baggage Car #5437201720176-84995Baggage Car0
PRSL B60 Baggage Car #6403201720176-84996Baggage Car0
Pullman Baby Madison Baggage #1955201420166-81766Baggage Car0
Pullman Baby Madison Baggage Car200120016-15154Baggage Car0
PWC Canadian Pacific Baggage Car200120016-39152Baggage Car0
Railway Express Agency #1631 60' Baggage Car201920191927271Baggage Car0
Railway Express Agency #1650 60' Baggage Car201920191927272Baggage Car0
Railway Express Agency Baggage Car200020006-52174Baggage Car0
Rea Vision Baggage Car202020202027740Baggage Car0
Reading & Northern Heavyweight Baggage Car #1250201820186-85371Baggage Car0
Reading Baggage Car199619966-15101Baggage Car1
Red Comet Baggage Car (Std)2012201211-40069Baggage Car0
Ringling Bros. Baggage #60014200720076-21467Baggage Car0
Ringling Bros. Streamliner Baggage #60017200720076-21236Baggage Car0
Rio Grande "California Zephyr" 18" Aluminum Baggage "Silver Antelope"201220126-25724Baggage Car0
Rio Grande "Ski Train" Streamliner Baggage #1230201020116-35203Baggage Car0
Rio Grande Disconnect Baggage Car202020202027041Baggage Car1
Rock Island 21" Streamlined Passenger Baggage Car #852201520156-82567Baggage Car0
Rock Island Baggage Car198119826-9559Baggage Car0
Rock Island Large Door Baggage Car #820200120016-39142Baggage Car0
Santa Fe "El Capitan" 18" Baggage "3431"200520056-25409Baggage Car0
Santa Fe "Super Chief" Aluminum Streamlined Baggage #3425200320036-15364Baggage Car0
Santa Fe "The Scout" Heavyweight Baggage #292201220146-25647Baggage Car0
Santa Fe Add-On Baggage Car201820186-84724Baggage Car3
Santa Fe Aluminum Baggage Car 2571200320036-15381Baggage Car0
Santa Fe Baby Madison Baggage #1934201420166-81781Baggage Car0
Santa Fe Baggage Car198019826-9541Baggage Car1
Santa Fe Baggage Car 3400199119916-19109Baggage Car3
Santa Fe Baggage Car And Diner 2-Pack201120126-27772Baggage Car0
Santa Fe Coach/Baggage Car 2-Pack201420166-81779Baggage Car0
Santa Fe Disconnect Baggage Car202020202027051Baggage Car0
Santa Fe Heavyweight Baggage Rea" #1026"200720096-25542Baggage Car0
Santa Fe Super Chief" 18" Aluminum Baggage #3430201120116-25614Baggage Car0
Santa Fe Superliner Baggage Car 3461200020006-39134Baggage Car0
Santa Fe The Chief" Heavyweight Baggage #1933"200420046-15543Baggage Car1
Southern "The Southerner" Aluminum Streamlined Baggage "Greenville"200320036-29159Baggage Car0
Southern #100 60' Baggage Car201920191927461Baggage Car0
Southern #109 60' Baggage Car201920191927462Baggage Car0
Southern 21" Streamlined Passenger Baggage Car #1700201520156-82559Baggage Car0
Southern Baggage Car197719786-9530Baggage Car3
Southern Crescent Limited" Heavywight Baggage #RPO"201220126-25640Baggage Car0
Southern Delaware Madison Baggage Car 702200020006-29077Baggage Car0
Southern Heavyweight Baggage #391200620066-15589Baggage Car0
Southern Pacific #6340 60' Baggage Car201920191927261Baggage Car1
Southern Pacific #6344 60' Baggage Car201920191927262Baggage Car1
Southern Pacific Baggage Car199019916-16040Baggage Car0
Southern Pacific Baggage Car198219836-9589Baggage Car3
Southern Pacific Baggage Car 9019199319936-19019Baggage Car8
Southern Pacific Coach/Baggage Car 2-Pack201420166-81774Baggage Car0
Southern Pacific Daylight Vision Baggage Car202020202027710Baggage Car0
Southern Pacific Disconnect Baggage Car202020202027061Baggage Car0
Southern Pacific Golden State Vision Baggage Car202020202027720Baggage Car0

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