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Category: Aquarium Car
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
3435 Aquarium Car200920106-27732Aquarium Car0
50Th Anniversary Clear Shell Aquarium Car200920106-29300Aquarium Car2
Aladdin Aquarium Car200320046-36720Aquarium Car8
Alien Aquarium Car 3435199919996-19869Aquarium Car10
Angela Trotta Thomas Christmas Aquarium Car202220232228170Aquarium Car6
Angela Trotta Thomas Signature Express Aquarium Car201720186-84376Aquarium Car1
Animated Aquarium Car199519956-16681Aquarium Car40
Aquarium Car198119846-9308Aquarium Car28
Aquarium Car 3435199819986-19845Aquarium Car12
Aquarium Car 3435 (LRRC 1998)199819986-19965Aquarium Car37
Atlantis Marine World Aquarium Car (RMLI 2007)200720076-52433Aquarium Car4
Atlantis Travel Aquarium Car200020006-19884Aquarium Car0
Bangor & Aroostook Animated Aquarium Car #7000201420156-81035Aquarium Car1
Batman Aquarium Car202120232128220Aquarium Car4
Beatles "Nothing Is Real" Aquarium Car201220136-29328Aquarium Car3
Beatles Yellow Submarine Aquarium Car201120116-37045Aquarium Car0
Carail Aquarium With 2 Autos, 25Th Anniversary199919996-52188Aquarium Car14
Cars Aquarium Car202120232128040Aquarium Car5
Casper Aquarium Car200920106-36888Aquarium Car11
Christmas Aquarium Car199819986-19855Aquarium Car14
Christmas Aquarium Car200120016-26752Aquarium Car8
Christmas Parade Aquarium Car202220232228120Aquarium Car9
Command Control Aquarium Car6-18945Aquarium Car0
Disney Aquarium Car201620186-82914Aquarium Car6
Disney Mickey Celebration Aquarium Car201820191928060Aquarium Car0
Finding Nemo Aquarium Car202020212028090Aquarium Car4
Finding Nemo Aquarium Car200420046-36781Aquarium Car8
Frosty The Snowman Aquarium Car201420156-81427Aquarium Car0
Gil Finn's Trout Ranch Aquarium Car 3435199619966-16742Aquarium Car48
Halloween Bats Aquarium Car200120016-26747Aquarium Car2
Ice Skating Aquarium Car201220126-29321Aquarium Car1
Koi Fish Aquarium Car201020106-36880Aquarium Car0
Koi Fish Aquarium Car 29322201320146-29322Aquarium Car3
Lionel Aquarium200120026-14105Aquarium Car9
Lionel City Aquarium Car 3436199719976-16750Aquarium Car33
Lionel Lines Aquarium Car200820086-36859Aquarium Car2
Lionelville Aquarium Co. Fish Aquarium Car201320136-37086Aquarium Car1
Lionelville Aquarium Co. Fish Food Vat Car201320166-26496Aquarium Car5
Little Mermaid Aquarium Car200220036-36744Aquarium Car10
Lone Star Aquarium Car, Mermaid Or Trout (HTOS 1999)199919996-8999Aquarium Car3
Marine Science Deep Sea Exhibition Aquarium Car201020116-29310Aquarium Car4
Mermaid Transport199819986-19856Aquarium Car11
Mets-Phillies Mascot Aquarium Car201620166-83637Aquarium Car0
Milwaukee Road Reiman Aquarium Car (MLRRC 2010)201020106-52572Aquarium Car7
Milwaukee Road Zoological Society "Freshwater Game Fish" Aquarium Car 4701, Orange (MLRRC 2002)200220026-52265Aquarium Car4
Milwaukee Road/Zoological Society Aquarium Car 4702, Blue (MLRRC 2003)200320036-52278Aquarium Car6
Milwaukee Road/Zoological Society Motorized Aquarium Car (MLRRC 2004)200420046-52337Aquarium Car3
Monopoly Aquarium Car201420156-81067Aquarium Car2
Motorized Aquarium Car 3435200320036-36731Aquarium Car3
Peanuts Halloween Aquarium Car201220136-29329Aquarium Car6
Peanuts Halloween Aquarium Car201220126-29874Aquarium Car0
Penguin Transport Aquarium Car200520056-26820Aquarium Car1
Petland Discounts Aquarium Car (NLOE 2011)201120116-52592Aquarium Car3
Pirates Aquarium Car200720076-29866Aquarium Car4
Pizza Planet Aquarium Car202020232028570Aquarium Car9
Road Runner Aquarium Car202120222128230Aquarium Car8
Santa's Sleigh Aquarium Car201620186-83316Aquarium Car3
Scooby-Doo Aquarium Car201920211928360Aquarium Car0
Sea-Monkeys Aquarium Car200420046-36780Aquarium Car6
Seaworld Aquarium Car200620066-26853Aquarium Car6
Shark Aquarium Car 3435199919996-19868Aquarium Car3
Shark Research & Rescue Aquarium Car201920212028020Aquarium Car4
Shedd Aquarium Car 3435-557 (CLRC 1998)199819986-52120Aquarium Car3
Smithsonian Dinosaur Aquarium Car201620176-83192Aquarium Car0
Stingray Express Aquarium Car200220036-26784Aquarium Car4
TCA Phillips Seafood Aquarium Car (TCA 2010)201020106-52584Aquarium Car1
Tennessee Aquarium Car (LOTS 2009)200920096-52553Aquarium Car3
The Incredibles Aquarium Car202220232228360Aquarium Car8
The Polar Express Aquarium Car201520166-82510Aquarium Car0
The Polar Express Aquarium Car202220232228080Aquarium Car6
Touring Layout Aquarium Car (LOTS 2006)200620066-52419Aquarium Car4
Traveling Aquarium Car 506200120016-26745Aquarium Car13
Trick Or Treat Aquarium Car200720076-36830Aquarium Car5
Where The Wild Things Are Aquarium Car201320156-37097Aquarium Car14
Winter Wonderland Aquarium Car201520156-82740Aquarium Car3
Wizard Of Oz Aquarium Car201320156-37094Aquarium Car1
World's Fair Exhibit Car (RMLI 2014)201420146-58579Aquarium Car6
Zombie Aquarium Car201220126-37056Aquarium Car2

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